INTRODUCTION The extroction of energy dlrec y from spoce hos been suggested os o vioble processfor the solutlon of the energy problemsof sociery.The occessibillty thls of for energyhosbeen llmitedby the necesslty the formulotionof new energy porodigms. ln the post, energy In spoce hos been suggested thoughts by suchosrOrgone,OD, Prono, Bjo-cosmic, Neutrinoenergy seo ond so on, but the useful extroction of such energieshos olwoys owoited more explicit formulotionsof these ideos which could suggestthe construcon of simple proctlcol energy extrcctionmochinery. VARIABLE INERTIAL MAsS performed thisoutho.hove Experiments by picture of spoce which is suggested o perfused with o "fine substonce". This conceot is one whlch lies benveen the suchos ioeffobiliry o spoce-time of construct motter. Einsteins the tongibility gross ond of "fine substonce" confes inertio on Ihis physicol objects.Thesubstonce Inertiocon of olso be shown to hove the property of oolorizotion. mossof on objectls Normolly inertiol the thot ls to soy, In on Inertlol "onlsotroplc, meosurement pedormed by opplying o forcevectorto the objectond meosuring the resulting occelerotion, the inertiol moss obtoined in thls meosurement would be o constont independentof the dkectionof the ooolied force vector. is The iniportontdiscovery thot the inertiol moss ol o rototing object becomes polorlzedond onlsofiopic. In tefms of the reolbehoviorof o rototingobject,the inertiol mossis found to increose meosurements for performedin the direction of the oxis of rototion,ond perforcethe inertiol mass is found to be decreosedfor meosuremenb mode in the direction of the plone of rototion. Complete inertiol polorizotionof the rototing object tokes ploce when the inertiol moss token in the directionof the plane of rototjon of the test object decreoses zero with increosing to rototionol speeo. "N" EFFECT THE The inte.esting combinotion would be to combine effects inertiol the of ond moonetic


The I'Nrr Effect



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Two Ferri-te Ring l4agnet6

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polo.izotionfor the extroctionof electrjcol energydjrectlyfrom spoce. Vith reference to the two diogroms, Figures ond B, the A "N" effect is demonstrotedquite simply. A q/lindricolbor mognet of olnico o. othe. is mognetized electricol conductor rototed oround qo oxis possingth.ouqh the bwo to mogneticpoles ond perpendiculor the polished pole foces. A cyllndricolly symmetricol electic field is estoblished within the mognet through rotorion. Electricolcurrent is simply extrocted by plocingthe probesor slidingcontocts the of opproprioteqmmetelsond voltmeters, one on the oxisol rototionond the other on the outer sudoceof the rototing mognetized conductor. 'N" MACHINE THE In order to moke full use of the cu(ent copobilities of on N generotor ond to occomodote the use of non-conductinq 'ferrite'permonent mognetsor elecrromog-(see ne$, on N" Mochineis construcrbd utilizes copper Figure The"N" mochine B). o or bronze conducting shoft ond disc ond ferrite'!ing" mognets cemented together os shown.A rvoicolmochineisconstructed with ordioory loudspeokerring mognets of dimensions: outer diometer 2 7/8 incf,es, ond 1/2 inch innerdiometer1 4/4 iocf,es on thickness, of eoch epoxy-cemented rwo eitherside of o conducting disc 1/E inch thick.lt delivers millivolts 3450 r.o.m. 30 ot of The fieldstrengch rhemognets supplied os isobout1000 gouss. Thecurrent obtoinoble mochine is. limited only by the from the .esistonce the leodsood sliding of contocts. Sincethe oforementioned30 mv. con be developed ocross heovycopperwire o shunt in of resistonce thon .001 ohm, o current less excess 30 omperesis developed by this of simpletoy. ENERGY FROMSPACE ELECTRICAL Elecricol energy developed out of cenrrifugol ext.oction of the electricol posifive ond negotivepolesfrom the free in energyfield of spoceis supplied useful

ood controllobleform from N generoto.s which o.e scoled in o.der to supply requirements. Experiments show the voltoge poloritydependson the senseof rototion. Output voltoge goes directly os speed ond mognetic field strength. the Geometdcolly outputvoltogeinc.eoses os the squore of the mochineradius,r 50uored. FARADAY's EFFEO It wos in the 1830'sthot Michoel Forodoy working the bosement whot isnow the in of Royol Technicol College London, in discovered thot o conducting held betweentbe disc poles of o mognet with the lines of fo.ce perpendiculor the su.foce, would geneto rote current if fototed ond the cu(ent extrocted between the centerond ihe edge of the rototingconducting disc. Conversely if o voltogewere oppliedbeween the center lt ond the edge of such dlsc, would rotote o os o motor. These effects ore ofesentlv knownos the Forodoy unipolor dynomoond the Forodoymotor respecrively. lf Forodoy hod rototed the whole combinotion, mognets ond disctogether, he would hove discovered, this outhordid in os 1977, thot the voltoge output remoined constont regordless whether the discwos of rototingindependently the mognetsor of not. Of course, Moxwell or Forodoyhod if known of the "N" effect thingswould hove been different. But it is p.obobly true thot such o discoveryhod to woit until the permonent ovoilobility strong of lighNveight mogneb, o development thot didn't toke ploceuntilthe 1930's. NO ROTATIONAL DRAG \r'ITHN GENEMTOR Vhot is importont obout the N mochine is generotorwhich thot unlikeo conventionol exhibits rototionoldrog o when the current is drcwn,on N generotor exhibits suchdrog. no All of the currently used electricol generotion rototing mochinery hos the property beingbothmotorond generotor of simultoneously. is to soy,on electricol Thot mochine whichis usedos o generotof will

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ope.ote os o motor when excitedwith the Vith the ond culrents. voltoge5 oppropriote the in foregoing mind,we interpret situotion os follows. ln the conventionolelectricol power systemwe hove on elecrricol oenerotion coupledto on engine of some 6enerotor powerwhich mechqoicol supplies liindwhich with Present is interpreted in occord understonding to be convelted f.om mechonicol to electricol enerqy with o not efficienry to exceed100%. lf conversion we were to suppose,however, thot the eneroy obtoined wos extroctedflom 5ome properryof mognehereioforeunsuspected it is simplyoppo.ent thot the tism; then slowingdown of the drive englne is due to the "generotor" hoying the ospect of o of motorolso.Theslowing the drlveengine lood is simplythe effectof the with electricol motorospectof the genefotorenergizedby the lood current. The generotorbelng o motor olso eliclts o torque outPut in to oppositlon the dtiYeenginetorque' Thlsis slows comblnotlon why on englne"genetotor lood ls thrown on down when on electricol the generotoL

inertio,qnd rototiontogethe. of mognetism, in o new mochinefo. the liberotionof electricqlenergy directly from sPoce is o pregnontdeveloPment o new oge in of of whichwill energizethe ciYilization science moy monyideos Although rhe 2 1stcentury. in hove sug€estedthemselves the mindsof info.motion, Iwould like to of recders this which hove suggest o few possibilities to occurred thisouthorin the ti.ne thot he with ond experimenting N hosbeenworking generotofs vorious of kinds.

1] CONTROL VEAY AT OF HIGHCURRENTS LOWVOLTAGE will show the N Simple colculotions generotor be chorocterized o veryhigh os to generotion low voltoge electricol current, speeds mochine. the sizes rototionol For ond with conventionol normolly ossocioted it troctionpurposes, outomotiveor electricol iseasyto showthotvoltogeof up to 100 or Iimited ot sov.d.c. be generoted currents con only by the brush technologyond the mochineinternolresistonce.Stondordtexts hove wherebyhighcurrents detoilmethods liquidconducting been conducted through of currents merolelectrodes. thisfoshion ln from 50,000ompereshovebeen conducted 15 N MACHINE NON.RECIPROCAL for ond Forodoyunipolorgenerotors the excito' is An N generotor only o generotor for mognets field strength tjon of ultro-high the duol osPects of does not possess (Froncis physicol BitterMogoet experiments. looding presently used mochines.Electricol MlT, Combridge, Loborotory Publicotions, generotor produces on inte.nol of oo N 02139). electricol Mossochusetts torque between lhe conducting foct obout the N generotor Theimpo.tont disc ond the ottoched ring mognets. is thot onci: the oppropriote b.ush Howevef since they ore firmly cemented technology hos been odopted for the togetherthistorqueconnotescopefrom the of the ultro-high currents, control the voltoqe mochine ond lood the drivemotoror engine. is very simple. The N generotor Thusthe N mothine is o non-reciprocol becomes constructedos on N mochine with the mochine, which,if o voltogewere opplied to permonent by mognetsreploced o poir of betlveen of it io thefoshion motorexcitolion elect.omognets on either side of the the ceote. ond the edge of the conducting of conductingdisc. Excitotion the electrothe disc,no motor oction co,uldresultsince geoerotor output mognetscon vory the N within the generoted torque is constroined from zero to full in either poloriry. Thuso body of the mochine. currentof thousondsof omperes con be contfolledin voltoge ond polorityby o few \r'ORK FOR DIRECTIONS FUTURE phenomeomperes or less of excitotion current of Thediscovery o new physicol io necessory soturotethe elect.omognets to non,the N effect,which telotesphenomeno
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the chosendirectionof mognetlzotion. It is eosy to see thot o.c. opetotjon is possible if the electfomognets o.e built of build with lominotions stockedin o cvlindricol the di.ectioo of eosy mognetizotion porollel to the oxis of rototion of the mochine. 2] SELFCONTAINEDPO\r'ER GENEMTION

con liberotemony sincethe N gene.otor times the oower needed to overcome friction, windogelosses frictionol ond becring generotor losses sliding in contocts, N the con drive motor be combinedwith on electricol forming o self-sustoining combinotion, motor Reflection showthe oppropriote will for such o purposeis o Forodoymotor; o simplecopperdiscrotor between the poles of suong field mognets. The ultrolow voltoge, high currentchorocteristlcs this of mochine combine perfectly with the low voltoge, high current output of the N generotor. Such o combinotion, on N generotor on o common shoft with o Forodov motor.with the motor excitedwith o froctionof the generotoroutput reguloted thfough on oppropriote series regulotor resistor (to prevent mochine speed runowoy), forms o power generotion system. Ihe boslc powe, generction system then of consists o self"sustoining of combinotion N generoto. on{ Forodoy motor which provides o mechonicolond on electdcol output. (see Figure C, The NJ Power GenerotionSystem.) An interesting line of developmentbegins heresinceonce the bosicpower generotion outi:ut the lystem isconstructed, mechonicbl con be used to drive conventionol generators-which moy be to some odvontoge since these mochioes ore presently o.ticles commerce of ond con delive. higher output voltoges thon the bosic d.c. N gene.otor. The point of oll this is thot once the free energyis liberotedfrom spoceond converted into rototionol form by o motor, combinotion N generotor-Forodoy the resultontenergy is directly opplicoble economicolly, with known conventionol ond technolooyond mochines.

3] INERTIAL GUIDANCE The N geoerotor concept of the di.ect cent.ifugol extroctionof the elecuicolpoles from the spotiol energy field hos direct opplicotion the field of inertiol to guidonce. not necessory hove slidingcontocts It is to if the N generotoristo be usedto sensede/dt. Vires con be soldered to the ends of o diomete.of on N generoto.disc ond o voltoge obtoined between the two diometogethe. trolends conoected ond thecenter. Thepoloriry thisvoltogewill reflectthe of sense rototion of ond its mognitude be will proportionol de/dt. Approprioteiotegroto tors on the output of o three-oxis will combinotion provide the informotion oll necessory on inertiol guidonce system fo. replocjng cumbersome mechonicol gyroscopes spinning fontostic ot speeds together with excessively sophisticoted ond expensive oncillory mechonicol ond electricol instrumentotion. FREEDOM THOUGHT ENERGY OF AND The powerful physicolprinclple resultlng Irom the interoction rototion,Inertio,ond of mognetism, the liberction of unllmhed Io. controlledenergy directlyfrom the energy medium of spoce,the N effect, opens the doorto the cootioued socloldeyelopmentof o societyfreed from the llmitotlon of the presentenergy conseryotion porodigm. Freedomfrom the limitotionsimposedby the p.esent formulotions, so-colled the Lows of Physics, importont since it ollows the is upword spkoling of free thought which eventuollyexpresses itself in new forms of mochinery. termsof 1979 science, is oo In it unexoectedoleosureto be reminded thot the presentclosedsystemof equotioosof electricity,Moxwell's Equotions, do not representoll there is to know obout electricity mognetism. ond THERMODYNAMIC INTEMCIION5 The Lows of Thermodynomics ond the so-colledconservation energy relotionof shiosore 150 veors old. Of coursethe discovery of the inertiol onisotropy of rototingobjectsis token together with new

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regording hos this informotion outhor elicited the elostic collisionsof tototinq objects cottrols-. impoctingon identicolnon-.ototing of free energy Is liberoted in the collision o rotating object with o non'rototing one. New inlormotionsuchos this imposesnew degreesof freedom in the thermodynomlc of interoctions collidingotoms ond will help to exololn much of the onomolous new In which is being occumuloted informotion "efflclent"\,Yoys the oresentseorchfor mole of liberoting or extrocting energy trom Noture. of intelligentonolysis the A thoroughgoing N generototwill show thot to Produceony voltoge whotsoevet sucho combinotionof disc mognetsond o conductlng ln rototionos interp(eto' the Physicol shown, involidotes tions of Newton ond Einsteln, speciol relqtlvityond generol relotlvity. The lossof these ideos I do not regord os o terribly we gfeot trogedy sincein their overcoming perfect the onti-grovity sholl eventuolly ond spocedrive willsendmento the stors,In poper I con only suggestsome of thisshort theseideos. TUBE OF OPEMTION MAGNETRON The presentlyconceivedideos regording rhe operotion of the mognetron rodio tube con be re'exofrequencytronsmitting mined in the light of the N effect. ln sucho o cloudexcites tube o rototingdiscelectronic series of resooont chombers oround its pe.iphery ot microwovefrequencies. The very high power microwove imPulses obtoined in thiswoy form the bosisof Rodor in tronsmitte(s currentusoge. os Interpreting mognetronoPerotion o the higher order property of the Forodoy we unipolordynomo,we con suspect might be oble to obtoin o.c-excitotionof o series resonont circuitconnectedbetween ony L-C wo separotepoints on the peripheryof o roto ng N generotor conductingdisc. For most of us who hove spent our lives in the ond of conventionolopplicotions electriciq/ mochinery,it moy be electricol rototing current in to enlightening obtoinolternotiog

tnt5woy. Vhot is importontis onyone con 5oy o formulotion set of ideo5i5 involid, or certoin geometricol interpretotion of i.e., Einstein the \'vhatwe hove space.Theimpoftontthing ls i.e., to otfer in termsol new mochinery, free energy or onti-gravityto substontiotethe new ideos. PROVES NEWIDEA NE\r'MACHINERY performed thisoutho.hove Experiments by 2-3 millivolrs (p-p) generoted o.c. obtoined in this woy employing o '1 microforod copocitorin serieswith the oppropriote inductonceto obtoin resonancebetvveen of 1OO ond 600 cps. ln considerotioo the utilizotion thiseffectfor the generotionof of megawott power levels ot powedine freouencies (60 cos) the size of the comoonentsbecomes imooftont since o resonont circult must be employed in with conjuncrion on N generotor. TheL ond C elementswould hove to be fobricotedto reoch the megowott power levels with suitobly low intefnol lmoedonce. 5uch limitotionsdo not oppeor to ossert themselvesot the mognetron oPeroting frequencies, so the possibility of the liberotion of megowott power levels of microwove power rodiotion frorn on N mochine in o UHFcovity system suggests it5elf. Consider oll the romificotions of the wos known in the electrlciry whichodginolly wet cell or the lightning orrestor. Golvonic Now piqturesore sent through the "oir" (mognetism). (televisioh), sound reco.ded is Monyother thingsore done. Ve live in on oge where conceptuolizotionof such o developmenr hos roken ploce in mony fields. Thus there is some bosis of which con understonding the possibilitles of resultfrom the evolutionof o new bosisof understonding. thisio mind Ihove tried Vith to indicotewhot some of the thoughtsI of hovehod hoveled me to in considerotion the newly discovered inertiolonisotropyof (ototing objects ond the integrotion of mognerism the and rototion, N effect.###
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