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Dear Guests of the Viennale!

As you walk around and enjoy the culture of Vienna, including its beautiful architecture, we
would like to remind you that Stephan Templ sits in Simmering prison, barely seven miles
Stephan Templ is an author, journalist and historian who has written about the great buildings
of Vienna and how and by whom they were stolen from their rightful owners during the
Stephan applied for restitution of a beautiful old building on Schmidgasse 14 which used to
belong to his ancestor before the Nazis came in and stole it away. Then when the Nazis left the
Austrian state took over the old sanatorium.
When Stephan asked for it back, the State claimed they had a right to keep the property and that
an error in his application form was an act of fraud.
Accordingly, they indicted, tried, convicted and now have jailed him for harming the Austrian
state and its property. This is despite the fact that the property in question used to belong to
Stephans ancestors and was stolen by the Republics ancestors.
The state has been unwavering in its claim that Stephan Templ harmed the Republic of Austria
and even in the face of international condemnation, the President of Austria has hardheartedly
refused any and all appeals for clemency directed to his office. To date, he has determinedly
refused letters from international legal associations, letters from human rights groups and even
a petition written by 75 Holocaust historians who wrote:
The Austrian governments decision to intervene by prosecuting and jailing Mr. Templ will
be seen as an extreme overreaction to Mr. Templs important book, Our Vienna: Aryanization
Austrian-Style, which criticized Austrias policy concerning the restitution of Jewish property.
We wish you a lovely cultural experience during your time at the Viennale, though we ask you
to not forget what lies beneath Viennas exterior.

Shame on Austria!
Robert R. Amsterdam
International Counsel to Stephan Templ
Amsterdam & Partners LLP