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God is our Creator and

we are a part of His


Dios es nuestro Creador y

somos una parte de Su

God is eternal,
meaning He had
no beginning and
His existence will
never end.

Dios es eterno, lo
cual significa que
no tuvo principio y
que Su existencia
nunca va a

God is unchanging. This

means that God is
absolutely reliable and

Dios es inmutable, lo cual

significa que Dios es
absolutamente digno de
confianza y fidedigno

God is omnipotent; He
is all-powerful and can
do anything.

Dios es omnipotente. Es
todopoderoso y puede
hacer todo.

God is omnipresent,
meaning He is present

Dios es omnipresente, lo
cual significa que
siempre est presente,
en todas partes.

God is omniscient,
meaning He
knows the past,
present, and
future, including
what we are
thinking at any
given moment.
Dios es
omnisciente, lo
cual significa que
conoce el pasado,
presente y futuro,
an lo que
estamos pensando
en cualquier

God is a spirit.

Dios es espritu.

I have loved you with

an everlasting love
(Jeremiah 31:3)

Con amor
eterno te he
(Jeremas 31:3)

God is love.

Dios es amor.

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