U must have read the previous stories. This was my third sexual experience.

During the days Chameen and I went out, he had this friend called Roshan, of St Peter's College. He was a real figure in our tution classes as he sometimes came with chameen to see me. Every girl liked his muscular body, huge arms and cure sexy eyes. Well, I also used to enjoy his sight and when we are going out I used to flirt with him. When we go out together[Me and Chamee, Rosh and his girl] I noticed that Rosh was looking at me. I also encouraged him, when ever I was wearing a short skirt I deliberately spread my leg a bit for him to c and enjoy. Since four of us were good friends nobody noticed such behaviors, as i have noticed Sumudu is also doing the same and once I saw chameen was staring at her legs avidly. Mama samahara welawata danne nethuwa wage mage breasts roshan ge ange wadinna arinawa. I enjoyed the sudden change in roshans actions actually I did that with most of the guys[my friends] and enjoyed their response. This day, I and Chamee were supposed to go to a film, but suddenly we got to know that chameens parents [they didnt like our affair at all] were looking for chameen. So he had to do something and he called roshan and asked whether it was alright to sent me to his home, and rosh said yes and his parents were also at home. So neither chamee or myself didnt hesitate to make the decision. As I entered his massive house at Ward place I noticed that there was no body, but rosh. He came out and took me in. He said hari wade ne nangi, ammala me dan tikakata eliyata giya, kamak neha oya math ekka inna. I was scared my heart beating was felt even to him, but I had no choice but to go in. Api film ekak balamuda? he asked while serving me a soft drink. I agreed. Actually while I was drinking the soft drink I felt something new, an arousing feeling but I neglected it. He put the film: To see it was a blue film. I was scared to death and wanted to run away,he grabbed me and started kissing my lips,,sooo vigourously and hard I was in pain. I struggeled and shouted EPA<<EPA<<<but he didnt care. I said mama chameenta kiyanawa..he stopped a bit,
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Chameen, nangi oya hariyata danne naha chammeen gana, eya meeta wediya dewal karanawa, mata oya paw kiyalath hithenawa, he said all thse things while rubbing my hand,, I was shocked hearing that, I asked atthamada?? e said ow nangi, while kissing me,, I felt angry and he while kissing said oya mehema karata kamak naha nangi,,, he suddenly kept his hand on my breast, I was shocked, but had no reaction time he squeezed it hard,, oooyyy..ridenawa,,I said,, he starter rubbing my breasts,,I didnt have time to realize how my clothes disappeared hw was soooo fast and rough on me... I was in the deepest pit of shame as he removed my panty without letting me say a word,, next time I fela his head between my legs,, He started to bite my vaginal lips and clit,,I shoutedin pain,,the he became a bit gentle,, balagena ayye parissamen athulata mokuth danna epa I said,, he turned up and kissed me on my forehead..and returned to my vagina.. I also started enjoying it.. Then he stood upand took his shirt off,,his chest was sooo hairy,, I looked at him with a lot of shame..he again kissed me on my fore head,,while taking my hand he grabbed my lips between his.. he put my hand inside the short he was wearing, I felt a rock hard thing inside his panty..I was ashamed like nothing.. but I felt his panty wet. I ssumed that his penis was bigger than chameens. He pulled his hrorts down and next time the panty,,I didnt look at him,,he came closer OH MY GOD IT WAS SOOOO BIG,,,may be 8 inches,,This is huge i said,, the top has already come out and was pauring from the end.. he braught it near my face, i looked for a place to hide my face,, but it was too late,,he turned my face and hid penis touched my lips,,he pushed,,if I didnt open my muth it would have gone in breaking my teeth as well..
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he pushed it in, I could only facilitate hi top but he pushed further in,, I gagged,,couldnt breathe,,when I was choking he took it a bit out but still inside the mouth,,he sterted to move it very rapidly in mouth,,It started hitting my throat,,Tears came into my eyes but I couldn't cry,,coz of his massive thing in the mouth,, He started to moan,,ane manarangi,,oh manarangi,,raththaran,,oh,, but I was in a hell,, he suddenly took the penis out so that I could breathe,,he wiped my tears with his hand asking Ai kelle me andanne?? I started crying but he didnt care and turned me to the other side, Then I felt his dick pressing against my butts,,I was still tearing,,

Suddenly I got this extremely severe pain,,Tearing sensation,,oh my god,,I started to sream,,he closed my mouth with his hand,,still I was making a huge noice,, I felt my asshole burning and tearing,,his dick OH MY GOD i could hardly facilitate it in my ass *.. he suddenly took it out and put it in again''and started playing very rapidly,,virtually he was raping me..I couldnt breathe coz of pain, and severe pain of tearing my asshole and his penis hitting deeply in my abdomen,, After very painful few minutes he started moaning,, I assumed that my suffering is going to be over,,so I stsrted to tolerate it,, he took the penis out of my asshole and turned my mouth towards his dick,, I was disgusted but i couldnt resist him, he pressed it against my lips, It was soo smelly,, and contained some blood as well,, next time he closed my nose while pressing it against my lips,, I I had open the mouth to breathe,, next what I remember Is a whole load to bitter stuff pauring into my mouth,, He put his dick deep in i COULDNT breath,, It made me vomiting twice,,while he was in the bathroom,, I ran away and got my clothes,,my butt was aching like hell,,


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I found it difficult to walk anymore,,I was completely naked,,I wiped off my mouth and face with a pillow cover and wore my panty, and bra and he came rfom back and grabbed me again, this time I smashed him on his face but he kissed me saying I love u manarangi,, I smashed him agein,, he said come again,,I smashed him again,, this time he bacame angry and said owata awoth thawa parak * arinawa,, I was scared to death,, I wore my stuff and went away from his sight,, I didnt tell this to chameen coz i couldnt tolerate if he gets in to a conflict and getting hammered,, Roshan was a ruggerite and he could have done that very easily. I cried until I reached my home,,I didnt know whether it was due to te pain arising in the asshole,,or deep in the troat or bite marks in the vaginal lips,, OR WHETHER IT IS DUE TO THE MENTAL TRAUMA!!! THAT WAS THE HARDEST TIME OF MY LIFE AND I BELIEVE THAT EVERY GIRL IN SRI LANKA IS GETTING ABUSED LIKE THAT AT LEAST ONCE IN LIFETIME BY A WELL KNOWN PERSON,,


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