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:- Coal Benificiation

Please arrange to execute the job as per details given below. Please acknowledge receipt of
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:- 00010
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Item Details
Info record PO text :
Scope of work:
West Boakro presently operating 03 open cast coal mine producing to
the tune of 5.6 MTPA raw coal which is beneficiated in 02 Nos. of
Washeries to get two prime products steel grade coal & power grade
coal. A fluidised bed power station of 2x 20 MW is also operating to
meet the need of power requirement. A Railway siding exists out side
lease hold area to despatch different products of washeries.
The primary purpose of this job to prepare REVISED MINING PLAN for
increase the raw coal production capacity from 7.0 to 9.0 MTPA.
Specifically, the Revised Mining Plan should be such that it can be
presented to the Ministry of Coal and other Government authorities as
per the current legal requirements governing the Indian Coal Industry.
The Consultant is responsible for obtaining statutory approvals from
the Government of India for the Mining Plan.
The final scope of work is summarized below:
The Consultant should prepare Mine designs to maximize in pit dumping,
optimize percentage of extraction, and minimize haul distances and
elevations, while still maintaining three (3) months exposed coal
inventory. In particular, the mining & dumping plans prepared for each
pit should maximize in-pit dumping & reduce land required for out-of-pit
dumping. A scheduling data base for topsoil, overburden/inter-burden,
raw coal (seam-wise), , distance from designated waste dump/coal
disposal point should be developed. Stage plans with all relevant
details should be prepared to show the progressive development of the
pits (at yearly intervals during the first five years, and at five-year
intervals thereafter).
1.1. Environment management plan should include details of dumping
plans, and details of practices, procedures, and equipment required to
implement sound environmental practices.

private land. regulations. grazing. and rules governing mining operations in India. 1. The negotiated price will remain firm till the completion of contract. Details 01 Final Mining Plan (One soft copy and 7 Hard copies (as per the requirement of MoC and office copy )) . waste and surface water bodies) " Capacity. TSL will provide the following INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR PREPARATION OF REVISED MINING PLAN by TATA STEEL Note: All the Plans should be prepared to National Grid and in a format compatible to AutoCAD. SCHEDULE OF SUBMISSION OF REPORT The REVISED MINING PLAN should be submitted in following phases as detailed below: Sl. Three (2) copies of the interim reports (including relevant tables and drawings) should be provided at each stage so that TSL can send their comments/suggestions to be considered for incorporation in the REVISED MINING PLAN.e.2. Revised Mining Plan should be prepared as specified by the Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation Act). relevant provisions of Mines Act (and the regulations framed thereunder). 4. 1957 (and the rules framed thereunder).1.2.No Particulars (Schedule) 1 Draft Revised Mine Plan (6 months (meanwhile required information as desired shall be submitted by Tata Steel) 2 Final Revised Mine Plan (1 month after receipt of comments on Draft Revised Mining Plan) 3 Presentation at MoC (As per the schedule of MoC). Govt. " Land use pattern brake-up (such as Agricultural. The following copies of finalised reports needs to be provided: Sl. including its cost. " Land detail plan showing forest boundaries. The mining & allied operations detailed in the REVISED MINING PLAN should conform to the laws. 10 . 3.4. " Mine service & infrastructure facilities. as well as best practices of the Coal Industry. a complete set of data i. 3000067449/902 Page: 2 of 1. Common : " Revenue and forest compartment plan showing block boundary and proposed site for external dumping and the details of the land required for development of Mine service & infrastructure facilities.Order Continuation Sheet Order No. In addition. land and any other land etc. forest. pits models in a format that can be imported into /Minex should be provided to TSL along with the report on mine designs. COMMERCIAL TERMS 4. technology and other details of the proposed Coal washery.

General " Base date of Mining Plan " Information regarding location and other details of end use plant " Details of adjacent blocks. District and State (iii) Name and address of the Applicant (iv) Indication. No. i.e. roads. waste and surface water bodies) I. However. Copy of approved Environmental Management Plan (EMP) including plans for 7. 10 . VOLUME 1 1.0 MTPA. if it is a Revised Mining Plan and if so. Where appropriate.34011/(48)/2009-CPAM dated 9-2-2010. FORMAT OF MINING PLAN: The following information is to be incorporated in the Mining Plan as per Guidelines issues by MOC vide Lr. The Executive Summary will have the same contents list as the main report. transport and communication facilities for study team members during their visit. " The details required for estimation of Mine closure cost will be requested during the course of preparation of MCP. including its cost. H. bore hole position. Topo graphical plan showing surface contours at 3m interval. Second Revision etc. Land detail plan showing forest boundaries. tanks and other water courses. However. TSL will not be liable to make any payment arising out of accidents. villages and any other structures & all other surface features F. private land. Topo sheet covering 15 km radius from the proposed blocks J. Source of Electrical power and water supply L. " All current information required by the Consultant that is relevant to the MINING PLAN " Basic office accommodation. Govt. COVER PAGE The Cover page should contain the following information: (i) Name of the Coal/Lignite Block (ii) Name of the Coalfield and its location i.0 MTPA. Executive Summary The executive summary should provide a brief description of the project. etc. PREPARATION OF REVISED MINING PLAN I.Order Continuation Sheet Order No.. illness. Copy of approved Mining Plan with plans for 7. Rivers. Road and Rail links K. nallahs. VOLUME 2 A. Land use pattern brake-up (such as Agricultural. B. and any other land etc. forest.e. (v) Targeted capacity (vi) Date of preparation of Mining Plan (vii) Name and address of Recognised Qualified Person (RQP) who has prepared the Plan. the consultant should make their own transit and travel arrangements " Primary medical facilities as available at West Bokaro to the Consultant's personnel during their visit. 3000067449/902 Page: 3 of Specific : A. First Revision. R & R details including package G. some drawings or tables from the body of the report will be reproduced in the Executive Summary so that it becomes a stand-alone document. geological data of block boundary E. Details of end use industries with coal demand & quality D. C. the Revision no. L) Any other information as may be required from time to time. of the Consultant(s).

Coal Quality and Reserves Details of exploration carried out. mode of despatch of coal. Seam sequence. whether any variation is sought with respect to competent approvals. if any. Location. is to be met. (a hard copy of the mining plan is to be submitted). whether the coal supply from the project would replace any existing linkages. how the balance requirement of coal. coal quality. (viii) List of Plans/drawings (ix) List of Annexures (x) List of Abbreviations used.Order Continuation Sheet Order No.structure -fault and folding. stratigraphic sequence. structure. 3000067449/902 Page: 4 of B. Road. II. characteristics of the litho-logical units (coal seams /partings/overburden). requirement of any further exploration and time frame. railway lines. whether end use plant is existing or proposed. natural water courses. a copy of the approval letter. Details of Earlier Approval of Mining Plan Whether any earlier mining plan was approved by the Ministry for the same area or a part of area. PWD roads. III. C. Location of end use plants. Exploration. whether coal washing is being proposed. details of Geological report. Regional geological set up of the area. (vi) Index of chapters contained in the Mining Plan (vii) No of volumes in the Mining Plan and their contents. Introduction Background in chronological order about the mining company. norms used for computing consumption. Geology. how much of the requirement is envisaged to be met from this mining project. highest flood level. with time frame and agency. local geology. SUMMARISED DATA D. DOCUMENTS TO BE ENCLOSED (i) Copies of earlier approvals of the Mining Plan. at the pithead or elsewhere. its coal requirement with quality & quantity parameters and timeframe. drainage pattern. 10 . ownership and occupancy of land & involvement of forest land. of boreholes drilled and seam wise bore intersections and seam wise borehole density. supply of water. No. Prominent physiographic features. (ii) Copy of MOC's letter granting recognition to RQP for preparation of Mining Plan (iii) Letter to the RQP for preparing Mining Plan (iv) A certificate by the RQP that he has been duly authorized by the mining company to prepare mining plan on their behalf and that he has a valid recognition from MOC under MCR. access to the location (Rail. 1960 to prepare the mining plan and that provisions of all relevant rules and regulations have been considered while preparing the mining plan (v) Certificate from Applicant that the mine will be developed as per the approval of the Mining Plan from Ministry of Coal and all Other approvals. whether specifically mentioned hereafter or not) I. CHAPTERS The Chapters should have following minimum information (chapters are to be supported with relevant Plans and Sections. topography & Communication Location of coal deposit. rainfall data. Air) availability of power. whether the total area and all coal seams have been explored in detail. Important surface features and major diversion or shifting involved (also enclose a suitable Plan) IV.

for internal and external dumps and height. 3000067449/902 Page: 5 of fault summary. Mining Choice of Mining Method and justification for Optimization of targeted capacity. different categories of overburden/inter-burden and raw coal VI. Manpower. Methodology of reserves estimation. timeframe for commencement of Backfilling & justification therefore.Order Continuation Sheet Order No. Floor Contour Plans. overburden removal and disposal.g. 10 . Haul road layouts etc. " Coal quality Geotechnology " Recommended mine design parameters based on current data and Consultant's experience " Recommendations and procedures for slope & dump stability Tables " Summary of geotechnical data " Recommended mine design parameters based on existing data & plans V. sequence of mining. blasting. Details of Hydro-geological status in the area Tables: " Borehole details (location. Detailed Break up of blocked reserves and losses in a tabular form. winning. assumptions made. Tables " Mine design parameters " Minable & extractable reserves & reconciliation with geological resources. depth. Inpit dump design. Life of the mine furnishing the assumptions made and the detailed computations. Quarry stage plans including OB dumps for 1st to 5th year and 5 yearly intervals up to full life of the mine also indicating the volume of excavation for coal and OB. Seam wise calendar programme of excavation. Surface contour plan and Geological Plan both showing all the boreholes drilled and proposed to be drilled along with the allotted block boundary and required lease hold boundary marked in distinct colours. Safety and Supervision Manpower and supervision requirement in brief. Geological Reserves considered for mining vis-à-vis extractable reserves. transport. brief description of all operation. including Disaster management. production scheduling. equipment configuration. area of excavation volume of internal and/ or external dump and the area. precautions and recommendations. Seam folio (iso-thickness) plans. type of drilling. Seam wise quality parameters and Seam wise grade wise Geological Reserves within the whole block and that considered for mining in the current mining plan that to be projectised later and that likely to be sterilised. important safety aspects. e. Design of inpit dump in such a manner to prevent/minimise out pit dumping which may requires increase in height of in pit dump 20-30 mtrs more. coal intersections) " Geological resources " Fault summary " Seam Wise Geological and Minable reserves with quality. Mention cut-off ratio as well as average stripping ratio for opencast mine. iso-grade plans. " Production schedules for top soil.

position at the end of each 5 years of mining plan period 3) Year wise proposal for reclamation of land affected. Coal Handling. utilization. 9) Disaster and Risk Assessment and action plan to deal therewith 10) Details of people employed in the mine. corrective measures proposed to meet the standards. and their possible post mining utilisation 8) The safety measures to be implemented to prevent access to surface openings. practice and manner of its disposal and land area involved. 4) Top soil available at the site and its utilisation. The name of the adjacent coal blocks should also be marked. Geological Plan 10 . 1) The schemes/ proposals to be implemented for reclamation and rehabilitation of affected area. envisaged impact on the society due to mine closure 11) Cost of abandonment towards the activities required to be executed for rehabilitation measures including monitoring and maintenance after closure. Land Requirement The present ownership and occupancy of the area and the land including forest land. Cleary indicate how much of the land is proposed for mining block and if any land within the allotted block and boundary is not to be considered for mining lease. iii. 2) Management of surface and ground water. Describe in brief (also enclose a Plan) X. plants etc. 3000067449/902 Page: 6 of VII. Quantity involved at 5 yearly intervals. compensation to be given for sustenance. 55011-01-2009-CPAM. Drawings: i. 6) Details of time schedule for all activities relating to final closure 7) The decommissioning of mining machineries. 5) Year wise stabilization and vegetation of dumps 6) Monitoring schedules for different environmental components right from the commencement of mining and other related activities XII. XI. Dated: 27. A plan in a scale not less than 1:10. excavations etc. if required for mining lease or for mining purposes. no. Similarly give details of any land out side the block boundary. ambient air indicating existing quality. Location Plans.Order Continuation Sheet Order No. The steps to be taken for protection and stability of overburden dump. VIII. Infrastructure Facilities proposed and their location. ii. 3) Total Overburden. possible engagement in satellite occupations after closure.2009). Washing & Mode of Dispatch Brief scheme together with line diagram & Flow-sheet for washing to be given along with the proposed handling/disposal of rejects. and measures to prevent water pollution. Environment management Describe salient features (Detailed Plan to be submitted to MoEF under relevant rules and regulations): 1) Environmental Impact Assessment Statement describing the impact of mining 2) The time bound action. indicating the rail and road links. 12) Phase Wise estimated cost of Mine Closure Plan. Progressive and Final Mine Closure Plan (Mine Closure Plan Guidelines issued by MoC vide lr. their disposal. 4) Year wise Programme of afforestation. Annexures: As per requirement.000 showing the approved block boundary vis-a-vis the proposed mining lease in distinct colours.08. Total land requirement and its breakup as per present land use and proposed land use. surface structures. 5) Generation of washery rejects.

utilities. 2nd. Existing land use pattern. Floor Contour Plans. offices. 1 SrvLnNo SrvNo. reservoir. mine workshops.2010 SrNo. construction facilities. 3000067449/902 Page: 7 of 10 iv. Delivery date Day 24. etc (to be provided by TSL) " Technical drawings of recommended mining systems " Haul road layouts Finally the consultant will incorporate conclusions and recommendations as a part of scope of work. SCHEDULE OF VISITS First Before commencing work. Additional drawings/figures to be incorporated: " Master plan showing Boundary.000. Power Plant. Silos. dump height etc. Stage plans and Sections at 1st.4th. Note: Expenditure for any visits beyond the above schedules will be borne by the Tata Steel. x.10. processing & dispatch facilities for TSL. Reclamation Plan. garland drain. Surface Feature Plan also showing the drainage system. surface contours at minimum 3 m intervals. Final stage quarry plan showing haul road alignments c. etc. Crushers. including OB dumps (with area volume. Mining plan shall be presented by RQP as per MoC stipulated date. location of boreholes v. water harvesting. For opencast Mines: a. Plan showing total coal thickness and total overburden thickness & stripping ratios b. Final stage plan showing OB dumps (Both internal & external) d. clearly demarcating the involvement of forest land. stores. Second visit After completion of Draft Mining plan Third visit Presentation of Mining Plan to TATA Steel & discussions Fourth visit Presentation of Mining Plan at MoC Fifth visit may require in case of any clarification which is again require to present before MoC. enabling facilities.) " Layout of Access roads. boundary of mining area. vi. X-sections and L-Section showing coal seams.Order Continuation Sheet Order No. and an interval of 5 years.00 INR .000 LUMPSUM Rate 281. Plan showing Proposed surface layout ix. mine entries. 10 MISC091925 Service Long Text : Brief Description MINING PLAN Quantity 1.) e. viii. Conceptual Plan showing infrastructure facilities including colony. colonies. surrounding leases. roads including road diversion alignment etc. Coal Handling Plant. 5th. Seam folio Plans and iso-grade plans vii. Over Land Conveyors. 3rd. mining. Washery.

5. (g) CST (h) PAN (i) TSL West Bokaro TIN No.00 INR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Header Details Header text: 320. failing which payment will not be released by us. LPG WILL NOT BE USED FOR ONLY WELDING/CUTTING PURPOSE. Please ensure that the following information are to be mentioned in your Invoice. to be submitted to West Bokaro Accounts Department. YOU WILL FOLLOW ALL NORMS OF ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM & SAFETY AS PER OUR COMPANY'S GUIDELINE DURING EXECUTION OF THIS ORDER. c. 3000067449/902 Page: 8 of 10 MINING PLAN:-As per the requirement of ministry . IF SAFETY NORMS IS NOT ADHERED DURING EXECUIION OF CONTRACT. Total Price 281. cause of action.00 INR -------------320.340. 6.340. from:a..00 INR 39.000. 2.00 INR INR % 281. IF REPORTED.00 INR -------------Gross Price(S. (f) TIN No.J VAT Form for each year. loss.00 Item Charges Base Amount A/P STax NoSetoff 281.HZ512C NOTE:. demand. errors or omissions of the Contractor in performance of his obligation under this Contract. IT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF ALL SEFETY ASPECTS DURING EXECUTION OF THE JOB.IN CASE OF INJURIES /DEATH OF ANY WORKMAN. ALL SAFETY MEASURES WILL BE TAKEN BY THE PARTY. NECESSARY ACTION AS PER RULES WILL BE NECESSIATED.00 14.340. Any claim.000. 3.PAYMENT AGAINST TREATMENT/ COMPENSATION WILL BE BORNE BY THE PARTY. Any claim by third party including sub-contractors . Any claim arising out of damage to or loss of property (including the property of the Employer/Subcontractor) arising directly or indirectly out of the negligent acts. COMMERCIAL ACTION WILL BE INITIATED. expenses or liability on account of injury or death of persons (including the employees of the employer/Contractor/ Sub Contractor) b. 4.000. Indemnity You will indemnify and hold harmless Tata Steel.20041903133 (j) TSL West Bokaro CST No.Order Continuation Sheet Order No.

TO 281000/NOTE: VALUE CHANGED DUE TO SHORT CLOSED OF THIS ORDER.00 INR Collection Centre : 10 . 2.PAYMENT 25% AFTER SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION. ============================================================== CHANGE NO : 02 CHANGE DATE : 04.PAYMENT 25% AFTER FINAL REPORT SUBMISSION.1000000/. 3. services. Payment Term : 100% within 30 days of stfy compltn of job & Inv receipt by dept head Order Value payable to supplier : 320.340.PAYMENT 25% AFTER SUBMISSION OF DRAFT REPORT.01. 08.2012 CHANGE TEXT : PAYMENT TERMS IS HERE BY AMMENDED AS MENTIONED BELOW AGAINST ABOVE ORDER. -------------------------------------------------------------1. ============================================================== Header note: SCOPE OF WORK AND OTHERS TECHNICALS AS PER YOUR OFFER DT.12.00 INR TOTAL ORDER VALUE PAYABLE BY TATA STEEL : 320. ALL OTHER TERMS & CONDITIONS WILL REMAIN THE SAME.340. ================================================================ Delivery Terms : FREE DELIVERY TO WBC COLLIERY AT SITE For each unloading point you need to give separate challans.09. ALL OTHER TERMS & CONDITIONS WILL REMAIN THE SAME.Order Continuation Sheet Order No. 3000067449/902 Page: 9 of for failure to make payment for labor.2011. 4. equipment and materials arising out of this project. ---------------------------------------------------------Change Order Text: CHANGE NO : 01 CHANGE DATE : 13.2013 CHANGE TEXT : VALUE OF THE ABOVE ORDER IS HERE BY REVISED FROM RS.PAYMENT 25% AFTER THE MINE PLAN CLEARENCE.

Order Continuation Sheet Order No. For Tata Steel Limited Authorised Signatory D K Sinha Print Date: 19. 3000067449/902 Plant General Instructions Page: 10 of : 5200 : Sales Tax in no case will be borne by the Steel Co.2015 10 .10.