Moderator s Guideline

Legend Italic:: Spoken statements.

* Questions (and sub-questions) require a count. ^Count must be followed by short explanation.
Segment 1: Introduction:

Introduce yourself and thank the participants: o Thank you for volunteering your time. My name is ____ and I ll be moderating our discussion today.

Segment 2: Purpose
o o o o o

We re here for an hour today to find out what is important to you in your grocery shopping decisions. I m only here to help the discussion along, don t worry about saying the wrong or right thing. Please just share all your thoughts and opinions with me. With your help, we ll keep the discussion within the time frame. So to start off, please introduce yourselves by name, and we can begin with the first round of questions.

Segment 3: Project Detail:
o o

This project is for a brand of basmati rice. We will be asking you questions about your habits in buying rice, why you formed those habits, and when you change them.

Segment 4: General Rice Buying Behaviour: 1. 2. 3. 4. Is rice a large part of your groceries? What package size of rice do you usually buy? How much do you end up spending on rice per month? How often in a month do you buy rice? a. How quickly does this purchase get used up? b. Is rice the main part of every meal? Or of the majority of your meals?


5. Are you the main decision-maker when it comes to buying rice? If not, who else decides or helps you decide? a. A spouse? b. An in-law? c. Children s preferences? d. Domestic help? Get consensus and restate it Segment 5: Vendor Information 6. What are your favourite vendors of rice? a. Do buy all your groceries from the same vendor? Do you buy them at the same time? b. Did you choose this vendor because of the rice selection? c.

* Get consensus Would you change vendors if one offered a better rice brand. *^ Get consensus and
restate the consensus

7. What other reasons do you have for selecting this vendor?


a. Location b. Price Competitiveness c. Service quality d. Long time association 8. Regardless of your regular store, which store do you believe has the highest quality rice?

Segment 6: Brand Associations with Rice 9. Do you purchase mainly unbranded or branded rice? consensus 10. What are the brands of rice you can most easily remember right now? a. Why do you think you can remember these names?

* Get consensus and restate the

11. When you buy rice, do you care about: i. Branding? *^ ii. Do you prefer imported rice over local? If so, then why? iii. Do you even notice brand names on rice packs? iv. Do you feel that branded rice is always the same in quality? v. Do you think branded rice is higher in price? vi. Do you believe this price is fair? 12. Would you pay more for a branded rice if you believed it was higher in quality?


a. How much more would you pay? Get consensus and restate the consensus b. Would you change stores? Get consensus and restate the consensus 13. What are your favourite brands of rice? 14. Regardless of whether you purchase branded or unbranded rice, a. How long have you been purchasing it? b. What makes them your favourite?

* Get consensus and restate the consensus

i. Quality? ii. Price? iii. Availability? iv. Price? v. Familiarity 15. If you feel your favourite is of a higher quality, what makes this brand s quality better than others?


16. 17. 18. 19.

a. Grain length? b. Aroma? c. Cooking Result? d. Colour? What do you think is missing in your preferred brand of rice? What is the most important attribute in purchasing rice? Can you recall any advertisements associated with rice? What makes them memorable?

20. Do the ads change your perception of the rice?


21. If you had to describe these ads as a person, what would that person be like? 22. If you had to describe rice as a person, what would they be like?

Segment 7: Quality Associations with Rice: 23. When you buy rice, do you care about: a. Quality? i. How do you measure the quality of rice?

ii. Do you use the same quality rice for all cooking? For example, do you use the same rice for biryani as you do for khichri and kheer?


iii. Is a higher quality enough to make you a repeated customer of the same rice?


b. Packaging (Size and Type) i. What size of packaging do you prefer? ii. Does your size preference depend on how much you will use? For example, will you buy more of the same size if you use more, or will you switch to a larger size package? iii. What type of packaging do you prefer? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Simply sack Sack with handle Sack with zip and handle Resealable and reusable sack Jar-style


iv. What other factors do you think are affected by packaging?


1. Purity? 2. Price? 3. Freshness? 4. Quality? 24. Suppose you had the chance to create a perfect pack of rice. What would it be like in terms of the following: a. Packaging b. Branding c. Availability d. Quality e. Price Segment 8: Conclusion:
y y y y y y

At this point, please make any final comments that you may have omitted in the discussion earlier. That marks the end of our focus group today. Thank you for participating. Please ask any questions you need to ask. Again, be assured of the confidentiality of your responses. The information you ve provided not only helps in academics, but will be used to create a superior product for you.

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