I woke up the next morning with my arms around someone.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the person was Josh. I smiled to myself; he was r eally cute when he was asleep. I turned over to see the time. The clock said it was nine twenty. Josh’s arms wrapped around my bare waist and pulled me closer to him. I turned over again to face his sleeping body. I kissed him on the lips and he kissed back and held my tighter. He pulled away and smiled. “Does some one want a round two?” I smiled. “Maybe” “Well, I do” and with that he kissed me on the lips and rolled on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me. I rolled over so I was on top of him. My hands roamed his toned body as our lips moved in one. I pulled away. “I need to take a shower” I said sitting up. I picked up my clothes off the floor and sat on the bed. I had my feet hanging o ver the edge of the bed and my back was facing Josh. He crawled over to me and stared to kiss my back. He made his way up my back. He moved my hair out of the way, so he could kiss my neck. He brought me back to t he bed and got on top of me. “Here’s round three” he whispered. He crashed his lips into mine again. He moved the kiss down to my neck then to my chest. He continued going down to my stomac h and stopped at my belly button. Josh slid his tongue in my belly button as he kissed it. He made his way up again; he stopped at my chest a little bit longer, before our lips connected. Josh pulled on the hem of my underwear, then wrapped his arms around my waist, p ulling my closer. I pulled away and smiled at him. “I need a shower,” He sighed. “Fine, you can use mine” “Thank you” “Yup” he said kissing me softly. He got off of me allowing me to get out of bed. I took a quick shower and changed into the clothes from last night. I walked into Josh’s room, “hey” “Hey” he smiled at me. I realized that his hair was wet and he was in a pair of jeans. “Did you take a shower?” “Yeah, are you hungry?” “Yeah, I’ll make breakfast,” “Okay, I’ll meet you downstairs,” “Alright,” I said kissing him quickly and went down stairs. As I mixed the pancake batter I looked down at my promises ring and smiled. I’ve been doing that a lot. I never take it off. I felt someone smack my butt and wrap their arms around my waist. “I love you” Josh whispered in my ear. “I love you too” “I think I love you more” “I don’t think so” “I do” “Whatever helps you sleep at night” “Is breakfast ready?” “Yeah” Josh and I ate our breakfast at the dinning room table together. After breakfast, Josh drove my home so I could change my clothes. **** Around evening time Josh got a texted from Jerry asking if we wanted to go bowli ng. We said yes and left my house. Everyone was there waiting for us, they waved us over to their lanes. “Hey” they greeted.

“Hey” Josh man hugged hid friends and I hugged the girl, all except Cloey. “Vi, what’s your shoe size?” Josh asked. “Seven” He chuckled. “Okay” “Don’t laugh at me” “I not” he said walking away. “Okay, it’s girls against guys, whoever loses pays for ice cream” Alex said whil e typing in our names. Everyone was ready to go and the game started. Matt was first for the boys and Maya was first for the girls. **** The guys won the first round, the second round and the third round. So, us, girls have to pay for the ice cream. We walked into the ice cream parlor hand in hand with our couple. We sat down at a large U shaped booth. Josh sat next to me and I sat next to Susan, who sat next to Luke who sat next t o Jerry. Jerry sat next to Demi who sat next to Alex who sat next to Matt who sa t next to Maya who sat next to Cloey and Mike. Matt was in front of me, unfortunately, I could feel his eyes on me. Mike and Cloey were also in front of me, unfortunately, they were making out in front of everyone. It was very gross. Josh played with my hair as he talked to Jerry. I looked down at my ring and smiled. Josh must have seen me because he kissed my forehead. “I love you” he whispered. “Damn, nice rock” Demi exclaimed. “Let me see,” I smiled as I extended my hand. “Wow, from him?” she asked looking at Josh. “Yeah” I said sheepishly. “Well, he didn’t get that for twenty five cent” she said playfully glaring at Je rry who smiled at her. I laughed. “He brought you a ring for twenty five cents?” “Yeah, at the movie theater” “Hey, it was the ShopRite and you loved it. Why else would you wear it?” Jerry s aid putting his arm around her. “Whatever, all I’m saying is it would have been nice to open up a Tiffany’s box and see a diamond ring” “Yeah, whatever” “What’s happened?” Mike asked after pulling away with a goofy grin on his face. “Well if you guys stopped making out for once, you’ll know” Alex said. “Don’t be jealous” Mike and smirking. “Of who?” “Guys, chill” Susan said as the waitress came over. She was a pretty brunette with gray eyes Alex smiled as soon as he saw her. “I’m Melody, what can I get for you?” “Two oreo milkshakes” Josh said. “One banana nut sunday” Mike said “Four root beer floats” Jerry said “And a berry wild smoothie and your number” Alex said winking at her. She smiled. “Coming up and we’ll see about the number” she winked at him and wal ked away. “Dude, your not gonna get that number,” Mike laughed. “Yeah, I will” “Wanna bet?” “Yes, I do, ten bucks,” “Deal” Shortly after a few minutes Melody came back and gave everyone there order. She winked at Alex and left. “I don’t see her number anywhere, pay up”

“Not yet” After we finished our ice cream Melody came back to give us our bill. The girls and I took out our money to pay. We left the money on the table and left. “Wait,” Melody said running up to Alex. She handed him a piece of paper and kiss ed his check. “Ha, I win! Pay up” Alex said once we were out side. “Whatever” Mike grumbled taking out his wallet. Josh put his arm around my shoulders. “See you guys later” “Bye” they called to us. Josh and I walked to the park hand in hand, talking about random things. The evening slowly went turned to night and we were still in the park. I felt a rain drop fall on my cheek. I looked up at the sky as I felt my rain dr ops fall. Soon it was a down pure. “Get on” Josh said bending over so I could get on his back. “Hold on” he said once I was on his back. Josh took off running into the middle of the field. He spun me around a couple of times. Once he stopped I slid off his back and danced around the field. Josh joined me. We were singing, dancing, running and laughing in the rain. “I think we should go” Josh yelled over the rain. “Me too” “Last one to the car is a rotten egg” he yelled running toward the car. I ran af ter him. I managed to catch up to him and pass him. I hopped into the car out of breath and smiled. “I didn’t know you were that fast” Josh said getting in the car. “Yeah,” I said smugly. Josh drove me to my house so I could take a shower and change. Josh left for his house so he could also change. I quickly got dressed and ready for Josh to pick me up. **** Josh and I were cuddled on his bed watching The Game Plan/ “Why are we watching this?” Josh asked for the ninth time. “I don’t know” “I love you” “I love you too” I said kissing his cheek then turned back to the movie. “That’s all I get, what am I your uncle?” he joked. “I’m sorry, baby did you want more?” “Yeah!” “I’ll think about it” “I’ll help” he crashed his lips into my neck. “That’s not fair” I said truing my body around so I saw facing him. Our lips connected and Josh and I fell backward on the bed, with me on top of hi m. **** The next morning I was awaken by the sunlight. I rolled over and felt something missing. I opened my eyes and looked around. I couldn’t find Josh, but I did find a letter. I opened it and read it. Violet, I went to church, I was going to wake you and ask you to come, but you looked so peaceful. I’ll be back around one. Love you Josh. I smiled and pick up my clothes on the floor and changed into the extra clothes I brought.

I decided to stay at Josh’s house, since my parents are still away. I made myself breakfast and cleanup my mess. I did my homework and watched old ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes. The door bell rang somewhere around twelve o’clock. I got up and answered it. It was Matt. “Hey” I said. “Hey, what are you doing here?” “I slept over. Josh isn’t here, but you can come in,” “Thanks, I didn’t know what time he came back from church,” “He said he’ll be back around one. What are you here for?” “English Project” “Oh,” I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Matt followed me. “Hey, Violet?” “Hmm?” “About me kissing you a week or so ago. I’m sorry, but there’s something about y ou the draws me in” he was right in front of me now. He ran in fingers through m y hair. I saw his eyes flickered to my lips and I panicked. “Okay, um, I think you should leave” I said walking passed him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in front of him. “Why are you afraid of me?” “I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid of what you will do. This isn’t right” “Then why does it feel this way?” Before I could answer him he crashed his lips into mine. I didn’t kiss back right away, I was too stunned to. He backed me up against the wall and pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He took off his shirt and continued to kiss me. Matt sat me down on the small table Josh has in his kitchen. My hands roamed Matt’s body as he’s roamed mine. I abruptly stopped and pulled away. “No! We have to stop. This isn’t right. You have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend,” “Doesn’t it make this all the more fun?” he crashed his lips into mine again. I kissed back, without thinking and we picked up where we left off. Matt was about to take my shirt off when… Hoped you liked it! Vote! Comment!

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