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Trng : THCS Hip Phc

: Anh Vn


Grade: 8

Full name:
Class: .


I/ Listen and write True(T) or False(F): (1.0)

1. Nams mother is going to cook dinner tonight.
2. Nams mother will be home before dinner.


3. The rice is in the cupboard.


4. Nam ought to go to the supermarket to buy some meat and fruits.


II/ Chose the best words to fill in the blanks: (2.0)

1.You are not allowed to go _____ the movie theater without paying.
a. outside
b. inside
c. upstairs
d. downstairs
2. I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet. At last they killed _______.
a. together
b.each other
c. themselves d. them.
3. There are many dark clouds in the sky. I think it ________.
a. is going to rain b. will rain c.would rain d. is raining
4. The cat is _______ to catch the mouse.
a. enough fast b. fast enough d. enough
5. My father _______ us to the zoo when he was alive.
a. use to take b. used to taking c. used to take d.was used to taking
6. We ought ______ the wardrobe in the corner opposite the bed.
a. put
b. to push
c. to put
d. to push
7. It is dangerous to let children _______ in the kitchen.
a. play
b. to play
c. playing
d. to playing
8. You can see a lot of famous paintings in this________
a. service
b. invention
c. demonstration d. exhibition
III/ Supply the correct form or tense of the verbs in parentheses: (1.0)
1. Alexander Graham Bell ________ (introduce) the telephone in 1876.
2. Would you like _______ (leave) a message?
3. Every student was very _______ (excite) about the holiday.
4. Last summer, Trang (go)_______ to Hue to visit her relatives.
IV. Supply the correct form of the words in paretheses: (1.0)

1. Though Hoa and Han are twins. They have _______ characters. (difference)

2. Lan has a lot of friends because she is very _______ . (friend)

3. My mother is generous. I like his ________ (generous)
4. Ao Dai is the _______ costume in Vietnam. (tradition)
V/Choose the words or phrases that are not correct: (0.5)
1.He is enough strong to carry the heavy luggage.
2. My brother are going to study in New York next month.
VI. Read the passage then check True (T) or False (F): (1.0)
This is my close-friends picture. They are Phong, Hoa, Lan and Nam. Only Phong is
from Ha Noi. He is very generous and humorous. Nam is not as tall as Phong but he is
very sporty and helpful. He has been the badminton champion for years at his school. Lan
is the oldest but the smallest. She is Hoas relative sister. She is kind and hard-working.
She is good at both Mathematic and English. The last one is Hoa. She has long hair with
beautiful eyes but a little bit reserved and shy in public.
1.Phong is tallest.
2. Hoa is sociable and shy and the oldest among the four.
3. Lan has curly hair and beautiful eyes.
4. Nam is very helpful.
VII. Fill in the blanks with given words: (1.5)
Toan is a student and he (1) ______ in a bed-sit in a suburb of Ho Chi Minh. Its a part of an
old house. He has one room and a kitchen and (2)_____ a bathroom with three other
people. (3)_____ his room, there is a bed on the left hand side. There is (4)____ armchair
beside the bed. The desk is (5)____ the bed and there is a closet on the right side of the
room. Above the desk, there is a (6)_____ and above the bed there is a clock. Toan likes
his room very much.
1. a. live
b. lives
c. will live
d. is going to live
2. a. shares
b. has
c. puts
d. takes
3. a. At
b. On
c. In
d. Inside
4. a. a
b. an
c. the
d. some
5. beneath
b. above
c. between
d. opposite
6. a. bookshelf
b. chair
c. oven
d. refrigerator
VIII / Rewrite these sentences so that the meaning stays the same (2.0)
1.Mark is too young to ride his bike to school.
Mark isnt__________________________________________________________________
2. The girl is very intelligent.
What _____________________________________________________________________

3. Her hair is long and black

She has

4. I lived on a farm once, I dont live any more.

I used _______________________________________________________________

The End