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Mullavilly News
March 2010

“Yesterday, today, for ever—

ever—Jesus is the same”
I wonder have we lost our gift of patience or the ability to wait for the best result rather than
demanding what is available right now? I ask this because I’ve been thinking about the 40 days of
Lent—a theme that featured over the sermons at the start of Lent.
The number 40 in Scripture is often associated with anything that takes a long time—it took
40 days and nights for sin to be drowned in the flood and a fresh start to be established; it took
40 years for the Israelites to reach the promised land and begin a new life; Elijah fasted 40 days
before meeting with God in the silence; Moses spent 40 days fasting whilst receiving the 10 com-
mandments and Jesus spent 40 days fasting in preparation for his ministry.
These long periods of time tell us that not everything is instant—there is a purpose to time.
The fact that something takes a long time does not make it a failure, the time spent can be useful
rather than wasted. The Israelites did not waste their time in the wilderness and Jesus did not
waste his time in the desert. We need to learn how to wait on God. My life has been transformed
by God over many years, but I know that He’s not finished with you yet. What you see in me is,
thankfully, not the finished product. And what I see in you, the parishioners, is not the finished
product either. If it were, then I could stop preaching, stop encouraging, and simply close up
shop. We are growing, but we are not fully-grown.
Many denominations are involved in what is called “church-planting.” There are at least
three church planting schemes run by the Church of Ireland in Belfast. These projects struggle to
get established as new churches. They meet in community centres, in pubs, wherever a commu-
nity can be gathered. The fruit of that work now may not be seen for over 50 years. When a small
Christian community was gathered in Mullavilly, they probably struggled. Then, in the 18th cen-
tury, a building was created and then it was another 75 years before that building was conse-
crated as a church. 200 years later, we are still here and still being changed by the Holy Spirit as
we seek to serve God in this place.
If you have had to deal with bereavement, you will know only too well that comfort and
healing and restoration can take a very long time. It does not mean that God is somehow lacking
in his efforts or that you are somehow slow to respond. The time used, which might never end in
this life, is used by God to allow you to grow strong, to experience things which help us to help
each other and to appreciate the gentle touch of God in our lives. To accept the phrase “In His
Time” is to humbly accept the work of Almighty God, executed in a manner which produces the
very best result for His glory.
Lent is a useful time to think about such things. It is a time to think about submission to
receive what God offers, rather than grabbing what we demand. It is a time for humility and ac-
ceptance, a time of seeking God’s will and direction. It is a time to ask, “Lord, here I am, what
With all that in mind, let us each continue with our search and, in the searching, be drawn
closer to God. Rather than drifting aimlessly from one year to next, find time for prayer and listen
to the voice of God. Put yourself in those places where you might hear a challenge or a prompt
(church services, Bible Study groups etc). Above all, don’t do nothing, for God isn’t finished with
you yet.
FEBRUARY 25th: “Slumdog Millionaire”

MARCH 4th “Why I am an Anglican” - Bishop Ken Good of Derry and Raphoe speaks in Moira
Parish Centre

March 11th Story-telling

March 18th: “Up”

March 25th: Colin Primrose speaks about Besor Ministries.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Tuesday at 10.30am. This service began in Lent1994 as a ministry to those
who normally received communion at home but could come to church if transport was available. If you would like to
join with us on Tuesday mornings, transport is available. You would be very welcome.
STOP PRESS: the attendance on Feb 25th was not encouraging—let’s get our act together!

2010 NEWS
As part of our 2010 celebrations, a number of guest preachers have agreed to visit us. On March 28th, our visitor is
the Revd Canon Ian Ellis who was rector of Mullavilly from 1985-1993. Ian is currently the rector of Newcastle Parish
and also editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette. He has served as one of the secretaries of the General Synod (our
ruling body). We look forward to hearing about his ministry since he left here 17 years ago.
Ian and Coralee will be present at the 11am service.

Work on the History publication continues but more help in administration, word-processing etc is needed. Do please
volunteer if you think you can help.

Quotations have been received for the restoration of the clock. This will be a key item for the attention of the Select
Vestry in March.

The main celebration will take place on Friday September 9th, the date of the consecration of the church. We hope
to invite friends and others with parish associations. If you want someone added to this list, please put their name
and address on an envelope and give it to the church wardens as soon as possible.

YOUR WEB RESOURCES These two sites contain the latest photos and video of
parish activities and the latest historical research on the parish church. The magazine is also available here Aart and Geeshja Den Breejen’s blog in Uganda Jonathan’s blog from South Africa Brian’s blog then search for mullavilly The Facebook group for Mullavilly parishioners

There have been many opportunities and channels though which you are able to contribute to the agencies working
in Haiti. The Church of Ireland holds a disaster fund for all emergencies which is then distributed as necessary to
various agencies such as “Christian Aid”. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Mullavilly Parishioners contributed
£1089.60 to the Bishops’ Appeal Fund specifically for the relief of need in Haiti. This was in addition to our usual an-
nual donation of £800 In total so far, the Appeal has forwarded €132,000 and £34,000 through Christian Aid. Chris-
tian Aid is working with its long standing local partners and this ensures that the aid goes directly to where it is used
most effectively. Working with partners in Haiti also means that, as far as possible, resources for rebuilding commu-
nities are sourced in Haiti which, in turn, contributes to restarting the local economy.
Donations can still be received by our treasurer if you mark them specifically for Bishops’ Appeal, Haiti.
Yesterday, today, for ever -Jesus is the same!
Holy Week and Easter will follow our traditional pattern. On Monday-Friday we have a service at
8pm with a variety of speakers and then Easter Day will be celebrated at the Argory at dawn and in
Mullavilly at the usual times.
HOLY WEEK: March 29th-April 2nd
EASTER DAY: April 4th

Select Vestry Elections:

The AGM of our parish (known as the General Easter Vestry) takes places on April 13th. If you wish to register as a
voter, you should let the churchwardens know as soon as possible so that your name can be added to the electoral
roll. The annual elections appoint 14 members to the management committee (known as the Select Vestry) and this
committee looks after the “finance, fabric and furniture” of the church.

Other Diary Dates in March:

Tuesday 2nd 8pm Select Vestry Meeting
Tues 16th 8pm Mothers’ Union
Weds 17th St Patrick’s Day
Thurs 18th 10-30am Ramblin’ Rose

Line-dancing every Thursday morning.


MARCH 21st 3pm

We are privileged to have been asked to host the quarterly healing

service this month. The service gathers together people from
across the diocese who are seeking prayer for healing, for them-
selves and others. It will involve worship, prayer, an address (by
Sam) and a number of clergy will be involved in laying hands on
those who desire it. If you would like to seek healing through
prayer, this is an opportunity for you to do so. Our Father wants us
to bring our weaknesses to him, whether these are anxieties or
physical illnesses or weaknesses. Through this ministry, people
have found peace and healing. If you want to talk this over in more
detail, please contact Sam or myself.

Confirmation classes are continuing on Sunday evenings with an excellent
record of attendance and an enthusiastic group. They are Amy Grey, Court-
ney Haire, Daniel Haire, Jason Haire, Michael King, Susan King, Beth Irwin,
Andrew Irwin, Scott McConville, Ben McFetridge, Andrew Milne, Sarah
Neill, Christopher Stewart, Peter Stewart, David Whiteman.
The Confirmation Service is at 7pm on April 25th. Further details will appear
in the next magazine.
The Magazine for
Mullavilly Parish

March 7th Shirley Tanya Jean McClelland 11am Holy

Jenkinson Communion

March 14th Pauline 11am Family

Jennett Service
March 21st Gwen Kane Carolyn Rebecca Milne 11am Holy
3pm Healing
March 28th Brenda King Ann Rosemary Neill 7pm Holy
Palm Sunday
April 4th Daphne Herbie Pearson EASTER
Amanda needs more names to help out with the teas after our family service. The refreshments are usually
provided by a team of 4-5 (and often family members) who set out the tables, make the tea/coffee, and clear
up afterwards. If this is your “cup of tea” please volunteer.
Refreshments on Mothers’ Day should be provided by the men of the parish. Husbands and fathers are
asked to volunteer. See Amanda Stewart for instructions.
There were four interments in the graveyard dur-
Baptism Anniversaries ing January and February. The first, on January
2nd—Sophie Willsher, Theo Milligan 5th, was that of James Arthur Iwin, from Seagoe
3rd—Molly Whiteman, Ethan Topley, Ava Lund Parish. On February 9th, the funeral took place in
Tandragee Baptist Church of Mrs Annie Mathers
of Ballymore Road. A former resident of Laurel-
Donation in lieu of flowers vale, Gertie Hodgen, was buried on February
16th following a service in St Mark’s, Portadown.
On February 26th, the funeral took place of Ja-
We gratefully acknowledge £1000 in mem- son Bariskill, son of Stephen and Sandra.
ory of the late Gerald Kerr, our former We remember in our prayers all those who are
treasurer and choir master grieving

Contacting the
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A magazine should be available for every parish household. Most are hand-
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Please do not lift a magazine from the porch if you also have it delivered. If your
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