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Exhibit 11 MEMO OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY November 17, 2011 To: Erik Fetersen, Deputy DA, Target Unit FROM: —_Robeit Erickson, Investigator, Homicide Unit, ‘SUBJECT: Inforwant Assistance on Scott Dekraai Murder Case {1am the Distict Attomey investigator assigned to the murder case of defendant ‘Scott Dekraal, DA Case #11F14820. Ho is in custody and charged wth the murder of eight shocting viens and the attompted murder of ancther pereon in the ciy of Seal Beach on October 12, 2011. On Ocoser 1 2011, 0650 Deputy Bon Gace contacto me an aves me thal an inete (geen roused near Detendert Dekroa! had information crecty fom Dekraal regarding te murders In Seal Beach, RBBB requested Sect bo ein ional wt ar evelpseer soa Wf ea ‘On October 19, 2011, Deputy Distict Attorneys Scott Simmons end Dan Wagner, ‘Seal Beach Detective Gary Krogman, and | went tothe OCSD IRC and conducted an ‘uclo recorded interview with inmate ABBRy Before begining the interview, | explained {0 PEt he was being promised absolvtely nothing in ret for his information. He id not hesitate to goforward with the interview. In summary, IB provided facts an iteligence about the events ofthe day of October 12,2011 hat only Dekreai could have known, Those facts and intligence wil likely greatly enhance the prosecution of Dekraal, especialy n the event here Is an insanity plea entered by Dekraal. Following interview, a cover investigation conducted within the ail facility funher established te validity of the information provided 1a) eventually be called a¢ a witness in the case against Scot! Dekaai by! ‘As the prosecttor handling 'case, this memorandum is being directed to Yyou for your consideration and.information only._| respectfully request thal you keep name in information, a it relates to the Dekraal case, confidential. Nothing about for his stetemerts regarding the Dekraai case have been discovered to the defense, Exhibit 12 o1tgs2 Erickson, Robert From: Petersen Erie sent ‘Thuy Decembo 2, 2931 628 AM te eon, Rober Subject RE Ferando Pret ‘Thanks. wel go into Judge Price's I file and willbe seed Tanks rks. Petersen (OCA TARGET UNIT Santa Ara PD (0) 728 245-6339 (0)562.235-9589 From: Elson, Robert ‘Sent: Thursday, Decomber 01,2011 9:10 AM “or Petersen, ek ‘Subject: Femonco Pere: er, ‘have attached 2 memo regard Peters ssitancein our Sel Beach homidde cae. Plese note that we donot Intend to discover anything he hs done In our ease utl way down the oad. Hi testimony may eventually be needed at al, Tht would obviously be Sot Simmons or Dan Wagner’ cll ‘Thanks, Bob Erikson Homicide Un