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5686 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

22 / Thursday, February 3, 2005 / Notices

Research Objectives DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND the analysis of such information, the
HUMAN SERVICES value of collecting such information by
(1) Evaluate how mass casualty and small HHA’s compared to the
disaster situations impact the provision Centers for Medicare & Medicaid administrative burden, a comparison of
of acute injury care. Services outcomes for non-Medicare/non-
(2) Evaluate strategies to translate, [Document Identifier: CMS–10139] Medicaid patients and Medicare/
disseminate and implement science- Medicaid patients, and obtain the
based recommendations and guidelines Emergency Clearance: Public opinions of quality assessment experts.
for the care of the acutely injured. Information Collection Requirements The study will consist of a mailed
Submitted to the Office of Management survey of 1200 home health agencies.
(3) Develop and evaluate new or CMS is requesting OMB review and
and Budget (OMB)
existing health quality measures to approval of this collection by March 7,
better assess outcomes for persons AGENCY: Center for Medicare & 2005, with a 180-day approval period.
treated in a pre-hospital or hospital Medicaid Services, HHS. Written comments and recommendation
acute injury care setting. In compliance with the requirement will be accepted from the public if
(4) Identify individual, sociocultural of section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the received by the individuals designated
and community factors that impact on Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the below by March 4, 2005.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid To obtain copies of the supporting
the immediate and long-term care of the
Services (CMS), Department of Health statement and any related forms for the
acutely injured.
and Human Services, is publishing the proposed paperwork collections
(5) Develop and evaluate acute injury following summary of proposed referenced above, access CMS’ Web site
treatment strategies that will result in collections for public comment. address at
evidence-based management for persons Interested persons are invited to send regulations/pra or e-mail your request,
who sustain a life-threatening injury or comments regarding this burden including your address, phone number,
one that could lead to significant estimate or any other aspect of this OMB number, and CMS document
disability. collection of information, including any identifier, to,
(6) Determine and evaluate the of the following subjects: (1) The or call the Reports Clearance Office on
components of pre-hospital and hospital necessity and utility of the proposed (410) 786–1326.
information collection for the proper Interested persons are invited to send
trauma systems that lead to
performance of the agency’s functions; comments regarding the burden or any
improvements in outcome for the
(2) the accuracy of the estimated other aspect of these collections of
acutely injured. information requirements. However, as
burden; (3) ways to enhance the quality,
Infrastructure Objective utility, and clarity of the information to noted above, comments on these
be collected; and (4) the use of information collection and
(1) Build the acute injury care automated collection techniques or recordkeeping requirements must be
research infrastructure through the other forms of information technology to mailed and/or faxed to the designees
development of an Acute Injury Care minimize the information collection referenced below by March 4, 2005:
Research Network (AICRN). burden. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
(2) Determine how existing databases We are, however, requesting an Services, Office of Strategic Operations
can best be utilized to assess and emergency review of the information and Regulatory Affairs, Room C5–13–27,
collection referenced below. In 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD
improve systems of acute injury care.
compliance with the requirement of 21244–1850, Fax Number: (410) 786–
(3) Develop new training programs section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork 0262, Attn: William N. Parham, III,
and expand and restructure existing Reduction Act of 1995, we have CMS–10139 and, OMB Human
training and education for health submitted to the Office of Management Resources and Housing Branch,
professionals in injury care, prevention and Budget (OMB) the following Attention: Christopher Martin, New
and research. requirements for emergency review. We Executive Office Building, Room 10235,
(4) Determine, evaluate, and address are requesting an emergency review Washington, DC 20503.
current obstacles in conducting acute because the collection of this Dated: January 28, 2005.
injury care research. information is needed before the John P. Burke, III,
expiration of the normal time limits
Interested persons are invited to CMS Paperwork Reduction Act Reports
under OMB’s regulations at 5 CFR part Clearance Officer, Office of Strategic
comment on the Draft Acute Injury Care 1320. This is necessary to ensure Operations and Regulatory Affairs,
Research Agenda. NCIPC will not be compliance with an initiative of the Regulations Development Group.
able to respond to individual comments, Administration. We cannot reasonably [FR Doc. 05–2074 Filed 2–2–05; 8:45 am]
but all comments received by March 3, comply with the normal clearance BILLING CODE 4120–03–P
2005; will be considered before the final procedures because the normal
Acute Injury Care Research Agenda is procedures are likely to cause a
published. A more detailed background statutory deadline to be missed. It is DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND
document is available upon request. critical to complete the survey and HUMAN SERVICES
Send requests and comments analysis for a Report to Congress due
electronically to June 2005. Food and Drug Administration
Dated: January 27, 2005.
Section 704(C)(2) requires CMS to
conduct a study on how non-Medicare/ Food and Drug Administration Drug
James D. Seligman, Medicaid Outcome and Assessment Educational Forum; Public Workshop
Associate Director for Program Services, Information Set (OASIS) is used by large
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration,
and small home health agencies HHS.
[FR Doc. 05–2041 Filed 2–2–05; 8:45 am] (HHA’s). The study will investigate
ACTION: Notice of public workshop.
BILLING CODE 4163–18–P whether there are unique benefits from

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