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A Chapter of the United Ostomy Association, Inc.

OFF1CERS President:

Paul Rossi

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dennis Fila Alice Scarborough Ginny Gross Lyn Rowell

Vice President Guy Lupero Secretary Wilamae Day Treasurer Stan Baker Youth Rally Coordinator Immediate Past President

OSTOMY ADVISERS: Irene Repka, RN, BS, CWOCN Michelle Perkins, RN, BS. Mary Lou Thomas, RN, BA, CWOCN February 2010 Circulation: 325

DIRECTOR EMIRITUS Volume 36 Membership 110


Number 4



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February 4, 2010 * To be Announced


FUTURE MEETINGS March 4, 2010 * To be Announced

Note: Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, at 7:30pm in room A on the 7th floor of the new Health Science Building. See pag.e4 for directions. If AA County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, there will be no meeting.

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to ~O",n!- ~Of,f,7' bLe~~i~~.



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The Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Ostomy Association, Inc. (AACOA) is a non-profit, volunteerbased organization dedicated to providing reassurance and emotional support for people who have had or will have some kind of ostomy surgery, such as a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy (urinary diversion) or a continent procedure. The goal of the AACOA is to provide moral support, information, and education to people with ostomies and their families and friends. A WORD OF THANKS for their constant support of our Chapter to: The American Cancer Society, especially the office in Gambrills, for essential help with our newsletter; and Anne Arundel Medical Center for providing rooms for our regular meetings and special events. We appreciate their support and assistance.
NOTICES COMMITTEE CHAIRS Visiting Hospitality Refreshments Program Sunshine Newsletter Membership Library Finance

Wilamae Day Alice Scarboroughl Lyn Rowell, Stan Baker Stan Baker


The display,description, demonstration distribution or of products our meetings, in the newsletter, by the at or or recommendation member f ourAssociation, ofa o doesnot

constitute anendorsement ofthatproduct bytheMCOA..
OSTOMYADVISORS FORSTOMAHELP We are fortunate to have available the services of Enterostomal Therapy Nurses servingour localarea:



oftheAAeOA:---Your own""doctororE'T nurseprovides medical dvicethat is a
bes~for you.

CONSULT YOUR DOCTORor ET Nurse beforeusinaany productsor methods publishedin the MCO newsletter sugoested a member or bv

To consultwith one of them,a physician's referral is necessaryand a fee will be charged.Callfor an appointment. BALTIMORE ASHINGTONOSPITAL W H CarolCanada RN,BSN,CWOCN 410-787-4578 ANNE ARUNDEL MEDICAL CENTER IreneB.Repka RN,BS,CWOCN Michelle Perkins, RN,BS KellyHeffron, SN,CWOCN B 443-481-5508

Itemsfrom this newsletter ay be m reprinted otherostomy in newsletters, provided propercreditis givenas to source ofmaterial. If you do not wish to receiveour newsletter, leaseinitial and return p the mailingcoverwith the address attached. If you need a ride to one of our meetings,call one of the officers listedon thefrontpage. Wewill do ourbesttoarrange ride. a

WilliamA. Cassidy,MD John E. Danneberger. D M L. DeanHoover,MD J. StephenLattimer,MD DavidE. Matteson,MD - Stephen Proshan, Mo DavidStrobel,MD RobinM. Ullanow,MD DouglasDykman,MD GinaMassogliaMD EdwardZagula,MD

Statements, articles and comments printed in this newsletter are general information and not printed with any particular individual as the focus.

PrivateConsultants Joan M.Sullivan, RN, NA, WOCN MAS, C C 410-932-7312
MaryLouThomas,RN, BA, CWOCN 410-255-1149

Please advise us,in advance possible, anyaddress if of changes.Thiswillhelpkeepourmailing I' list current ndsavethechaptereturn a r postage andaddress correctionosts c ~


February 2010

The Rambling Rosebud


- -.-- - -,- - PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE A belated Happy New Year to all. First of all, I want to thank all of you for your support and prayers during my surgery and recovery. All went well and I continue my recovery. As I have heard others say, my ostomy was the least of my problems. This may be hard for someone with a recent ostomy to believe, but it has been true it my case. I also learned something new (for me) even after 30 plus years with an ostomy. After my surgery, which was on my neck, I was unable to stand and look down to change my appliance. I "learned" that I could sit and use a mirror to change it. You can teach an old dog new

- -Without the support of individuals and organizations, FOW-USAwould not have had the ostomy products or the financial capability to provide this aid. We do not know how soon more aid will be needed in Haiti or where the next crisis might be. You can help us to be prepared to provide help where ever it might be needed by sending supplies to restock our shelves and financial support to pay for the shipping costs. Thanks for whatever role you have played in getting FOW-USA to be in position to provide this support.



I want to especially thank Guy Lupero, Stan Baker, Lyn Rowell, Irene Repka, and Wilamae Day for all their hard work keeping everything going in my absence. They did this in addition to the other work they do all year for this Association. Again, my thanks to all of you. I hope to see all of you at our next meeting. A letter from the FOW-USA
This was provided to us by Stan Baker who has given

ANNAPOLIS,..,.. .,.
1,-, t:J.

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Walkers-Mobility Devices Ostomy- Incontinence Supplies Bathroom Safety Aids Nebulizers- Blood Pressure Equipment Hospital Beds
':' . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . '.

extensive support to the FOW - Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

. WE BilL MEDICARE FOR YOU! . . . . . . .............................................. .
~ ~

Greetings Board Members and Past Board Members, The Haitian people are dealing with the worst catastrophe in their lifetime. They need water, food, security and medical care. FOW-USA was able to respond quickly to a request for ostomy supplies. Thanks to the volunteers in Louisville, Yusen shippers and the Catholic Medical Mission Board, who have an organization in Haiti to ensure the supplies to get where they are needed, three pallets of ostomy supplies are on the way to Haiti.

Members of the Anne Arundel Co. Ostomy AssociationReceive 10% OFF!




117 Gibralter Ave Annapolis, MD 21.401 www.annaQolishealthcare.com



" Fe bruary 2010
.,..-,. ~.- _.. '.,. ..'>.. -


The Rambling Rosebud
"-- -"~----""""~'"

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FUTURE MEETINGS Room A on the 7th floor of the Health Science Building. February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4, December 2 Parking is available behind the Health Science building and can be accessed via Jennifer Road or Medical Parkway. The Building is right next door to the Sajak Building.

~ ~ C>

1,,-:; "'~ICJ Adm~"101

... '< .~ q

~j~ /\ ~q %~~ v,

'" ,'i,p" c!"'!'on~ p

Anne A'un<ie' Modica' Center

-,., ,,0 je~' ~ ?J'5t

J.,mIleI Rd..


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~ c" t&fJQ ~~~~'?9~ ~ .l <:! ,,\~J' ~f§3 " "





Helghls fj '"


Directionsto AA Medical Center


From Annapolis and the Eastern Shore: Take Route 50 West to Jennifer Road exit I (Exit 23A). Go through the traffic light onto Medical Parkway. From Baltimore: Take 1-97 South to Route 50 East, to Parole exit (Exit 23). Turn right ..JEt~~~~t ~treet then]igl!.t2~to JemIifer Road. Go approximately one mile, and turn left at traffic light onto Medical Parkway. From Washington DC: Take Route 50 East to Parole exit (Exit 23). Turn right onto West Street then right onto Jennifer Road. Go approximately one mile, and turn left at traffic light onto Medical Parkway. Alternate to 1-97 from CroftoniOdenton area - Take 178 South through Crownsville towards Annapolis. Turn left on Bestgate Road and then right on Medical Parkway. REMEMBER!!! The entrance to the medical center is FROM THE THIRD FLOOR OF THE PARKING GARAGE. Once inside the
building you will be on its second floor

BOARD MEETINGS - 7:30pm For those serving on the board, the board meetings will be on: March 15, May 17, September 20, and November 15.

EMPIRE MEDICAL BUILDING 200 Hospital Drive Glen Bumie, MD 21061

10% discount on ostomy supplies and prescriptions for members of A.A. Co. Ostomy Association .:. We bill Medicare and Blue Cross for you .:.




the elevators inside up to the 7thfloor. When leaving, take the elevator the second floor and go through the doors onto the third floor of the parking garage.

Monday through Friday 8:30am to6pm OpenSaturdays amtoNoon 9
BillingDepartment MondaythroughFriday9amto 4:30pm




February 2010


The Rambling Rosebud


--- -- --

-~ -


- ~- - - -



Frequently Asked Questions
Via Green Bay Area Ostomy

Is it AIwavs Necessarv to Use Sealant On Mv Skin? Via Inside Out & GB News Review You should try applying your pouch without this product a few times to see if you really need it. Some people get excellent wear time without using sealant. Others may find it improves skin health and pouch adhesion. Skin sealants such as Skin Prep by Smith & Nephew Skin Gel Wipes by Hollister, Allkare by Convatec and Bard Skincare Protective Film are available in different forms, such as small wipes, sprays or applicator bottles. These products contain a plastering agent as their main ingredient and are used to provide a think protective film on the skin during appliance removal. It also acts as moisture barrier. For people with dry skin, the film actually improves appliance adhesion. Skin sealants also contain variable amounts of isopropyl alcohol. Because of the alcohol content of the sealant, bUrning and stinging often occur when the sealant is applied to damaged skin. Therefore; skin barrier powder should be used rather than a skin sealant on irritated skin. It is also important to know that skin sealants may not be recommended for use under certain skin barriers. The protective film may reduce the adherence of the barrier.

Q. I have successfully used the same product for years. Isthere any reason I should change?
A. There have been many advances in ostomy technology and features that make the products more comfortable, convenient and discreet. Also, if you have not seen your woe (ET) Nurse in a while, this may be the time to get a check up and check out new products.

Q. I haven't made any changes, but for some reason my pouch is not lasting as long as it used to. Am I doing something wrong? A. Not necessarily. One common explanation is that your body may have changed. As we age, our skin becomes less firm and the pouching system may not fit the same way to the skin. You may also have developed a hernia around the base of the stoma, which could change the way your product fits and decreasewear time. Q. The nurse gave me some powder to use on the skin around my stoma. Should I keep using . ~? A. Usually the powder treats a specific skin problem. Once your skin is healed and intact, stop using the powder. If you have any questions, contact your healthcare professional.

The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it is such a nice change from being young. Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.

Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today, it's called golf.



(Wishing cqPou a:CffJ* & c#eappp&a!! CffJtJason

-'- --=~-~ -.





10%Off An-yf urchase*
'Not applicabl~on it~m5bill~dthrough in5uranc~. Applicabl~ to Out ot F'ock~t purcha5~5 onl.';!.


- --+.


~- ~

Carrying Ostomy, Fistula and Wound Supplies By The Following Manufacturers

Bard " Blairex '" BSN Jobst" Colo-MfJiic" Coloplast " Convatec " Cymed " Hollister Marlen '" Medline" MolnlyckeWoundCare '" MontrealOstomy'" Nu-Hope " Osto-Fresh PetmaType" Smith&Nephew" SafeN'Simple " StomaCareLaboratories" Torbot " 3M

A..ustln 9!2hrmncmp olfodioal GrJuppljdf &'
6729 qom* 00.Jad
CS&r!tzinortJ,e:A(aq;hnd (pJ 27212

~J 0-311-S300

[!J .If J 0-311-S302

Austln Y!?hi'i!7l1af{p &' cM'edil%il OfJuppba if C6l1wl1ientlp h«dM IPxlrdaps, ewe mile seuth tfrclJlPsel1 OfJaturdaps. 'li3l1iwrsltp.

@!)ur bllflniZS hellJj are J am

- 6' pm

iIl1d J «.m - 2 pm



( I



February 2010

The Rambling Rosebud

-.. ---. -..

-.-- - How Does Fiber Affect IIeostomates?

-- - '-

--- --,

By Kay Peck, Registered Dietician

Whether or not to include fiber, and to what extent, should be based on the ileostomate' s tolerance of foods. The intestine has a remarkable capacity to adapt. Matter digested food in the small intestine is quite watery, and after it moves in the larger intestine, a good portion of the water is reabsorbed into the body. Most fiber is indigestible material (from plants) hat acts like a sponge, soaking up water and increasing the bulk of the intestinal contents making water move through the system preventing constipation and keeping a person regular". This is the main function of fiber. Another theory about fiber is that it promotes mucosal growth, thus keeping intestines healthier, promoting gut function. Usually a person without a colon (ileostomy) doesn't have a problem with constipation, and may have mostly watery stools or diarrhea. Again, over time, a person may adapt, especially if the last section of the bowel (ileum) is still intact. So, consuming too much fiber, or too much "insoluble" fiber, may aggravate a person's diarrhea or watery stools. If this is the case, limiting insoluble fiber (bran, popcorn hulls, seeds, nuts, skin/stringy parts of fruit and vegetables) may be helpful. However, another type of fiber is soluble and may be beneficial. to the ileostomate. The function of soluble fiber is to make intestinal contents "thicker" and can prevent diarrhea. This fiber is found in oatmeal, barley, fried beans, peas, Metamucil and in the pulp of fruits and vegetables. Most foods have a combination of both types of fiber, but the above examples show the difference. Note from the Author: I worked with a lady

colon and a significant part of her small bowel had been removed She found that adding pectin (Certo used to makejelly) in applesauce, to her diet daily helped to minimize diarrhea. Flu Season and You Tips From Here and There
By:: The New Outlook, Chicago's North Suburban Chapter UOA&Jacksonville Mailbag.

Once again winter is upon us, and you know that means a risk of the Flu. It's best to be prepared and know what to do. For new ostomates, this could be a time of real concern and a new experience in coping, for flu not only brings on headaches, muscle aches and pains, and upset stomach. That "bogeyman" for the ostomate, diarrhea, often occurs. Whether induced by flu or other causes, diarrhea can present a serious challenge to ostomates. Vomiting must also be taken seriously because of the risk of dehydration. The first advice for any person--ostomate or not--suffering flu is: always drink plenty of liquids and get proper rest! By all means, call your doctor if either vomiting or diarrhea symptoms are severe and continuing. Ostomates must take special care not to take medicine for pain or a laxative without a doctor's order. That goes for antibiotics, too! Antibiotics have no effect on a virus but do kill bacteria, both friendly and unfriendly, and can change the proper balance of normal bacteria in the colon, if you still have one. Disturbing this balance can actually bring on or exacerbate diarrhea. Your diet will change during flu, but during recovery, adopt a fiber- free diet at first, gradually moving to a regular, normal diet. Prompt attention to symptoms of colds and flu should bring to each of us a happy and hopefully healthy winter season. Now to


who had a short bowel syndrome - all of her


February 2010 the specific tips ostomate: for each

The Rambling Rosebud

,.~-",,' '" ,-, -", -, -" ,



same general instructions without ostomies. Tips of the month
from www.sgvmedical.com Via The Bypass Raleigh NC

as for persons

The colostomate with diarrhea would be wise not to irrigate, for nature is actually doing the job. After the diarrhea stops, the colon will be sluggish for a few days, so leave it alone a little longer. Give the colon a chance to return to normal before resuming



Carry an extra supply of "security" pouches. Editors note: I customarily wear a closed appliance, but when diarrhea strikes, I wear a drainable bag until the siege is over. My diet during stomach flu is hot tea, ginger ale and pretzels. Drugs or certain foods can cause constipation in colostomates recovering from flu, or at any other time, but this can be prevented by drinking plenty of fluids. Diarrhea can present an even greater problem to the ileostomate. Besides an excess of discharge, the ileostomate will - ,~ '"'i , ,,~'" ~ suffer loss or electrolytes and vitamins necessary to maintaining good health. You may experience thirst, slowly rising fever, weakness, mental fuzziness, and reduced urine output. Drinking plenty of fluids will increase urine output and will not cause increased water discharge through the appliance during colds or flu. More serious results could be muscle contractions, abdominal distention, lack of alertness, and, in extreme cases, convulsions. The ileostomate must restore electrolyte balance as soon as possible; Eliminate solid foods. Regain lost potassium by drinking tea, Gatorade, bouillon, ginger ale, and plenty of water. Regain lost sodium by eating saltine crackers or salted pretzels. .The urostomate should take special care to keep electrolytes in balance and follow the

Remember to allow 1/8" - 1/16" between the edge of the stoma and the opening in the wafer (skin barrier). Too large an opening may expose skin to stool or urine content. Too small an opening may cause lacerations due to rubbing of the pouch or skin barrier. Lengthy sitting in one place can force the pouch contents upward around the stoma and cause leakage. Getting up occasionally will help. Put toilet paper in the toilet bowl before emptying your pouch to 'prevent splashing.
Hints,Suggestions, ndTipsfromthe By-Pass, a RaleighNC To keepupwith yourfluid intake,havean 8 ounce glassof water,juice or sodaeachtimeyouempty your pouch.Thiswill helpyouto avoiddehydration. JaneFellows If youuse a 2 piecepouchingsystem,before snappingthe pouchon theflange,applya littlebitof babyoil to the ringof the flange;this will allowthe two piecesto snaptogetherwithease.Leanne Richbourg KeepCharminwipes,cut in half,to cleanoutthe bottomof the pouch.I travelwitha boxandkeepa boxin the bathroom. onnieSessums B

EatMexican salsaBEFORE 4:00pm.!!!!!!! Frank Ricciutti Ifyouhaveanileostomy, check withyourdoctor before taking timedrelease orextended release medications. Sinceyoudon'thavea largeintestine, these medsmaynotbeabsorbed fully,and therefore maynottakefulleffect. ennifer igdon J H ,

,.. .



~' """

February 2010
..~' <-~<---,-,

The Rambling Rosebud

"-,, 0,._- '-"'-'-'-,-'---"'-'-"

"WARNING: MRI Scans May Burn Patients

Wearing Transdermal Drug Patches"
The April 2009 issue of Public Citizen Health Research Group's Health Letter, Vol. 25, No.4, carried a significant warning to those who wear transdermal drug patches. "On March 5, 2009, the FDAsent a public health warning to patients and doctors that transdermal drug patches containing metal may overheat during a MRI scan, causing skin burns." Approximately one third of the 60 kinds of trans dermal patches on the market may contain metal which is not always visible. Some do not carry a warning. If you wear a transdermal patch, there are some ways to help protect yourself.

the patch to determine if it contains metal. . If you have to remove the patch, find out if it can be reapplied or has to be replaced. Tell the MRI facility that you wear a transdermal patch when you schedule an appointment. At the time of the appointment, remind the staff that you wear a trans dermal patch. In the article, the authors presented a chart which listed about half of the 60 kinds of patches, but they did not indicate which ones contained metal. As with everything else in the world of ostomies, check with you doctor or WCONfor guidance.


Checkwith your doctor who prescribed

. .

Thanks to Stan Baker for passing this on.

Join the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Ostomy Association, Inc. The Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Ostomy Association, Inc. (AACOA) is a volunteer-based association dedicated to providing education, information, support, and advocacy to people who have had or will have intestinal or urinary dIversions. Members receive The Rambling Rosebud montWy. Complete the form and send it with your check for $15.00 made payable to AACOA c/o Stan Baker 958 Fall Ridge Way Gambrills, MD 21054-1454 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Ostomy Association - Membership - Please Print Last name Address City Telephone E-mail Kind of ostomy: colostomy ileostomy urostomy other (please identify) , State Age ZIP Gender First name Initial

I would like to help with the following committee(s) or activities: ( ) finance () hospitality () library () membership () newsletter ( ) program () refreshments ( ) sunshine () visiting





P.o. BOX 847 GAMBRILLS, MD 21054
Forwarding and Return Postage Guaranteed Return Service Requested






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