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Briefing Paper

Candidate Name: Souna Haddad

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
Current Occupation: Governor of GA
Educational Experience: Political Science Degree from GA State University; J.D. from Harvard
Law School
Past Political Experience: Ambassador of Sierra Leone
Military Record: None
Marital Status: Married with 2 children (son and daughter)
Past professional experience: Sierra Leone Law- Family Disputes


Constitution: support strictly following the Constitution and enforcing classes where
Congressmen learn the principles of the constitution; protect the bill of rights especially
the 2nd amendment; put education back in the power of the state
During his term as governor of Georgia, Souna Haddad managed to protect the rights
of gun owners and he did not allow gun control to be passed. He has strictly followed
the Constitution of Georgia and has helped state get its rights back from the federal
During Governor Haddads tenure, he found that many of the US congressmen were
not knowledgeable on the Constitution and its provisions. Souna Haddad felt this was
unacceptable and implemented policies in Georgia to educate the Congressmen on the
Constitution and its interpretations held by Court.

Economic policy: balanced budget act, reformed taxes, and eliminate trade deficit
Souna believes that the government should not spend more money than it has
available and burden tax payers. A balanced budget act would prevent the
spending money that the government does not have like a state. Since Souna was
governor, he is used to spending restriction and not being allowed to take loans in
the name of the state.
Souna Haddad has managed to reform taxes so that there is no excise tax on
locally made goods in the State of Georgia. He has eliminated income, property,
and sales taxes in the state by raising the tariffs and excise tax on foreign goods.
This would be beneficial to America as a whole because it would leave more
money available to the people.
The national debt or trade deficit is a violation of the responsibility given to the
Federal Government. Souna Haddad would stop an increase in the national debt
and implement policy to decrease the deficit.

Foreign Involvement: end involvement in costly conflicts overseas; stop funding UN and
other international organizations; only form alliances that do not threaten our sovereignty
Souna Haddad lived in Sierra Leone where he saw the amount of money that US
has spent in foreign involvement when clearly the money could be better used at
home fixing problems inside the country. UN and other international
organizations have uselessly siphoned away hard earned American tax payer
dollars. Souna Haddad promises to stop wasting money overseas and focus on the
issues at home.

Conclusion: Souna Haddad has shown his ability time and time again to get things done right.
His experience as Governor where the State of GA became from the 8th to 2nd Best State to Live
In and 1st in both Education and Revenue. Souna Haddad strongly believes in the American
people and he knows he can make a difference for them. He realizes that importance of fixing
America before fixing foreign nations. Under Sounas leadership, America would be restored to
its former glory.