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1)What are the secure communication technologies available in


1. SSL / TLS

2. IPSec

3. RPC Encryption

2)What is Multi-Targeting in .net?

Using it we can use Visual Studio 2008 to create projects that target .NET
Framework version 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5.

3)How will you fetch the web resources?

We can fetch the web resources using GetWebResourceUrl method, which is

a method of the ClientScriptManager class.

4)What is the format of the URL for WebResource.axd?

The format of this URL is WebResource.axd?d=encrypted identifier&t=time

stamp value. The "d" stands for the requested Web Resource. The "t" is the
timestamp for the requested assembly, which can help in determining if there
have been any changes to the resource.

5) How Web Resources work in

They rely on WebResource.axd.

6)What is the handler type for WebResource.axd?


7)What is the use of WebResource.axd?

It is a special handler which is designed to retrieve assembly resources and

serve them to the Web browser.

8)What does the term immutable mean?

Whenever the value of the variable is changed, a new object will be created.

9)Can you store multiple data types in System. Array?


10) What is a Nested Master Page?

A nested Master page is one master page referring another master page.
11) Explain Windows HTTP Services Certificate Configuration Tool

The Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) Certificate Configuration

Tool, WinHttpCertCfg.exe, enables administrators to install and configure
client certificates in any

certificate store that can be accessed by the Internet Server Web Application
Manager (IWAM) account.

12) What is the tool which is used to configure Windows HTTP

Services Certificate?


13) How will you test memory leak in a .NET application?

using Perfmon.exe application.

14) What is the best practice for calling explicit garbage


We should call the finalizer after gc like,




15) Which one is a best practice to use DirectCast or CType?


16) How will you mark a method as obsolete?


[Obsolete("Call NewMethod instead")]

void OldMethod()

17) How will you mark a method as Non-CLSCompliant?



public void MyMethod(0

18) What is the expansion of CAO?

Client-Activated Objects.

19) How will you beginning running a standard application

message loop on the current thread?

Application.Run(new Form1());

20) Is it true that objects don't always get destroyed immediately

when the last reference goes away?

Yes. The garbage collector offers no guarantees about the time when an
object will be destroyed and its memory reclaimed.

21) Which class has culture information used for resource files?


22) Which class do we need to assign formatting related culture



23) How will you create a specific culture?


24) #region blocks

Enclose Methods and Interfaces in #region blocks so that it can be collapsed

or expanded.
25) Which is the best practice for explicit event subscriptions:
using AddHandler and RemoveHandler or WithEvents?

using AddHandler and RemoveHandler.

26) How will you unsubscribe an event?

We can unsubscribe an event using the RemoveHandler.

27) Where will you place your user-interface strings?

It is a best practice to place all your user-interface strings in a resource file

rather burning them in code.

28) Which control of Ajax control toolkit populates matching list

upon entering characters in a text box?


29) How will declare a one way communication method in a

ASP.NET Webservice?



public void AOneWayComm()


30) How will you disable personalization in ASP.NET Web Parts?

By using the attribute personalization-enabled as given in the below example,

<asp:webpartmanager runat="server" id="wpm1"

personalization-enabled="false" />

31) Web Parts personalization is enabled by default on Web Parts

pages. True or False?

32) What is purpose of WCAG?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) documents explain how to

make Web content accessible to people with disabilities.

33) What is url rewriting in

URL rewriting is the process of intercepting an incoming Web request and

automatically redirecting it to a different URL.

34) What is the expansion of WCAG?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

35) What is the attribute that need to be added for a class to be

tested in Unit Testing?


36) What is the attribute that need to be added for a method to be

tested in Unit Testing?


37) What is nAML?

It is .NET Application Modeling Language, pronounced as “namel” is a visual

modeling semantics to model .net applications with wide range of specific
details. It contains extremely powerful visual notations and semantics to
illustrate complex application components, processes and operations easily.

38) What is the class used for xml serialization in .net?


39) What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is the cloud services operating system that serves as the
development, service hosting, and service management environment for the
Windows Azure Platform.

40) What Is an Indexer?

An indexer is a set of get and set accessors, similar to those of properties. It
gives get and set access to multiple data members of the class.

41) What are the 5 scope specifiers available in c#?

1. private

2. public

3. protected

4. internal

5. protected internal

42) What are MMC tools or snap-ins?

MMC tools (called snap-ins) can be used to administer networks, computers,


applications and other system components. MMC does not perform

administrative functions, but hosts a variety of Windows and non-Microsoft
snap-ins that do.

43) What is MMC?

Microsoft Management Console is a framework that unifies and simplifies

day-to-day system management tasks on Windows by providing common
navigation, menus, toolbars, and workflow across diverse tools.

44) How will you register IIS in your computer?

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\inetmgr.dll

45) What is the expansion of MMC?

Microsoft Management Console

46) What are the 2 commonly used Silverlight assemblies?



47) How will you detect the name of the browser using ASP.NET?

You can find that using the following code (which detects whether it is IE)



48) How will you make Visual Studio write the code for #region
#endregion automatically?

Type a , select '#region', Press Tab twice.

49) How will you make Visual Studio write the code for default
destructor or finalizer automatically?

Type ~ , Press Tab twice.

50) How will you make Visual Studio write the code
Console.WriteLine automatically?

Type cw ,Press Tab twice.

51) How will you make Visual Studio write the code for default
constructor automatically?

Type ctor , Press Tab twice.

52) Name any 2 technologies which are used to develop RIA


1. Adobe Flex

2. Microsoft Silverlight

53) What are exception handlers in the Exception Handling

Application Block?

1. Wrap handler.

2. Replace handler.

3. Logging handler.

4. Fault Contract Exception Handler.

54) What is the Caching Application Block of Enterprise Library?

It allows the developer to incorporate a local cache in their applications which

can either be an in-memory or backing store.

55) What is the Unity Application Block of Enterprise Library?

The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight, extensible dependency

injection container that supports constructor injection, property injection, and
method call injection.

56) How to suppress code violations in FxCop?

We can suppress code violations in FxCop by providing using the attribute


57) What is the namespace used to interact with the code analysis
tools in .NET?


58) What is the use of CompilerGenerateAttribute in FxCop?

If this attribute is given to your code then FxCop will not raise warnings.
Generally it is used to give for compiler generated code.

59) Explain what is a DTO?

A DTO is a pattern used to transfer data between applications.

60) What is the expansion of DTO?

Data Transfer Object.

61) What is the expansion of TDD?


62) What is the syntax which extracts the value of an item as a

single string(ie scalar)?


63) What is the syntax which extracts the value of an item as a

list(ie vector)?


64) What is the syntax which extracts the value of a property?


65) What character is used in MS Build to represent the Escape


66) Name some of the popular Metadata of an Item in MS Build or
TFS Build?

RelativeDir ,RootDir ,Filename ,etc.

67) What is a property in MS Build or TFS Build?

It is a key/value pair.

68) What are the 2 popular ways to pass data to tasks and targets
in MS Build or TFS Build?

1. Properties

2. Items

69) What is the main advantage of Clickonce deployment?

They are self-updating.

70) What are the deployment methods available for


2. Copy Website

3. Publish Website

4. ClickOnce

5. Setup Package

71) What will the deployment retail="true" do when set in an web.config file?

It forces the 'debug' attribute in the web.config to false, disables page output
tracing, and forces the custom error page to be shown to remote users rather
than the actual exception.

72) What is the expansion of MVC?


73) What is a Unity Application Block?

The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight, extensible dependency

injection container that supports constructor injection, property injection, and
method call injection.
74) What are the blocks in Enterprise Library?

1. The Caching Application Block

2. The Cryptography Application Block

3. The Data Access Application Block

4. The Exception Handling Application Block

5. The Logging Application Block

6. The Policy Injection Application Block

7. The Security Application Block

8. The Unity Application Block

9. The Validation Application Block

75) What does the term Instrumentation mean in a software


It is the capacity to monitor and measure performance and to diagnose


76) What is a callback function?

A callback is a function that is passed as an argument to another function

and is executed after its parent function has completed.

77) What is the expansion of BAL?

Base Activity Library.

78) What is a Build machine?

A Build machine is a computer which is dedicated for taking builds. It should

have Build Service installed in it.

79) What are the types of Build Plans generally followed?

There are generally 3 build plans followed in the industry, they are:

1. Basic

2. Standard

3. Advanced

80) What are the phases in the Build process?

There are 3 phases in the build process, they are:

1. Pre-Build Activities

2. Build

3. Post-Build Activities

81) How will WCF communicate the Endpoint details with the

Using WSDL.

82) What are the 2 core assemblies that got automatically

referenced with a WCF application?



83) What is the use of svcutil.exe?

It is a tool for generating client-side code from WSDL definitions in WCF.

84) What are the Predefined bindings in WCF?

1. BasicHttpBinding

2. WSHttpBinding

3. WSDualHttpBinding

4. NetTcpBinding

5. NetNamedPipeBinding

6. NetMsmqBinding

85) What is attribute you give to expose an operation in WCF?


86) What is attribute you give to make an interface into a WCF

Service Contract?

87) What is the Class or Interface for a WCF Contract?

Interfaces annotated with System.ServiceModel attributes.

88) What is the Class or Interface for a WCF Binding?


89) What is the Class or Interface for a WCF Address?


90) What is the Class or Interface for a WCF Endpoint?


91) What are the new Features in Team Build 2008?

1. Continuous Integration

2. Build Queuing

3. Scheduled Builds

4. Build Agent Management

5. Build Definition Editing GUI

6. Better Build Management

7. Managed object model

8. Improved extensibility

92) How will you build using MS Build command line?

MSBuild.exe TestProj.proj /property:Configuration=Debug

93) What are Targets in MS Build?

They are used to group Tasks.

94) What are Tasks in MS Build?

Tasks are reusable units of executable code used by MSBuild projects to

perform build operations. They are declared inside the Target element.

95) How will you refer properties in a project file?


96) How will you refer item collections in a project file?


97) Give an example for PropertyGroup


98) What are Properties in MS Build?

They are key/value pairs which are used to configure the build. They are
created by declaring a property element inside PropertyGroup element.

99) Give an example for ItemGroup?

100) What is an ItemGroup in MS Build?

Items represent inputs to the build system and they will be added as
collections which are used as parameters for tasks. They are available inside
the ItemGroup element.

101) What is MS Build?

It is a build tool for Visual Studio. It will build the software in environments
where even visual studio is not installed.

102) What is Team Foundation Proxy Server?

It is used to develop a single application from many places around the world
at the same time.

103) In TFS if you Branch A to B , then B to c. If you delete branch

B , then is it possible to


104) When are Date Type branching used?

It is used on situations like release.

105) When are Changeset Type branching used?

It is used on situations like maintenance or bug fixing, ie, you knew where
the break occured.

106) When are Workspace Type branching used?

Workspaces are mapped from developer's machine to server, so this type
will reflect local


107) When are Label Type branching used?

It is not time-based, instead used on such situations where branching needs

to be done based on a collection of files grouped by a user.This type of
branching is for the needs of an individual user.

108) What is TFS?

Team Foundation Server.

109) What is the Expansion of WIQL?

Work Item Query Language (WIQL).

110) What are the 2 process templates in TFS?

1. Microsoft Solutions Framework for Agile Software Development version

4.0 (MSF Agile for short)

2. MSF for CMMI Process Improvement version 4.0 (MSF CMMI for short).

111) What is a WorkItem in TFS?

It is used to track anything related to your team Project, like bugs and

112) Name any two Managed API Assemblies of Team Build 2008.

1. Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Client.dll

2. Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll

113) What is the purpose of the Managed API in Team Build 2008?

It allows us to program the Team Build.

114) What is "Partially Completed" option in TFS?

It is a Build with one or more failed tests.

115) Does the TFS 2008 support Queue Build?

116) What is a Build Retention Policy?

It is a policy using which you can decide how many build results Team Build
can keep.

117) What is Continuous Integration in TFS Build?

It is nothing but the Build is done on every Check-in.

118) Does TFS store all the configuration data in TFSBuild.proj file

No. Most of the data are stored in TFS databases.

Note: In VS 2005 all configuration data were stored in this file.

119) How can i copy the files in the debug folder to some other
directory automatically?

Add the following line of code to the Post build event in the project

call copy E:\projectdir\bin\Debug c:\test\

120) What is the expansion of WMI?

Windows Management Instrumentation.

121) What is the name of the file you need to change to add pre- and
post-build functionality into your custom package?

Targets file.

It is located in ,


122) Which tool can be used to do the Automated Build?

MS Build.

123) What is the Expansion of URI?

Uniform Resource Identifier.

124) What is the Expansion of (STLC)?

Software Testing Life Cycle.

125) Is it true that Webservices can be written only in .NET?


126) What is Windows Cardspace?

Windows CardSpace is client software that enables users to provide their

digital identity to online services in a simple, secure, and trusted way.

127) What is the Expansion of MSMQ?

Microsoft Message Queuing.

128) What are the two portions of ASP.NET AJAX?

1. Server-side AJAX

2. Client-side AJAX

129) What is the Expansion of LINQ?

Language INtegrated Query.

130) What is the expansion of JIT?

Just-In Time Compiler.

131) What is the expansion of CLR?

Common Language Runtime.

132) What is the Expansion of AJAX?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

133) What is the Expansion of CCW?

COM Callable Wrapper.

134) What is the Expansion of RCW?

Runtime Callable Wrapper.

135) Can you configure a .NET Remoting object via XML file?


136) What is the Expansion of CLI?

Common Language Interface.

137) What does WSDL stand for?

Web Services Description Language.

138) How to access ViewState value of the previous page in the

current page?

Previous page's information is stored in a property called PreviousPage and

you can access it using the following code,

Page prePage = this.PreviousPage;

Label totalEmployees = prePage.FindControl("lblTotEmployees");