I am not against pre-arranged sex in a cosy bedroom. Sex is sex for me in whatever way it comes!! But…….

I loooooooooooove the ‘sudden’ sex that happens under ‘sudden’ circumstances. It gives me (I am sure to any woman as well) a terrific sexual kick to do this sudden sex under sudden circumstances. Imagine the following five scenarios: 01) A woman is in a van with the van door partially open for some ventilation. The van is parked besides a row of vehicles …….. just another vehicle lost among a row of vehicles. It is a lazy, hot afternoon and the by lane is virtually empty. She is in her mid thirties and wearing a short skirt ……. her thighs are showing. Not only that ………. she is also wearing a skimpy top that exposes her entire arms and lots of shoulders ………. a sight for any man passing by! Her friend asks her to wait awhile till she returns from the hospital after seeing a patient. Then a guy passes by and seeing her much exposed arms and well rounded shoulders gets sexcited. He edges over to the window to have a better look. He then sees her much exposed thighs too. He gets more sexcited. He hangs around looking at her thighs. The woman gets her pussy in a twitch and is sexcited too. The sight of men gazing at her body parts turns her on! Then the guy notices that the other side of the van has the door partially open. He goes to the other side which gives him excellent cover. Nobody passing can see him without him seeing anyone first. He could now also see the woman’s thighs full in the open. His eyes shine with raw lust. Taking his cock out without any sense of shame he shags watching the tantalisingly exposed, sexy thighs. The woman gets really sexcited. She raises her skirt some more to show more thighs and also parts her thighs to show her pussy as well. She does not wear a panty out of habit. She too watches for anyone coming. In a few seconds the man shoots his cum. It is all over inside a minute. Some cum lands on the carpet of the van. Zipping up he walks away fully satisfied. The woman gets sooooooo sexcited that she masturbates in the van. She picks up the cum in the van with her fingers and applying it to her clit she masturbates furiously. She cums inside a minute owing to the sudden high sexual tension! She wipes off all traces of the cum with tissue paper. (In a by lane almost opposite Asiri hospital – maybe in 1998). 02) A girl of 16 years goes to the Bambalapitiya beach around 7 pm after typing tuition at Linda’s with a guy she knows. There was no marine drive then – it was all rocks and shrubs and unlit beach with long, old walls bordering the rail track. She asks her boy to move away and sit on the rocks and waits leaning on the wall with one leg raised and resting on the wall thus showing a good 8 inches or so of thighs. The boy is just a chaperone as she cannot be alone in the beach at night being a young girl. She very much looks like a beach prostitute trying to attract a customer. Guys pass by looking mostly for gay guys. But some are bisexual. Her pose, the exposure of thighs attracts one passing guy. He stops near her and looks at her thighs ……she deliberately moves the skirt up giving him an eyeful. He comes nearer as she has made her intentions clear – she wants to be naughty! When the guy is just about two feet away she leans forward and grabbing him kisses him. He surrenders. Going down she unzips him and taking a semi-erect cock sucks it. He surrenders more. She wants more. Getting up she raises her top and bra and exposes her teen tits. The guy sucks and
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caresses them. Slipping on a condom she turns and holding the wall with her hands she bends down jutting her bum at him. He guides the cock into her hot, juicy pussy and fucks her. She looks right and left to see if anyone or a train is approaching. If anyone or a train is approaching to interrupt them they break away and pretend to be a couple………..and as soon as the ‘interruption’ is gone she juts her bum at him again. It is all over in a minute. Taking the condom out she throws it beside her – an advertisement for day strollers – to entice them to the beach at night. Some days when the beach is more free with less crowd she gets the guy to finger fuck her or suck her or lays a polythene (she carries) on the ground beside the rail track and straddling him fucks him till she cums! (Bambalapitiya beach near Retreat Rd – 1976) 03) A woman in her thirties waits in the car till her friend arrives after a tender meeting. Opposite the car is a wall. On either side are other vehicles. Suddenly, a lottery ticket seller, a boy around 16 or 17 appears and asks her to buy a ticket. She is wearing a mini skirt. She shows a good many inches of thighs. She sees the boy’s eyes rest on her thighs for a moment. Involuntarily her thighs part to show more inner thighs. She sees the boy look at her ‘more exposed’ thighs again. She knows he is hooked. She wants him around for some innocent fun. So she talks silly things to make him understand that she is the friendly type and buys a ticket. She offers a twenty rupee note hoping he would stick around for her to show more of herself. She loves flashing her body to men. When giving the change by way of two five rupee coins one coin falls right between her thighs. Maybe he did it deliberately she thinks to herself. Grabbing the chance she tells the boy to pick it up. The coin slithers down further and rests against her pussy. She is not wearing her panty. If the boy went for it she knew she could do more with him. He did. Putting his hand he picked the coin and while doing so he deliberately brushed his hand against her pussy. A shiver of pure pleasure tore through her body momentarily! Taking the coin in her hand and putting it away she boldly guides the boy’s hand to her pussy. She knows by the way he touched her pussy that he is game for it. She makes him finger fuck her. She asks him to watch for anyone approaching. The plank with the lottery tickets affixed to it affords good cover so much so that nobody would notice the boy’s hand at work. It does not take long. With his two fingers fucking her pussy fast and rubbing against her clit vigorously at the same time she explodes into a mighty cum!! She gives him a hundred rupee note in gratitude. What shocks her is seeing the boy sucking his wet fingers when going away!! (Opposite the CWE building at Vauxhall Street – in 1997). 04) She is going to see a friend of hers to help her out with her packing as her friend is migrating to Australia. It is around 7.30 pm. She is in a Rosa bus that is so crowded that one could hardly breathe. To make matters worse the light under the roof of the bus where she is standing is not working. It is virtually dark where she is standing. To again make matters worse it is raining and the sky is gloomy. It is a gloomy day and she is in a gloomy mood! Then things started brightening up which took away the gloom. She felt the guy behind her pressing his frontals at her bum. With such a crowd it was natural for one to paste against another. But this was different. She can feel something hard against her bum and she quite correctly guessed that it is a horny cock! To show him that she is interested she moved her
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bum against his cock now and then. He got the message and started moving too rubbing his cock against her bum. Her pussy is twitching with sexual pleasure. She badly wants to feel that hard cock against her flesh. Her wish is granted ……….. she feels him lifting her short skirt. He exposes her bum. She looks around. It is dark outside and inside as there is no light in her section. No one could see what was happening. She feels reassured. She keeps quiet as he caresses her bum all over. Her pussy is dripping with juice. She is soooooo sexcited. She is wishing that he would expose his cock and plant it between her bum cheeks. Her second wish is granted. She feels his raw, hard cock probe her raw flesh. He plants it between her bum cheeks and starts moving. Inside a minute she feels warm juice wetting her thighs. It lazily runs down her thighs and a shiver of sheer sexcitement shakes her body. Two halts later he gets down. She could not even see his face as it is dark. The first thing she does when she reaches her friend’s house is to masturbate to release the high sexual tension. She lets the cum dry on her thighs………she does not wash! She puts up that night at her friend’s place. She masturbates two more times before sleep claims her! (In a 161 bus on the way to Enderamulla – maybe 1996). 05) She stops her van a few yards away from the guy who waves a bunch of mandarins at her from the roadside. She feels like eating some. There are two guys. Both scrawny looking guys in shorts who looks more like drug addicts! Scrawny One comes towards her holding the bunch of fruits. She is suddenly aware that her mini skirt had ridden up exposing a good ten inches of thighs. Her skinny top too had gone up exposing her navel sexily decorated with a belly button! Scrawny One approaches and stops beside her. Instantly she sees his eyes rest on her thighs. She bargains for lies smiling all the time to make him relax. She raises her arms as if to adjust her hair and exposes her sexy armpits. His eyes go to her armpits. Spontaneously she asked him whether her armpits are nice. He could not understand and has a puzzled look in his face. It is not everyday that a woman raises her armpits at you and asks you whether they are nice. Then pointing to her thighs she asks him whether they are nice. Then he understood and told her that they were all nice. She said she would give him two hundred rupees if he can caress her thighs. He agreed and placing his hand on her right thigh caresses it. Vehicles are flashing by at speed. The afternoon is hot and there is nobody to be seen walking on the kerb. Anyone in the vehicles passing by at speed– if they pay any attention at all - would only see a mandarin seller’s hand in the vehicle but not see the action. To all intents and purposes it could be Scrawny One handing in some mandarins!! If it was a car Scrawny One would have to bend and that may look funny. But being a van with the seat higher nobody from a passing vehicle would guess what is happening. She takes his hand and directs it to her pussy. He takes the cue and finger fucks her. She is watching ahead and at all three mirrors to see if anyone is approaching. She can only see Scrawny Two looking towards them and wondering what’s happening! It’s all over in a minute. She gasps as if for air and orgasms beautifully. She gives him a two hundred rupee note and takes the mandarins. Unlike the lottery seller Scrawny One wipes his finger against his shorts. She takes off with a heady feeling! (At a point between McDonalds and Welikada Police Station – maybe 2001).


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All the incidents mentioned above are what I experienced during the last 40 years - from my pre-teen to lusty teen years to twenties to mature thirties and naughty forties! And…………….I still do such things - under sudden circumstances!! It is soooooooo sexciiiiiiiiiiiiiting! Evonne


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