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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

9 / Thursday, January 13, 2005 / Notices 2457

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION information collection is necessary for received by December 20, 2004, would
proper performance of the functions of be published in the Federal Register
Maritime Administration the agency and will have practical and on the CIREN Web site: http://www-
[Docket No. MARAD–2005–20070] utility, accuracy of the burden
estimates, ways to minimize this ciren/CIREN.html. Those questions and
Information Collection Available for burden, and ways to enhance the answers are listed below:
Public Comments and quality, utility, and clarity of the Question: Has the total funding
Recommendations information to be collected. All amount of $3 million been confirmed
comments received will be available for for FY 2005?
Notice and request for
ACTION: examination at the above address Answer: Yes.
comments. between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. e.d.t. (or Question: The announcement does
e.s.t.), Monday through Friday, except not mention cost-sharing or matching
SUMMARY: In accordance with the Federal holidays. An electronic version funds. Can it be assumed that neither
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this of this document is available on the will be required for this grant?
notice announces the Maritime World Wide Web at Answer: This is a cooperative research
Administration’s (MARAD’s) intention Privacy Act: Anyone is able to search agreement and it is assumed that there
to request extension of approval for the electronic form of all comments will be some ‘‘in kind’’ contributions by
three years of a currently approved received into any of our dockets by the the Level One Trauma Center.
information collection. name of the individual submitting the Question: If cost sharing is not
DATES: Comments should be submitted comment (or signing the comment, if required, would it help an application,
on or before March 14, 2005. submitted on behalf of an association, though, if matching funds were
business, labor union, etc.). You may provided?
Jackson, Maritime Administration, review DOT’s complete Privacy Act
Statement in the Federal Register Question: Do you advise applicants to
MAR–410, 400 Seventh Street, SW., contact you with project ideas before
Washington, DC 20590. Telephone: published on April 11, 2000 (Volume
65, Number 70; Pages 19477–78) or you submitting applications? Or only if they
(202) 366–0284; FAX: (202) 366–7403; have general questions?
or e-mail: may visit
Answer: No. We are not looking for
Copies of this collection also can be (Authority: 49 CFR 1.66.) project ideas. The announcement for
obtained from that office. Dated: January 7, 2005. discretionary funding for the
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: By Order of the Maritime Administrator. cooperative research agreements is very
Title of Collection: U.S. Merchant Joel C. Richard, specific as to the work required.
Marine Academy Candidate Application Secretary, Maritime Administration. Applicants are not required to submit
for Admission. any project ideas.
[FR Doc. 05–733 Filed 1–12–05; 8:45 am]
Type of Request: Extension of Question: The announcement does
currently approved information not mention this, but does this program
collection. have a CFDA number?
OMB Control Number: 2133–0010. Answer: Yes—it is 20–600.
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Question: How competitive is this
Form Numbers: KP 2–65.
Expiration Date of Approval: Three National Highway Traffic Safety program, i.e., for the last funding cycle,
years from date of approval by the Administration how many proposals were submitted
Office of Management and Budget. and how many received funding?
Responses to Questions Received in Answer: This is the first time that the
Summary of Collection of
Response to Announcement of CIREN program has issued a Request for
Information: The collection consists of
Availability of Discretionary Proposals (RFP). During the last funding
Parts I, II, and III of Form KP 2–65 (U.S.
Cooperative Agreements for Research cycle, awards were made via a letter of
Merchant Marine Academy Application
Under the Crash Injury Research and invitation to the existing centers to
for Admission). Part I of the form is
Engineering Network (CIREN) continue the work they were doing. At
completed by individuals wishing to be
that time, the program and database
admitted as students to the U.S. AGENCY: National Highway Traffic were still in the developmental phase.
Merchant Marine Academy. Safety Administration (NHTSA), DOT. Question: Is there anything else you
Need and Use of the Information: The ACTION: Responses to questions received would like applicants to know?
information is necessary to select the in response to the announcement of Answer: No. Applicants should
best qualified candidates for the U.S. discretionary cooperative agreements to carefully read the Federal Register
Merchant Marine Academy. support the research conducted under announcement to be certain of work
Description of Respondents: the Crash Injury Research and requirements. As indicated in the
Individuals desiring to become students Engineering Network (CIREN) and to Federal Register announcement,
at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. increase its benefits to the public. ‘‘Interested applicants are advised that
Annual Responses: 2,500. no separate application package exists
Annual Burden: 12,500 hours. SUMMARY: Federal Register, Volume 69, beyond the contents of this
Comments: Comments should refer to No. 235, Pages 71101–71118, announcement.’’
the docket number that appears at the announced the availability of Question: For a proposed site that
top of this document. Written comments discretionary Cooperative Agreement would like to do both pediatric and
may be submitted to the Docket Clerk, opportunities to provide funding to adult cases, does Level I funding require
U.S. DOT Dockets, Room PL–401, 400 Level One Trauma Centers in support of that the site track 50 pediatric and 50
Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC the Crash Injury Research and adult cases OR can the cases be mixed?
20590. Comments also may be Engineering Network (CIREN) from the Answer: The requirement is for a total
submitted by electronic means via the National Highway Traffic Safety of 50 cases.
Internet at Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA Question: Is the software from Volpe
Specifically address whether this indicated that responses to all questions (a) provided free of charge, (b) included

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