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The Student Enrollment


Introduction to the Muhammad University of Islam Forum
"You have a lesson that is given to you in Islam called and titled: 'Student Enrollment'.
You must know the answers to those questions before ever you will be permitted into the
Hereafter. There are ten questions. Why are there ten? Because we have ten questions in
the Universe, originally, that we must look forward to for our support of living in the
Universe in this sun. Understand what we are to know about what we are in. The
Universe, the Big Ten. That is our Lesson: The Universe. This is the wisdom that we must
acquire in order to be called an educated person in the house that we live in.
"We don't have anything that we study that didn't come out of the Universe. We are
representing ourselves as the University of Islam because we are in the Universe of
Islam. Some people look down on us and think that we don't know what we are talking
about by calling our little school a University. We teach of the Universe of the Sun, Moon
and Stars. You don't know the house that you live in.
"The ten questions that you are given, you must answer before ever you can be admitted
to real lessons: to Lesson No. 1, Lesson No. 2 and so on up. These Lessons are loaded
with wisdom and you must learn what is in those lessons if you want to get to Heaven."
[Messenger Elijah Muhammad -Theology of Time]
"I am for acquiring of knowledge or the accumulating of Knowledge - as we now call it Education. First, my people must be taught the Knowledge of Self. Then and only then
will they be able to understand others and that which surrounds them. Anyone who does
not have a Knowledge of Self is considered a victim of either amnesia or
unconsciousness and is not very competent. The lack of Knowledge of Self is a prevailing
condition among my people here in America. Gaining the Knowledge of Self makes us
unite into a great unity. Knowledge of Self makes you take on the great virtue of learning.
"Many people have attempted to belittle or degrade my followers by referring to them as

unlettered or unschooled. They do this to imply that the believers in Islam are ignorant. If
such a claim were so, then all the more credit should be given for our striving for selfelevation with so little. But truth represents itself and stands by itself. No followers, nor
any other people are more zealous about the acquiring of knowledge than my followers.
Throughout the Holy Qur'an, the duty of a Muslim to acquire knowledge is spelled out.
"My people should GET AN EDUCATION which will benefit their own people and not
an education adding to the 'storehouse' of their teacher. WE NEED EDUCATION, but an
education which removes us from shackles of slavery and servitude. GET AN
EDUCATION, but not an education which leaves us in an inferior position and without a
future. GET AN EDUCATION, but not an education that leaves us looking to the slavemaster for a job.
"EDUCATION for my people should be where our children are off to themselves for the
first 15 or 16 years in classes separated by sex. Then they should seek HIGHER
EDUCATION without the danger of losing respect for self or seeking to lose their
identity. No people strive to lose themselves among other people except the so-called
American Negroes. This they do because of their lack of Knowledge of Self.
"We should acquire an EDUCATION where our people will become better students than
their teachers. GET AN EDUCATION which will make our people produce jobs for Self
and will make our people willing and able to Do for Self. GET AN EDUCATION, but
one which will instill the idea and desire to get something of your own, a country of your
own and jobs of your own.
"I WANT AN EDUCATION for my people that will let them exercise the right of
freedom. We are 100 years up from slavery. We are constantly told that we are free. Why
can't we take advantage of that freedom? I WANT AN EDUCATION for my people that
will elevate them. Why should we always be lying at the gate begging for bread, shelter,
clothing, and jobs if we are free and educated? Do not get an education just to set it up as
some useless symbolic monument to the Black man in the Western Hemisphere. WE
NEED AN EDUCATION that eliminates division among us. ACQUIRE AN
EDUCATION that creates unity and makes us desire to be with our own.
"The acquiring of knowledge for our children and ourselves must not be limited to the
three R's - 'reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic. It should instead include the history of the
Black Nation, the Knowledge of Civilization of Man and the Universe and all the
"We must instill within our people the desire to learn and then use that learning for self.
We must be obsessed with getting the type of education we may use toward the elevation
and benefit of our people - when we have such people among us, we must make it
possible for them to acquire this wealth which will be beneficial and useful to us. Our
children should be trained in our own schools, not dropped into the schools of the enemy
where they are taught that whites have been and forever will be the world rulers.

"........We refused to let the children take their first courses in the public schools, although
the high school children in their upper teens could do so. But let us shape our children
"One of the attributes of Allah, the All-Wise God, Who is the Supreme Being, is
KNOWLEDGE. KNOWLEDGE is the result of learning and is a force of energy that
makes its bearer accomplish or overcome obstacles, barriers and resistance. In fact, God
means possessor of power and force. The EDUCATION my people need is that
KNOWEDGE, the attribute of God, which creates power to accomplish and make
progress in the good things or the righteous things. We have tried other means and ways
and we have failed.
[Messenger Elijah Muhammad - Message to the Black Man]
What The Muslims Want
#9. We want an equal education but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on
the condition the girls be sent to women's colleges and universities. We want all black
children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.
Under such schooling system we believe we will make a better nation of people. THE
Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train their people in the way of
righteousness, decency and respect.
There are three options of schooling open to us today:
(a) the public schools which are mental and spiritual death traps for our children
(b) charter schools which are public schools but have enough autonomy in terms of
curriculum and faculty to be almost independent
(c) private or parochial schools such as Muhammad University of Islam which offers the
most in potential for the best education
We desperately need Muhammad University of Islam schools in the Black communities
across America. There are thousands of small independent Muslim schools in America.
Most are supported financially by the parents of the students and have business and
religious organizational support and sponsorship.
The Sister Clara Muhammad schools are the former Muhammad University of Islam
schools taken over by the World Community of al-Islam in the West as it was then known

and headed by the Messenger's son Wallace D. Muhammad (Imam Warith Deen
Mohammed). Many of these schools are still in operation because they have the financial
support of their respective communities.
The Muhammad University of Islam does not have the same fortune because the
leadership of the Nation of Islam did not put a priority on education as the orthodox
Muslims do. Therefore the M.U.I. fell into demise over the years. Just think about that!
The school system that Allah came and set up has fallen into a comatose state.
We must take the necessary steps to revive and resurrect the Muhammad University of
Islam in whatever city we reside. Some of the communities do not have the necessary
financial support to establish and maintain an independent school system. This is a
Some of the most enlightened people in America visit this SEVENTHFAM forum daily.
If it is going to happen it must start with this SEVENTHFAM community of Believers
and supporters. WE must put our faith into works. Faith without works go for naught says
the Holy Qur'an. If we take the first step, Master Fard Muhammad will take the next. For
every one step we take WALKING toward Him, He promises He will take two or more
steps RUNNING toward us. Sounds like a good deal to me.
The purpose of this Muhammad University of Islam Forum is to coordinate the
establishment of two types of school and education opportunities for the Black children
in America. One will be superior in content and quality to the other. The two types of
schools are the charter school and the Muhammad University of Islam.
We want ALL of our children. With the Muhammad University we have absolute control
over the entire operation; whereas with the charter school we still have control over the
school and its operation but not as much as a private independent school.
With the charter school you can operate one in a community for kindergarten thru 6th
grade with approximately 300 children with a state (USA government- your tax money)
funded annual budget of $1.5 to $2 million. This money is for the facility, payroll,
supplies and insurance.
We can operate charter schools for students whose parents, for whatever reason, will not
put their children in any private school setting due to cost of tuition, political or
ideological reasons. Because of this reasoning or financial circumstances of the parents,
the children suffer because they are sent to regular public schools and are stunted for the
rest of their lives in a decadent school system. If this was in one particular community, it
would not be so bad. The solution would be easier. But we are facing a nation wide crisis
in education. American white children are in crisis in the schools. We are in a worst
For those communities that can operate a Muhammad University of Islam, all praise is
due to Allah. You are supremely blessed by Allah in the name of His Messsenger Elijah

Muhammad. This forum. by the Will of Allah and His Messenger will support you with
the resources at out disposal.
Religious organizations can establish a charter school. However, the school charter must
ensure that the charter school is "nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, and
employment practices and all other operations."
So for a University of Islam to be independent it must be able to support itself. It cannot
be operated in such a way that teachers and staff go for weeks with no paychecks. Repairs
like leaking ceilings and deteriorating infrastructure go in disrepair for months due to a
lack of funds for repair and maintenance. This causes discontent among the staff and
faculty, which passes on to the student and eventually in short time, to the parents and
then to the outer community at large. The school begins to show wear and tear on the
outside and no longer has an appeal to excellence. We must always remember that
perception is 90% reality in the mind of the average person.
Whatever we do as Muslims, our leader, teacher and guide, the Messenger of Allah,
instructs us to always show big - in other words make big for our people. Always have
the best to offer. The same must apply to our Muhammad University of Islam schools.
By the Will of Allah, Who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all
praise is forever due, We will provide the technical support needed for any school to
successfully operate and produce students who are of the caliber presented and expected
by our Messenger. Whatever kind of school you desire to establish in your community
you now have all the expertise and encouragement to make your desire a reality.
We expect that the Muhammad University of Islam function as the best of other schools
in civilized society. We will offer administrator and teacher training on this forum. The
information presented is information and guidance for success in all types of schools public and private. This information has been successfully presented over the years in
teacher training workshops and principal training settings as well. It has been tried and
proven to be successful in use by this minister in the professional capacity of teacher and
school principal.
We pray Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, in the name of His Messenger Elijah
Muhammad to bless us with our very small efforts to establish educational institutions to
gather our children under one roof and direct the course of their lives toward the
Knowledge of Self, Freedom, Justice , Equality, Money, Good Homes and Universal
Friendship in All Walks of Life.
Please visit this forum often. It will contain information that you need just as a parent
with children in school or about to enter. It is information you need to know to stay on
top of the traditional schools where your children attend. You need to know this
information to better protect your child. To not know this information after being given
the opportunity to do so is tantamount to child abuse. The children cannot protect
themselves. It is our duty to do so.

Get together with other Believers or supporters in your area and get started. Allah will
greatly and abundantly Bless you for your efforts. He has already prepared Us with what
we need to help you and ourselves to go for Self. This is the Time we are in and this is the
Duty of the Hour. Schools are the foundation of the golden road to the Hereafter. Trust Us
in trusting Allah and His Messenger.
Post your questions. If you have children in school you have to have questions or
expressions of dissatisfaction to some degree. I know for a fact that most parents do not
understand how schools function and what their rights are as parents of students.
In the name of Allah and in the name of His Messenger,
Thank you for your support of this Muhammad University of Islam Forum.
Min. Saleem Shah