Dating Without Dollars: The Wave Rider Flirting Technique

By Kevin Roman


Table of Contents
Introduction ............................................................................................................................................ 3 Revamping One’s Masculinity ................................................................................................................. 4 Stages of Lust .......................................................................................................................................... 6 Revamping Beauty .................................................................................................................................. 8 Gamble Emotionally by Playing to your Strengths ................................................................................. 9 Rejection Responses ............................................................................................................................. 10 Swinging Wild ....................................................................................................................................... 11 About the Author.................................................................................................................................. 12


Introduction My name is Kevin Roman. I’ve revolutionized my life by realizing the most efficient ways of interacting with women. The most important part of life is to learn to adapt to a changing world rather than cling onto useless traditions like long, boring romance. This only exacerbates itself when you have these ideas without even being in a relationship in the first place because it guarantees a traumatic heartbreak upon only 1 rejection. I call this e-book my Wave Rider Flirting Technique because it goes over an approach I have in my daily interactions with women. Relationships are as follows: Interaction->Dating->Coupling>Cohabitation/Marriage. The problem is that we are conditioned to believe that if we love someone, we must do everything possible with them. This is why so many relationships fail. The more decisions we make with someone, the greater the chance we have of getting into a fight. This book will enable a person to psychologically commit to self-defense while getting the pleasures of healthy interactions with people who attract them. There are also many ways the human body, mind, and spirit can feel excited or positive rather than the stereotypical exotic fantasies that honestly are not worth even asking when compared to showing one’s flirtatious mettle and hopefully interacting with a woman at her best. There are many interesting approaches one can have, but in general, one needs to feel comfortable with his body and social status as well as the woman he’s trying to get. When you realistically look at things, the women who shoved you aside have an irrelevant attractiveness compared to those who want to be around you. Lastly, I rate women on 3 levels: Starlight, to indicate traces of beauty, Moonlight, to indicate a good potential of beauty, and Sunlight, to indicate nearly being overwhelmed by it. I mention this because the actions women can do as well as the feedback they give can have even the stars turn into suns rather than burn themselves out. Remember, you have to be interdependent when you interact with women to really enjoy yourself. This book will have my dating stories as I progress and quadruple my masculinity by strategically using location and channeling the power of lust in quite amusing ways and situations. I am also compensating for the high failure rate without suffering any heartbreak plus the rejections have never been harsh because I’m not coming on too strong. Oddly enough, as I’m writing this from a man’s perspective, there are many things women can learn from reading about this. I hope everyone enjoys.


Chapter 1: Revamping One’s Masculinity It doesn’t matter what culture you are from, there are probably gamma males in it like myself. We have good intentions but are held back due to the superficial standards of our society that we cannot possibly keep up with (such as money given a corrupt job market in an economical crash or a very limiting perfect body that does not allow any marks or different body types). Therefore, you have to draw upon your self-worth from your best abilities or the basics that anyone can do. For example, I excel at finding flaws and finding potential in people that are bottom feeders (ie society hates them with a passion). I also can listen well and have a good sense of humor. I refer to the basics because there are times when you will be outclassed by someone and you can at least support them a bit rather than try to outdo them because it’s impossible. Even this small bit of moral support can mean the world to another person. Worse comes to worse, you can take pride in the fact you’re not self-destructive and don’t pressure people. In other words, you allow people to lean on you. Now with the mindset of basic and personal skills, we can now look for character traits that make a woman attractive. Here is a basic: Women that are alive are attractive. In other words, she’s into you. The dumbest thing to do is be like Steve Urkel in Family Matters and cling onto one girl you like despite her rejecting you while another gives you her heart, worst of all if she is also pretty. The second step is to become used to talking to attractive women. Honestly when you get familiar with how your body changes internally yet can externally talk normally (ie not lose control of yourself), you can begin interacting with women. I suggest one watches something sexy until you get bored with it. Now this teaches you that a woman’s body can only be attractive for so long. Therefore, I think it’s necessary to learn about the multiple ways a woman can be attractive and how it’s not really important what body parts make contact though I suggest one be discreet about it (ie lean on her or enjoy when her breasts touch your chest for example rather than go with primal lust). The third step in revamping one’s masculinity is to learn how to negotiate. In other words, play through a system and break up with it when it breaks until it gets repaired. In short, relationships end up terrible because one person is being taken for granted. The feelings of attraction we feel are similar amongst the different women we’ve taken a liking to. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn how to break up a relationship as easily as one can create it. I say this because even friendships can be lost due to a person being obsessed with work, addiction, or their own relationships with women. So it’s necessary to learn how to accept rejection especially if she’s being nice about it; it should be impossible to be attracted to a woman who doesn’t want to be with you. Finally, the fourth step is to enjoy every step of the way of your relationships. These don’t have to last long; I personally like a lot of interactions I have in my daily life with women I never see again. It feels good to have a woman praise you for noticing her with her body language and if she doesn’t feel like upping the ante, let her go. I personally feel my success rate with women is 2.5% and I feel glad about it because I’m being realistic. There are about 1 in 10 women I find attractive and amongst these women, only 1 in 4 I can get to respond to me; in short it’s 1/40. Another thing is that when you’re 4

having fun, you’ll feel less insecure should you feel completely outclassed by this woman; this opens new doors to attraction and closes doors to pointless insecurities. When one’s masculinity is at its peak, he’ll generate an aura. I personally think that one needs an inner peace of mind, indomitable spirit, and tireless body to do so. These are easily gotten by living healthy, not being around stressful people (I can’t stand people clamoring about stupidity or forcing their ineptitude on me), and losing the fear of interacting with people you don’t know. Worse comes to worse if she rejects you, at least you told her your feelings in a way that wasn’t degrading. I’ve sometimes felt pleasure from how gently some women can reject me; it felt like a rose-covered parachute once since I could tell she wanted to be with her friends.


Chapter 2: Stages of Lust Here is an interesting idea. I said that there are many ways of getting pleasure. I personally love to show off to girls. I mention this because it’s necessary for one to remove the whole sexual fantasy thing when encountering a woman because it’s nearly impossible for that to actually come true, especially on the day you met her. When you discard this ridiculous barrier, you can really enjoy your interactions with women. I believe there are 3 stages of lust. The strongest one is primal lust, which emerges from these fantasies that are overrated. It feels really good but it lasts a short time, has a low probability of getting there, you learn nothing from it and you can’t start a positive encounter with a woman saying “I want to penetrate you hard and fast”. Therefore, this one is completely useless, even more so when people use it to revive their dead relationships. I think it’s a better idea to channel it into using smooth moves, lines, and gestures as you approach an attractive woman. You also have to pay through the nose someway probably to get through with this too plus it can work too well for you. This could mean having to buy more condoms, risk STD’s, and if you’re out of ammo because you’re a minuteman but she wants more; the last one can lead to an ugly fight. However it’s not as bad as if you screwed up in the front gate and have to pay child support or show up on Maury for a paternity test. Then what if she’s high-maintenance and wants the hotel service? That’s just another bill on top of all the waiting to get there. Secondary lust is pretty much the innocent little touches and feelings. Just imagine this small conga line of talking to random women in a month: I made 2 blush, one threw her hips at me, wrapped my arms around one, leaned against another to feel a warm body, was attracted to one woman’s seductive voice and another let me feel her heart. These can be taken as pretty good signs one is getting women to notice him, especially without spending money. This type of lust gives one an unconscious level of comfort; it’s more like a safety net that can survive if one strand breaks. Tertiary lust is the emotional wavelengths a man can feel towards a woman who’s into him no matter how brief the exchange was. I generally feel this myself when I feel an aura about me celebrating every successful flirt coming from a woman who’s found me attractive. This one is probably the most intelligent feeling that one feels. I mention these 3 forms because the lower 2 are quite fun to get especially when you’re clever about it. Here’s a fun fact I discovered on my own about secondary lust. Pleasurable contact with a woman doesn’t always have to deal with hands, lips, or exposed skin. It’s fun to feel body parts even through clothes and using your arms, chest, or legs. Besides, she won’t feel you’re turned on too much since by now you’re used to talking to women. I’ve leaned on women lots of times, and when you’re subtle enough, you can feel pleasure without getting them to feel you’re sexually harassing them. It’s interesting to note that when you’re good at this, it doesn’t really matter where you grab, so obviously go for the safe zones and have some enjoyment there. These safe zones can be chest to breast, hip to hip, or my personal favorite, elbow on shoulder with arm bent towards you, just don’t get too close.


Tertiary lust is what builds your confidence. I personally go by my approaches here: Chivalry by day, thievery by night. This basically means that I can deal with the pure-hearted and dirty girls as well as learn how to land from reversible gender roles. I mention this because honestly there are women that you’ll probably be a lot smarter than or weaker than or vice versa. This in short enables me to be the man who flirts his way out of disaster. It also helps you see when to give up when you’re out of smooth moves and lines and she doesn’t want to play her hand with you.


Chapter 3: Revamping Beauty This is more important than your own moves. I think it’s important for one to learn how the things women can do can make themselves less attractive than others. In short, when an attractive woman has her eyes set on you, she becomes beautiful and loses it when she wants to throw you under the bus. It’s important to only let this acceptance influence a stronger approach to a woman because discord ruins everything. I know this personally when attractive women pushed me aside like I was garbage to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade with guys in kilts. With this new mindset, one can let the moon or stars attract him rather than just the sun. In other words, Plain Jane and Big Bertha have become more attractive by default because the prettiest girl around was cruel. It’s more important to feel the attraction rather than waste it on someone who punishes you for giving up some energy. Another thing is that you’ll probably look more heroic towards a woman who learns from the acceptance of her potential insecurities. If she’s going to call you a liar just for liking her, leave immediately. Many women are off-limits and it’s impossible to find a woman who repulses me attractive. I have a saying, “Any girl who does not repulse me can be an attractive woman”. The dating scene is more of an opportunity to perform for a woman rather than aim for the big finale. It’s also important to treat even the small encounters that don’t last 1 minute as mini/turbo dates. This way when you’re out of things to say, you let her up the ante or take it as a successful flirt to boost your self-confidence. It is interesting to note that a sexual advance is only called that when it fails. In other words, when you are slick, it goes unnoticed. In other words, this wave rider approach makes your entire body super-sensitive. This makes it even funnier when you think of how men get the complaint that they’re not sensitive; perhaps this isn’t what the women meant but it really gives a whole new meaning to that when one can even be attracted just by subtly leaning his leg into hers. I call this sneaking a feel, part of the thievery approach I mentioned earlier. I never got the concept of male bonding when one could just do this with women and it feels so much better.


Chapter 4: Gamble Emotionally by Playing to your Strengths This is important because we need a spark to motivate us to want to flirt. Therefore, it is important to not even bother about thinking about your weaknesses when you’re in a location that makes them irrelevant. If you fear your body because it has marks, try going out at night. If you don’t have money, obviously go to free places and try to mingle with the women over there that attract you; this works even better since you prevented a fight of who will pay. I say gamble emotionally because there is no way of being certain that a woman wants you until she really tells you it. In other words, be subtle and gradually up the ante of how strongly you flirt until you lose the desire to flirt. There are obviously a lot of women that are off-limits, like those who look like they have dead eyes or are too wrapped up in technology or their friends to bother noticing you. I mention this because you don’t want to challenge the sun all the time because you’ll probably get rejected. This is because you’re putting yourself in an opportunity where her friends may not approve of you and she would have to fight her friends to defend a stranger. Intuitions are important as well when you gamble. When you’ve got that strong spark, you might even challenge the sun or start off with a smooth line instead of a gesture. In other words, your desire for her wants you to have a superb start, making you skip a step. This also gives you more development as a human being because you’re using every fiber of your being, no matter how weak or strong, into this. When you get used to this, the rejections don’t hurt because you’re being clever and flattering rather than a horny dog. I was never once told to drop dead nor was I yelled at. When you get used to interacting with women, it’s easy to forget the negative stereotypes surrounding men that institutions force-feed you. This is because you have the home team advantage by catching her off-guard and playing in your natural element rather than having to compete with other men. This will give you more confidence.


Chapter 5: Rejection Responses I mentioned the home team advantage in chapter 4 because it applies here. When you are prepared, you can have a swift comeback to anything bad and salvage a crappy situation. To truly be a healthy human being, one must be able to feel every possible emotion rather than obsess over showing or concealing one. It’s better to direct your emotions responsibly rather than create fights over everything or feel self-loathing over just feeling a negative emotion when you did not even do anything. This lets you become interdependent upon women rather than feel intense heartbreak. In short, you need to have a good date to be on a good date. When you are enjoying being around your date, it’s better than being around anyone else at the time, especially those you know. However, when this goes wrong, you have to let things go based on how the date was. Perhaps say or think something a bit mean if she went overboard or be nice if she doesn’t try to hurt you. An example could be, “Guess I’ll have to give this gold digger some fool’s gold and make the most of my attraction to her until it ends,” versus “Thanks, I feel flattered but no thanks.” The former was based on some saleslady who I enjoyed letting her rub my wrist with some ointment and was really flirting with me to get me to buy it for $40 to which I obviously declined. The line that I thought of was the whole fool’s gold attitude of taking the bait of her beauty but only pretending to be manipulated by it until the last second. At least that encounter showed me several things: the wrist can feel pleasure, take what you can get, and at least thank her for the presentation. It’s important not to take any woman who ever flirts with you for granted; it feels better to praise them anyway though you can’t give them a lot of time plus you can really make some feel more confident in themselves; it’s like you’re trading confidence boosts. This is important because you’re really feeling a whole variety of emotions rather than getting barraged with the same ones; it makes life exciting. Best of all is that you’re interacting with a woman at her best rather than deal with her flaws, so this makes her more interesting. It’s honestly best to take the relationship down a notch when her flaws cripple it in the long term (like if she has bad eating habits that can rub off on you if you live together) but aren’t around in short bursts. It’s important to be able to stand up to a woman but not snap at her when things go bad. Remember, she’s a chick; she can always use a sob story and get supporters unlike the man. This is even more of a reason to learn how to dance with women and play with them if they’re not going to be sincere or willing to keep up with you.


Chapter 6: Swinging Wild This is the most exciting part about flirting with women. There are times when you’ll be completely unprepared with a cool line so you have to grasp for something. This can be due to the fact you haven’t seen an attractive woman in a place in a while, a concert blasts loud music right when you’re about to ask her to be your date, feel antagonized by the weather or need to find something attractive about her style to break the ice. It is important to see how much you can do in a limited time because we’re all human; it’s impossible to always be prepared with a cool line or move. Gestures can be a charming glance, an outreached hand, a hand over the chest/shoulder, or literally a bold step forward. It becomes quite fun when you improvise or discover your most versatile lines. In other words, as you flirt, you will realize patterns that follow. These versatile lines will save you because they’re quick bargains that do several things at once: show a common interest, up the ante, and make her feel good because you noticed her. I discovered this line as I saw I did not have any words to say after I got a girl to notice me, “I see we can connect through our body language. Would you like to try vocal language next?” I can even emphasize the body and vocal to hint I like her voice and body. This is easy to remember because this always happens when a girl notices you and you need to say something to her to show you like her. It’s a good idea to treat this as a hobby while being able to break your falls from rejection and look into things realistically rather than fixate on ridiculous ideals and filters (as you socialize with more women you see certain inner flaws that will not be disguised by their outer beauty given you’re used to being around attractive women). When you’re successful, it really feels great; especially when you managed to successfully flirt with a woman while she’s on a cell phone. It feels like you really defied impossible odds. Fortunately, when you’re in your element, your confidence will boost and you’re not around a bunch of downers (ie political correctness, social pressure, or hypocrisy) who will only cramp your style. This makes you want to flirt just for fun and see how far it goes or what new ideas you’ll bring up on the fly as your accelerated heartbeat has prioritized thinking of how to be cool over “Nice breasts.” Honestly, I think this supercharges one’s masculinity and makes it more of a fun competition to see if men or women can flirt better which both become better if done properly. This is because of the synergy that exists between the 2 when they up the ante and try to impress one another without feeling a useless, preemptive desire of needing to be with the one for the rest of their lives. It also helps when you finally get out of a slump of bad flirts even with something as simple as being attracted to the way she looks back at you.


About the Author

My name is Kevin Roman, and I make fun of the past, live in the present, and open new doors to the future (enjoy the twinkle in my eye from my pic though I have no clue how the camera made that happen). I identify myself as a time-travelling vagabond by the women I meet on my daily walks and use every facet of my character to attract them in different ways whenever possible. You can check out my blog for an origin story on Livevideo about finding my element in the dating scene. I honestly feel I breathe this stuff now when it used to intimidate me. I also have other stories in later entries. I have had a lot of fun making this e-book on how to interact with women (I call it dating lightly but it feels the same honestly). I truly hate the educational system because of how it bores you to death, conditions you into a silly dress code rather than teach the same tolerance towards a shoddy/slutty fashion sense that it proposes towards racial equality, forbids you from trying to make out with women outside of class time, and how you can’t leave it when the students harass you. At least I got my college diploma in Philosophy and Law from Brooklyn College but I can honestly throw that away. To be emotionally healthy, one must be able to interact with people who attract him and not feel the ridiculous notion to discard their personal way of saying harmless things (ie that s/he nonsense because technically either one suffices so there is no need to use both unless you want to). I used to be interested in video games until they became really stale in my opinion, feeling more like hacks and modifications but paying the same price as new games (think Madden, Street Fighter 2, Mega Man, and all its clones especially nowadays given they’re all over 10 years). This gets worse when you see the same the same flaws such as 20+ second load times in sports games on newer consoles. I’ve done video game reviews on Livevideo of bad games and learned that it’s important to avoid people who want to harass you solely because they like the games you bash. At least I did get to make 3 songs 12

though; but I lost one of them. Creating things really helps one find new talents that make a person unique rather than sticking to the same mold. Internet forums are the worst forums because they gang up on you and internet chat has people become neglectful after a while. I don’t like virtual dating because of the artificial filters that only solidify your own limitations and one woman asked me out on a virtual date and didn’t even respond after 3 days so I quit Omnidate. I also made 2 Quickstrike rpg’s with RPG Maker 2003 and a trading card game based off it. I honestly treat my Quickstrike media as if it was my own progeny because I really put everything I had into it that I could do (wasn’t that good with rpg maker and I couldn’t draw the cards) and it paid off well. I also made a novella based off of it too. I decided to use Mr. Variant as an internet handle because of my character, Kevin, had a bit of a knack for everything. I also think of a lot of elements from the games’ events when they occur in real life or identifying personality traits with those characters. Pretty much, Quickstrike is an rpg that starts off with an explorer based on myself, Kevin, who searches the world while trying to find artifacts. It also parodies lots of bad rpg elements like long summon spells but has its own plot arcs and themes that take itself seriously (beauty, romance, atonement, and repressed memories). The second rpg uses its sense of humor based on the dialogue itself, making fun of bad English where you had to read it properly to open up doors with the optional Translator in the class system and random dungeons. Lastly, the trading card game gave me ideas for both games (like Diana) and it fed off one another for making new cards. The game has only 146 cards but they were remade and balanced a lot to keep up with the game’s own evolution to be faster. In my spare time, I basically look up mangas to read online. I liked Vagabond, Akumetsu, Hareluya II Boy, and Shounan Junai Gumi. I generally have a 10 page rule, to which I give up when I’m still bored after reading 10 pages. I also skip a few issues if it starts to wane. With anime I have a 1 minute rule but I can’t find anything new at the moment; I liked Kaiji and Major. I think I’m also getting tired of a lot of media, like Marvel/DC comic book heroes since they’ve been around over 40 years. Some mangas have faster pacing than anime, like One Outs, so it may make a difference to check different versions especially when you can find them for free online. My favorite show is probably Martin Mystery, to which I liked the sneer that Diana had concerning lame moves and lines. I sometimes play games but there’re only so many games one can still emulate after doing so for years. I think this was what caused me to create this e-book; I can really use all my time to focus on women and how to handle interacting with them as efficiently as possible while giving them their dignity. I also think I made this e-book after seeing how I no longer interact with men outside of my family; I think work or long-term relationships has really made a lot of people forget about me. At least I can live with that now since I completely finished my Quickstrike media and needed people to test it rather than make a false promise about it, especially the card game. I also don’t get how people can be addicted to social networking sites because those friends really don’t care about you after you meet them; they’ll neglect you because they’re too busy doing other things. I suppose after saying all this, it’s no wonder I say I flirt my way out of disaster. It’s not like 13

I’m meeting anyone new, so I might as well open up to women who can attract me. It’s also in the real world so I don’t have to look up a person nor do I have to see some cowardly blocking attempt that exists online should one be slightly offended by what you’re saying than be told. Sometimes I feel that I have so many strategies because it relates to reviving old beliefs and ideals which can be fun to exercise when they work, like chivalry; it’s as if I approach a girl based on what I find to be the most compatible part of her personality. It’s probably why I have that saying, “Chivalry by day, thievery by night;” I’m adapting to a changing world without clinging onto useless beliefs but reviving them if they become successful. The chivalry is just being nicer and trying to cheer her up and thievery is more sneaking my way into her heart. However, it’s all as sincere as she wants to believe; I don’t bother debating people who don’t listen. Besides, I have flawless logic to help me get out of potentially bad situations (ie secondary lust does not equal sexual harassment), which is why I never had a hard rejection in my life. Here is my emblem. I call it an inverse heart, to represent this graze dance one has to do to gain self-confidence, attract a girl, gradually up the ante during your interactions and finally accept or commit to one’s rejection without losing a step. I suppose it symbolizes interdependence, with the 2 half hearts leaning on one another without being fully committed. I called this e-book a wave rider approach because it is the perfect self-description; riding from girl to girl until whatever chemistry emerges from the waves we both emit dies off. It honestly sounds dirty but it really is harmless and healthy since you’re really playing offense and defense and using your intelligence to guide your relationships than playing for an emotion you get that will definitely be unrequited from a majority of the desirable percentage of the female population.


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