POLLUTION ««. Is anything to do?

Introduction: Pollution is the biggest dilemma of our society. Increasing pollution and industrialization has tremendously increased pollution. Man is playing the major role in polluting the environment through various activities. The various forms of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution but the one that is adversely affecting our environment and our health is air pollution. Apart from this its after affect could be disastrous. In order to avoid these preventive measures should be adopted.

A. The main unsympathetic affect of air pollution is on our health. a. It causes cardiac disorders. b. It also causes respiratory disorders. i. Emphysema ii. Bronchitis B. Air pollution is destroying our environment on a large scale. Most of the after affects of the increasing air pollution are although unforeseen but it is predicted that it will lead towards destruction of mankind. a. What will happen after the complete depletion of ozone? b. Global warming extremely alter the temperature of environment. c. Acid rain damages marine life, vegetation, plants and building. C. In order to control the increase of air pollution and to protect our environment from its harmful effect it is very necessary to adopt some preventive measures. a. To use lead free petrol cars. b. Using public transport or car pooling. c. Proper way of disposing effluent of industries and garbage.
Conclusion: Thus, increasing air pollution is such a predicament of our society that is increasing at an alarming rate. It is causing various diseases in humans and leading to environmental hazards. It is the need of the hour to increase awareness among people regarding this issue so that everyone should play his/her role in controlling air pollution by adopting preventive measures. This would surely help us in building a clean and healthy environment.

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