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President Aquino started his Fifth SONA recounting how the

Philippines, once called as the sick of man of Asia and transformed

into one of the most promising economy in Asia. He narrated how
the government endured the corruption and hardships before his
terms started. The President then expressed his sentiments how the
national government transformed.
Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP):
Pres. PNoy explained the importance of the Disbursement
Acceleration Program (DAP) as he defended his stance, despite the
controversy surrounding its implementation. He showed all the
projects funded by DAP that came from the savings of the national
government. The Pres. noted that because of DAP, it was able to
help TESDA scholars achieved their goals even showcasing a
testimonials from benificiaries of the program.
Through DAP, the government was able to financed the Conditional
Cash Transfer Program which was branded by the government as
4Ps or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.
Pres. Aquino also lobbied the DAPs contribution to the Philippine
economy as the administration was able to manage the countrys
budget as well as its debt effectively. He also noted the investment
grades status given to the Philippines and even mentioned the
International Civil Aviation Administrations ban lifting.
Business, Finance, Economy, Public Works & Transportation:
Pres. PNoy shared how the Philippines became one of the leading
countries in Asia for its growth in GDP and GNP. He also noted that
the employment rate of the country had increased and reflects how
his administration handled the labor policies.
According to the President, the Infrastructure projects have doubled
even without doubling to raise taxes. President PNoy noted that

there is P28 billion savings at the Department of Public Works and

Highways because of the corruption in the agency have been cut.
The President also boasted that from the start of his term, a total of
2,184 kilometers of national roads were completed, seven Public
Private Partnership (PPP) projects worth P62.6 billion were approved.
He noted that the TPLEX will reach Rosario, La Union soon, aside
from mentioning several projects underway, such as the Laguna
Lakeshore Expressway Dike to help reduce flooding, ease traffic.
Peace & Order, Disaster Management:
Pres. Aquino mentioned the latest development after the
controversial Zamboanga siege. He noted that P3.5 billion allotted
for infrastructure projects, and housings in Zamboanga City. He also
noted the recent developments in the rehabilitation efforts in the
earthquake-hit Bohol, the typhoon Yolanda affected provinces. The
President also thanked the international community for their help in
the recovery effort and on their help for Yolanda aid.
The President also mentioned some numbers in relation to labor with
a total of 221,987 jobs created during the rehabilitation period of
those who were affected by calamities. He also discussed the
governments modernization of the AFP by purchasing aircrafts,
helicopters, assault rifles, naval vessels and radar systems under
the AFP modernization program.
The success of the governments effort on reinforcing the police and
army forces was also noted as an achievement as the government
achieved the 1:1 pistol ratio. Pres. PNoy also cited the PNPs
Opland: Lambat and Oplan: Katok in fighting crimes in Metro
Manila, noting that the security situations has greatly improved.

The reforms is also under way in the governments most

controversial agency, the Bureau of Customs which according to the
President he had reset the entire agency. He also cited the ongoing
agreeement with the Bangsamoro, pushing for the Bangsamoro
Basic Law before year-end.
Energy, Power, Utility and Agriculture:
President PNoy admits the delay of the new power plants, but he
noted that it needs to be addressed soon so power and energy
resources can be managed well for future shortage. The Philippines
is also looking forward for its plans to import more rice to bring
down the rice prices in the domestic market. He also warned those
rice traders hoarding stocks of rice to be careful with their illegal
activities because the government will surely go after them.
Budget and Finance:
Pres. PNoy expressed his proposition for he passage of the
Supplemental Budget for the year 2014 in the Philippine Congress.
He also told the viewing public about the critics of his
administrations, saying that the loudest ones dont want reforms in
the government, Pres. Aquino even underscored that his critics are
against he whole nation or the Filipino people.
Moving Forward:
Pres. Aquino also made an advised for choosing the countrys next
leader in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. He was quoted as
saying Sino ang walang dudang magpapatuloy sa transformasyong
ating isinakatuparan? The President also noted that The Filipino is
worth living for, the Filipino is definitely worth fighting for.
The Philippine President ended his speech with To my Bosses: You
are behind the transformation we are enjoying. You are the key to
continuing all the positive changes we have achieved. I fully believe

that, whether I am here or not, the Filipino is headed towards the

rightful destination. nd so, I will leave it here. Good afternoon to
all of you. Thank you very much. he said.