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TripleA Plus

Temenos Product Overview


TripleA Plus

Sophisticated Front And Middle

Maximising Profitability
Office Portfolio Management System And Performance

ripleA Plus is the leading strategic front and middle

office private wealth management solution combining
advanced portfolio management and highly secure client
data management functionality in a single browser-based
application. It is specifically designed to empower portfolio
and relationship managers by automating the investment process and
allowing them to focus on exception management.
TripleA Plus incorporates the best practices adopted by the
leading international financial institutions that specialise in wealth
management solutions for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth
individual clients. TripleA Plus unique configurability, comprehensive
instrument coverage and flexible portfolio modelling capabilities
efficiently support discretionary portfolio management, investment
advisory and execution-only service models. TripleA Plus empowers
portfolio managers and relationship managers to increase assets
under management, improve customer service and generate higher
investment performance.
TripleA Plus caters for multiple internal or external user profiles. Each
profile is supported through a packaged solution comprised of the
relevant modules. The modules provide the particular set of business
functions that meets the requirements of multiple user populations.
TripleA Plus has unique configurability capabilities and most of
the financial institutions using the solution are able to apply their
specific requirements on their own. The Design Studio tool is used to
graphically define the layout of the web user interface as well as the
navigation logic and the definition of the business processes.

TripleA Plus modules can be selected and assembled to create a

tailored made solution for multiple user populations, including
internal Portfolio Managers and Relationship Managers, but also
Marketing, Compliance and Risk officers, or other users outside the
firewall such as Independent Financial Advisors or clients.
Portfolio Management and Analysis
The Portfolio Management And Analysis module enables sophisticated
slice and dice analysis of single portfolios and groups of portfolios.
It relies on a comprehensive instrument repository enabling accurate
valuation, cash flow projections and GIPS-compliant performance
analysis of all types of instruments. The unmatched modelling facility
enables financial institutions to precisely configure and manage
various types of asset allocation, model portfolios, recommendation
lists and constraints/restrictions. Front-to-back order input and pretrade compliance checks are available to ensure efficient preparation
and immediate transmission of compliant orders to the market.
Client Data Management and Account Opening
The Client Data Management module aims at systematically and
consistently acquiring, storing and managing all types of clientrelated data in a single, secure and encrypted repository. The client
database can be installed in any location independently of the rest
of the application. The module also supports the enforcement of
compliance rules by automating due diligence procedures associated
with the account opening process and the generation of contractual
documents and internal forms.
Task And Interaction Management
The Task And Interaction Management module enables Relationship
Managers and Client Advisors to be much more efficient, so that the
workload required to adequately serve a potentially large number of
clients is greatly reduced. It improves the continuity and effectiveness
of client follow-up, helping Relationship Managers prioritise contact
and action items.
Client And Portfolio Monitoring
The Client And Portfolio Monitoring module enables wealth
management professionals to have a dashboard view of all their
clients. The module provides the functionality to track and anticipate
all events relevant to clients and their portfolios. It allows relationship
managers and portfolio managers to efficiently detect needs and
opportunities to pro-actively advise or inform clients.
Proposal Generator
The Proposal Generator module is a packaged guided process
(page flow) that supports relationship managers in systematically
performing the different steps of the proposal generation process.
Each guided process is stored and historised per client or portfolio.
The output is a high quality sophisticated investment proposal report
ready to be sent to clients.
Portfolio Rebalancing
The comprehensive modelling and rebalancing capabilities of TripleA
Plus facilitate the automated rebalancing of portfolios against
complex and flexible strategies. Specifically, the tools provide for
event-driven and push-oriented compliance checking and order
generation in very high volumes. The efficiency of the solution results
from the key data being permanently available online.

Temenos Product Overview


Portfolio Risk
The Portfolio Risk module is a powerful risk application, providing
detailed market risk analysis for portfolios and strategies. It displays
risk ratios such as Total VaR, Market VaR, Beta, Treynor, Sharpe and
Jensen, at portfolio or benchmark levels. The module also provides
portfolio optimisation, risk contribution, what-if analysis, stress and
back testing and wealth projection features.

Order Generation And Straight Through Processing

TripleA Plus is the ideal platform to input or generate orders and
publish them to external order management systems. It includes
a comprehensive and flexible order validation platform, able to
validate the compliance of the orders against investment strategies
and constraints, but also to perform other regulatory compliance
validations and notify the user in real-time if the order is valid or
not. Order approval workflows can be implemented. Orders can be
Risk calculations are based on a variance-covariance matrix
inputted manually or generated through a global order allocation
methodology which can handle large volumes of portfolios, thus
method or through a portfolio rebalancing function. Orders can be
considerably improving the scalability of the application. The Portfolio generated for one single portfolio or for a list of portfolios. TripleAs
Risk module is based on the Single Index Model proposed by Sharpe.
online integration layer and transaction processing engine enable the
It follows this approach by decomposing the portfolio positions into
order lifecycle to be reflected at any time and pending orders can be
market risk and specific risk.
included in any portfolio analysis function.
Advanced Performance Analysis
TripleA Plus Advanced Performance Analysis provides an extra level
of sophistication to further enable Portfolio Managers to evaluate and
demonstrate their investment performance. There is an increasing
need to present returns, describe the investment policies used and
qualify the risks taken within those strategies including performance
contribution, performance attribution and risk/return ratios.
Client Portal
TripleA Plus Client Portal module is used to give access to the
portfolio analytics and reports from an Internet browser through a
secured channel and with a pre-defined entitlement model.

Solutions For The Private Wealth

Management Industry
TripleA Plus can be implemented to deliver solutions specifically
tailored for the private wealth management industry. The solutions
flexibility enables very specific business requirements to be
implemented and multiple business or regional units to be managed in
a single instance.

Advisor Desktop
TripleA Plus integrates portfolio, instrument and client information
in a single desktop application. Users can run queries combining client
and asset information and perform their day-to-day activities. The
solution can be deployed with multiple profiles, combining TripleA
Plus modules to address specific business requirements. The workflow
engine embedded in the solution allows defining multi-role processes
and improves the collaboration between users. The client data
management module offers a highly secured client data repository,
compliant with offshore requirements.
Client Portal
TripleA Plus Client Portal module is designed to ease financial
institutions deploying a secured and comprehensive internet portal
for private wealth customers. Users have automatically access to their
portfolios and are able to visualise financial analytics, input orders,
and access pre-generated reports or execute on-demand statements.
The integrated security model automatically assigns customers to
their own portfolios and authentication can be integrated in state-ofthe-art solutions.

International Private Banking Hub

TripleA Plus is the perfect solution for building a central international
banking hub and delivering localised front office solutions to multiple
countries or business segments. Its configurability and flexiblity allow
for the definition of different business rules and user experiences
to cater for local regulations, within the same solution. Financial
Portfolio Analysis and Client Reporting
institutions can implement a central competency centre to maintain
TripleA Plus includes powerful financial engines to compute portfolio the solution and handle the evolution of business requirements. The
analytics and present them either in the intuitive web user interface or Design Studio tool enables graphical designers to adapt the user
in flexible and high-quality reports. TripleA Plus can complement any experience and workflows.
back office solution and add specific Portfolio Manager or Relationship
Manager views to display multiple analytics such as valuation, risk,
exposure, performance analysis, performance attribution, future cash
flows and compliance views aggregated at various levels. All these
business functions can be applied based on single account, portfolio
hierarchy, client, household or flexible portfolio or client grouping
levels. TripleA Plus has standard interfaces with several back office
Deliver online portfolio information for optimal decision-making.
solutions such as TEMENOS T24.
Flexibility to design an order workflow that reflects your
organisational requirements.
Account Aggregation
Some financial institutions are using several systems to manage client
Profiling clients and portfolios to tailored investment strategies.
assets and are not able to reconcile this information. TripleA Plus
Automate control of compliance and account opening processes.
includes a powerful integration layer able to integrate and reconcile
financial data from various sources and manage the portfolios in a
Integration with one or many back office solutions and order
central and consistent repository. All portfolio management features
management systems for straight through processing (STP).
can then be used on aggregated portfolios and users will be able to
execute queries to identify exceptions and quickly react.

TripleA Plus
Why TripleA Plus?
Deliver high level financial analytics for mass affluent up to
ultra-high-net-worth portfolios.
Produce flexible and high quality client reports.
Improve productivity by automating investment, order generation,
compliance and client onboarding processes.
Increase agility and autonomy through flexible and easy to use
business configuration tools.
Improve client services by implementing real time portfolio
Build central and efficient investment processes across multiple
regions and business segments.

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