Time has come for change in Iran:These pictures can prove it


In English and Farsi

This book is dedicated to: Mother BiBI Dor Khatoon and my Father, Morad Mohammad, who died in Balochistan when I was in exile in London.

Reza Hossein Borr London, March 2010 Email: rhosse5706@aol.com Website: www.rezaaa.com

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Acknowledgement«««««««««««««««««««««««««6 Dedication««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. 7 Instead of introduction««««««««««««««««.«««««««..8 Introduction«««««««««««««««««««««««««««.10 Raping men and women is llowed««««««««««««««««««..13 Khomeini: Hijab or scarf is not compulsory ««««««««««««««.15 Khomeini broke his promise ««««««««««««««««««««...16 Frozen Meat is alal««««««««««««««««««««««««..21 The Christian minister turned into a Muslim fanatic«««««««««««..22 Khatami and his mobile««««««««««««««««««««««..25 Now that the end is near««««««««««««««««««««««..26 A Revolution is under way in Iran««««««««««««««««««..29 The government¶s mafia does not pay $40 Billion they borrowed from Banks«..35 The government¶s mafia««««««««««««««««««««««..36 Lying and distorting the facts««««««««««««««««««««..38 Disobedience of certain elements in anti-demonstrations control police «««...39 The vice chancellor of Zanjan University rapes a student«««««««««...40 Iran is among the worst managed countries in the world««««««««««42 Karoubi¶s car was shot in Ghazvin««««««««««««««««««.43 Hezbollah of Lebanon crushes demonstrations in Iran««««««««««...44 Ali Mohammadi, nuclear exprt, was assassinated««««««««««««..47
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Emam Hossein was arrested in Tehran«««««««««««««««««49 The security forces beat the demonstrator«««««««««««««««...51 Civil agents of Iran in European countries«««««««««««««««..55 Seventeenth statement of Mosawi««««««««««««««««««...60 The demonstrators are challenging the security forces««««««««««...61 Demonstrators showed solidarity with the Iranian regime«««««««««..62 The pro-government demonstrators have looted shops and businesses««««..72 Girls for hire«««««««««««««««««««««««««««73 How ordinary people live ?.....................................................................................86 Distorting the news««««««««««««««««««««««««..97 Export of religious violence to other countries«««««««««««««.104 Attacking the offices of Ayatollah Saneai, the opposition Ayatollah««««...107 Wide spread graffiti against Khameai on the walls of Iran, denouncing him«...109 The import of anti-demonstrations equipments and machinery«««««««113 The security forces are firing tear gas and protestors«««««««««««118 Demonstrations against the regime««««««««««««««««««119 The supporters of the government organised a huge rally«««««««««.125 Pictures of 65 protesters wanted men by the government«««««««««.134 Directives to civil servants to participate in pro government demonstrations«..153 Ahmadinejad is giving a speech in Shiraz«««««««««««««««154 Demonstrations against the government««««««««««««««««158 Supporters of the dictator«««««««««««««««««««««..172

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The protesters used green ink to write graffiti on pictures of the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei««««««««««««««««««««..174 This is the Evin prison««««««««««««««««««««««..176 Directive ordered Civil servants to participate in demonstrations««««««178 Fake Students beat demonstrators««««««««««««««««««.179 The students protesting against the system«««««««««««««««182 Intelligence officers who are taking pictures of the protesters«««««««. 215 A defining moment, an intelligence officer has joined the public««««««229 The demonstrators challenge the security forces««««««««««««..230 Ayatollah Khamenei, president Ahmadinejad and other rulers of Iran are mourning the death of Emam Hossain««««««««««««««««««««...235 Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in governmentsponsored demonstrations«««««««««««««««««««««.240 The demonstrators and the security forces are exchanging stones««««««251 Religion is a double-edged sword used by both supporters and opponents««..255 Boldness and bravery is replacing fear and intimidation«««««««««..260 The picture of the body of Ali Mosawi, the nephew of Mir Hossein Mosawi, opposition leader«««««««««««««««««..268 The protesters in Iran continue to demonstrate«««««««««««««.270 Shahriari, a criminal who recruits agents for crushing the demonstrations««..274 1700 Zaboli Basiji were sent to Tehran to crush the demonstrations«««««275 More clashes on 27.2.09««««««««««««««««««««««276 Young men have been humiliated in the streets«««««««««««««289 Some inspiring pictures««««««««««««««««««««««.300
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And some funny photos of world leaders«««««««««««««««.305


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Acknowledgements This book is a collection of different pictures with short explanations about the developments that began 2009 in Iran. These pictures demonstrate that a peaceful and gradual revolution is moving on. Sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down but it moves on surely and slowly. The pictures are about demonstrations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and how the agents of the regime oppress the innocent people in the streets and in prisons.

I must express my gratitude to the following sites which were mainly the sources of these pictures:
www.youtube.com www.taptan2.blogspot.com http://www.cyrusnews.com/news/fa/ http://www.peykeiran.com/ http://www.iranpressnews.com/ http://www.iranglobal.info/ http://mag.gooya.com/ http://www.rahesabz.net/ http://sahamnews.org http://www.pahra.blogsky.com/ http://www.radiobalochi.org/

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The marks of bullets on Neda Agha Sultan¶s grave, a young woman that was killed by security forces and became the symbol of upraising.

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The book in front of you is about the revolution which has already started in Iran. Nobody knows when it will end. Nobody knows if it will be successful or it will be crushed by the government of Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. This book is mostly based on pictures that have been taken by different sources in the last seven months of 2009. I have given some short explanations about one picture or a series of pictures which demonstrate one objective.The book is in two languages of English and Farsi. The readers of all languages can use it as a reliable source for the current situation in Iran. The objective of this book is to show the history as it is made. It is in the last seven months of 200 that the people of Iran decided to make the history in the way they want. There is no doubt that these are defining moments for Iran, the Iranian people, the region and whole world as the Islamic Republic of Iran has engineered the export of fundamentalism to different countries. The change in Iran therefore changes the whole world as we know it today. We must admit that the Iranian Islamic Revolution had an enormous impact not only on the Moslems but also on the Islam and world civilisations. The terrorist groups that received the inspirations from the Islamic Republic and its leaders acted worldwide from America to Europe, From Middle East to Far East and Africa and therefore the change of history in Iran will change the history of many countries.

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With the change of history in Iran, all the terrorist groups that have been financed and inspired by the Iranian regime will face very hard choices between remaining as they were before or choosing a new modern approach to world politics. The victims of Iranian ideological aggression will breathe with a sigh of relief when the regime is changed. The terrorist groups will lose their main and only source of finance and inspiration. With the change of Iranian regime, a new world order will appear not only in Iran and in the region but in the whole world. The International relationships will change. Some countries would have new choices for liberalisation and democratisation. The Moslem masses would have the choice of reform in themselves for a modern life and universal values and the dictatorial regimes would have an opportunity to undertake gradual changes towards more democratisation liberalisation.

The Iranian people will have a chance for the first time in 30 years to see satellite channels without any restriction. They can walk in the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities without the fear of being persecuted for choosing their dress code or ideas or thoughts. They will be free to decide for themselves, free from the domination of an ideology that is controlling every aspect of their lives now. The Iranian nationalities like the Baluch, Kurdish people and others would have an opportunity to assert their identities and claim their rights as they have been recognised by United Nations conventions. The Iranian people will have a chance for the first time to establish a democratic system that can prevent the emergence of another dictatorship. The regional countries would have the opportunity to establish good and constructive relationships with Iran. The international community would have the opportunity to negotiate new agreements with Iran on the basis of universal conventions and values. There will be an attempt for rooting out terrorism and all terrorist organisations and there will be a new opportunity for all people to reconcile with their religions and people with different religion. The religion of Islam will be free from exploitation of many vested interests. The Iranian clergy will be free from interfering in politics. They will be asked to go back to the mosques and practise their religion privately. The other people in Iran who believe in other regions will also be free to practise their religions privately free from the fear they experienced under the Islamic regime. I can see the dawn of a new era in the history of Iran, the region and mankind where freedom of religion is respected, where religion would be free from exploitation of those who claim the ownership of Islam and other religions for a long time.

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I can see thousands of foreigners going to Iran to see what has happened in there that once was the creator of the great civilisations. I can see a future that everybody who is interested in Iranian people can go to Iran freely as a businessman, as tourists and as investors.

The horizon seems clear now. The new Iran is beginning to shine and shed light over the region. The dark and frightening past is getting to an end.

Raping men and women is allowed ³Raping men and women for extract confession is right and even a great virtue in Islam.´
Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi was asked 6 questions about different forms of raping. H announced that raping men and women to extract confession in Islam is right and even a great virtuous. For details look at this:
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Last question: What is judgment on raping a virgin in prison? Answer: Raping a virgin woman who is to be executed is a great virtue, worth the value of a pilgrimage to Hajj.

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The revolutionary government announced that hijab or scarf is not compulsory. Those who harassed women for not wearing hijab are anti-revolutionaries.

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Khomeini broke all his promises of freedom, democracy and better life.

You can see in this picture several months after the revolution that women without Hijab participated in demonstrations supporting the provisional liberal government. As soon as he consolidated his

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position, he ordered women without hijab to be arrested.

There is no dictatorship in Islam
Khomeini announced in an interview with France Press Agency that, ³Islam is the best democracy. There is no dictatorship in Islam and the Islamic system. There is no any better just system for people as the Islamic system.´ These claims also were misleading as the Islamic Republic of Iran is the worst dictatorship. It is also among the most corrupt systems in the world.

Alleviate deprivation and poverty
In the following interview, Khomeini claimed that he would increase the standards of living in Iran to a high level, alleviate deprivation and poverty, prevent discrimination and establish justice. Now %70 of Iranian people

live under poverty line and discrimination is rampant.
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Setting cinemas on fire Several cinemas were set on fire during the Shah¶s time. Ayatollah Khomeini blamed the shah¶s government for burning people alive in the cinemas. The Shah ordered an inquiry into these issues and concluded that the Cinemas were burnt by the orders of Khomeini and his folowers. Khomeini rejected these claims. Under pressure by the public, the revolutionar government investigated the burning of the cinemas and arrested those who were involved in setting fire on the cinemas. Although the trials were confidential, the leaked news showed that some of the assistaants including Khamenei were involved. Ayatollah Lahooti who revealed this secret was killed mysteriously after being arrested in prison.

It is clear now that Khomeini used all inhumane tactics to destabilise the governments of the Shah. When he took over the power, he broke all his promises and established an Islamic regime, based on Shiism, which has killed more Iranians than any other dictator except Changiz Khan.

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Frozen meat is not Halal
Khamenei issued a verdict by which he announced the frozen meat must be banned as it is not Halal. That was during the provisional government of Bazergan. Later on, Khamenei issued another verdict and cancelled his previous verdict and announced that the import of frozen meat is okay. Khomeini was the opportunist. Now frozen meat is considered to be Halal.

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http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2010/01/09/96822.html : searchText&http://www.alraimedia.com/Alrai/Article.aspx?id=178008

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Now that the end is near
After the Mongols attacked Bokhara, one resident of the city was able to escape and go to Khorasan. When the people asked what the Mongols did to Bokhara, he replied, "They came, they destroyed, they burnt, they killed, they plundered and they took everything and went." This description can be safely applied to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran was like a disaster, like the Black Death, it came, it destroyed, it burnt, it killed, it plundered and took away everything and now it is time for them to go. When the Moslem's were about to conquer Iran, Rostam, the chief of the Iranian army wrote a letter to his brother and emphasized that the Iranians must do whatever they could in order to prevent the victory of the Arabs and if they did not succeed in preventing them, all the achievements of the past will be destroyed and Iran will decline for hundreds of years to come before it begins to rise again. Well, the decline lasted for 1489 years. It is the determination of the Iranians today that the decline must be over as the end of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in sight. Now that the end is near after nearly 1500 years, this is the greatest opportunity for the Iranian people to begin a rise that will continue at least for the next two thousand years. The people must never again allow this ideology to conquer their hearts, minds and country. The price has been too high. Every Iranian has paid the cost of 1500 years of humiliation and subjugation. The country that was the greatest superpower of the world for more 1000 years became a slave for 1500 years. This is the opportunity that all of us have been waiting for such a long time. This opportunity must never been missed and if it is missed, it may take another 1000 years before we find another opportunity to finish what enslaved us for such a long time. The black people were enslaved but they never submitted to slavery until they freed themselves. The Iranians were enslaved and a large number of them were brainwashed to like their slavery and submit to their masters happily, denouncing their own history of conquest and being a superpower. Religion has the power of convincing the slaves to be proud of what they are. The Islamic Republic of Iran created such a culture in which the enslaved people of Iran honored their masters. The end of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the beginning of a new history for Iran and for the region. It is time for reflecting on a past which never had any inconsiderable period of stability, security, prosperity and freedom for Iranian people. During this time Iran lost the status of the superpower. It lost the capability for creating a modern civilization. It lost the self-confidence to create new standards of thinking and achieving. It lost a flourishing culture in which creation of the greatest civilizations of our time were created. It lost the self confidence of Iranian people for competing with the rest of the world in creating new technology and new thoughts. During this dark period, every Iranian was at the mercy of an alien ruler who had abandoned the great Iranian culture of hope and empowerment and adapted and alien culture which was based on conflict, compliance, obedience, exploitation, tyranny, war, and naked discrimination. It was a time that Iran last the capability to defend itself against any major onslaught on its people and on its land. It was a time that Iran was defeated by every conquer that appeared on the scene. It was a time, that the West reached to new heights, obtained the role of leadership in the world

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and began exploiting everywhere and every country that they could without any mercy and without any consideration for human hopes and respect. It was during this time that one conquerer after another attacked Iran and destroyed what the Iranian people had built during the intervals of successive aggressions. It was a time that all Iranians who tried to create ideas, thoughts, science, and technology were persecuted by various kinds of Ayatollahs and rulers. It was the time of rise of superstition and death of rationality, science and logical thinking. Scientific creativity was a great sin. Every single scientist that tried to invent a scientific product was arrested, tortured and killed by the fanatics. It was a time that the Iranian people worked very hard to finance the wars that were imposed on them or initiated by their leaders to restore their lost territories. In 1500 years, it is safe to say that Iran never had more than five Kings that the Iranians can be proud of. It was only in the lost one-handed years that Iran joined the modern world. For 1400 years, Iran was never able to build one building that today could be compared with the British Parliament. During these years, we never had even one single free election. During this last 1400 years, we were not able to build even one university. And the last 30 years were the worst of all. The Mongols killed a lot of people but they set up a secular system in which all religions were free. In the Iran of the last 30 years, no religion was free from control and exploitation. All religions were used for suppressing the people and looting the public fund. The Shia sect of Islam was used to legalize bribery, corruption, rape and torture. It was used to distort political science, social sciences, financial systems and even physics and chemistry. No scientist could invent any product which was not compatible with the wishes of the rulers. Whatever was made; was made for the purpose of consolidating the power of this regime and expanding its aggressive policies in the world. In the last 30 years, all the achievements of the past were destroyed and even the history of Iran was distorted. The great literary books were changed. The historical texts were changed, the religion was changed, and everything was forced to focus on the only centre of power which was Valayet Faghih and on only two persons: Khomeini and Khamenaei: two leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran which initiated cultural, economic and social destruction of the whole nation. The scientists were encouraged to build weapons of mass destruction and the talented artists, journalists, writers, novelist, poets, painters and academics were forced to write only in praise of the religious incidents that had been initiated and introduced by the Islamic Republic. All the writers were forced to write only about Imams Zaman and other Imams. The directors of films and plays were forced to write scenarios and plays that were in praise of the supreme leaders or Imams. During these dark years of destruction, no idea was allowed to be created, no thought was allowed to flourish and no mind was allowed to be creative. All the man could do was to go to religious books and find the narratives that were attributed to Imams. No invention, no creation and no new product or new idea was allowed and everything that was initiated by any person in any part of the country was crushed as an onslaught on the sacred principles of Islam. Elections were held in the last 30 years but all of them were rigged to bring into power those who were favored. Freedom of press was allowed only for those who could exaggerate about the
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goodness of Valayet Faghih and the alleged great leadership qualities of the supreme leaders. During this time, superstition was encouraged to such a level that even the most educated people lost their sense of rationality and logic. People were made to believe that their wishes will be actualised and given by Imams Zaman by throwing a letter in a well in the middle of the desert. The innocent masses were encouraged to pay high fee telephone calls to Imams Reza and ask him for favors. Even though Imam Reza was killed and he was not able to save himself. In fact, he was poisoned and he was not able to distinguish between normal and poisoned food and yet, the Islamic Republic of Iran distorted the facts about this innocent man and promoted him to the status of God who could grant wishes and heal the ill. During this time, the people were encouraged to ignore their own capabilities, abilities and powers and stick to religious figures that were killed centuries ago and even could not defend themselves. It was during this time that hundreds of false prophets and Imams were arrested and executed as the ordinary people were made to believe in miracles, Imams, prophets and many other ideas that were invented by the Ayatollahs for the consolidation of their own power. The people were made to believe to give up logical thinking and stick to delusions, illusions and imaginary angels, creatures and states. Iran is the heart of the Middle East. What happens in Iran will happen in the rest of the Middle East. Iran shapes the minds of the people in the Middle East and determines the course of the history of the Middle East. When Iran is lost, the whole Middle East goes astray. The Islamic Republic of Iran used the high oil income in the last 30 years to promote hatred among different religions, conflict among different groups of people and among the people of the same nation and terrorist activities all over the world. Hatred among other people was promoted to such intensity that the Iranian inspired terrorists were prepared to kill themselves and hundreds of others without any kind of hesitation. The innocent people were deceived to believe that there was only one truth and the Islamic Republic of Iran had its ownership and authority to pass it to others. The Ayatollahs of Iran went so far as that they considered themselves as infallible even when they legalized the rape of men and women in prisons. Never in history, the Iranian people, or for that matter, anybody in the world, have witnessed so much belief in displaying the wrong thing as the right one. The greatest damage the Islamic Republic of Iran inflicted on people was the breaking of all Islamic and human values, forcing the people to acknowledge their wrongs as right. They stole money and tried to convince the people that it was right for them. They committed adultery and tried to convince the people that for them it was the right thing while for the rest, it was a great sin. They raped young men and women and tried to convince the people that it was right for them offering different excuses. They took bribes and tried to convince people that it was good. Whatever was the wrong thing they did and forced the people to accept it as the right thing. These are the reasons that prepared the public for a general uprising against religion, Ayatollahs, the Islamic Republic, Imams, and everything that somehow was related to Islam, to Shia and to the political system that they devised. Now this is a time to reflect on what happened to a religion that was once considered a constructive religion. Now it is time to reflect on clerics and religious leaders that once were
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respected. No it is time to reflect on the political system that was inspired from the religion. Now it is time to think that how all the wrong things that had never happened before at the same time and simultaneously in Iranian happened at the same time in Iran. Now that Iranian people have some hope for future they must understand what a huge price they have paid for their mistakes. The first mistake cost them 1500 years of poverty, humiliation, wildness, defeat, disease, ignorance, illiteracy and misery. And the second mistake cost them backwardness at a time when the rest of the world moved quickly towards unprecedented prosperity, welfare and progress.

A Revolution is under way in Iran
It is the beginning of the Year 2010. While a lot of people and Christians enjoy the New Year, the Iranian people were engaged in a bloody struggle to establish a democratic system in Iran. Christmas time of this year corresponded with the Ashura time of the Islamic calendar. This day for the absolute majority of Moslems, is another ordinary day like every day, but for the Shia sect of Islam, it is the time of infinite sorrow for the death of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad that happened nearly 1500 years ago. The Shia clerics have used this day as a political and economic tool to influence the people and enrich themselves. It was the political exploitation of Shia religious ceremonies and days that caused the fall of Shah of Iran and the introduction of Islamic Republic of Iran. For 30 years, the Iranian political system used the Shia principles and traditions to consolidate their power but now everything has been reversed. The opposition leaders, who are as much religious as the supreme leader and his supporters, have turned the tides upside-down. They are using the same traditions and principles to incite the people and bring the public in the streets of Iran to protest against a regime that impoverished them and transformed a rich country into one of the poorest in the region. The present government of Ahmadinejad that took over the power after a huge fraudulent election has faced huge protests in the last 7 months of 2009, since the elections of May 2009. The initial demand of protesters were recounting the votes or establishing their favourite candidate, Mir Hossein Mosawi, as the president. The fraudulent government of Ahmadinejad, supported by the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenaei, crushed the demonstrations of millions of people in the first three days after the elections. The Iranian people were determined to demand fair elections and therefore, poured in the streets in their millions. Millions of people demonstrated only in Tehran four times within a short period. If you consider all the numbers of peoples who have demonstrated against Ahmadinejad and supreme leader in the second part of 2009, we can say with confidence that millions of people have demonstrated against the present government more than ten times. It is also a fact
Page | 29

that every single day, there have been hundreds of small and large demonstrations in universities, factories, schools, small cities, large cities and even in some villages. It is also safe to say that more than 80 per cent of time of the president and supreme leader has been spent on managing the crisis that has resulted from the various demonstrations. It is also safe to say that little time has been allocated for managing and leading the country. Every speech and press conference of every official of the government has been dominated mostly on managing the crisis and responding to the public or threatening the Jondollah Organization of Iran led by Rigi. The authorities have announced that he is the most resolute enemy and he is the most wanted man in Iran. As the public began demonstrating against the government, the supporters of the supreme leader also began organising demonstrations against the public. The rival demonstrations continued for a long-time to create sufficient division among the nation. The Iranian people, as a result, have been divided into two groups: those who support the reformist movement and those who supported the government and supreme leader. The animosity among the public is reaching a very dangerous point where different families are turning against each other. The government who has lost its popularity, legitimacy and legality, is looking for support and the people who were oppressed for 30 years are looking for a way out to freedom and prosperity. The conflicts initially began among the ruling class over the elections of the president. Mosawi, the former Prime Minister and Karrobi, the former speaker of Parliament participated in the elections and they claimed that they won the elections and supreme leader organised the rigging of the elections on a massive scale and announced president Ahmadinejad as the winner. These two gentlemen, supported by Rafsajani, number two of the regime, were practically pushed into the camp of reformists as a consequence of losing their share in the power structure. Both of them have been part of the ruling class for 29 years. Both of them worked very closely with the present supreme leader. The public is squeezed between two groups of religious leaders who have been working together for nearly 29 years. They have been together in assassinating more than four hundred opposition leaders abroad, arranging serial killing of intellectuals and political leaders inside, looting the public funds and the massacre of opposition members in 1988 as well as the massacre of the Iranian nationalities: Arab people, Kurdish people, Baluch people, Turkmen, Jewish people, Christian people and many other minorities. They have been together in making all decisions about every affair of the country but suddenly after the elections, the differences appeared among them and since then they have come face-to-face, dividing the public into two. As the differences between the rulers of Iran are increasing, the conflicts within every family are increasing too. The Iranian regime claims to have three million militias, plus about 1 million army and revolutionary guards. It seems that at least three million families in Iran have one person employed in the Iranian various security forces. If this claim is true, then, there is one spy in most of the families and it is the other family members who are turning against each other.
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In fact, it is not only the ruling classes that are turning against each other but they are also turning the Iranian people against each other, causing a likely civil war in the future. The differences were initially over money, then they turned into political and now they have turned into religious conflicts. These conflicts can be very dangerous. As the animosity among the two groups is increasing people are also distancing themselves from both groups. The public have realised the differences were never about the good of the people but they were about the sharing of power and who can have more access to the income of oil. When the people realised that both groups have stolen millions of dollars from the public fund, they concluded that it was the whole system that must be changed. Every day that the demonstrations continue, the distance between the people and the regime grows wider and wider. At the same time, it became clear that Mosawi and Karrobi do not have the adequate personal capacity and intellectual tenacity to lead demonstrators and protests. Both of them proved that they were much smaller than the size of the great movement that the people have generated. This movement has gone beyond religion and political parties. It has gone beyond social classes. It has covered all different nationalities, intellectuals, social classes, political parties, and the masses and therefore, to lead this movement, there is indeed a need for a leader who is greater than anybody we have seen. The leader of such a great movement must be a person of great leadership qualities and skills. He must be free from all kind of ideologies and religions. He must be free from all that prejudices that were generated in different areas of Iran. He must be a person who can manage crisis and inspire people and directs them towards a clear and promising future. He must be a person of visionary capabilities that can predict the future and persuade the public to move towards a future which is desired by the majority of them. He must be a person of great integrity and decisive actions that generates confidence in people. He must be a person who has the ability to understand the needs, desires, objectives, aspirations and goals of those people in Iran that can have a great role in changing the regime or retaining it. He should not be part of the present regime. And he should not have taken part in the violations of human rights at any time. He must be a man of great principle and ethical behaviours. He must be also a man of universal values and be able to understand the international situation, regional conditions and the aspirations of the Iranian people for establishing a democratic system that can guarantee freedom and prosperity for all. He must be a person that can realise the importance of planning and formulating strategies for changing regime and managing the country in times of anarchy and crisis. He must be a man that can be approached on the basis of his character and good behaviour. He must be a man that can act as a role model for the rest of the society, living according to the Iranian values and international laws and norms. He must be a man that can understand the importance of international relationships and how globalisation works in present day. Iran has been isolated for 30 years and the Iranian people have been brought up to hate many countries and many modern values. He must be a person that can inspire change voluntarily and opens the way for new horizons of prosperity and rule of law.

Page | 31

Since Iranian people have been brought up to worship dictators and men of power, he must be a person who cannot be persuaded into dictatorship by the public and admirers of dictators. The Iranian culture is the culture of generating half cooked ideas, unworkable plans, and violating human rights. The new leader of Iran therefore must be a person who can observe civil rights and human rights as well as the rights of the Iranian nationalities. Iran is a multinational country and therefore it must be treated as a country with different ethnic groups who have conflicting interests. The new leader must be capable of understanding the real needs of Iranian ethnic groups, recognising them and their rights and designing a federal system that can prevent the emergence of another dictatorship. It seems that democracy is the main demand of all people and we have to keep in mind that democracy is about free and fair elections and division of power among elected institutions in different cities and provinces. It must be understood that if the power is concentrated once again in the hands of one man or one group, the system will turn into anther dictatorial government again. The only way that the emergence of the new dictatorship will be prevented is by dividing the power among different provinces of Iran among elected officials of each province. In so doing, we prevent the president from becoming a ruthless dictator as Ahmadinejad has become. He must believe firmly in secularism. Iranian people had enough from their religious system and the world has experienced the ideological systems too. All of them have failed to deliver their promises and there must never be again a religious government neither in Iran nor in any other place in the world. While he must respect all religions, he must be free from any kind of religious inclination because Iran is also multi-religious society. There are different religions in Iran and all of them must be respected but none of them must be allowed again to interfere in politics. As there is no effective leadership right now, the public have taken the initiative. Small groups have joined to create huge networks. They use modern technology of Facebook, Twitter, Internet, different sites, blogs, mobile telephone services and other international clubs to initiate their plans and publicise them worldwide. They have filled the void of leadership and they do not only demonstrate in the streets but they also organise themselves in the way that nobody can detect the leadership. The movement is so much wide spread on the basis of self-managed and self-organised groups that practically, the numbers of leaders are so much numerous that nobody could be arrested and accused of leading such a huge movement. The governments has arrested the key members of the reformist movement but the demonstrations continued as effectively as it did before and proved that the present reformists are not in charge of the leadership of the huge movement. However, the Iranian government has threatened to arrest the two leaders: Karrobi and Mosawi. But that does not appear to work. The movement is self-led. Both of these leaders have announced regularly that these were the masses that pulled them into the leadership of this movement. They did not initiate the movement or demonstrations, they emphasised several

Page | 32

times. But the unlimited energy of people that was unleashed took everybody by surprise and brought into the play everybody who had a name and reputation. The objective of the movement and demonstrations has changed from the idea of election to the goal of fundamental changes. It seems that the public are determined to go on until they achieve their goals. The demonstrations have grown more radical and therefore, the conflict between the security forces and the public has also intensified. During Christmas time, there were several mass demonstrations all over the country. The first one was when Ayatollah Montazeri died just before Christmas. The second round of demonstrations began on 27 of December 2009 which corresponded with the commemoration of death of Emam Hossein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. This day that was usually used to consolidate the power of the regime, was used by the opposition leaders to protest against the regime. Millions of people turned up in demonstrations all over the country. According to official figures seven people were killed and 500 were arrested. One of those that were killed was Ali Mosawi, the nephew of Mir Hossein Mosawi, the opposition leader. According to claims by the opposition, more than forty-eight people have been killed only in Tehran. The Iranian TV confidential bulletin claimed 38. It is not know how many people were killed in other cities. At the same time, it was reported in many media, that the bodies of those that have been killed were kidnapped by the Iranian government and taken to unknown places. The body of Ali Mosawi was also kidnapped. According to a militia which is green, the ceremony for his funeral was announced to his family at 2 30 in the morning. They were asked to go at eight o'clock for funeral and they should not publicise that to the public as the government has decided that it must be very private funeral. According to the source, the members of the family of Ali were not allowed to take pictures or video films from his body or from the funeral ceremonies. When the public saw Mosawi in the graveyard, they approached him and supported him and consequently, few hundred people gathered there. Since then, there have been many demonstrations in many parts of Tehran and other parts of the country. As I am writing this article, at the eve of New Year, sporadic demonstrations are continued in Iran. At the same time several confidential documents were leaked that proved that the government and the supreme leader have felt the danger and made preparations for leaving Iran. One letter from National Security Council ordered the officials to check up Khamenai's aeroplane and prepare for departure of the supreme leader, his family and several other government officials to Russia if the security forces lost control over the demonstrations and protests. Another document showed that the top leaders of Iran are preparing for leaving the country too, sending and transferring money to different countries including Russia, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Western countries. Several top members of security forces escaped and defected to the West and some Iranian diplomats resigned their positions as they predicted the collapse of the system very soon.

Page | 33

There is a sense of panic among the security forces and top politicians of Iran. They are scared as nearly all of them have been heavily engaged in beating, arresting, hanging, and executing thousands of Iranians in the last 30 years. The pictures which are included in this document prove without any doubt the ruthless beating and killing of ordinary people in the streets. There are some reports that those who have arrested were raped and tortured beyond the belief. Some of them have been so much tortured that their bodies were not recognized and therefore, the government decided to place their bodies in concrete and only show their faces. In other cases, the bodies of young men and women were burnt to cover the scars of torture. It is safe to say that thousands of men and women have disappeared. Nobody knows what has happened to them. There are some reports of mass graves. And, at the same time, in areas like Baluchistan and Kurdistan, violations of human rights have increased. Hundreds of young men have been arrested and put to death. The pictures visibly and clearly prove the ruthlessness of the security forces in dealing with peaceful protesters. Some of the sources have been clearly indicated. Some others have come through e-mails and therefore their sources are not identified. I believe sources of photos are in public domain and therefore available for public information.

The government¶s mafia

The government¶s mafia does not pay $40 Billion they borrowed from the Banks

This is the copy of a letter from Agricultural Bank to the court which complains about 175 million dollars loan to Sayed Hossein Mir Kazemi- the photo bellow. This letter emphasises that he has refused to repay the loan. According to the credible source, the top officials of the Iranian government have

Page | 34

borrowed about 40 billion dollars from different banks and refused to repay the Loans.

Iran is a large country with a big population and a very small income from oil and gas. The annual income of Iran from oil and gas is estimated to between 20 to 50 billion dollars a year. Now it has become clear that why 70 percent of Iranian population lives under poverty line and manufacturing sector of the economy is near bankruptcy. According to these sources, the majority of banks are managed and led by the relatives and friends of president Ahmadinejad. They act more on the basis of political affiliation and not on the basis of merits. The source believes most of the banks are near bankruptcy as those who have taken loans belong to the ruling Mafia and are not prepared to repay the Loans. The banks cannot sue them in the courts as they are too powerful. In a few cases when the bank managers sued them, the powerful mafia arranged their assassination or dismissal from their jobs.

Page | 35

Page | 36

Lying and distorting the facts
Lying and distorting the facts have been very obvious aspects of the policies of the Iranian government. They have rarely told the truth about anything. In this case the nephew of opposition leader, Mosawi, was assassinated in the busy demonstrations by terrorists in a dark petrol car. Hundreds of people witnessed the incident; yet, the government claimed that he has been assassinated by terrorists in a quiet street. Another version of the statement of the government claimed he had been assassinated in front of his own home far away from the demonstrations.

+ ) : ) :

. : :


: 12 ( ) . . 2 . 3 . . . 4 1 13

Page | 37

. .


Disobedience of certain elements in anti-demonstrations control police

This is the photocopy of a letter that commander of the security forces have written to the top commanders about the disobedience of certain elements in antidemonstrations control police. The document proves that some of the security forces disobeyed the authorities in showing violence against people. It is requested that since the anti-demonstration security forces are tired after a long time, they need to be replaced regularly by new forces.

Page | 38

Arastu :

Page | 39

The vice chancellor of Zanjan University rapes a student
The vice chancellor of Zanjan University rapes a student. Six students expose the crime. Now the students were sentenced to jail for breaking law and order and the vice chancellor gets another high position.


. "

. .


Page | 40

Iran is among the worst managed countries in the world
This document shows the rankings of the Iranian government in different areas of life and governance. It proves that Iran is among the most corrupt countries in the world and least safe for investment.
Friday 01 January 2010 1388 11

mattatti4.blogspot »: . : : : 91 ------------------------------------------: : 88


219 120

225 » 101 186 : 176 172 : 144

Page | 41


Persian to English translation President of the ninth and tenth: "I announce that today the Iranian nation can be the true and real is a superpower." Global superpower rank above is the following: Rating above table: Ratings of the third most dangerous country for bloggers Suicides of women in Iran: third world Second place in the world in executions in Iran First the statistics of immigration among the elite 91 countries ------------------------------------------Week rank table: Press freedom: Iran's ranking of 172 of 175 Rank 168 in the Iranian government corruption Iran acquiring rank of HDI 88 Iranian passport in depth the validity table Rank 123 of the world supply of the health of people Iran's inflation rate of rank among 225 countries, has 219. Iran than in Angola "End Table" business attraction Share of women in management: global ranking 101 among 120 countries Rank 144 of the world's space business World ranking of Internet speed: 186 Iran rank 172 among 176 countries for press freedom won

Page | 42

Karoubi¶s car was shot in Ghazvin but he was not hurt as his car was bullet-proof.

Photos that can prove the involvement of Hezbollah of Lebanon in crushing demonstrations in Iran. They assassinated Dr Mohannadi.

. . .

Page | 43

The following pictures show, from right to left, Hossain Ashmar, Abu Naser, Navaf Nesar, Karin Boghani. They are the ruthless agents of the Hezbollah in Iran among the crowd that have gethered to see the site of the remote controlled explosion of the car of Dr Masoud Alimohammadi, the professor of physics, who was killed in an incidents in January 2010. They have been seen regularly in the streets of Tehran crushing the demonstrations. The claim of their involvement in crushing and assassinating the Iranian opposition leaders inside and outside Iran has been widely known among the Iranian but there has not any proof until the pictures were seen in various demonstrations suppressing demonstrates. Hizbollah of Lebanon was created and financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon to have access to the Borders of Israel and divide the Lebanese. It succeeded in both. The Moslems of Lebanon were divided into Shia and Sunni. They fought each other several times. The main purpose, as Ayatollah Khamenei has said, is to create another Islamic Republic in Lebanon regardless of the fact that Lebanon is society is a mixture of different groups of Christians and Moslems. They lived in harmony until early 1970 when the Palestinian issue caused the Civil War in Lebanon which lasted for a long time and ended in the Syrian occupation of the Lebanon. The Hezbollah of Lebanon has acted as a terrorist organization and assassinated many Iranian prominent opposition leaders. They have been involved in the assassination of Dr Batiar, the former prime minister of Iran, and the top opposition leader. There were also involved in assassination of Kurdish leaders. One of the witnesses, who were present at the scene of assassination, claimed that the terrorists spoke in Arabic. Later it was proved that a group of Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists had assassinated Kurdish leaders.

Page | 44

From right to left, Hossain Ashmar, Abu Naser, Navaf Nesar, Karin Boghani, Hezbollah terrorists


) .

Page | 45

Page | 46

Dr Ali Mohammadi, nuclear exprt, was assassinated






. .

Dr Ali Mohammadi was assassinated because he was a critic of the government.

Page | 47


Page | 48

Emam Hossein was arrested in Tehran
This picture shows that somebody who has been dressed like Emam Hossein in Ashura ceremonies was arrested by the security forces.

Saturday 02 January 2010 1388 12

! ( ! ! )

Page | 49

http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11613 2.1.10


The security forces beat the demonstrator
This picture shows how the security forces beat the demonstrators collectively. This usually happens in front of the people. Several of them are beating one person by stick.

:( »


». (




Page | 50



: ). : : : :



* ( ) :

) )


* * ) ) : ) ) ) ) ( * ) ( * ) * *



) ). )*

) ) )

* * *

Page | 51


). . . ). (

* *

( )

) ) : ). . » )

.( .(

) ) .( .(







. )

Page | 52









) . . . . ) .


.» (

. . ( . . ). . ( )

»: ) ) » ( ) ) ) »



. ( . ) ). . )

Civil agents of Iran in European countries
This picture shows a group of Iranians who have gone to a meeting to see president Ahmadinejad and Khamnai in Tehran and in Denmark. The source believes that they are the secret agents of the Iranian government in European countries.

. . » .

¢ ¢


.( )

) : ).

. .



Page | 53






Page | 54

Page | 55

Page | 56

Page | 57



Page | 58

AP :

Seventeenth statement of Mosawi
The opposition leader, Mosawi, issued his seventeenth statement and warned the government to resolve the problems that have created the current crisis. Some observers believed that was a retreat from his original
position and some others said that he placed the government in a very difficult situation of choosing between crisis and stability.

http://www.pahra.blogsky.com/1388/10/08/post-14077/ 1388 8

The demonstrators are challenging the security forces.

Page | 59

Page | 60

http://news.gooya.com/didaniha/archives/2009/12/098398.php 1.1.2010


Page | 61

Demonstrators showed solidarity with the Iranian regime
These are pictures of some of the demonstrators that have showed solidarity with the Iranian regime. The opposition leaders believe that civil servants and the families of security forces have been forced to join the demonstrations in favour of the government. They have shown copies of letters that have been written to different governments¶ departments for taking part in demonstrations to support Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenaei.

Page | 62

Page | 63

Page | 64

Page | 65

Page | 66

Page | 67

Page | 68

http://www.peiknet.com/ 4.1.2010

The pro-government demonstrators have looted shops and businesses
The pro-government demonstrators have looted shops and businesses of the ordinary people. These pictures show that they took different products from their shops. It also shows that Khomeini¶s picture has been thrown over the ground and security forces do not do stop them While, when the opposition demonstrators threw the pictures of Khomeini on the floor, the government organised dozens of demonstrations against the people claiming that the picture of Ayatollah Khomeini was too sacred to be thrown on the ground and torn apart.


Page | 69


" .


" . " "

Page | 70

! . . . ! " ( ). : .... : . 2 5 " ! 17 " " . ... 12 .

Girls for hire
Some of the woman who participated in demonstrations in favour of the government of Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah harmony looked very trendy and modern. The purpose of bringing such women in action was to enhance the position of the government and indicate that its supporters
Page | 71

come from modern, educated and middle classes. The Iranian opposition believes that these women were hired by the government.

The source who sent these pictures claimed that he had good relationships with security forces. He said has made sufficient researches and concluded that most of these girls left their families early in life or have been involved in a kind of criminal activity that made them end up in prison. Since they do not have a stable life and did not have a family to support them, they have been persuaded to join security forces after they were discharged from prison. The source mentioned that they could be natural spies to be planted among the demonstrators. When you look at them you can see that something is quite unusual about.

However, they are another kind of victim of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to one source, there are more than 1 million prostitutes and street girls only in Iran. Such women are vulnerable to different political and military exploitation.

Page | 72

) . ( ( . !!! ..... . ( ) )

... .

Page | 73



( ... )

. )


Page | 74

Page | 75

Page | 76

( ( ... )




Page | 77




Page | 78



) .


Page | 79

Page | 80

Page | 81

Page | 82

Page | 83

Page | 84

Page | 85

You saw the kind of people who supported Ahmadi Nejad. Now, see the ordinary people and how they live:

This is a scene from Esfahan, the centre of development.

This is how many people live in Iran, buying and wearing old cloth, imported from other countries.

Page | 86

Page | 87

Page | 88

Page | 89




Page | 90

: : -

. These pictures are from the richest province of Iran, Khuzistan, the most fertile land in Iran and source of oil.

Page | 91

Page | 92

Page | 93

Page | 94




08:41:34 . Iranpour 08:08:14 : . . . mohammad ahwazi 07:43:13 2 . ; . 07:24:05 . ( ) . .

07:23:34 . . ! mohammad ahwazi . . ; . . . . ??? rad 06:39:56 ; 07:23:00

06:27:41 !!!". ": ." 06:27:18 . ( ) . 05:41:41 ":

Page | 95

. 05:27:59 . .

Distorting the news
This is a leaked document from the Iranian television which shows that the top editors of this organization decided in a meeting to exaggerate about the negative consequences of demonstrations. It instructs the editors of the television to call the death of those killed in demonstrations as suspicious. It also suggests that the news editors arranging her views with some favourite experts to demand the condemnation of the public demonstrations against the government. It also indicates that the television mass exaggerate about the bridge of sacred principles of Islam by illegal demonstrates. Page | 96

It also recommends that the peaceful demonstrations for change shall be called a conspiracy against Islam and the supreme leader that must be condemned by different quarters of power. It also instructs organization to talk to certain members of the public so that they can demand the arrest and triumph of opposition leaders for having contacts with foreign intelligence agencies. It is the policy document which suggests whole to crash demonstrations and display the strength of the system.

http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11583 1.1.2010

1388 . . . . :. 106 12

: 88/10/7 : 10: . : : : -1 . . -

Page | 97

-2 . 3 . 4 . -5 . -6 . -7 . . . -9 . -10 . -11 . -12 . : -8

Page | 98

Page | 99


: [ : ]6

[ [ : 11583 ]

07:17:28 ... 07:12:45


. ) (... ... . ! . 07:10:05 !!!!!!!!!!!! kavos 06:58:18




) 06:48:13 .

. . . . .

Page | 100

Export of religious violence to other countries
Ashura ceremonies in its violent form have been exported to other countries where Shea people live. This picture shows that Young people in India and Kashmir are using chains which are connected to knives and sharp materials to hit themselves on the back and chest. This kind of behaviour will encourage bloodshed in different forms. If somebody is brainwashed to shed his own blood vigorously as the pictures demonstrate, he will not hesitate in shedding the bloods of others when he is fully brainwashed.

Page | 101

Page | 102

This is from Iraqi Shias

Page | 103


Attacking the offices of Ayatollah Saneai, the opposition Ayatollah
The offices of Ayatollah saneai, one of the ground Ayatollahs who may become the successor of late Montazeri were attacked in several cities of Iran. These pictures demonstrate the destruction of his offices in Kerman. http://www.rahesabz.net/story/6838/ 31.12.2009
: , :

:( . )

. Graffiti by security forces denounce Ayattollah Saneai.

Page | 104

Page | 105


Wide spread graffiti against Khameai on the walls of Iran.
http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11552 31.12.09

Page | 106

Page | 107

Page | 108

Page | 109

Page | 110




The import of anti-demonstrations equipments and machinery
Page | 111

These pictures show that the Iranian government has imported heavy machinery for the use of the security forces to crush the demonstrations. China has exported the machinery to Iran. http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11555 31.12.09

. . DES-516B :

Dalian Eagle-Sky Co. Tel: +86-411-8681- 3362 +86-411-8681- 3362 Fax: +86-411-8681- 3763 Email: eagle@eagle- sky.net http://www.eagle-sky.net/

Page | 112


3 70

10 . 650 .

. 4 . .


. . . .
Page | 113

Page | 114

1979 . . .

1973 . . ..


Page | 115




10:17:09 . 10:12:29 3000 10:08:27

10:03:30 . , . mohammad 10:03:28 . ,

Page | 116

doost . mohammad ahwazi

09:50:20 . 09:45:59

. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctzKFDyiLrY 09:39:00

09:37:12 ! 09:31:31 . . . . . 09:25:30 ) mehdi 09:25:01 ) . . . . ( . ) . : .

09:24:34 ! ! 09:23:27 !

09:22:47 . ... Darius 09:17:55 . 09:11:43 . . . !

Page | 117

The security forces are firing tear gas and protestors »
1388 8 http://www.pahra.blogsky.com/1388/10/08/post-14076/



Page | 118

Demonstrations against the regime

One of demonstrators has been shot. We don¶t know whether he has been killed or not.

Page | 119

Demonstrators and security forces have clashed.

A young man is challenging the security forces and raises his hands as a sign of victory.

Page | 120

Another protester has been shot at.

Page | 121

Page | 122

The supporters of the government of organised huge rally

Page | 123

The supporters of the government of organised huge rally to show support for Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmadinejad and Khamenaei. The government claimed 2 to 3 millions participated. Do they look 2 millions? http://rajanews.com/detail.asp?id=42050



. "" ": . "! . " "

. . . .

Page | 124






: . . . . . . . : . .

. . " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " ":

http://rajanews.com/detail.asp?id=42003 30,12,09


Page | 125

( ) .

" " "

" " " " " . " "

Page | 126


" .


Page | 127


" .

100 .


Page | 128

" " ."

" " " " "" " " " " " "

": " " " "


Page | 129


Page | 130

. : ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ±

± ±


! ±

Page | 131

± ±

± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± :

Pictures of 65 protesters wanted men by the government
The government has published the pictures of 65 protesters as the beakers of the sacred principles of Islam and has requested the public to identify them. This is a new charge that has been invented to arrest the protesters

http://rajanews.com/detail.asp?id=42076 30.12.09

. :

( ) ( ) . 14565 - 331 : 22225544 www..news.police.ir 88889705 ± 88889704 :

Page | 132


Page | 133

Page | 134

Page | 135

Page | 136

Page | 137

Page | 138

Page | 139

Page | 140

Page | 141

Page | 142

Page | 143

Page | 144

Page | 145

Page | 146

Page | 147

Page | 148


Page | 149

Directives to civil servants to participate in pro-government demonstrations
The organisers of pro government demonstrations have written to all different ministries and governmental organizations to participate in demonstrations in support of the government. In this letter, the civil servants have been asked to accompany the minister in the demonstrations. It seems that the government has shortage of demonstrators and therefore, it forces even the minister and top directors and civil servants to participate in demonstrations.
n6qi/JKo2m2 3c f 5ac 0c31c eae0c (Original Message)


By: siamak2000us File Name: daavat_be_taz_12_29_1.jpg

Page | 150

President Ahmadinejad gives a speech
President Ahmadinejad used to be received by thousands of people in his provincial trips. He began his term with the message of helping poor people. As time passed on, no substantial help arrived and therefore, after the elections, people were not prepared to go and welcome him on the streets. Consequently, the provincial authorities had to order different schools and government departments to close and take the children and civil servants to initially welcome Ahmadinejad and later attended his speeches. He was not competent enough to deliver the message and promises he had given to the public. Today even after issuing directives, only a small number of people go to welcome him and attend his speeches.

Schoolchildren were forced to close the schools and go to streets to welcome Ahmadinejad in Shiraz.

The schools have been closed in Shiraz so that the children can go and welcome president Ahmadinejad.

2009 ,22 hagegat





Page | 151

Page | 152

Page | 153

Ahmadinejad is giving a speech in Siraz
Ahmadinejad is giving a speech to people in Shiras. It clear that there are only few men on the back stage. Before the elections, usually the government was able to fill such places with a huge crowd. Now, the crowd does not welcome Ahmadinejad or listen to his speeches.

Page | 154

Demonstrations against the government
These are some people who demonstrate against Ahmadinejad and supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. The sense of fearr has faded away. The masses are getting involved in huge demonstrations even though hundreds of them get arrested and tortured. The unused but unleashed energy of the masses is taking over the fear of persecution.

Page | 155

Page | 156

Page | 157

Page | 158

Page | 159

Page | 160

Page | 161

Page | 162

Page | 163

Page | 164

Page | 165

Page | 166

Page | 167

Page | 168

People are learning new tactics to face the security forces. They have changed their tactics since they began demonstrations. They have learned how to cope with tear gas, motor bike riders, security forces and civilian intelligence officers. They have been able to persuade some of the officers to join them. In other cases, they have been able to identify the leaders of the circles of security forces and expose their identities. They even give flowers to security forces. Consequently, there are some reports that disobedience has began among security forces and intelligence officers.

Page | 169

Supporters of the dictator
Today supporting the governments means supporting tyranny, discrimination and oppression. For the season, the number of supporters of the government decreases every day. The ordinary people hardly join them. Those who actively participate in demonstrations are the families of the security forces. The government claimed that there were about one million militia only in Tehran. Those who tortured and raped the men and women of Iran in prisons after they have been captured also participate in demonstrations in favour of government.
Tuesday 29 December 2009 1388 8 http://www.iranpressnews.com/source/070451.htm


Page | 170

The protesters have used green ink to write graffiti on pictures of the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei


" .



. .

Page | 171




The protesters have used green ink to write graffiti on pictures of the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei . Green is the symbol colour of the Iranian protesters.

Page | 172

This is the Evin prison
This is the Evin prison. The relative of the political prisoners gathered there to protest against torture. Thousands of innocent people of Iran have been raped, tortured, executed in this prison. May one day come, when all the prisons in Iran are closed and schools and universities are opened instead of them. http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11458

Page | 173




There are regular demonstrations in front of the prison. The security guards usually arrest the relatives of the prisoners but so far they have never stopped the demonstrations over the last 30 years. As the government arrests more people, the number of those who demonstrate in front of the prison increases. The amazing thing is that the people of Iran never respected that the leaders of this regime and therefore, they never obeyed them sincerely. The regime was never able to command respect and authority and therefore, the people never accepted their authority as a source of obedience. The people consider them as thugs and hooligans and were never afraid of facing them even when they knew they will b arrested and tortured.

Page | 174

Civil servants were ordered to participate in demonstrations
This is the photo copy of a letter from Industries Minister that invites civil servants to participate in demonstrations to support the regime. If the government of Islamic Republic of Iran were popular there was no any need to issue directives and order them to participate in demonstrations they hate. Those who participate in demonstrations in favour of the government are those whose lives and jobs are dependant on the government¶s favour.




Page | 175

Fake Students beat demonstrators



The government announced that some of the students have decided to go to different universities and suppress the demonstrations of the opposition groups. These pictures clearly indicate that they were not students but security forces that call themselves students. Their faces and ages clearly show that they were from the security forces and not from students.

Page | 176

These were supposed to be students that went to suppress the student protestors.

Page | 177

Security forces have been brought by buses in universities to break the demonstrations.

Page | 178



The students protesting against the system

These are the pictures of the students who demonstrate in different universities. The students have played an important role in expressing the feelings of the public. They began demonstrating against this system since the beginning of the revolution. Thousands of them were executed over years, yet they continued demonstrating at any time that they could find an excuse. The Iranian students have always been among the first dissidents who felt the unexpressed wishes of people and expressed them in their demonstrations. Since there have never been proper political parties in Iran nobody had the opportunity to enjoy freedom of assembly and expression, and therefore, the universities have been the only places that attracted the smartest young men in Iran. Depending on the level of bitterness of the Iranian people, students showed different level of activities. The students are the heart of the Iranian society. They can clearly indicate how nation feels about its government.

Page | 179

Page | 180




Page | 181

After three revolutions, the Iranians are far away from democracy
Iran has gone through three official revolutions and several dangerous uprisings to achieve freedom of assembly, freedom of press and democratic rights. Yet, it seems that they have a long way to go before reaching a stage in which they have the kind of democracy and freedom which is available in Europe and America. Many other countries have been successful in securing democracy very easily. What has come very easily to so many countries has been so remote for Iranian people.

--- On Sun, 12/27/09,

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Mahshid Rasti <mahshid.rasti@ gmail.com> wrote:

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Page | 183

Page | 184

Page | 185

Page | 186

Page | 187

Page | 188

Page | 189

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 11:20 AM, aida saadat <aidasaadat@gmail. com> wrote:

War In Tehran Streets on Ashura Day
‡27 December, 2009 ‡ 9 Comments

Tehran, City Center, Enghelab Street, 2009/12/27 Fresh clashes broke out between demonstrators and security forces in Tehran on Sunday as large crowds gathered for Ashura, a major religious observance. Basij forces killed at least 4 protesters by direct fire of gun. Pleaaaase read this news page on CNN to get more news. http://edition. cnn.com/2009/ WORLD/meast/ 12/27/iran. protests/ index.html

Page | 190

Page | 191

Page | 192

Click for more pictures.

Page | 193

Page | 194

Page | 195

Page | 196

Page | 197

Page | 198

Page | 199

Page | 200

Page | 201

Page | 202

Page | 203

Page | 204

Page | 205

Page | 206

Page | 207

Page | 208

Page | 209

Page | 210

Posted in Bridges, Centers, People, Squares, Streets, Tehran, life

These pictures show the clashes between the security forces and protestors. Some of the protesters were shot. Some others were beaten. But they continued to protest. They are focused and they are prepared to pay the price for freedom. Only those who can attain freedom by a long series of campaigns can have the ability of preserving it over a long period of time. Freedom has never come easily in the Middle East where tyranny is the popular way of ruling the poor people who never had a chance even to improving their economic conditions.

Page | 211

Intelligence officers who are taking pictures of the protesters
These are the intelligence officers who are taking pictures of the protesters to identify them and arrest them. The government of Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic of Ayatollah Khamenaei use only oppressive tactics to control the public. Identifying the leaders of the demonstrations has been a difficult job for them. The current movement in Iran has no established leaders. These are self-organised and self managed groups who decide how and when to organize the demonstrations. The two men who were known as the leaders of the opposition are being ignored by the public. The government is desperate for finding and arresting those who play leading roles in these demonstrations. A large number of the known and famous figures who had initially a role in bringing the public in the streets were arrested but the demonstrations continued as vigorously as before and therefore, the governments is facing millions of people who are leading themselves without having clear an established leader. This movement is possibly the only movement in the world that is self-motivated, self-organised and self-led. Those who were famous to lead the movement sometime ago have lost credibility and control and they have announced that many times to protect themselves from the Iranian government.


Subject: To: Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 7:17 PM


lotfan addressha ra pak konid.



Page | 212

Intelligence officers who are taking pictures of the protesters

Page | 213

Page | 214

Page | 215

Page | 216

Page | 217

Page | 218

Page | 219

Page | 220

Page | 221

Page | 222

Page | 223

Page | 224

Iranian security forces involved in beating people in the streets.

A Security man has been injured in demonstrations when he attacked the protestors

Page | 225

A defining moment, an intelligence officer has joined the public
This picture shows that one of the intelligence officers has joined the public. According some confidential reports, a large number of the intelligence officers and security men have been disillusioned with the Islamic Republic of Iran and disobeyed their superiors to suppress the demonstrators.
Monday 28 December 2009 1388 7

http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11379 Page | 226

The demonstrators challenge the security forces

The German newspaper, Spiegel , has published the following pictures, showing the demonstrators challenging the security forces; even though some of them have been injured. Blood can be seen on their hands. One brave woman is challenging the aggressive security forces.

Page | 227

Page | 228

Page | 229

Page | 230




Page | 231

Ashura of 2009

Ayatollah Khamenei, president Ahmadinejad and other rulers of Iran are mourning the death of Emam Hossain.
Some of them are crying, some of them are laughing. For them, Ashura has been a day of fun and making money. This is how the clerics have maintained their influence over the ordinary people for over 1400 years. They mourn the death of one man while they have killed thousands of Iranians in the last 30 years. This is interesting that they mourned the death of an Arab while the kill their fellow Iranian compatriots. Religion is a double edged sword that can blind the eyes of many people.



Page | 232

Page | 233

Page | 234

Page | 235




Page | 236

Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 237

Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 238

Page | 239

Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 240

Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 241

Security forces are distributing fruits among those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 242

Page | 243

Page | 244

Page | 245

The empty boxes of the gifts given to those who participated in government-sponsored demonstrations.

Page | 246

Page | 247

The demonstrators and the security forces are exchanging stones.
46 :

Page | 248

Page | 249

Page | 250

] : [

Page | 251

Religion is double edged sword that can be used by both supporters and opponents.
These are the pictures of the demonstrators in Ashura Day. The protesters use this day to demonstrate against the government. The Islamic Republic of Iran has used this day in the last 30 years to consolidate its position and organise demonstrations against its enemies. Now, the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran use the same day and the same ceremonies to express their discontent. Religion is double edged sword that can be used by both supporters and components.
-3 :

Page | 252

Page | 253

Page | 254

Page | 255





Page | 256

Boldness and bravery is replacing fear and intimidation The protesters initiated a slogan that said, ³As we are united, we are not scared of anything.´ The protesters have clashed with security forces. Some of the protesters have been injured. In some cases, demonstrators have been able to beat the security forces. By doing so, they took a great risk of being arrested and executed. It seems that the protesters have become desperate. It seems that boldness and bravery is replacing fear and intimidation.



Page | 257

Page | 258

Page | 259

Page | 260




http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11339 The security forces have beaten two women and arrested them. Nobody knows what happened to them. Hundreds of demonstrators who were arrested were taken to undisclosed places. Since the prisons are full, they usually take the protesters into containers in very cold weather where there were not any utilities available. This is in such conditions that the brave people of Iran take the risk of Page | 261

protesting against a government that has not shown any mercy even to its own colleagues. The man in the following picture was shot dead.

Page | 262

Page | 263

Page | 264




The picture of the body of Ali Mosawi, the nephew of Mosawi, opposition leader
This is the picture of the body of the nephew of Mosawi, one of the opposition leaders. The government claimed that he was shot dead in front of his home or in a quiet street. His family rejected the claims and said that he was assassinated in front of many protesters by a group of hit men who fled in a car after assassinating him.


Page | 265




Ali Mosawi before his death with his uncle Mir Hossein Mosawi





More than half a million children in Iran live in the streets while the government is sponsoring terrorist groups in Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many other parts of the world.
Page | 266

The protesters in Iran continue to demonstrate in spite of violent actions by the security forces

Page | 267

] : [

http://www.peykeiran.com/Content.aspx?ID=11220 25.11.09


Page | 268





Page | 269



Page | 270

Shahriari, a criminal who recruits agents for crushing the demonstrations
This man is the leader of ruthless group that has been brought to Tehran to crash demonstrations.


This is the picture of Shahriari, a Member of Parliament. He is the leader of some of the ZABOLI security forces that have been transferred from Sistan to oppress the protesters in Tehran. ZABOLIs live mostly in Sisten area of Baluchistan province. They are not the native people of Sistan or Baluchistan. They have migrated from different parts of Iran over many years to Btoalochistan. Page | 271

They have been given a lot of job opportunities in security forces and civil service. They are fanatics and they have announced their support for the supreme leader many times. They also have volunteered to go to Tehran and crush the demonstrations of the protesters. Shariari is the main organiser and coordinator of their activities with the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenaei. They are extremely ruthless in dealing with the opponents. A large number of the Baluch dissidents have been killed by them. They are very experienced in dealing with urban disturbances as they have dealt with the Baluch fighters in Baluchistan cities many times.

1700 Zaboli Basiji were sent to Tehran to crush the demonstrations . . . . . . . . . . . . .

27.12. 09

More clashes on 27.2.09

Page | 272

0 :

Page | 273

Page | 274




27.12. 09

Page | 275


27.12. 09




Page | 276



27.12. 09

Page | 277

27.12. 09 An airplane was prepared for Khameai and Ahmadinejad to escape from Iran to Russia in case the security forces could not control the people on this day.

Page | 278

Page | 279

Page | 280

Page | 281

Page | 282

Page | 283

Page | 284

People clash with security forces

Young men have been humiliated in the streets
Page | 285




These pictures show how the Iranian secret forces treated the young men in the streets of Tehran. The police arrested some young men, shaved their heads, tied some funny tools to their necks and tour them in the streets and disgraced them completely. Their crime was the choice of their hairstyle and code of dressing which was quite normal according to all fashions standards. Hundreds of young men were arrested and beaten up in hundreds of cities of Iran.

These pictures clearly indicate how these young men have been humiliated in the streets in their neighborhood. They called this act, establishing security in Iran. This was a plan which was designed to create the highest level of intimidation and disgrace.

Page | 286

Page | 287

Page | 288

Page | 289


42067 :

His crime is the choice of his hairstyle. He has not committed any other crime. For having his choice of hairstyle, he had to be treated and humiliated like this in the streets of his own neighborhood. The next picture shows the fate of another man because of his shorts sleeves.
: )" "

Page | 290

Page | 291

Page | 292

Page | 293

Page | 294


Page | 295

Page | 296

Now some inspiring pictures
Now that you have seen all these horrible pictures from the demonstrations of Iranians in the last seven months 2009, it is time to see some inspiring pictures. People do many difficult things to have a comfort of life. After all, anybody who lives deserves to live well and nobody has the right of stopping him from living the life of his dreams. Now some inspiring pictures

Page | 297

Page | 298

Page | 299

Page | 300

Page | 301

Page | 302

Page | 303

Page | 304

And some funny photos of world leaders

The chief of the Iranian army

Page | 305

Page | 306

Page | 307

Page | 308

Page | 309

Page | 310

Page | 311

Page | 312

Page | 313


Page | 314

Conclusion These pictures indicate the contrast between what is going on in Iran and how a beautiful world could be created. They show the determination of Iranian people for change. The ruthlessness of the security forces has not been able to intimidate them. They are prepared to be beaten, arrested, raped, tortured and executed but they are not prepared to accept the present regime to stay in power. The level of determination is so high that no intimidation can prevent them from going to the streets and saying death to Khamenai. They have realised that it is their responsibility and only their responsibility to change this regime. They also have become aware that there are a lot of governments that want to help this regime re-establish itself and for these reasons; they have become more determined and more resilient in achieving their objectives. They have learned different lessons and different strategies during 31 years. They know that it is their destiny to have a better life and they also know it is their responsibility to prepare the grounds for its actualisation. As it becomes clearer that some foreign countries support this regime, they become more determined to take their own destiny in their own hands and cut any foreign hand which goes in Iran to help a regime that has terrorised a great nation and the people of the region. The Iranian people are not challenging only the Iranian regime but they are challenging injustice, inequality and corruption. They have become aware of their power and know how to use it. They have begun to do the impossible. The Iranian people did what they thought they could not do and succeeded in breaking the public fear that has been created and imposed on them by the Iranian governments after the revolution. The vanguard of doing what he thought he couldn¶t do was Abdul Malik Rigi, the leader of Jondollah. He started his campaign about eight years ago when he was a teenager. Like many young people he was courageous but his Baluchi spirit of a warrior gave him the confidence that he could fight a regime that has been able to defeat all its internal enemies by suppression and international community by deceit. The Iranian governments were able to crush the mass movements of the Iranian people in several occasions in different parts of the country and established itself as
Page | 315

an invincible system. It also succeeded in persuading the United States of America to overthrow its two great enemies: Saddam Hussein from the West in Iraq and Taleban from the east in Afghanistan. Because of the United States of America, the Islamic Republic of Iran became the superpower of the region and intimidated all regional countries and created puppet governments in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. It also succeeded in sponsoring most of the terrorist groups all over the world to harass their governments. It was in such circumstances that the Iranian people dared to challenge the legitimacy and authority of the Iranian regime. The absolute majority of the challengers were the young people who had followed the example of Abdul Malik who inspired the youth that they could take on the Islamic regime. When Abdul Malik took on the security forces and defeated them in different parts of Baluchistan, the Iranian young people knew that they also could succeed in their endeavours to change the Iranian regime. Millions of them went to streets initially to ask for their votes. The movement gradually became more radical and demanded major changes. Today the Islamic regime has turned Iran into the most corrupt country in the world. It has brought such governments to power that are the least competent in the history of Iran. Consequently, 70 percent of the Iranian people live under poverty line. One-third of the journalists who are in prison in the world are from Iran. About 80 percent of Iranian people are ready to migrate to other countries if they had the opportunity. The rulers of the country are transferring their wealth to other countries. The regime has been at least twice near fall in 2009. In such condition the Iranian people are doing their best to change this regime. Yet, there are some powerful circles in the world who wish to support the Islamic regime to stay in power. The extradition of Abdul Malik Rigi to Iran was the work of those who wanted to help Islamic regime to reconsolidate itself by neutralizing its most important in enemy. This act generated a shock among the Iranian people. They knew that the Iranian government was not able to defeat or kill Abdul Malik Rigi. They were sure that some countries were involved in his arrest. Since the majority of the Iranian people supported him in his campaign against the regime, they are becoming more resilient in their campaign and more reliant on themselves for pushing the campaign forward. A nation which is determined to restore its
Page | 316

honour and freedom will never stop campaigning for achieving its goals even if there may be huge obstacles on its way. No obstacle is an obstacle when a nation rises. All dictators have been ruthlessly overthrown. The Iranian people never surrendered to the Islamic regime in the worst conditions. They waited for the right moment and the right conditions and now the time has come. The life of the Islamic Republic of Iran is over in the minds of Iranian people although it can continue to rule with the support of foreign countries for some time. But a government that is involved in large-scale rape, torture and execution cannot be tolerated by a people whose identity and respect have been violated dramatically in the last 31 years. Tolerance for injustice has ended and drive for justice is gaining force. The giant is unleashing its power. The people of Iran gave the chance to Iranian religious groups and clerics. They took this chance and proved their ineffectiveness, incompetence, ruthlessness beyond any reasonable doubt. They also gave a chance to Islam and specifically Shia religion to prove its historical promises of bringing prosperity, justice and brotherhood. This was not actualised either. Therefore today, Iranian people have proved the illegitimacy and incompetence of religious leaders and the clergy in Iran. They also proved that if a religion is transformed into a political system it will fail as Shiism of Valayet Faghih has proved. The cost was immeasurable but reward was also great. The religion must be kept private and religious leaders and the Shia tenets must be restored to mosques and private lives. The end of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in sight. The Iranian people have found a new vision which is based on democracy, secularism and federalism. Nobody is too insignificant to be ignored; no government is too strong to be invincible. The human rights which were taken away from humans are doomed to return to humans. The change is near in Iran. Justice is prevailing. Reza Hossein Borr London, 20 March 2010

Page | 317