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No More Defining

As we have spoken recently of the Wisdom of God in bringing forth darkness

and light to cause or create the contrast needed for comprehension, we see
the sole purpose of this defining is reveal the Object. Had there not been an
Object, there would not have been a need for comprehension, thus no need
for contrasting or creating darkness or light. So we see the Object itself has
created purpose, by its sheer existence. The same way we have eyes
because there is Light and there is a need or purpose for eyes to see objects
with. They discovered recently a deep cave that had been closed off for
thousands of years with no light within it all of that time. They discovered
hordes of scorpions had been living there during all of those years never
seeing light before. These scorpions had no eyes. There was not a need for
eyes, because there was no light. So as science would say, the process of
evolution took away their eyes.
Now we can use that one story to see so many beautiful revelations. So we
see it has been paramount that we comprehend. Comprehension is to us
spiritually, the same as our eyes are to us physically. We have them
because there was a need a divine purpose for them. So the Object of
Creation existing, caused by its own self, a purpose, and that purpose was
to be defined. To be defined would require comprehension and for
comprehension to exist there would have to "Contrast". Contrast could not
be unless there were two opposites of one another that could contrast one
another. So God made the Light, commanded it to come forth, and when He
did, it revealed the darkness that was already there thus causing formation
of the object.
If we had nothing but darkness and never known light, then there would be
no comprehension or defining. Now get this, it is the exact same with Light.
If we existed in a world of Light where there was no darkness, then there
would be no defining, no comprehension. Now this brings up a good and
interesting point. After seeing this this morning while thinking upon the
Lord, I was reminded of someone who said to me once that God had showed
to them that in Heaven everyone is the same, they have no identity in
heaven, they are known but it is not by carnal defining. I was like, no
identity. Hmmmmmm. I had never heard that before. So as we always do we
return to the Word for our help. Then we read where the Word says that
Heaven is God's Throne and that "God is Light, and in Him is no Darkness
nor shadow of turning". Wait a minute, this means no contrasting, no
comprehension, thus no defining. At least defining as we know it.

So I was like you know there is something to this. So this morning as the
Lord brought this back to my memory, I began to hear Him share with me
many things. So Jesus came and He said, "I Am the Light of the World". And
again He spoke and said, "He that has seen me has seen the Father". Now
there is another revelation for another day How He was indeed the very
Father Himself, but not in a way you may have heard before. What He was
saying was more true than we ever imagined. So Jesus is God, God is Light,
and in Him is no darkness. Now lets take a look at a few things to show this
to be true.
In one way as we have said the darkness was creation and in a certain way
the carnal mind of men have imprisoned creation by their carnal defining.
Yet, we see Jesus whom did not see the darkness, so He walks through the
walls of creation. He walks on the waters of creation. He speaks to the
storms of creation and they obey. He cast out demons of darkness, He raises
the dead from the darkness of sleep. He shines atop of Mt. Transfiguration.
SO we see this is true, there was no darkness to Him, even as to an
imprisonment of creation. To us it is a prison in our minds because we
cannot YET do those things. So the wall and the waters and such remain to
us as darkness.
However we see He did something else to prove He was Light and in Him
was no darkness either. He removed "defining". We said in Light with no
darkness, then there is no contrast and thus no comprehension, this no
defining. So let's see when He did that. He spoke and said In Heaven, the
world of light, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, for they are as
the Angels. So there is no defining of a husband or wife. Then when they
came to Him saying, Your Mother is looking for you, He said, WHO is my
Mother and who is my Father, Brother or Sister, but they that do the will of
God. He removed the defining of such a role and title. He did not
acknowledge definement. When they said whom should we pay taxes too,
He simply said show me a coin, whose name and inscription is on it. In
other words, do you see He did not acknowledge a certain leader by title or
otherwise. They was trying to force Him into a corner and cause Him to
"define". He did not. He suffered them to go by their own defining, by using
the coin. Even when they tried to define Him as to Good, He said there is no
one good but God. When sin had defined sickness, he removed it and
healed. When evil was evil by definement, He paid the price and forgave. He
hath in His life, utterly absolved and erased darkness from existence. He
removed the definement of men and carnality. Talk about someone not in a

He removed the Law, and it was from and of and by that Law that so much
defining was brought about. The Law was the darkness of defining. So
beautiful. So much in that right there. So we see He fulfilled the Darkness of
the Law and folded it up and laid it away. Notice when He did, it ended Him
as well. He folded up Himself as to His Body of Creation or Flesh, It had to
be crucified and be buried. To end the darkness meant He would have to
end His fleshly physical life also. Because the flesh denoted the darkness.
God clothed them with skins after the fall.
Now when he arose, it was a different story altogether. He was pure Light,
no darkness of defining. Remember how they did not recognize Him on the
road to Emmaus? They supposed Him to be the Gardener. Now we can see
why God changed names of people. There had been a change of that person
and the darkness we knew them by was no more. The Word tells us "Not to
know one another after the flesh". Now that verse has a whole other
dimension to it as well concerning past writings and the fall in the garden.
Remember Mary had not known a man when She conceived. When we do
we are still seeing the darkness and that means we are still in darkness,
beholding light, and not yet become the Light. For when we truly become
Light, there is no more darkness to us, nor shadow of turning, even the
darkness is Light round about us. Saul was the darkness, Paul was the Light.
So we see this body of darkness, by Calvary has already been dissolved. It
hath already borne the Image of the Earthly, now it shall bear the Image of
the Heavenly. Peter said if His Body by darkness of creation was dissolved,
then we say We died and our bodies rotted as to that form we was in. Now
the elements of our bodies is still here, returned back to their original form.
This they can and have and will be reconstituted according to the Heavenly
Image or the Mind of Christ, which happened and took place when we was
born again. So our bodies from the foundation of the world has always been
Bodies of Light and of the heavenly image! We are not darkness, we are
Light. We are not the crucified Lamb we are the risen Lion. Why does the
world say, after we are born again, man you are so different and I do not
even know you anymore. Because the darkness of defining is gone from us.
So now we are Light and they cannot see the Light. So we see How we are
Hidden in Christ. People say they see us, but how when there is no darkness
to reveal us to them. They require a contrast still to behold and there is no
more contrast without darkness. So we see where and what and who we
are. We are they that dwell in heaven. We are in the Light and we are the
Light, without darkness or shadow of turning. This explains why Christ could
forgive Sins. Because He was the remover of the darkness. He removed the
carnal veil of human intellectual defining and defined according to His Faith,

which worked by His Love, which was The Mind of God. So we see the
removing of the veil of His Flesh and the removing of the dark veil of the
soul and we see the dark veil of carnality all being removed and gone. As In
Heaven So In Earth. As In Earth so in Body. All is One.
Now by removing of the veil which was the darkness, we see he could not
be defined as He was before. This is why they did not recognize Him after
He arose. We say Grace was hidden behind the veil of the Law. Then one
day Grace will disappear. Or as one man said, it is not that it disappears or
is gone, it is simply put back behind the veil once more. Let's take a short
imaginary trip to see this. As we said before they have taken a word that
meant good and happy and exciting to mean something perverted. The
"Gay". Society has removed the meaning and replaced it with another one.
Thus they have veiled the true meaning of the Word. So the Word though it
is all around us in the news and conversations and magazines etc, it is
hidden in plain sight. For its true meaning is veiled and hidden by the
perverted meaning. Most young people today have not a clue that Gay
actually means Happy. It has nothing to do with sodomite perversion. SO it
is veiled. The Carnal Mind has veiled by unbelief and perversion and
distortion, The Mind of God which is all around us. We never left heaven or
the garden, it simply disappeared by a veil being over it. It is still here, just
in another form, or another defining. Remember nothing is unclean or evil of
itself. God is everywhere and all around us. Hidden behind our own carnal
reasoning. The Film was not the truth, it was but the negative needed to
make the Positive. The Positive or the actual picture is the true. We say in
the Earth our loved ones we knew after the flesh was but their shadow or
their veil or the negative film of darkness. In Heaven they are known by the
actual Picture itself, never by the negative film ever again.
We will stop right here. There is so much to be said. We could speak on the
purpose of the Law coming back in and How by this happening after the
Heavenly Perspective is over, the effects it will cause and have on the Earth.
May God Bless You.
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