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The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and World Peace

By Father Paul Leonard, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div.

"...He (God) is going to punish the world by means of war, hunger and
persecution of the Church and the Holy Father. To prevent it I shall
come to ask for the consecration of RUSSIA to My Immaculate Heart,
and the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays. If they attend to My
requests, Russia will be converted and the world will have peace. If not,
Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, fomenting wars and
persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father
will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated. In the
end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate
RUSSIA to Me; it will be converted, and a certain period of peace will be
granted to the world...1"
This prophetic oracle, the words of Our Lady of Fatima transmitted to the world
by the sole surviving seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia, reveals the destiny of the
human race in our century. There are only two possibilities:

1. War, hunger, persecution of the
Church and the Holy Father, the
errors of Russia spread throughout
the world and the annihilation of
various entire nations.
2. The triumph of the Immaculate
Heart of Mary, the conversion of
Russia and world peace.

In order to prevent the first and secure the second, Our Lady asked for the Pope
and all the bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. If Russia has
really been properly consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima requested, then there
will be the conversion of Russia and world peace and the first possibility will no
longer exist. On June 13, 1929, Our Lady of Fatima solemnly announced that
God promises to convert Russia by this means, and She promises that there will
be peace in the world.

There are some who claim that the consecration of Russia has already been
properly performed. It has been claimed by Bishop Luna and Father Miller of the
Blue Army, by the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima Mons. Cosme do Amaral, and more
conspicuously it has been adamantly asserted, and vociferously proclaimed by
Father Robert J. Fox.
If this claim of theirs is correct, then the possibility of nuclear, chemical or
biological war no longer exists for our generation. If their claim is correct, then
there cannot be any more famine in our century. If what they claim is true, then
it is no longer possible in our generation for the powerful and mighty plutocrats
of high finance to oppress the poor nations under an unbearable burden of debt;
nor could there exist anymore the possibility for the Communists of Russia,
China, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, Albania and Vietnam to enslave and
oppress their peoples and to persecute their believers.
At what stage of human history, as it has been prophetically foretold at Fatima,
do we presently find ourselves? Father Fox et al. do not tire of saying that the
triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has already begun. A greater folly
than this is scarcely conceivable.
"Peace" as St. Augustine says, "is the order of tranquility." Peace is not
Communist victory, because there is no tranquility in the armed tyranny that
enforces the order of the GULAG. Peace does not consist in the New World
Order, for that would be an oppressive order enforced by the elite over the
impoverished masses of humanity.
There will only be peace when Jesus Christ the King reigns over the nations of
the world. When the Kingship of Christ will have been recognized by the
governments of the nations of the world, then a truly Christian, a truly Divine
World Order will reign. The abundant blessings of God will descend upon
humanity, and there will be tranquility and order — then there will be peace.
There is presently no peace in the world. Militant atheism openly rules de
jure in the Communist world, and militant atheism, concealed under the guise
of secularism, rules de facto in the secular republics of the world. Millions of
helpless innocents are mercilessly slaughtered each year throughout the world
in death bunkers that the Godless call clinics. There is heresy, strife and division
in the Church. Russia still foments war in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There
is corruption and violence all over North America. We are now on the very brink
of a major war in the Persian Gulf. If that were really the beginning of the
triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, one shudders at the thought of what

that triumph would be at the height of its glory! No. It cannot possibly be Our
Lady's triumph, because that would be the triumph of evil over good!

Sister Lucy Again Points At Russia
On page 58 of his recently published book, Father Fox announces: The
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart Begins. This is entirely contrary to what
Sister Lucia declared shortly after the Pope consecrated the world on March 25,
1984. When interviewed by Sol de Fatima, a Spanish Blue Army publication,
Sister Lucia did not say that the triumph of Our Lady had begun, but on the
contrary, she said: "I think we are living in the time when Russia is spreading its
errors throughout the world."* The presently very dangerous and bleak world
political situation bears witness to the fact that Sister Lucia's understanding of
the situation, as expressed in her Sol de Fatima interview is correct.3
* See The Fatima Crusader Issue 33 - July 1990 "Sister Lucy Interviewed by
Blue Army Insists 1984 Consecration Does Not Fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's
Request", and Sol de Fatima - September 1985.

Our Lady is the Mother
of us all, and She wants
to protect all Her
children. To help Her
achieve this, we must do
our part by doing all that
we can to get Russia
properly consecrated.

Russian General Directs Iraqi Invasion

Russia is still spreading its errors and raising up wars. The Soviets were not idle
spectators of the August 2nd Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In July Colonel-General
Albert Mikhailovich Makashov was sent to Baghdad4, and according to all
available reports, he remained in Iraq until well after the invasion was carried
out5. According to the Soviet Foreign Ministry, General Makashov is the
commander of the Volga-Urals Military District6. He is a specialist in tank
warfare and in swift, violent and brutal military seizures of territory7. The
massive Iraqi tank invasion overran Kuwait City "... within a few hours early on
Thursday morning August 2nd."8
When the massive Iraqi tank invasion took place last August 2nd, the Soviet
Union had between three and four thousand military advisers in Iraq 9. The
logistic importance of the Soviet advisers was so critical, that it would have
been technically impossible for the Iraqis to carry out the invasion without their
assistance.10 11 "The Soviets", says Michael Johnson, "played a critical role in
operational planning, communications, and logistics for the invasion of

2nd Soviet Spy Satellite Launched To Aid Invasion
The attack of Kuwait "bore all the earmarks of Soviet satellite
intelligence.''13 "The Soviets", Johnson explains, "never have two satellites over
the Persian Gulf except in times of war.''14COSMOS 2037 was launched a few
weeks before the invasion of Kuwait, and then on July 20th, COSMOS 2086 was
launched, and it moved into position to view Kuwait on July 28.15 COSMOS 2086
made several passes over the Middle East and was returned to Earth 16 , it was
then replaced by COSMOS 2089 on August 3rd.17 Due to Soviet satellite
intelligence, the Iraqi seizure of Kuwait, which should have required 48 hours,
as planned, was completed in only seven (7) hours.
One publication18 asked the question, "What is Albert Mikhailovich Makashov
doing in Iraq?" The answer to this question was revealed when Iraqi General
Mondher Abdel Rahman challenged U.S. technical superiority, and stated, "Iraq
is saving several bigger and more effective surprises for the American
experts ..."19 General Makashov is "a protégé of hardliner Gen. Nikolai
Ogarkov".20 Marshal Ogarkov has been involved in the Soviet Telsa-scalar
weapons program.21

Soviet High Tech Weapons in Iraq May Well Defeat U.S.A.
In 1984 Marshal Ogarkov revealed the development of "even more destructive
and previously unknown types of weapons".22 Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden
describes what warfare conducted with these new weapons will be like. It will be
"a new kind of blitzkrieg war ... War conducted by powerful beams and
destruction engendered at the speed of light. War in which electromagnetic
radiators are the primary decisive weapons. War in which new kinds of directed

energy weapons play the major role. War in which the material and
personnel loss rates are so incredibly high that they boggle the mind of
the more conventional military tactician ... War in which even a small
nation with TR wave weapons can strike and devastate a major
power."23 Ogarkov's "destructive and previously unknown types of weapons":
these are Iraqi General Rahmen's "bigger and more effective surprises for the
American experts".24

On Verge of Very Bloody War
We are on the verge of a very bloody and destructive major war. Last month a
senior Arab diplomat said, "We are very close to the military option, to the 11th
hour, or the half hour before midnight."25 Both the Saudis and the Israelis, for
their own reasons, have made it known that they favor a swift execution of the
"military option." The interests of the multinational banks and the One-Worlders
will also be greatly served by a U.S.-Iraqi war in which it is conservatively
estimated by the Center for Defense Information that as many as 10,000
American lives will be lost. It is much more likely, however, that due to the high
tech weapons provided to Iraq by the Soviet Union, many scores of thousands
of Americans will come home in body bags in the very near future.
The Bush Administration has displayed an insane determination to comply with
the desires of the international banks, and involve the United States in a war
over what is essentially an inter-Arab conflict over a tiny emirate.26 It would
certainly be in America's interest to defend a portion of the State of Alaska,
which was illegally seized by the Soviets.27

Gulf Crisis Profits Bankers, Soviet Union
George Bush, however, does not lift a finger to defend a portion of the State of
Alaska illegally annexed by the Soviet Union. Bush, however has 11 reasons to
sacrifice tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of American lives in the desert
slaughterhouse of the Middle East, and none of those reasons is patriotism.
In 1984, Comptroller of the Currency Todd Conover told the House Banking
Committee that eleven banks are considered 'too big to fail' by the government.
This in spite of the fact that if only half of their foreign loans defaulted, their
funerals would begin at dusk.28
These banks are Citibank, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers
Hanover Trust, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Continental, Bankers
Trust, Security Pacific, First National of Chicago and Wells Fargo. No matter how
many billions these behemoths lose in unsecured foreign loans, the government
will bail them out and not permit them to fail. 29 The Gulf crisis has already
profited them immensely.30

The United States is not going to war in order to keep the price of oil down, but
in order to drive it sky high. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait did not cause the price of
oil to go up, but the U.S.-led blockade, the threat of U.S. military intervention
and U.N. sanctions did. Iraq wants to keep the price of oil low. Iraq wants to
become a major oil producer like Saudi Arabia, but this is contrary to the
interests of Saudi Arabia, the international banks and the Soviet Union. 31
At the official meeting between U.S. Ambassador April Glasbie and Saddam
Hussein, Saddam stated: "We do not want too high prices for oil." At the same
meeting, Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz stated: "Our policy in OPEC opposes
sudden jumps in oil prices." According to the Washington Post, a Gulf war could
produce "a shift of billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia and other oil producers; a
crippling blow to developing countries that don't produce oil, a drain of billions
of dollars from consumer spending and business investment in industrialized
nations to pay for steeper oil prices and higher interest rates; and a resurgence
of inflation in the industrialized countries."32 This will bring about the economic
ruin of the United States, and the total collapse of the already debt-ridden
developing countries, but it will at the same time increase and consolidate the
financial power and political clout of the great banks.
The new Saudi reserves would "flow largely back into the banking system
in London and New York."33 These new deposits will supply the banks with
the cash that they desperately need in order to establish the New International
Economic Order.34 35 The new deposits will be used to loan out to the U.S.S.R.
and the developing nations, and will spiral up the debt crisis to even more
dangerous levels than we are at now.

The Gulf Crisis — The New World Order and Our Enslavement
The debtor nations will be given a breath of air that will last just long enough
for the international banks to tighten their stranglehold on their necks.
Ultimately what the bankers want is not money, (which is only paper),
but wealth ... real wealth. Shortly before the Philippine revolution four years
ago, the banks offered Ferdinand Marcos a deal whereby the entire foreign debt
of the Philippines would be forgiven. All the New York bankers wanted in return
was perpetual rights to Philippine natural resources and a switch from the
Philippine Peso to a dollar denominated debit card system.
This would have destroyed the national sovereignty of the Philippines and would
have permanently enslaved that nation to the banks. This kind of
total economic subservience to the multinational banking establishments is
the principal characteristic of the New World Order.36
The United States is the world's number one debtor nation.

The official U.S. declared deficit of $2.79 trillion is an immense sum of money,
but that is conservative estimate. A more realistic, but still conservative
estimate is a total federal debt of $11 Trillion.37 The economic dislocation of
a Gulf war will be such that it may soon be that the U.S. government will have
to pay $700 billion a year, "just to break even. Not a cent for repaying the
principal, not a penny for defense, or social security, or highways or welfare or
foreign aid oranything."38 This will bring us to the brink of collapse and deliver
us over to the New World Order.

Bush, Gorby Promote Enforced New World Order
Just a few weeks ago George Bush told a joint session of Congress that "out of
these troubled times ... a New World Order can emerge." In the address,
televised to the world, Bush declared that Americans serve together with Arabs,
Europeans, Asians and Africans "in defense of principle and the dream of a
New World Order."
The New World Order is not only Bush's dream, it is also the vision of Mr.
Gorbachev. In his speech, Bush said of the New World Order, "This vision I
shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki." On Nov. 17, in Prague, Bush told
Czechoslovaks that the Persian Gulf crisis offered a unique opportunity to forge
a new world order.39 On the following day Gorbachev told newsmen in Rome
that the United Nations had performed well in the Gulf crisis. He went on to say
that a solution to the problem would mean the beginning of a "worldwide
It is the U.N. peacekeepers, said Mr. Gorbachev in his December 8, 1989,
speech before the U.N., who will "insure" stability and monitor "world peace".
The New World Order will require us to surrender our national sovereignty, and
the New World Order will be built and maintained by force.

George Bush and Gorby shaking
hands. Mr. Bush and Mr.
Gorbachev want to bring about

the Masonic goal of a "New
World Order" which would
require the U.S.A. and all
countries to give up their
national sovereignty. This New
World Order would be antiChristian in its "legal"
foundations and in practice.

War Is For New World Order and Russia
James P. Warburg, of the Warburg banking family wrote in his book, The West
in Crisis: "A world order without world law40 is an anachronism; and that,
since war now means the extinction of civilization, a world which fails to
establish the rule of law over the nation-states cannot long continue to
exist. We are living in a perilous period of transition from the era of the
fully sovereign nation-state to the era of world government."(p.30) On
Feb. 17, 1950, Warburg told a Senate committee, "We shall have world
government whether you like it or not, if not by consent, by
World War I provided the opportunity for the creation of the League of Nations.
World War II provided the opportunity for the creation of the United Nations.
Now the recipe for world government calls for a "splendid little war" to establish
the New World Order. Saddam Hussein filled the bill perfectly to get suckered
into a war that Gorby and Bush are turning into an occasion to make the world
safe for the New World Order.
When U.S. forces were sent to the Persian Gulf region, the American people
were told that they would be there to prevent an Iraqi invasion of Saudi Arabia.
The United States would not, we were told, attack Iraq. Now President Bush has
sought and obtained the U.N. blessing to forcibly remove Iraqi forces from
Kuwait. Bush says that our forces are there to rescue Kuwait from the barbaric
aggression perpetrated against it by Iraq.
Let there be no mistake about it: Our forces are not there to punish aggression
or to save Kuwait. The Bush administration is sending hundreds of thousands of
young Americans to fight and die for the Big 11 (the eleven banks listed above),
and to defend the interests of the Gorbachev regime, and to establish the New
World Order. Is it really that important that we risk a major portion of our
armed forces in order to police an Arab squabble and prevent a tiny emirate
from being annexed by the country to which it not so long ago belonged?

Kuwait Was Part of Iraq

Up until the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War, Kuwait
had been part of Iraq. The British rewrote the map of the Gulf region for the
benefit of the international bankers, and installed the puppet regime of the
Sabah's. British High Commissioner, Sir Percy Cox, drew up what became the
Kuwait-Iraqi border. The newly created Iraq lacked access to the sea, something
the British War Office deliberately chose to deny the new country, to limit its
influence in the Persian Gulf and to keep it dependent on Britain.42
This is perhaps the reason why British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd feels so
passionately about defending Kuwait. On October 14, Reuter reported that he
said, "If Saddam does not leave of his own free will, we shall have to push him
out. There is no other possibility." It is therefore no surprise that British Prime
Minister Margaret Thatcher was the first national leader to demand U.S. military
action against Iraq after the August invasion of Kuwait.43

Saddam Hussein Encouraged By U.S. Administration to Invade
The U.S. administration mouths expressions of outrage over the barbaric
invasion of Kuwait, but it was the Bush administration that encouraged the
Iraqis to invade Kuwait. In the above-mentioned meeting between Saddam
Hussein and U.S. Ambassador Glasbie, Glasbie said, "We have no opinion on the
Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreements with Kuwait ... The
issue is not associated with America. James Baker has directed our official
spokesmen to emphasize this instruction. We hope you solve this problem
by any suitable means."44 Secretary Baker's spokesperson, Margaret Tutweiler
said "the U.S. was not obligated to come to Kuwait's aid if the emirate were
attacked."45 Two days before the invasion, in open Congressional testimony,
Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, John H.
Kelly, repeated the same message that Ambassador Glasbie had given to
Saddam Hussein.
After the Iraqi invasion, the Administration has made a complete turnabout.
Defense Secretary Cheney told a Senate committee that economic sanctions
alone will not work. Speaking of the military option, Cheney said, "My personal
view is that it is far better to deal with him (Saddam Hussein) now... rather
than deal with him five or ten years from now..."46
On Nov. 22, President Bush told American troops that every day brings Saddam
closer to "his goal of a nuclear weapons arsenal."47 A few days later, White
House Spokesman, Marlin Fitzwater, repeated Bush's contention that Iraq will
have a nuclear weapon in six months. Authoritative sources have dismissed
these alarmist scare tactics.
Senator John Glenn says that "Iraq is quite a ways from having nuclear
weapons."48 Speaking of Iraq's capability to produce a weapon, Gary Milhollin of
the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms control said, "I have not seen anyone

say that Saddam Hussein's designers have reached the point of sophistication
that is required for that to be a success."49 Leonard Spector of the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace said, "Today U.S. intelligence agencies
appear to be confident that Iraq has not completed the preliminary steps that
would be necessary for constructing a nuclear device."50

Bush Seems To Want War
The Bush administration appears to be bent on war. Saddam Hussein has asked
for the face-saving concession of keeping the large oil field that it seized in the
invasion, which the U.S. has refused. The government is giving us the same
optimistic assessments and proclamations of righteousness that preceded the
Vietnam War.
The Daily News Digest has summed up the situation perfectly in its Nov. 28th
"There is nothing more revolting and despicable than politicians misusing the
lives and idealism of young men and women in the services. They go where
they are told, wrapped in the 19-year-old's illusion of invulnerability and
brimming with an idealistic desire to defend noble goals. To lie to them and to
send them off to defend private financial interests or stroke political egos is
pure evil."

Ezekiel Describes Present Situation and Denounces Foxes
But is it not also a pure evil that borders on blasphemy to say that this truly
desperate condition of a world slowly sinking into the infernal abyss of war,
economic collapse, political folly and moral corruption is really the beginning of
the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?!
Father Fox believes that the changes taking place in the Soviet Union are paving
the way for the conversion of Russia and world peace. Present events in the
Soviet Union, however, are not moving toward a happy ending, but toward a
major, and possibly bloody, confrontation. The Soviet Union is not at peace, but,
in the words of the new premier of the Ukrainian republic, in a state of "political
and economic crisis".
The parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia met on Dec. 1 to plot a
common course against Moscow. Gorbachev, however, has vowed to stop the
Baltic republics from seceding. Gorbachev told Mavriks Vulfsons of the Latvian
Parliament that "attempts to re-establish independence may lead to the creation
of a repressive mechanism", and that "in such a case there could be bloodshed."
On orders from Mikhail Gorbachev, new rules have been enacted in response to
the measures taken by the Baltic republics, it was reported by Soviet Defense

Minister Dmitri Yazov. Gorbachev said on Nov. 27 that he "ordered the Defense
Minister to defend the armed forces against attacks and humiliations ... If things
go on like this, we'll have to let perestroika go to the devil ... We have to stop
the extremists."51
The U.P.I. reported on Dec. 3rd, that Gorbachev, in recent weeks, has made
several moves to consolidate power in order to rule the country with a stronger
hand. Most significant has been the replacement of Interior Minister Vadim
Bakatin by former Riga KGB boss, Boris Pugo. This appointment has been seen
as a move toward a hard-line stance by Mr. Gorbachev, and the hard-line
Communists were almost gleeful about what they say is a return to "stronghand" rule.
Oblivious to all these dark developments, Father Fox enthusiastically announces
that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has already begun. The
prophet Ezekiel spoke of such foxes when he said:
"Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing.
Your prophets have been like foxes among ruins ... They have spoken falsehood
and divined a lie ... because they have misled my people saying 'peace' when
there is no peace."52

Segment of the message of Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917.


In the above-cited portion of Our Lady's message, She requests the Consecration of
Russia precisely in order to prevent these chastisements.


In Hruschiv (Grushevo), Ukraine, where the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin have
been taking place since 1986, Our Lady declared, "Russia persists in its satanic
existence." Our Lady also stated that She has spoken elsewhere about Russia. It was
at Fatima that She spoke about Russia, and that if we do not soon obtain the
conversion of Russia, then there will be a Third World War in this decade of the
1990's. "If Russia does not accept Christ the King, that will mean ruin for the world"
says Our Lady of Hruschiv. One of the seers of Hruschiv, Josyp Terelya, who
personally received these messages from Our Lady gave me a transcript of Our
Lady's message. The apparitions of Hruschiv are unanimously acclaimed as authentic
by Ukrainian hierarchy and laity alike. Only the Communists deny their authenticity.


Financial Times, July 28/29, 1990. The Observer reported on August 14, that General
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The Washington Times, August 24, 1990, "Gen. Makashov did not report to President
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the GRU ... General Makashov is regarded as one of the toughest and most
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27. The illegally seized and annexed territory consists of Wrangell, Herald, Bennett,
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buying 15,000 metric tons of wheat flour at subsidized prices from the United States.
Reuter reported on Nov. 28 that Canada will extend a new $150 million line of credit for
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36. Let no one think that the national debt is something that we owe to ourselves.
The Federal Reserve is not a government institution, but a private corporation,
most of whose shareholders are not even U.S. citizens! To understand how the big
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once proud and free nation to subservience and slavery to European banking families,
I recommend the following books by Lindsey Williams, which can be ordered from The
Fatima Crusader: 1) To Seduce a Nation, 2) Syndrome of Control, 3) Where's the
Food, 4) The Energy Non-Crisis. Our small banks are collapsing and being swallowed
up by the big banks of New York. Loans are being called in and mortgages

foreclosed. One American farmer loses his farm to the banks every three
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of Cardinal Casaroli in support of this concept of a Supreme Court of the World. Father
Adler provided the reference in a footnote to the issue of the L'Osservatore Romano in
which Casaroli's discourse appeared.
41. American Opinion, January 1972, p. 69. Paul Warburg, of the same Warburg banking
family, was one of the bankers who founded the Federal Reserve. Contrary to
the United States Constitution, which explicitly states that Congress must issue our
money, the Federal Reserve prints the U.S. Dollar and lends it to the U.S. Treasury
at interest. In 1963 under the initiative of President John F. Kennedy, the Congress
issued a new currency — the United States Note. This was a genuine U.S.
government currency that was not borrowed from the Federal Reserve. In Nov. 1963
President Kennedy was assassinated, and the first official act of the new president,
Lyndon B. Johnson, was to recall Kennedy's U.S. currency. Shortly thereafter, a
new currency was issued: the Federal Reserve Note, which we still have today.
The Federal Reserve Note is not redeemable in precious metal like the Silver
Certificate that preceded it. One Silver Certificate was redeemable for one silver
dollar—now you need at least 10 Federal Reserve dollars to buy (not redeem), one
silver dollar. We must now pay an ever increasing national debt with a dollar ever
decreasing in value. This is an essential characteristic of the process whereby
the Federal Reserve is reducing the nation to serfdom. This is the New World Order
—in fact, these same words are written on the reverse side of the Federal Reserve's
One Dollar Bill: Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is Latin for New World Order.
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