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I spent an amazing week studying Sound Therapy with Elaine Thompson on the west coast of

England, Weston Super-Mare last month with students representng Germany, Pakistan and Japan
as well as the UK.
Within the frst day's tuiton it became very clear from Elaine's vast experience dealing with her
many Sound Therapy clients over the years that numerous physical health and well-being issues
were ofen the result of current or un-dealt with emotonal issues.
Some of these 'mental' issues could go back many years, sometmes right back to early child hood
or even birth, and be buried in the back of our minds without even knowing why. Throughout our
lives we also develop mental paterns (beliefs and ideas about ourselves) and those very held
thoughts and the words we have repeatedly used have created our life and experiences up to this
very day.
It was quite a shock for me to learn about these mental/emotonal causes of physical illness. How
can your thoughts about something that happened 15 years ago manifest as a physical ailment all
these years later? Whilst it makes total sense to me that to become 'whole' and healthy we must
have a balance of the body, mind and spirit (for those spiritually inclined) but what does that mean
in reality?
To balance the body aspect we can look at nutriton, exercise and healthy sleep paterns but
balancing the mind aspect seems to present more difculty for many of us living in what can only
be described as a very stressful and complicated world at tmes.
Although technology is not readily available for us to see or measure emotons in the body right
now, every feeling you have afects some part of your body. You may have experienced feelings of
being 'sick to your stomach' when presented with situatons that produce anxiety or fear (real or
imagined), got a headache through worry, a 'hot' head through anger or heard of some poor soul
who died of a broken heart through extreme grief despite having no heart conditon at the tme.

A couple of years ago an interestng study was carried out by Finnish researchers and their results
not only showed that emotons did tend to infuence the human body but also generally
infuenced everyone in consistent ways regardless of age, sex and cultures.
You can read more about that at the following URL:

Chronic or acute paterns of some of the more negatve emotons can lead to prolonged emotonal
stress. Stress leads to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels which can then lead to
altered brain chemistry, blood sugar levels and hormonal in-balance.
When you are stressed your body also releases stress hormones like cortsol which prepares your
body to fght or fee that stressful event. Your heart rate rises, your lungs work harder, your blood
fow increases and your immune system becomes temporarily suppressed reducing your response
to pathogens and other foreign bodily invaders. If cortsol is consistently being made by the
adrenal gland, blood-sugar levels remain constantly high which can lead to illnesses such as
hypo/hyperglycemia and diabetes.
While its not possible nor even desirable to eliminate stress entrely from your life you can help
your body compensate for the bio-electrical 'short-circuitng' of an emotonal block caused by
emotonal stress by learning to deal with it in any of the variety of efcient and efectve ways
Internatonal best selling author Louise Hay produced a lovely litle book 'Heal Your Body' (ISBN
978-0-93761-135-7) which lists many probable emotonal causes for common illnesses. An
interestng read and valuable reference source to give you insight to help recover your well-being.
The spiritual aspect deserves an artcle all of its own but in the world we live in today some might
say a lot of love, acceptance and maybe forgiveness will be required to achieve that balance.
To look into the physical and emotonal aspects of YOU and further informaton about EBBA
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