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Introduction; Important notes concerning dataAn explanation of declination
Accounting for maximum declination
Celestial body relationships
The primary concept
Out of bounds significance
Zodiacal sign relevance
Maverick planets
Moon out of bounds
Planets out of bounds
Jupiter out of bounds
Uranus out of bounds
Pluto, the known rogue
Maurading Mars
Abberant Aphrodite
A declination premise
Finding the active point
Off the ecliptic by celestial latitude
Final thoughts
Bibliography; Appendices: 1. Meandering moon; 2. Moon pearls; 3.

Tables: 1. Eccentricity & inclination of planetary orbits; 2. Jupiter's out of
bounds cycles related to stations (1900's); 3. Jupiter's out of bounds cycles,
1600-2100; 4. Uranian out of bounds cycles, 1600-2100; Plutonian out of
bounds cycles, 1200-2400; 6. Martian out of bounds cycles in non-bordering
solstice signs, 1600-2100; 7. Venusian out of bounds cycles in non-bordering
solstice signs, 1600-2100; 8. Moon's major & minor standstills from 1900-

Out of Bounds Significance: When planets are further from the equator than what the sun itself travels in a year (eg. as a variable. Antisica. Out of bounds celestial bodies. Explanation of Declination: Declination & the seasons. 10. 11. The itself earth as a body of energy that eternally renews the life upon it. The Primary Concept: Out of bounds. frequency by data source. Celestial Body Relationships: Definitions of parallel & contraparallel. "out of bounds") also changes. from a minimum of 22 degrees 36 minutes. Presently maximum declination is decreasing & presently stands at 23 degrees 26' 30". Comment: The definitive book on declinations. Moon. Notes Concerning Data: Comparing printed sources to computerized ephemeris generators produced general agreement in maximum Solstice declination from 1800-2100. they are known as out of bounds and are understood to . Venus. Chapter by chapter: Introduction: Intent of the book. with diagram. Moon's out of bounds cycle in non-bordering solstice signs.000 year cycle. later periods. defined. frequency by data source. the tropical zodiac. Solutions used. 19002030.2030. Accounting for Maximum Declination: Because the earth's maximum declination changes. or perhaps. Far more impressive than anything else I have seen. Solstices as hinge points. the points at which planets go beyond it by declination (ie. The 130 year problem. Mars out of bounds in fixed signs. beyond the borders of the Tropics of Cancer or Capricorn). goals. to a maximum of 24 degrees. but not for earlier periods. the cardinal points. 9. 12 minutes over a very slow moving 40.

Uranus out of Bounds. (surprise!) Pluto. the Known Rogue: Shorter & shorter out of bounds periods through the centuries. Maverick Planets: Pluto. never go out of beyond normal conditions or expectations (coined by KT Boehrer). all out of bounds where they shouldn't & what that means. Sagittarius & Capricorn. ie. which is when the moon reaches its maximum declination (N or S) and changes direction. in modern times. Mercury goes out of bounds one to three times a year. Jupiter out of Bounds. the retrograde is particuarly severe (now you know). Mars & Venus. Cancer. When that coincides with its being retrograde. How this relates to the earth's magnetic poles. along with other observed Martian patterns. in its rulership or fall. Planets out of Bounds: Saturn & Neptune. Dependable. . Maurading Mars: Out of bounds once every year. Watch out for planets out of bounds in other signs. Moon out of Bounds: Major (out of bounds) and minor (in bounds) standstills. Abberrant Aphrodite: Out of bounds in Taurus or Scorpio. Zodiacal Sign Relevance: The normal out of bounds signs are Gemini. Erratic.

Crystallization. and how to find the active point. Declination & midpoints. 114 pages. . This book is short on cookbook delineations. Finding the Active Point: Nelda Tanner's grid football. Declination & longitude conbined. In Appendix 3. Off the ecliptic. Pluto's short out of bounds cycle & the orbit of Uranus.A Premise of Declination: How to make practical use of the foregoing astronomical analysis. and easily pulverizes everyone else in the field. oversize. or not aligned with the the earth's nucleus: Planetary positions plotted inside or outside of the football. some 31 short delineations. Out of bounds Venus & mundane astrology. Off the Ecliptic by Celestial Latitude: Off the ecliptic around the time of the solstices. This book fleshes out KT Boehrer's pioneering work. Final Thoughts: The Vesuvian cycle. with charts. Gheminee. but is rich in analysis & positively awash in fascinating ideas & startling insights. comb-bound.