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Week 4

19th October 2015-23rd October 2015

The problem that I want to discuss this week is the pupils appearance and hygiene.
Pupils do not take care of neatness and cleanliness of their clothing and themselves.
I've noticed that they did not care and was serious about their cleanliness and
neatness. Some of the boys did not tuck in their shirt inside their pants to look neat.
They also look dirty and smelly. This is happen because the pupils always play and
run around the school. These make their school uniforms look dirty and smelly. Most
of the pupils come to the school with clean and tidy uniform but then they will look
dirty and smelly after the break is done. This should not have happened to a school
pupils. They supposed to take care of their appearance in terms of neatness and
hygiene. In fact, there are some pupils who have body odour. This hygiene problem
is not only facing by the pupils from Level 1 but also involve the pupils from level 2.
As a teacher, this is a worrisome because it involves the image of the school and the
teachers as well. If the outsiders come to the school and find the children are not
dressed and dirty, they will blame the teachers and the school. This will give a shame
and taint the image of teachers and the school. I described this condition in phase
alarming and must be addressed immediately. Cleanliness and neatness is very
important. In addition, the learning process can run smoothly if pupils are clean and
In human life, personal hygiene is one of the important element. Maintaining the
hygiene is important in our life because it is the main thing that lead to the harmony
life. Cleanliness describes our characteristics. It needs to be taken seriously and
practice since childhood. Pupils should be taught to have neat appearance and
maintain their hygiene as a habit of their life especially in the school. This is because
the school is where the pupils are gaining their knowledge. Apart from that, dirty
environment will make the unpleasant atmosphere. The teaching and learning
process will be interrupted and disturb other pupils.

In addressing the issue of cleanliness and neatness of the pupils, it is the
responsibility of all parties in the school. Pupils are responsible for themselves,
teachers are also responsible for the pupils. The teachers should show the good
examples to the pupils. The school is responsible for such a campaign to enforce
rules of hygiene and cleanliness and neatness of the pupils.
Teachers must ensure that pupils keep themselves clean and tidy. Teachers should
not let this situation to be happened because this is involve the image of teachers.
Teachers must always criticize and decisively against the hygiene of the pupils.
Strikes directly is the best way to overcome this problem. If there are pupils who are
neat and clean in appearance, the teacher must give the credit to the pupils and
make an example to other pupils.
In addition, the appearance of teachers should also be maintained for pupils
consider the teacher is the best example to them. If teachers do not care for
neatness and cleanliness, this will affect the pupils. Pupils will assume that they do
not need to maintain neatness and hygiene if teachers do not do that.
These problems need more attention from the teachers. So, it will take some more
times to be settled maybe about two or three weeks. As for my class, I will do the
checking every time I enter the classroom.
Further action
Teachers should provide ongoing advice and warning. This is because the
responsibility of teachers to make sure their pupils to follow the rules and resolve this
issue. During P & P process, teachers remind and admonish students about the
hygiene. It is not limited to strikes in the class, but can be done in anywhere if the
teacher meet the pupils who are not suitably dressed and dirty.
In order to ensure a comfortable and harmonious life, every pupil must know how to
do a good personal hygiene. They should be a concern because it is a part of

acquiring knowledge. Pupils need to be in a clean and tidy so P & P process runs
effectively. In addition, teachers should show a good example to the pupils because
teachers are the best role models for pupils. Cleanliness symbolizes the personality
of the pupils, teachers and school image.

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