Katie Kimball, owner and editor of www.KitchenStewardship.

com, writes from Michigan where she spends an awful lot of time in the kitchen striving to feed her family healthy, nourishing foods. She is an educator by education, a mother by vocation, and a foodie by passion. She started blogging in hopes of moving toward writing a book someday and fell in love with the online genre (although the book would still be great!). What is Kitchen Stewardship? Kitchen Stewardship is the idea that working in our kitchens, like everything we do, is an opportunity to love God and serve our families. Philosophy The foundation of Kitchen Stewardship is simple: God gave us everything we have and asks only that we take good care of it. God gave us our health, our earth, our time and our money. For those of us who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we are met with challenges in all four areas a daily basis. It can be daunting to try to do our best to be good stewards of them all, especially as science finds out more about how we harm our bodies and environment with chemicals and the world tempts us to live beyond our means in many ways. Kitchen Stewardship is about finding the balance, doing the right thing to give glory and honor to God, becoming more prayerful in the kitchen, and rejoicing in the accomplishment of baby steps on the road to perfect stewardship. Four pillars of Kitchen Stewardship All of God’s gifts are precious, and in the kitchen we have special care of: 1. Health (our bodies, nutrition, etc.) 2. Environment 3. Money 4. Time These are the four pillars of Kitchen Stewardship. Good stewards of their resources feel a tension between the four at many times, but our goal is always to find the best balance possible. We take them all into account on any given decision. What is accomplished at KitchenStewardship.com? Readers will find weekly Monday Missions which give one baby step (or a choice of a list of varying degrees) to improve their stewardship of one or more of the four pillars. Throughout the week, recipes, practical tips, informative pieces and reflections on faith all tie into the theme of the mission for that week. Audience metrics (updated 3/17/2010, based on the last 30 days from Google Analytics)
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2570 RSS Feed Subscribers, ~1000 of which receive via email 2000+ Twitter followers Number of Absolute Unique visitors: 23,461 (actual people who visited the site) Monthly Unique Visits: 44,447 {October: 19,000, to give an example of growth} Month average page views: 99,565 Average time on site: about 4 minutes About 25% of traffic from search engines

Audience Demographics  98% of readers are women  over 50% between the ages of 20-40  the vast majority are married, with children  more details can be provided, if requested, per my reader survey of 1/10 Product Reviews and Giveaways Kitchen Stewardship does host product reviews and giveaways from time to time for companies that fit the mission. Reviews are very thorough and readers often comment on that and their trust in the writer. In that light, reviews are honest and there is no expectation of a positive review, nor is compensation accepted for a review. Giveaway prizes should be mailed directly to the winner. Review samples will not be returned. Sponsored posts are accepted on a limited basis, and only if the product would receive a positive posting without the sponsorship. Contact for details. Advertising Cost of a 125x125 above-the-fold ad or a half-banner signature ad (below every post) is $0.50-1/CPM. Lower rates are given for Etsy shops, bloggers, small, WAHM companies and the like. Current page views are averaging approximately 80,000/month for 2010, so ad prices are $40-80/mo. If a company signs on for a 4-month contract, it would receive a discount of $5-10/mo. for the duration of the contract, even if pageviews increase. A text link within a post, the most effective form of advertising, costs $30-50 depending on the specificity and exclusivity of the post. Below the fold ad prices can utilize various sizes and the price would be agreed upon individually. There is also a space at the very top of the page, a text ad one-liner for $20/mo. There are no refunds on ads. Please contact Katie to work out your price. Media Coverage Guest posts at:

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Television and Radio:  Take 5 Grand Rapids TV appearance  Blog Talk Radio interview with James Talmage Stevens Newspapers and Magazines:  Faith and Family Live! http://www.faithandfamilylive.com/features/hold_the_beef  The Grand Rapids Press Online Contributing Writer:  CatholicMom.com  Blissfully Domestic (former)  Simple Organic (Simple Living Media, LLC) Speaking Appearances:  Moms’ Bible Study, St. Michael’s Parish, Grand Ledge, ME  Advent by Candlelight Keynote, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Grand Rapids, MI  Koinonia Young Adult Group, Grand Rapids, MI  “Just Food” at the Catholic Information Center of the Diocese of Grand Rapids Contact Katie  Email: kitchenstew@gmail.com  Twitter: @kitchenstew

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