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Bureau of Field Operations One

Capt. D. Allison
Patrol Division
15 Dec 14


After Action Report for PAB Protest

Date of Operation

15 Dec 14

Time Period

0735 - 1300

Location of Event

455 7th Street

Name of Event


Name of Operation

PAB Protest

Incident Number


Report Number(s)


Incident Commander

Capt. D. Allison

Background Information

What information and/or incident(s) occurred which

caused the event and/or operation? How many
subjects or protesters were expected?

Due to police related incidents in Ferguson and NYC, the City of Oakland has
experienced numerous protests over the past several weeks. On 15 Dec 14, a group held
a demonstration at the Oakland Police Department. Police personnel had no prior
information regarding this event. The group appeared highly organized, engaging in
civil disobedience at different stations. Each station had a liaison to communicate
with police personnel. At the protest stations, individuals within the group chained
themselves to three exterior doors used for public access to the police building. In
addition, individuals chained / linked themselves to the old jail exterior door (not used
for public access) and around the north flagpole, (one individual climbed the flagpole
and displayed a banner in support of their cause). Finally, a group of about 15 people
linked themselves together using a sleeping dragon technique across Broadway just
south of 7th St, facing north. The protesters efforts blocked the public entrances and
exits to the Police Administration Building (PAB), and north and south vehicle traffic
between 6th St and 7th St on Broadway. Approximately 75-150 other protesters loitered
around the eastern side of the PAB and in the street in the 600 block Broadway.


Negotiators contacted representatives within the group who indicated that they would
be out there for at least 4 hours and 28 minutes.


What were the primary objectives and sub-tasks for

this event?

Conduct crowd management for the event on 15 Dec 14, achieving the following
overarching goals:

Maintain Officer Safety.

Protect life, property, and vital facilities.
Maintain Public Peace and Order.
Uphold Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and Lawful Assembly.

Key Tasks
The following is a list of mission tasks:
Gather information on the plans of the event organizers.
Attempt dialogue with event organizers/liaisons.
Monitor the demonstration.
Prevent/Respond to acts of violence and major acts of property. damage/vandalism
and arrest those responsible for the acts.
Open public access to the PAB.
Remove the sleeping dragon human chain blocking the roadway (the links
prohibited people from moving out of the roadway in an expedited manner).
Enforce applicable laws by identifying and arresting specific individuals engaged
in unlawful behavior when safe to do so.
If necessary, issue dispersal orders and disperse crowds in an orderly manner to
predetermined egress routes. Safely cite/arrest individuals who fail to disperse.
Process arrestees in accord with OPD policy/procedures.
Investigate uses of force, complaints, and criminal acts in accord with OPD
Maintain strong team discipline.
End State
This operation was successful and the following conditions were achieved:
First Amendment Rights of event participants safeguarded
No acts of violence or vandalism occur
No officers are injured
Only reasonable force is employed in executing the mission
No complaints
No violations of policy or practices


Was there an Operations Chief for this event? Who

were the key personnel assigned operational tasks
during this event? Was there a field Command
Post(C/P)? Where did the event take place and did it
move to another location? Where was the location of
the C/P? Was the C/P mobile? Was the Emergency
Operations Center (EOC) activated?


Operations Section Chief: Lieutenant Jill Encinias

Key Personnel assigned to the Operations Section:
Deputy Ops Chief
Alpha Company Cmnd
Alpha Platoon Cmnd
Alpha Platoon Cmnd
Additional Cmnd
Mobile Booking

Lt. D. Lozares
Capt. K. Coleman
Lt. L. Armstrong
Lt. N. Joshi
Capt. D. Lindsey
Lt. Wiley
Sgt. I. Ramirez
Sgt. T. Dinh
Ofc. F. Bonifacio

The C/P was located in the 1obby of the PAB 455 7th Street. The EOC/DOC was not
Concept of Operations:
Negotiators would contact protest liaisons and individuals at each station,
particularly around the PAB entrances and across Broadway. Negotiators would
attempt to gain compliance, directing people to move from protest stations blocking
public access. Anyone refusing to move and indicating intent to be arrested would be
taken into custody. OFD would be used to remove chains and links. Individuals taken
into custody for misdemeanor violations would be cited and released in the field at
mobile booking. OPD MFF would use a skirmish line to move compliant individuals
out of the roadway in the 600 block Broadway so OFD and OPD personnel could safely
address the individuals linked by the sleeping dragon connections.

Significant Events
*Times are approximate

Describe the following significant events: When did

the event start? When did crimes and arrests take
place? When did the event conclude? How many
subjects or protesters were at the event? Precede each
significant event with the time it occurred.


0735: Protesters chained themselves to the PAB public access doors.

0740: Protester linked themselves together arm and arm via Sleeping Dragon across
Broadway at 7th St. shutting down the roadway.
0745: Another protester climbed up the PAB flagpole, attached a flag, and stayed up
the flagpole.
0746: Districts 1, 2, and 3 responded to the PAB. BFO2 Watch commander Acting Lt.
M. Reilly was contacted and Districts 4 & 5 were to respond to calls for service
0800-0830: CID, Foot Patrol, School Safety Officers, Video Team, and TNT
responded to assist.
0810: Protests attached to the PAB were arrested for 602.1(b) PC.
0900: MFF personnel formed a skirmish line across Broadway at 6th St, facing N/B.
The skirmish line moved the crowd N/B, stopping north of7th St.
0940: Protesters linked in the Sleeping Dragon across Broadway were arrested for
647(c). OFD removed the tubes that were linking the individuals together.
1220: Protester on the flagpole came down and was arrested for 602.1(m) PC. He was
provided coffee and cited at the PAB. 1230-Debrief conducted at PAB.
Officers that made arrests were directed to complete crime reports to document their


Was there a Planning Chief assigned to this event?

Who was the lead planner for the event? Who else
took part in the planning meetings? Who completed
the operations plan, briefing and personnel detail?

This was not a pre-planned event. However, Acting Lt. A. Souza was assigned as the
Planning Chief during the event. He was responsible for memorializing the assigned
personnel and collecting Unit Logs.


Was there a Logistics Chief assigned to this event?

Did all personnel bring their own equipment? Was
any specialized equipment or munitions needed or
utilized during the event? Did any other agency
provide specialized equipment?

Logistics Section Chief: Lt. S. Millington

All personnel were responsible for bringing their own equipment. Water, coffee, and
snacks were provided during the event.


Was there a Finance Chief assigned to this event?

Were personnel required to work overtime for this
event? Was a mass overtime sheet used for this
event? What were the pay codes for this event? Was
there any unusual/extraordinary expenditures for this
There was no finance chief for this event. Most of the personnel for this event were on
regular assignment. However, a few officers from 3rd watch extended their shift on OT
to assist.


Was there a Safety Officer assigned to this event?

Were there any significant safety issues? Were there
any accidents? Were there any equipment failures?

There was no safety officer. The protesters posed a safety issue by blocking the public
entrance/exit to the PAB, blocking the street, and climbing up the flagpole.


Was there a Liaison Officer assigned to this event?

Did outside agencies respond for assistance? What
other agencies (city, state or federal) responded or
assisted? Was there a mutual aid request?

Liaison; Sergeant Randy Bandino

The Alameda County Sheriffs Office provided a bus to hold individuals while the
OPD mobile booking team issued citations.
PMP staged an ambulance on 7th St at the CP for any medical emergency.
OFD was used to cut the links and chains used by the protesters.
Public Information

Was there a Public Information Officer assigned to this

event? Was the media present? Did anyone provide
information to the media? Was the media coverage
favorable to the agency and/or City?


Ofc. J. Watson was assigned as the PIO. She was on scene to liaison with the media.

Staging Area

Was a staging area established? Was a staging

manager assigned? Who was the staging manager?
Where was the staging area located? Did outside
agencies respond to the staging area?

Mutual Aid staging was not activated. All personnel responded to and deployed from
the CP at the PAB.

Use of Force

Were there any significant uses of force? Were

impact weapons used? Were chemical agents used?
Were chemical agents checked out and deployed in the
field? Was a police firearm used? Were there
significant injuries to subjects?

Use of Force
There were no reported uses of force during the operation.
Tango Team
Sergeant Beaver and Sergeant Gonzales responded. Although they regularly work as
members of the Tango Team, they did not bring out Tango Team munitions. They were
available to assist in removal of the sleeping dragon links. However, they were not
utilized; OFD removed the links. A Tango Team munitions inventory was not required.

Were there any significant arrests? Did mass arrests

take place? What were the predominant charges for
Twenty-nine (29) individuals were taken into custody. Primary charges were for
602.1(b), 647(c), 602.1(m) and 148 PC. All individuals were cited and released.


Statistical Data


Number of OPD Personnel Assigned to


6- Lt.
22- Sgt.
62- Officers

Number of Outside Agency Personnel

Assigned to Event

Number of Subjects, Participants or

Protesters at Event



0 reported

Use of Force Level 1

Use of Force Level 2

Use of Force Level 3

Use of Force Level 4

Total Uses of Force

Overtime Expenditures

Refer to Fiscal

Arrests Adult (includes NTA)


Arrests Juvenile (includes NTA)

Citations (moving, ped & registration)

Firearms Recovered

Vehicles Towed

Vehicle Pursuits

Police Vehicles/Property Damaged

PAB west-side glass door

(broken by OFD during chain

Reported Civilian Property Damage

Officers Injured

Subject Injuries

Uninvolved Party Injuries



What was done well? Was the event successfully

planned? Did everyone know their mission? Were
all end-states achieved? Did the tactics and
deployment methods work?

The chained protesters were removed from PAB doors and street. Individuals
committing violations were taken into custody in a coordinated manner.
CID and units from building responded quickly
Completed operation with minimal staff
No reported UOF or injuries
TNT had positive communication with protest liaisons
No negative media coverage of the Departments response to the protest


Was there a significant failure? Did anyone or any

unit fail to complete their mission? What was missed
or forgotten? Did the tactics and deployment
methods work? Was certain equipment or technology
needed to be more effective or efficient?

Training Needs

What training needs to be conducted to better prepare

for the next event.

None - units deployed quickly from lineup, field and building.

Deliverable Items

Has anyone been assigned a specific task to complete

as a result of the debriefing or after action reporting?


Jill Encinias
Lieutenant of Police
Patrol Division BFO1