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Table of Contents
Dynamite Descriptions
Sensory Words
Adding Adjectives: Taste
Adding Adjectives: Touch
Adding Adjectives: Sight
Adding Adjectives: Sound
Adding Adjectives: Smell
Fun Adjectives
Adjectives Maze
Home Run Adjectives
Friendly Adjectives
Complimentary Adjective Jumble
Adjectives Word Search
Adjectives All About Me
Adjective Acrostics
Sentence Dress-Up
Adding Details With Adjectives
Adjective Crossword Puzzle
Adjective Word Scramble
Silly Story
Hyperbole 101
Captain Hyperbole
Your Exciting Time

Certificate of Completion

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bitter bright cloudy glowing silent slimy pretty smooth fishy flowery hard rotten salty quiet soft sour Taste stinky loud sweet Touch _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Sight Sound Smell _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ . sounds. or looks. which describe something according to one or more of the five senses—how something tastes.Sensory Words Good writers use sensory words. DIRECTIONS: Sort each sensory word according to the sense to which it relates and write it on the correct list. smells. feels.

___________ chocolate 13. Write an adjective to describe each More worksheets at www. Leah didn’t like the ________________ pie because it was _________________. 5. The insects liked to eat the __________________________ vegetables. 2. 10. The __________________________ milk made Sam choke. 6. ___________ eggs 14. 8. The cook made a __________________________ dish for the king. We never have __________________________ fruit for dinner. 7. The butter was __________________________. Our tacos were ________________________ and __________________________. ___________ soda Copyright © 2013-2014 by Education. ___________ pizza 15. I finished my _____________ popcorn and then drank a ______________ . The lion ate some __________________________ meat. Then describe the items at the bottom of the page using adjectives. 11. 9. 3. I had a __________________________ sandwich for lunch. bitter rotten cold salty creamy sour crispy spicy greasy sweet hot tasty juicy warm 1. EXAMPLE: My aunt made a yummy cake. ___________ apple 12.Adding Adjectives: Taste DIRECTIONS: Choose adjectives from the box to complete the sentences. ___________ cheese 16.

Katie will wear her __________________________ dress to the party. The __________________________ kittens played with the toy. We walked on the _____________________ and _______________________ ice.Adding Adjectives: Touch DIRECTIONS: Choose an adjective from the box to complete each sentence. 6. 2. Her hands were __________________________. 5. 10. ___________ cloth 15. ___________ wind 14. 11. bumpy cold smooth dry soft fuzzy squishy hard hot sticky silky warm slimy wet 1. 3. After it rains. Todd fell into the __________________________ mud. 7. ___________ chair 16. The sidewalk is __________________________ in the summer. My dog’s nose is __________________________. 8. My favorite blanket is _______________________ and ______________________. EXAMPLE: We went into the cool room. 4. ___________ frog 13. ___________ floor ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . ___________ sand 12. The __________________________ bear climbed a tree. I like to play in the _________________ and _____________________ garden. 9. Write an adjective to describe each noun.

The __________________________ dog needed a bath. 8. ___________ truck 14. 9. Write an adjective to describe each noun. 6. Sarah saw a __________________________ elephant at the zoo. 5. 10. ___________ house 15. I bought a __________________________ flower at the store. 7. 3. ___________ cup 12. The ________________________ pig lived in a _______________________ pen. ___________ cat 13. EXAMPLE: The volcano was covered in black smoke. The boy looked through the __________________________ window. ___________ ball 16. John gave me a __________________________ glass. 4. My __________________________ sister drove the car. bright brown clean cracked pink pretty large long curly dark dirty short small dusty smiling ugly 1. 2. A __________________________ light shone far away. ___________ tree ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . Jane has __________________________ and _________________________ hair. The _______________________ cowboy rode a ______________________ horse.DIRECTIONS: Adding Adjectives: Sight Choose an adjective from the box to complete each sentence. 11.

___________ baby 13. 5. 9. ___________ wolf 15. ___________ bells 12. The __________________________ insect flew out of the house. Carl closed the __________________________ door. Nell answered the __________________________ telephone. The carnival had _____________________ and ___________________ fireworks on the holiday. 7. The __________________________ and __________________________ night scared them. 11. 10. 3. ___________ clock 16. Use the word bank to help you. The __________________________ ghost went down the hall. We heard the _____________________ waves and ____________________ thunder during the storm. Write an adjective to describe each noun. ___________ pan ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . A __________________________ wind blew through the field. 2. banging creaky booming loud buzzing popping crashing ringing howling screaming hushed silent quiet squeaky 1. 8.Adding Adjectives: Sound DIRECTIONS: Complete complete each sentence by writing in an adjective. We visited the __________________________ town. 4. ___________ window 14. EXAMPLE: She petted the purring kitten. 6. The __________________________ children wanted more cake.

Joe took out the __________________________ trash. ___________ garden Copyright © 2013-2014 by Education. . 9. 10. ___________ potatoes 14. burnt earthy fishy musty rotten smoky flowery fresh fruity lemony sour stinky sweet sweaty 1. ___________ roses 13. The ______________________ and _______________________ trees were a nice place for a picnic. The air at the beach was __________________________ . Think about which adjectives work best for each sentence. Zack’s __________________________ and __________________________ feet were on my More worksheets at www. 3. Her __________________________ perfume filled the room. There may be more than one.Adding Adjectives: Smell DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence by writing adjectives. We climbed into the __________________________ attic. 6. 5. The farmer picked the __________________________ carrots. 2. Use the word bank to help you. The closet was full of _____________________ and __________________ clothes. Write an adjective to describe each noun. 8. 4. EXAMPLE: The perfumed poodle won the prize. 7. ___________ bread 12. ___________ pig 15. The __________________________ soccer player walked home. ___________ house 16. The wind blew a __________________________ smell into the

Ruth wanted to get out of the boring movie. It describes the noun. Mary walked quickly to the nearby park park. Jeffrey The word excited is an adjective. 8. 3. 11. The puppy on the left is smaller than the one on the right. DIRECTIONS: In each sentence. 5. 12. 9. During sunset at the beach. 2. Paul and Timmy stayed away from the dangerous side of the mountain. 13. 7. The cute teddy bear was given to the winner of the game. Simon made yummy cookies last night. Our garden has green insects that eat plants.An adjective is a word that describes a noun. circle the adjective that describes the underlined noun. EXAMPLE: ey was excited to go to the party. but there was plenty of room at the table for him. Jeffrey. The salsa we had yesterday was spicy. Cold weather eather is the best time to drink cocoa. Underline the noun that it describes. 10. DIRECTIONS: Circle the adjective in each sentence. the sky is colorful. 14. We fill the vases with blooming flowers from our garden. Jim was unexpected. 6. 4. The sly cheetah was able to sneak around the hyena. . 1. William is the quickest of all the runners.

Adjectives Maze Find a matching adjective for each noun in the maze. fire ghost candy sweet smooth glass hot ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� spooky ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . Use different colors to make each path.

We went to an exciting baseball game on Saturday. 8. 2.” Note: There may be more than one adjective in a sentence. 13. 12. . To the left and right of us. 7. It describes the noun. 5. The players were just as happy about the game as the fans were. My favorite part of the game was the foul ball that I caught with my old glove. As the game went on the noisy fans never calmed down. 9. 6. “ball. My dad bought me fluffy cotton candy to celebrate my great catch. 4. By the time we finished our tasty lemonade the game had started. In this example. 3. I have never experienced such a lively game in my life. EXAMPLE: The white ball flew over the fence. Underline the noun that it describes. 11. The stadium was filled with happy fans. 1. we ordered delicious hot dogs. The stadium was so large we had a hard time finding our seats. The hot dogs were so hot they burned our mouths. 10. To cool our mouths down we ordered some ice-cold lemonade.Home Run Adjectives DIRECTIONS: Circle the adjective in each sentence. the word “white” is an adjective. fans were eager for the first pitch of the game. 14. That game was one of the best baseball games I ever saw. Once we found our seats.

. 10. 9. Rusty and Lola went to the big park to play. 2. 5. Lola was quick to stop the fast swing so they could go play some more. 1. Rusty was delighted with how high he was swinging. The two found their funny friend.Friendly Adjectives DIRECTIONS: Circle the adjective in each sentence. EXAMPLE: The joyful children had fun at the park. In this example. Underline the noun that it describes. 7. a helpful adult was there to throw the ball back so they could continue to play. 3. “children. 12. When it was time to go home the three kids were exhausted from their active day. Billy. playing soccer. Rusty gave the ball a hard kick and it went flying through the air. 11. 13. Lola and Billy passed the round ball between each other. The ball landed on the other side of a tall fence where they could not reach it. 8. Rusty. 14. It describes the noun. They decided to climb the giant play area to the very top. Lola decided she was going to push Rusty on the swing even though it was heavy. 4. Lola and Rusty where anxious to get down to play with the friends they saw.” Note: There may be more than one correct answer. the word “joyful” is an adjective. 6. Luckily. He became bored with the swinging and wanted to do something else. At the top of the play area they could see active children all around them.

place or thing. The ___________________ owl helped the small bird. helpful brave heroic 1. The ______________ puppy was always smiling.Complimentary Adjective Jumble Complimentary adjectives are used to describe something positive about a person. $ artistic successful joyful powerful wise brilliant gentle stylish 4. 5. The ________________ baker sold a lot of bread. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� 6. The ______________ man painted the Mona Lisa. DIRECTIONS: Find complimentary adjectives from the word bank for the following sentences. ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . The _________________ kitten liked to have his head scratched. 2. The ___________ soldier jumped from the plane. 1 3.

D F O P F G K R T M V P G S Q W S E S A R W X Q U I E T V U R V O O Q F O T H F Q P H O P F O K S C W A T W H L U L F A T G S E R S M M P M B L P K L T S U E Z U S L H G P A M H G S E E T U E N K O F X F T R V X U E B E I S P B R S M S F O E L F C Q C U L C F B G C O L D S F T Y Z Y Z Y Q S H J W J X S Q U M M U G L Y J U T I N K Y E S E G Y E M O U G H X T F C Y G K U F P B U Y H E N L V L L O O W U G D R Q E Y M J BEAUTIFUL HOT QUIET SOUR SWEET COLD LOUD ROUGH SQUEEKY UGLY FLAT PURPLE SOFT STINKY YELLOW ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� .Adjectives Word Search Find each adjective from the list in the puzzle grid.

My family thinks I’m ___________________________ . Then circle the adjectives that best describe your style of clothes. I am wearing a ___________________________ shirt. My closet is full of ___________________________ clothes.Adjectives All About ME Underline the adjectives that best describe you. sunny quiet sad serious funny friendly loud tall short DIRECTIONS: Unscramble the adjectives. tirbgh _______________________ trendy baggy ggbay _______________________ great dressy clusaa _______________________ bright casual nyetrd _______________________ tagre ________________________ ydsers _______________________ Fill in the blanks using an adjective that describes you. Today. I have ___________________________ hair. I have ___________________________ eyes. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� .

Adjective Acrostics Acrostics are poems where the letters of one main word serve as the beginning letters for other words that describe the main word. For this exercise. vertically write the names of two people you know. Then write one about yourself! EXAMPLE: For someone named Erin: For someone you know: Entertaining ntertaining Regal egal Inventive Nonchalant For someone else you know: ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� For yourself: ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . then use the letters of their names to find adjectives that describe them perfectly.

Sentence Dress-up DIRECTIONS: Read the sentences below. _____________ The tree was bent. The bride looked fancy in her wedding dress. _____________ Our new teacher is very nice. use the list at the bottom to swap out a more exciting adjective for the one underlined in the sentence. _____________ A big bear chased me all the way home. Then. _____________ The clow clown’ n’s tricks were very funny. _____________ WORDS TO SWAP OUT agreeable elegant thundering amusing antiqu gigantic e crooked ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . _____________ My dad has an old car. _____________ When the tree fell. it made a loud sound.

I gave my ______________________ sister sister ______________________ candy candy. The ______________________ monkey monkey ey climbed the ______________________ tree. The ______________________ boys saw the ______________________ dogs dogs.Adding Details With Adjectives You can make sentences more interesting by adding adjectives. 5. Write the adjective in the blank. He took the ___________________ road oad that ran along the _________________ river. The ______________________ pirate found the ______________________ treasure. 3. EXAMPLE: The scared boy ran down the dark street . . 7. Think of an interesting adjective for each of the underlined nouns in the sentences below. The ______________________ fireman rushed into the ___________________ house. 2. 6. er 8 The ______________________ apple was on the ______________________ plate plate. 4. Eva bought a ______________________ doll from the ____________________ store. 1.

bad-smelling. The opposite of tight ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . ice is ________. Wide 10. Old.Adjective Crossword Puzzle 1 3 2 4 5 7 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ACROSS DOWN 1. The opposite of weak 9. New and sweet. Full of good flavor 14. and moldy 11. Wanting to know lots of answers 1. Thin 4. Having a strong. Hard but brittle. like a tasty fruit 2. Beautiful 5. Completely quiet 8. Not sweet or sour 12. unappealing smell 7. 7. like a tortilla chip 6. like a celebrity 3. like a toad’s skin 12. Water is liquid. Known by lots of people. The opposite of short 13. Covered in something wet.

���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . When you unscramble those groups they will make adjectives to put in the sentence below. Group those letters together.Adjective Word Scramble adjective are marked with special symbols. TPYRET __ __ __ __ __ __ ENGRE __ __ __ __ __ IQEUT __ __ __ __ __ LYEMLS RADK __ __ __ __ __ __ ★ ◆● __ __ __ __ ASEGRY __ __ __ __ __ __ OURS __ __ __ __ ◆ ● __ __ __ __ ● __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ● ★ ◆ ODUL GNACRHIS ★ ◆ ★ ★ ★ ◆ ★ ◆ ◆ ● The ____________________ dog drank the ____________ water in the ___________________ yard.

They can be any adjectives you like.Silly Story Let’s write a silly story! Write 10 adjectives below. I thought it was a _____________________ day! 10. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . _______________________________ 9. students in my class. I felt __________________. 8. 4. Is it silly? My First Day at School On my first day of school. classroom and saw my ____________________teacher. 1. about _________________________ lions and _______________________ frogs. _______________________________ 8. 1. _______________________________ 6. _______________________________ 4. We learned 7. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 5. ______________________________ Now it’s time to finish the silly story. I sat in my __________________ desk 3. 9. and took out the ______________________ book. There were __________________________ 5. Write the adjectives above in the blank with the same number. They were writing with _______________________ pencils. I walked into my ________________ 2. _______________________________ 7. 6. Then read your story all together. ______________________________ 2. _______________________________ 10.

some people do walk and talk in their sleep afterall. try out some of your own! Copyright © 2013-2014 by Education. My backpack weighs a ton. She could play that song in her sleep. In reality you would not actually sleep for a year. to show a feeling. or it is now easy for her to remember and More worksheets at Now that you know more about hyperboles. One ton = 2. But.760 hours!) But when you are really tired? You can express that to someone by being descriptive.Hyperbole 101 A hyperbole is a figure of speech. Things that weigh one ton: a car a really big bull a Clydesdale horse a tree In this exagerration the person making the statement feels like their backpack is very heavy. EXAMPLES: I’m so tired I could sleep for a year. COMPARISON: I’m so tired I could sleep for a year. (That’s 8. This one sounds more like it could be true. reaction or effort. or about 907 kg. an exaggerated statement not meant to be taken literally. this statement is just expressing that the person playing the song has learned it so well she has it memorized. My backpack weighs a ton. It’s usually used for emphasis or effect. She could play that song in her .000 lbs.

It took him ________________ to drive here. He had a ________________ of homework due the next day. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . EXAMPLE: My TV is older than the dinosaurs. two seconds mountain million horse stick mile forever peanut eternity thousand ton The man was so hungry he could eat a ________________. Her smile was so big. DIRECTIONS: Use the words in the box below to finish each of these hyperbolic statements. I have a ________________ things to do today. He is as skinny as a ________________ . She lectured me for an ________________. “I told you this story a ________________ times!” They’ve got a ________________ of money. Her brain is the size of a ________________ . you could see it from a ________________ away! I’ve been waiting in line for ________________ .in Hyperbole a t p ! Ca H The world is overflowing with plain sentences! Help Captain Hyperbole bring excitement to your writing with the power of exaggeration.

The horse ran faster than the ________________. billion hundred world buckets fly river year wind ton moment I am so happy I may ________________! These books weigh a ________________ Carrie has been waiting for dinner for a ________________. The child cried a ________________ of tears.H Make Writing Interesting! in Hyperbole a t p ! Ca The world is overflowing with plain sentences! Help Captain Hyperbole bring excitement to your writing with the power of exaggeration. My mother told me a ________________ times to close the door. EXAMPLE: The batter missed the ball by a mile. She had a ________________ questions for the teacher. It’s raining ________________ outside. He’ll be back in a ________________. David is the nicest person in the ________________. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . DIRECTIONS: Use the words in the box below to finish each of these hyperbolic statements.

Write your special moment on the line. ���������฀�฀���������฀��฀������������� ����฀����������฀��฀���������������������������� . When you’ve finished your picture. going to a concert with Mom. go to the next page to write about it. My exciting moment is:____________________________________________________________________ Now draw a picture about your exciting moment. or visiting an amusement park with your cousin.Your Exciting Time Think about an exciting time that you shared with a family member. such as going camping with Grandpa.

Your Exciting Time: Write About It It’s time to write about your exciting time. use words to help the reader know how exciting it was! Write a paragraph (or several sentences) about your exciting moment using the supporting details that you wrote in the box. _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ . tasted. Tip: Try to create pictures in your mind of what you saw. Write some details about your exciting moment in the box. smelled. touched. Then. Remember the picture that you drew. or how you felt. heard.

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