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Ali Emmott

December 5, 2012

COM 212

Public Speaking

Tuesday/ Thursday Section

Professor Wilbert

Critique on
President Obamas Event

On Thursday October 18, 2012 President Obama Campaign Event

in Manchester New Hampshire took place at the Veterans Memorial
Park. With just 19 days left before the Election Day the pressure was on
Obama to deliver his campaign speech to those residents of New
Hampshire. Obamas speech delivery would determine if his campaign
message was heard and to be favorable on Tuesday November 6, 2012
to vote for him.
Once introduced to the crowd Barack Obama entered with a
smile, with a friendly and excited appearance. Not only from his
appearance could you tell he was passionate about being the President
but his first words were Im fired up. First of all, Im fired up about this
weather. Grasping the audiences attention in a more of a laid back
way before he got into his campaign. Leading into his campaign
speech Obama smoothly transitioning more serious.
Nineteen days, New Hampshire. Nineteen Days. Making the
audience excited and involving them in his speech. If there was one
message Obama got out that day to the people was to VOTE. Several
times supports at the rally would criticize Mitt Romney drawing boos

Ali Emmott
COM 212
Tuesday/ Thursday Section

December 5, 2012
Public Speaking
Professor Wilbert

from the crowd and Obamas reaction every time was Dont boo
vote. Urging his supporters to go to the polls on Election Day was a
great way to show what was really important and to move away from
the negativity. Soon after the crowd began chanting Vote, Vote, Vote
and in response Obama satisfyingly said All right you guys are getting
it, this gave the audience positive feedback that they were
The devilry of Obamas speech was very clear and clean cut.
Obama was very clear when conveying the debate between the two
political parties to his supports. He spoke about his previous four years
in office but made his speech about the future in the white house.
Leading into the climax of his speech his plans for the future with The
United States. Obama attacked Romneys plans for the white house but
kept his speech about why his campaign is the best for the United
States for another four years as himself as president. When attacking
Romneys campaign Obama did not put down Romneys campaign but
gave clear reasoning that supported his plans as president if reelected.
As you can see on October 18, 2012 the speech Obama gave
during his campaign event here in Manchester was a well-developed
public speech. Barack Obama being known for his public speaking
skills is most definitely a true fact. First hand experiencing a public

Ali Emmott
COM 212
Tuesday/ Thursday Section

December 5, 2012
Public Speaking
Professor Wilbert

speech given by Obama is one thing but being able to recognize and
point out to myself how well of a public speaker he was made me feel I
had achieved something great. Public speaking is not an easy skill to
acquire and as president of the United States, Barack Obama
demonstrated superb public speaking skills. I my eyes as the president
of the United States, Barack Obama skills for publicly speaking has
made him just that much more fit for president.