Mind Control Fiction – by Russell Twyce

The Mind Control Pendant – Part One
Ben is successful enough in his work life but not a suave guy. It seemed that as far as women were
concerned, he was invisible. A girl’s eyes would sweep by him with nary a hesitation, to focus on the
other men. Night after disappointing night, he went to nightclubs seeking to pick up a girl, and then
would invariably go home alone.
“Nah.” The luckless with women Ben answered. “That above link is just a shameless plug this Mind
Control Fiction story’s author has inserted. If I read an amazing book, then I’d have no problem
picking up girls and this ‘Mind Control Pendant’ story would be pointless.”
So instead of doing the smart thing and following the incredible advice of a proven master at picking
up girls from nightclubs, Ben surfed over to Ebay and he bought a mind control charm. Duh! And that
is where this mind control fiction really begins.
“This mind control pendant is like really cool.” Ben said aloud as he removed the fairly expensive
mind control amulet from the packaging. Temperature wise, the mind control device wasn’t actually
cool: it was slightly warm. The mind-controlling medallion also had a very subtle vibration. “My
mind control purchase has a money back guarantee. If I can’t pick up a girl with it, I can return it for a
full refund.”
“Aim your mental orders towards the mind you want to control. The person must be in your direct
line-of-sight.” Ben read the very simple instructions that were included with the mind control tool.
“The mind control amulet will do the rest.”
“Do not become disillusioned if the mind control charm doesn’t seem to work at first.” The mind
control aspirant continued to read aloud. “The brain operates on a range of amplitudes but mind
control is only possible on a few of those frequencies. Just try again until you find someone currently
in a control receptive state of mind.”
Warning!” The final paragraph was in bold print. “A brain does NOT remain in any one state of mind
indefinitely. A mind that you can exert control over one day, may well be uncontrollable the next time
you attempt mind control.”
That was all that was written on the page. The sheet’s reverse had instructions for cleaning the mind
control device. It also gave safety advice suggesting the mind control pendant could present a choking
hazard to toddlers.
End of Part One

Mind Control Fiction – by Russell Twyce
The Mind Control Pendant – Part Two
Ben is now in his favorite nightclub. He never manages to scores with a girl here but at least his failed
pick up attempts are rewarded with stunning eye-candy. The girls here are hotter than anywhere else in
town. They strut, preen and compete with the other girls for the guys’ attentions.
‘Look over my way.’ Ben sends out a mental message to a particularly spectacular blond wearing a

tight black dress. The mind control charm is a comfortable weight on his chest. But the remarkable
young woman remains in rapt conversation with her two girlfriends.
“That one didn’t work.” Ben mutters into his whiskey and coke. “Maybe I should have just bought that
how to pick up girls book after all. My friend certainly gave it his highest praise when he told me to.
Ben then sets his eyes to looking for a next girl to try his mind control on. It is a target rich
environment but on the chance of success in mind control, he wants the situation to be conducive.
“Completely controlling a girl’s mind,” Ben supposes in a whisper to his own ears, “only to have her
big boyfriend come back from the toilet to find her with me, might not turn out so pleasant.”
“The mind control amulet’s instructions told me not to become disillusioned.” The lonely man tries to
console himself after his next several mind control attempts have also failed. And then Ben spies her.
“Whoa!” He reacts to an attractive brunette. She seems to be alone but he holds his mind-controlling
thoughts in check pending a few minutes of visual investigation. The girl takes her drink from the
waitress and then idly looks around the nightclub.
“Oh please be mine.” Ben wishes before beginning his next mind control pick up run. The young
woman in his pick up sights is exceptionally lovely, seemingly here all alone and her body in her
skimpy red frock is to die for.
‘Look over my way’. He sends the mind control order – and she obeys it. Ben sees her tilt her head
slightly as if wondering why she looked, but her eyes are on him.
‘That’s right my beauty,’ he sends, ‘my virile presence has drawn your interest. Now smile at me.’ And
she complies. Her hair is bobbed short and it curls to frame her face into a heart shape. Her skin is fair
and her eyes are a warm brown.
‘Pick up your drink and come over to me.’ Ben issues the mental order after having returned her smile
with his clumsy grin. The girl instantly follows his command but in halting steps.
“I’m Ben.”
“I’m Lisa.” She says in a distracted manner. The non-controlled part of her mind is seemingly
churning over what is happening to her.
They engage in small talk for a while with Ben supplying mental nudges to keep the conversation
progressing along his track.
“Let’s go somewhere else.” Ben suggests.
“But…” Lisa begins but on his mental command of ‘come with me’, she acquiesces.
“Where shall we go?” Ben asks as he considers his options. He didn’t prepare for such a phenomenal
mind control success: his place is a mess. ‘Suggest we get a room’.
“Why don’t we find a hotel?” The girl says in a trembling voice.
“Why didn’t I think of that?” Ben quips sarcastically. He drives to the nicest hotel in town. This girl
is absolutely worth the best. He isn’t hurting for money either. Ben earns plenty. Without a wife or
girlfriend to spend it on, he has more than enough.
“Let me take your jacket.” Ben says when they are in a suite. ‘Take off your dress too.’ He adds a
mind control order. He turns back from placing her coat on a hook, to see her standing in her bra and
g-string. “Oh! You know what you want!”

“No I don’t.” Her voice is timid. Clad only in her underwear, the petite girl looks like a pixie shorn of
her wings. Without control of her own mind, she is at his mercy.
“Then let me show you.” He sends a command. ‘Kiss me passionately.’
In moments, they are both naked and in the big double bed. But then Ben realizes there is one other
preparation his lack of confidence in the mind control pendant has brought. He doesn’t have any
condoms handy.
‘Tell me it’s okay for us to have unprotected sex.’ He issues an urgent instruction and as he’s come to
expect, she follows his mind control cues perfectly.
“I should go.” Lisa says after they’ve been intimate – twice.
“Stay here.” Ben pleads but he stacks the deck with some mind control. ‘Sleep.’ He’s looking forward
to some morning frolic and doesn’t want it to be with his usual five-fingered partner.
“Such a cute little angel.” Ben remarks in response to her sleeping face. He takes his mind control
amulet off and kisses it before setting the amazing pick up pendant on the nightstand. “Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! This is the turning point of my life”
The Mind Control Charm - Part Three
“Where am I?” On waking up, Lisa seems confused. “And who are you?”
“I’m Ben.” He rubs his eyes and sits up. “Don’t you remember?”
“You raped me!” The girl has noticed her state of total undress.
“Our sex was with mutual consent.” Ben sputters. He hasn’t anticipated this mind control problem.
“I was a virgin.” The girl yells. “My fiancé and I were saving it for our wedding night. He’s likely
worried sick about me because instead of meeting him in the nightclub, I was in a hotel room with a
rapist who put something in my drink to make me compliant.”
“I didn’t put anything in your drink.” Ben grabs the mind control amulet and puts the chain around his
neck. He desperately needs to get the girl he picked up back under his mind’s firm control. ‘Say it is
okay!’ He sends in a panic. ‘Don’t think of it as rape!’
“What is that thing?” The girl snatches it into her hand for a closer look. The face is just decorated
metal so she flips it over to examine the back. ‘Mind Control Charm – Patents Pending’. “Oh my
God!” She puts a shocked hand to her mouth as the whole mind control story becomes clear.
“I’m sorry.” Ben now regrets his not having thought through the morals of mind control.
“Sorry isn’t nearly enough.” Lisa pushes him hard in the chest, but she continues to hold the mind
control medallion. The chain breaks as he falls back onto the bed. “Your mind control rape has stolen
something absolutely irreplaceable from my fiancé and I. You’ll go to jail but we can never get my
sexual innocence back.”
“I can’t go to jail.” Ben says in horror. He briefly wonders why the mind control device isn’t working
on her today but then he remembers the warning. The girl’s brain frequency must have shifted while
she slept.
“Why?” She demands. “Will you try mind controlling the judge and jury into letting you off? You
deserve to be in prison and being raped by other inmates.” Lisa puts an exploring hand into her crotch.

“Did you get me pregnant and give me a sexually transmitted disease too?”
“I don’t have any diseases.” His negative answer to the second pins an indelible maybe on the first
“I feel all dirty inside.” The mind control rape victim takes one of the luxury hotel’s bathrobes from the
bedroom door and dons it. “But I can’t take a shower until I’ve been to the hospital to have a rape
evidence kit done.”
“Please don’t report it.” Ben begged. “I’ll never do it again.”
“I know you’re not going to.” She scoffs. “You’re probably not going to live until the trial. My
boyfriend is really strong and he is fiercely protective of me. He will very likely beat you to death and
end up in prison for murder. Your acting out adolescent fantasies of mind control has ruined my life.”
“I can pay you.” He pleaded.
“Really?” Her tone is mocking. “What is hushing up the molesting away of a girl’s chastity in a mind
controlled rape worth these days?”
“Fifty thousand dollars.”
“A quarter of a million.” She counters in a suddenly stern voice. “And you’ll get it to me today. I’ll go
to the hospital now to collect your semen sample and have my body combed for other DNA evidence.
You get the cash together and meet me in the hotel lounge at exactly six. If you don’t have it by then,
I’ll contact the police and they can get your information from the front desk.”
“I’ll raise the money in time.”
“You better get it.” The girl quickly collects her scattered clothing. “And you’ll be there on the minute
or I will be phoning the police.” The hotel room door slams behind her. She will dress in the elevator.
The Mind Control Charm - Part Three
“I withdrew everything I have and liquidated my investments.” Ben says. “But even with maxing out
all my credit, I’m still about twenty thousand short. Will you let me have tonight to get the rest?”
“No. I’ll take what you have there and I never want to see you again.”
“Thank you.”
“I have one question before I leave.” She looks intently at him. “Was I worth it?”
“Truthfully, yes.” Ben confesses. “I’ll remember my one nightclub success with mind control for the
rest of my life and my night with you was the best ever. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. I regret it all but
at the same time, I don’t. Can you understand that?”
“For my part,” the girl stands and picks up the suitcase of money, “I’ll forget about you as soon as I
can.” Then she turns and walks away.
Ben eyes follow her shapely butt to the exit. She has cost him all his savings and put him deep into
short-term debt but he’ll survive the financial hit. He feels intensely relieved that his starting over will
be without a criminal record of sex charges.
“Yes.” He breathes the confirmation to himself as Lisa disappears. “My experience with her is one that
will linger favorably in my memory forever. She was awesome!”
Out at her car, Lisa takes the mind control pendant from her pocket. She kisses the warm medal as
loving as Ben had the night before.
“I’ll put it back onto Ebay.” She chuckles. The mind control charm doesn’t actually do mind

controlling. Tiny electronics inside the amulet emitted a radio signal the companion unit in her glove
box homed in on. Lisa had used it to track Ben into the nightclub. Then she had waited for the mind
control hopeful to make his mental moves.
The mind control charm didn’t do mind control but Lisa didn’t need it to because of her top-notch mind
reading talent. Normal chatter from a mind was tricky to pick up, but when when a guy was trying to
broadcast a mind control message, it stood out like chalk writing on a blackboard. Lisa had picked up
Ben’s mental orders and performed them of her own volition, as if she were utterly mind controlled.
And she was becoming a wealthy young lady with her clever mind control scam. 230 thousand dollars
was more than the best courtesans could earn for a single night of sex.

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