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Actor Agreement Form

This contract is between ____________________________ and Chordless Productions. The actor hereby authorizes the
production company to photograph, videotape, film and record the performance and audition(s) that may occur. The actor
also authorizes the production company ; to edit and include the performance of others with sound effects, SPX, digital
effects and music ; to incorporate the same into the picture, trailers, posters or other materials or programs related to the
picture ; to use and to license others to use such records and photographs in any manner or media whatsoever, including
without limitation unrestricted use for purposes of publicity, advertising and sales promotion ; and to use the actors name ,
likeness, voice, biography or other information concerning the actor in connection with the picture and for any other
purpose associated with the picture. The actor further acknowledges that the production company owns all rights to the
Actors must be comfortable and secure with the content of the music video. By signing this agreement you both agree and
respect the terms and conditions and understand the commitment you have made.
Actor Name: __________________________
Signature: ____________________________
Date: _____________________________

The production company Chordless Productions will:

Not take responsibility for any injuries to the actor at any time during filming.
Complete full health and safety risk assessments (which will be available to them prior to filming).

The undersigned actor guarantees to Chordless Productions:




To be available for all dates agreed between actor and legal consultant (26 October-6 November)
Lateness will not be an issue and they will be a reliable component of the process. However, with the
understanding that certain circumstances cannot be helped, communicating through telephone, email etc with
reasoning as to why theyre late and when they will be arriving is fully understood and acceptable.
Commitment to the company is 100% and is aware that lack of commitment could potentially result in loss of
part in the film.
They will give their upmost enthusiasm and treat it professionally.
They agree to be discrete about the content of the film until the final viewing.
Authorization to the production company to photograph, videotape, film and record the performance
Full acknowledgement that the Production Company owns all rights to the picture.

Actor Name: ____________________________
Signed: _______________________________
Date: _________________________________
Chordless Productions:
Company Representative(s): ____________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________________________