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WKNJ Newscast

Lisa Cardoso

Good morning, its Friday, October 23rd, at 11:00 am and youre listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM,
Union, New Jersey, and Im Lisa Cardoso with the news

In Local News.

At 8:16am Friday morning, the first time ever the senate President Steve Sweeny(SWEEKNEE), was able to override Chris Christies gun control law. The two went back and forth at
each other claiming what they were doing was clearly a way to get votes for their run for
presidency. But Sweeny included police in the involvement, asking them if it was really okay to
give a gun to a person who has record of a mental illness.
After 52 failed attempts since Christie took office they finally overrode him.

In Lyndhurst (LIND-HURST) can the first amendment be a problem?

Freedom of speech is our right, but it isnt always something we want to hear.
In Lyndhurst fliers for recruitment of the Ku Klux Klan (COO) (CLUCKS) (CLAN) were
distributed and caused people to become outraged. Robert Giangeruso, Mayor, does not agree
with the fliers but sadly cant do much about it. He believes the recruitment drive will be
unsuccessful and he does not tolerate hatred, racism, and bigotry.

The fliers included a confederate flag with 13 stars, and a Klux man riding a horse saying, "Join
the Klan and Save our Nation." there is also contact information.
Bergen (BER-GAN) NCAA has stated that these fliers are an act of terrorism.

In National News.
In Washington Federal Investigators looked into the Affordable Care Act and found there to be
many errors.
The Government cannot always tell the difference of those who already applied and those who
are newly applying, causing them to give out more money to those they already given money
too. Some people were getting 100% coverage from medicaid when they should have been
getting only 57% coverage.
the Obama administration needed to adopt much stronger safeguards to ensure the integrity of
programs providing coverage to millions of Americans. said Carolyn L. Yocom (YO-COM) and
Seto J. Bagdoyan(BAG-DO-YAN) of the Government Accountability Office
They are trying to find a way to fix this problem and prevent the government to be paying people
twice. They found out about their mistakes just 10 days before they were opening ways to apply
for the Affordable Care Act.

In Washington President Obama is creating a climate change policy that will shut down and stop
the construction of coal fire plants that pollute the air immensely.The E.P.A.s climate change
rules are at the heart of Mr. Obamas ambitious agenda to counter global warming by cutting
emissions of planet-warming carbon pollution. Although this seems like a good idea 25 out of
50 states are voting against his act. Many companies do not want to shut down due to the loss of
jobs and stoppage of money. They are voting against his climate change act, but they also have a
plan for when and if his act goes through. Many people are going to be filing suits against this
case tomorrow morning.

In International news.

In HONG KONG the Wo Hop Garden of Remembrance is a beautiful place with a relaxing and
beautiful atmosphere. Some have Spread ashes amongst these pathways of the garden but not
many. There are 300 used plaques out of the 9,000 that are open. The people of Hong Kong are
very traditional, this causes them to burry their relatives at their birthplace, or preserve their
ashes in an urn to give them blessings. For many years this is how they would bury and mourn
the death of loved ones, and they dont want to spread ashes amongst a park. Ms. Chan said
only 9 percent of people in Hong Kong who were cremated had their ashes scattered last year. It
has been difficult to overcome the idea that scattering ashes is disrespectful to the dead, and
many people consider green burials an invention of the West, she said. But there is a recent
higher in the death rate causing fear of running out of room. The government is now trying to
find ways to change the minds from their long traditions. There are campaigns being brought
together and they are going to schools to talk about a green burial and a returning to nature
look on what to do when their loved ones pass away.

At 10:00 am, Sweden is in shock that a man would go into a school and kill 2 people and injure 2
more. Sweden doesnt encounter these crimes often and is very confused when they do happen.
Sweden is in shock, King Carl XVI Gustaf said in a statement. Its with great dismay and
sorrow that I and my family have been informed of the events in Trollhattan.
A man with a large knife went to a school in Kronogarden in a struggling city of Trollhattan, and
killed a teacher and a student. The man was shot to death by the police before he could kill
anyone else.
The prime minister is also in shock and says this is a dark day for Sweden.
The motive of the stabbing is still unclear, but a teacher, 20, and a student, 17, were stabbed to
death by a resident man of Trollhattan. The man was said to have been wearing a mask and a
student saw him murder his teacher and was chased, but got away, from the murderer.

More news, sports, and weather coming up ..

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In Sports

Seahawks demolished the 49ers last night for Thursday night football with an ending score of 203

With hockey the NJ Devils beat the Senators 5-4 and the rangers beat the coyotes 4-1.


Mets took game 4 beating the Cubs 8-3 bringing them into the world series!!
Mets havent been to the world series since 1986
so this is an exciting win for them!

Your WKNJ weather update

Right now on the campus of Kaen University, it is a sunny 54 degrees with a high of 58, and a
low of 36 degrees. Should stay clear and sunny throughout the day.

Tune in later with the Meteorology reports on 90.3 FM

In Entertainment
Lamar Odom was found at a brothel in Nevada nearing death, when taken to local hospital. They
have reason to believe that basketball star was using illegal drugs during his stay in Nevada and
is now having his blood searched. A 911 caller from the ranch claimed to police that Odom had
been using cocaine and sexual enhancement drugs in the days leading up to his being found