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Planets as Temporal House Lords

In Vedic Astrology The concept that the planets Show their effects as Karakas and house rulers is
fundamental. The pure energy of the planet is its nature as a karaka. The relationship of the signs and
where they fall relative to each other determines which houses each planet will rule. There are very
detailed and specific guidelines that show us how planets operate as house rulers. As with everything
in Vedic astrology, memorizing the rules and remembering their application will only give us a surface
understanding of the deeper principles being illustrated. The deeper principles relate more to yoga,
Vedanta and awakening to our divine purpose within.
From BPHS Chapter on Yoga Karakas we get the sutras for determining the planets as temporal lords.
BPHS Yoga Karakas Chapter.
2-7. Nature due to Lordships of Grahas. Benefics, (Moon, Venus Jupiter or Mercury) owning Kendras,
(angles) will not give benefic effects, while malefics, (Sun, Mars, Saturn) owning Kendras, will not
remain inauspicious.
The Lord of a Kon (Trine) will give auspicious results.
The Lord of Lagn is specially auspicious, as Lagn is a Kendr, as well as a Kon.
Putr (5) and Dharm (9) Bhava are specially for wealth, while Yuvati (7) and Karm Bhava (10) are
specially for happiness.
Any Grah, owning Sahaj (3), Ari (6), or Labh (11) Bhava, will give evil effects.
The effects, due to the Lords of Vyaya (12), Dhan (2) and Randhr Bhava (8), will depend on their
In each group the significance will be in the ascending order.
Randhrs (8) Lord is not auspicious, as he owns the 12th from Dharm Bhava.
If the Lord of Randhr (8) Bhava simultaneously owns Sahaj (3), Yuvati (7), or Labh Bhava (11), he will
prove specifically harmful, while his simultaneous ownership of a Kon (trine) will bestow auspicious
The Grah, owning a predominant Bhava, will stall the effects, due to another, owning a less significant
Bhava and will give his own results.

Randhrs lordship of Srya and Candr is not evil. (Capricorn and Sagittarius)

In this chart the Trines have a plus sign, which denotes they lead us to positive awakening the cruel
houses have a Minus sign, which shows they lead us farther from this awakening. The angles and
neutral houses have a zero, which shows they do neither. The houses are also ranked, based on the
above sutras, according to their dominance.
General Rules:
1. A Graha will be the Lord of either 1 or 2 houses. When the Graha is the lord of 1 house the nature
will be obvious and indicated by the house the planet rules, when the Graha is the lord of 2 houses,
the nature is determined by the non - neutral house.
3. If the graha rules a dharmic and cruel house the nature is determined by the dominant bhava as
shown in the Dominant Bhava Chart above.
4. Benefics ruling angles cease being Benefic. (different than become MALEFIC)
5. Malefics ruling angles cease being Malefic. (different the become BENEFIC)
As is the case with most Astrological texts, there are ground rules that establish the parameters and
define the major principles involved, and then there are exceptions which modify these basic rules and
add nuance to them. The same is true here. First it is important to digest the meaning of these rules,
only then do the exceptions become relevant.
Some Observations:
* The lords of the dharma houses are always benefic.
* Of the cruel house lords, 2 are Kama houses and 1 is an artha house.
* All Moksha houses are neutral.
* Two of the three neutral houses are dusthanas.
* Planets are never simultaneously the ruler of the Dharma House and a kama House.
* Planet are never simultaneously the ruler of an Arta house and a Moksha house.

There is much insight here. The sage is teaching powerful lessons about how to view our
worldly life. It is clear to see that most areas of life have no bearing on the development of our
consciousness. They merely serve to either awaken a deeper sense of duty to evolve toward
truth through introspection, self-knowledge and surrender (as shown by the Trines and

houses 1,5 and 9 respectively) or to over exert our self - willed nature through personal effort,
argument and ambition (the Cruel houses of 3,6 and 11 respectively)
Dharma is related to the fire principle as it is through the alchemy and illumination of fire that
we gain access to the truth. When the dharmic areas of life are weak, the flame does not burn
brightly enough to illuminate. Rather it will create smoke that obscures. (Think of Rahu, who
creates smoke) There are lower qualities to these houses as well, but the point is, it is through
the higher qualities of these houses that our true dharmic Self can emerge.
The main obscuring factor is desire as 2 of the three cruel houses are kama houses. Our
personal, self-willed desires (3rd house) and our desires for worldly gain and ambition (11th
houses) take us further from truth and our dharma. The other cruel house, the 6th is an artha
house, it shows where our quest for wealth becomes excessive and forceful, by bringing us
into conflict and battle with others over it. Of course, there is also a higher quality that comes
through these cruel houses. They are where we are able to act will courage, humility and a
sense of altruism. Yet the point is, the lower quality of thee houses are the evil forces that
keep us trapped in our limited universal view.
The 7th house, the sphere of our relationships, is the lone kama house not included in the
cruel trinity. Obviously our relationships have something to teach beyond the desire nature
they bring. The compromise we learn through relationships justifies the passion and energy
we expend in maintaining them, rendering them as neutral. The sage himself in these sutras
gives praise, The 7th and 10th are particularly comfort producing - We are not here to suffer
through life. Our relationships and careers are 2 important areas of life that allow for
enjoyment and fulfillment, yet they do not take us closer to truth or further away from it.
The Moksha houses (2 of which are dusthanas) are all neutral. The Moksha houses are
generally where we can feel the most pained and vulnerable, through the emotions, (4th
house) lifes breaks and changes (8th house) and letting go of our attachment to life and our
efforts. (12th house) Despite the drama we have with these areas of life, in and of themselves
they have little impact, except for bringing us to a point of reckoning. At which point we will
choose the dharmic or cruel path.
Dual lordship of cruel houses

Exceptions to Each Ascendant

After the general guidelines are spelled out in the initial Sutras of this YogaKaraka Chapter, The Sage
refines these indications. An important sutra that holds sway in these exceptions is:

the 11th, 3rd, 8th, 6th, 2nd and 12th, understand these Bhavas to be explained as cruel,
Dvijasattama, that joining these Bhavas cause damage. Fortunate Bhavas are angles and trines,
Dvijasattama, joining these causes auspisciosness.
Association with dusthana houses or a dusthana lord will damage that area of life.
A few observations:
There is a consistent worsening of effect for Jupiter and Venus, especially Venus. The Rishi proclaims

her to be an evil graha for 7 out of 12 Rashis. With the exception of the Saturn and Mercury ruled
Rashis, she is evil. (for Libra her Mulatrikona, she is neutral) When considering her exaltation point
falls in cruel houses from the houses she rules, the nature of Venus is revealed to be a Graha that
requires some self will- individual effort to transform. This will bring disruptions to the areas of life she
Also a worsening is often seen when a planet is the Lord of the ruling planets debilitation rasi. (Jupiter
for Mercury ruled ascendants, Mars for Saturn ruled ascendants)
Benefic ruling angles (except the moon for Libra) are also worsened.

Though the 8th lord, Mars causes auscpisciouness in association with an auspiscious. Saturn, Mercury and
Venus are evil, auspiscious are Jupiter and the Sun, not auspiscious is the simple union of Saturn and
Jupiter. Jupiters dependence also insures evil action, Venus is a particular killer with the qualaties of a
Maraka. Saturn and evil Grahas are also killers. Thus the effects are known as caused by Aries Lagna,
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 19-22
Exceptions: Venus is evil not neutral, Jupiters dependence insures evil action

Venus loses grace, becoming evil. As a neutral planet exalted and debilitated along the difficult, 6 th
and 12th house axis. With her exaltation point in the 12th house, at best she brings expenses, ups and
downs, disillusionment and apathy with each desire they are able to fulfill. These problems cause a
reevaluation of the energy spent on fulfilling their desires, which serves to awaken them to greater
devotion and less selfishness. At worst she removes the obstacles to her charms allowing a sleepy
fulfillment as being asleep in the 6th house. Either way, this is most difficult energy for the Aries native.
Jupiters dependence ensures evil action is clearly shown by his debilitation point falling in the
Karma Bhava, The 10th house of action. This is reinforced by the insistence of inauspiciousness of a
Saturn / Jupiter association. Every angle lord is either evil or ignored, showing the need for an
emphasis on dharma, not action.
Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are evil, auspiscsious are Saturn and the Sun, Rajayoga producing is Saturn,
Mercury offers less auspisciousness. Jupiter, etc. and also Mars destroy having Maraka qualaties. Thus the
modified results caused by Taurus Lagna according to sages.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 23-24

Exceptions: Sun as auspicious - Mercury as less auspicious

All 3 gentle planets are considered evil for the Taurus native, even the Moon, who is exalted here.
These 3 gentle planets rule the cruel houses. Mercury, as the 2nd and 5th lord would clearly seem to
be a good planet, yet the sage says he offers less auspiciousness. The 2 planets at the extremities
of experience, the Sun and Saturn are presented as auspicious. Saturn is obvious as a Yoga Karaka
planet. The Sun is surprising, but makes sense when you look at the problem of the Taurus native.
The same reason Mercury gets demoted, the Sun gets promoted. Mercury is a graha whose skilled
nature facilitates the Taurean pleasure cycle and thus loses grace, whereas the Sun is the graha of
forbearance and allows us to purify our desires and have the strength to sacrifice. As the 4th lord,
whose exaltation point is in the 12th house, he awakens the native to their need to let go of a security
at all costs attitude. He does this by creating ups and downs and expenses through excessive
accumulation. This forces the native to transform and learn to be alone, as they can be too much of a

herd animal. A weak Sun may actually bring a smooth domestic life, yet he will deny the breaks and
changes that would have forced the purification as shown by his exaltation in the 12th house. Saturn is
exalted in this 6th house. It is no coincidence that Venus rules this 6th house along with the lagna,
revealing the native to be their own worst enemy. The Rishi seems to be making a point about the
importance of this 6th house to the Taurus native.

Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are evil, Venus is the only auspiscious one, Jupiters yoga with Saturn is like that
caused for Aries. The Moon is the principle killer who produces effects according to association. Thus the
modified results caused by Gemini Lagna according to the learned.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 25-26
Exceptions: Jupiter as evil Mercury and Saturn are not benefic - Moon as principal killer who affects
according to association

It would seem the taint of both Jupiter and the Moon is due to their relationship to lagna lord
Mercury. Although Jupiter rules 2 neutral houses, they are very important ones of high desire
and ambition, namely the 7th and 10th houses. Parashara states that the The 7th and 10th
are particularly comfort producing. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the 10th house, showing
uncertainty in this area of life. Jupiter is debilitated in the 8th showing they will expend a lot of
energy trying to succeed. The main flaw of the Gemini is in these areas of life as the 8th
house is the house of the cavity or flaw. Plus Jupiter is a maraka. The Maharishi also
demotes Jupiter for the other ruled Mercury rashi, Virgo. The Moon is the only planet Mercury
is inimical toward and thus she kills according to association. Saturn is not considered a
benefic, likely due to being lord of the 8th house. The Rishi seems to make clear that the 8th
house is a focal point for those with the Gemini lagna. Of note is that Mars is not called a
killer or singled out as being especially cruel, although he rules the same cruel houses as
Venus for the Sagittarian native. (The Rishi singles out Venus as being especially cruel and a
maraka for the Sagittarian) Given that Mars resurrects the very house that excessively cruel
Jupiter destroys, this seems to make sense.
Venus and Mercury are evil, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are auspiscious, a full Yogakaraka is Mars causing
fortune. Killers are Saturn and the Sun, (the Sun) from associating giving effects. Thus the results caused by
Cancer lagna stated by the wise.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 27-28

No exceptions to Cancer

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are evil, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun produce auspisciousness. The simple yoga of
Jupiter and Venus is not productive of fortune. Marakas are Saturn and the Moon from association produces
affects. The learned know these results of those born in Leo Lagna.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 29-30

Exceptions: Jupiter and Venus do not produce raja yoga

Jupiter and Venus would seem to be a Raja Yoga, as the 5th and 10th lord joined, yet the Maharishi
indicates otherwise. Given the inimical relationship of Venus to Jupiter, and Venus as a cruel planet
and Jupiter as the 8th lord, this makes sense. After all, this raja yoga would also join the 3rd and 8th
lords. Jupiter is a planet of deep transformation for the Leo native and Venus can surely foul this up as
she is the planet of smooth vanity and worldly prestige sought by this native. Jupiter is the 5th lord, yet
his dominant bhava is the 8th house showing him to be more of a graha of transformation. The need to
let go of their self-involved personality through intelligence and transform their mental preconceptions
in isolation or foreign journeys is shown through Jupiters exaltation in the 12th house. This teaches
the Leo the value of others ideas and beliefs, not just their own orthodox ones.

Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are evil, Mercury and Venus are certainly auspiscious, Venus and Mercury
involved are also Yogakarakas. A Maraka is also Venus, the Sun causes results according to association.
Thus the modified results caused by Virgo Lagna according to sages.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 31-32

Exceptions: Jupiter is evil
Jupiter loses grace. As a benefic ruling an angle we would expect him to be neutral. However once
again (as before in Gemini) the sage has proclaimed Jupiter as evil to the Mercury ruled native. Jupiter
is the lord of Mercurys debilitation rasi, here it is the 7th house. Mercury is the their ruling planet and is
exalted in the 1st house and debilitated in the 7th house, showing the problems the Virgo has in
relationships and with the compromise necessary to succeed in them. Jupiter is the co-lord of the
vulnerable 4th house, yet the dominant bhava is the 7 th house. It is very likely that the native will seek
too much mental peace and happiness in their partnerships. This will hurt their dharmic creativity and
learning as Jupiter is debilitated in the 5th house. Jupiter is a planet that allows them to help society in
general through service and altruism. (he is exalted in the 11th house) It is Venus who saves their
relationships, as being exalted in the 7th house. This benefic 9th lord brings Gods grace and the spirit
of sharing into this difficult area of life.

Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are evil, Saturn and Mercury are auspiscious, productive of Rajayoga are the
karakas Moon and Mercury. Mars kills, Jupiter and the other evil have Maraka qualities, Venus is neutral.
Thus the different effects caused by Libra are known.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 33-34

Exceptions: Mars is evil - Venus is neutral, not auspicious

Mars is a double maraka and a naturally cruel planet, which can easily account for this
exception, especially when considering the significance of the partner and partnerships in the Libran
psyche. A deeper look reveals Mars as exalted and debilitated in opposite positions relative to where
he has dig bala strength. Exalted in the 4th house where he can be directionless and frustrated, and
debilitated where he is ready for action, Mars shows the inner turbulence experienced through the
partnerships of the Libran, turbulence they must learn to balance. Venus is neutral, rather than
auspicious given the dusthana nature of the 8th house and its dominant bhava lordship.

Venus, Mercury and Saturn are evil, auspiscious are Jupiter and the Moon, the Sun and Moon are Yogakarakas.
Mars is neutral, and Venus and the other evil have Maraka qualaties. Thus the effects are known for the Scorpio
rising born.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 35-36
Exceptions: Mars is neutral, not evil - Sun and Moon are Yoga Karakas thus a combust Moon benefits
the native.

The sage proclaims Mars will be a neutral, rather than a cruel graha as would be expected
due to the cruel house being dominant over the trinal one. This is likely due to the advantage this
native will have in overcoming difficulties with ruling planet Mars as the co-lord of the 6th house. Mars
is the karaka of the 6 th house. This compared to Venus as co-lord of the 6 th house is revealing. Venus
lost favor due to co-lordship of the 6th house in Taurus. This 1st and 6th lord is exalted in the 3rd house
revealing the deepest truth and power of Mars to this native is to improve through self-willed effort and
experimentation / curiosity rather than allowing their orthodox beliefs and lower religious views to be a
barrier to growth. (Mars debilitated in the 9th house) The Sun and Moon conjunction producing a Raja
Yoga is curious also. Similar to the above, a negation of the natives preconceived beliefs (the Moon
as 9th Lord) is advantageous to the growth and transformation they are seeking.

Venus is the only evil, auspiscious are Mars and the Sun and the union of the Sun and Mercury, a killer is
Saturn. Jupiter causes neutral effects, Venus has Maraka characteristics. The effects cauased by Sagittarius
Lagna the learned thus know.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 37-38

Exceptions: Venus has maraka characteristics

The Sagittarian native, much like the Gemini native will place too much importance on only wanting to
do the things that make them feel good or happy, as the ruling planet Jupiter is co lord of the 4 th
house. The 4th house is the nadir and our most vulnerable self. However, for Gemini, Mercury is
exalted in the 4th house, but it is the doubly cruel Venus who is exalted in the 4 th house of the
Sagittarian, the 6th and 11th lord. Venus is a planet of Sagittarian vanity and ambition. There is no
avoiding a very difficult reckoning with this planet if they are to grow. As shown by her exalted position,
when strong, Venus is the lord of the 6th house, a negative house lord, awake in a positive house, the
4th house. She brings difficulties associated with her lordship of a dusthana. In this case dusthana lord
Venus will free the native by bringing arguments and competition, most likely revolving around their
orthodox view, into the sphere of their emotional life. This will force painful emotional experiences that
will teach the native that the real enemies we are fighting are within, and the best we can do is serve
others in a practical and down to earth way, so as to transform internally, the principles of Karma Yoga.
Debilitated Venus is a dusthana lord asleep in a positive house, which will deprive the native of the
problems that would have forced this introspection and the resulting insights that follow. Instead the
Sag remains secure in the lower and external expression of Venus into the world. Thus rather than
transforming their emotional state into devotional wisdom through human practical methods, Venus
simply feeds the lower worldly realm of ambition, competition and vanity when weak. Either way,
Venus is a planet central the catharsis a Sagittarian must undergo.

Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are evil, auspiscious are Venus and Mercury, Saturn will not kill himself, the
killers are the Mars and other evil. The Sun is said to cause neutral effects, Venus is the only auspiscious
yoga producer. Thus the modified results caused by Capricorn Lagna according to sages.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 39-40

Exceptions: Moon is evil rather than neutral Mars is a killer

This important exception underscores the profundity of the complexes a Capricorn will face
around others. The sign of Capricorn is the 10th sign and archetype of the driven, motivated creature
trying to calm their inner fears with external action and control. The Moon is karaka of the vulnerable
4th house and lord of the 7th house for the Capricorn native. This Moon is exalted in the 5 th house
showing the necessity for this native to act with intelligence and discrimination to find the emotional
peace and security they are truly seeking. The 5th house is in many ways opposite to everything that is
natural to the Moon. The Moon is debilitated in the 11th house for this native, where the mind and
emotions are debilitated through excessive ambition and impulse. Adding difficulty is the nature of the
Moon itself. The Moon is the least positively charged planet. Her main job is to allow us to feel and
absorb, not act. It is through the Moon that we are patient and absorb others and our environment.
Thus for the Capricorn native, the high desires of the 7th house present a real conundrum. Mars as a
killer would seem to be explained by both the lagna lord and the evil Moon being debilitated in his

Jupiter, the Moon and Mars are evil, Venus and Saturn are auspiscious, Only Venus is known to produce
Rajayoga, Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are killers, Mercury is said to give medium effects. Thus the modified
results caused by Aquarius Lagna according to sages.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 41-42
Exceptions - Mercury gives medium effects- Mars is a killer

The sage seems to be making an allowance for the dusthana nature of Mercury, as the 8th
lord is a dominant bhava to the 5th house. Mars is also a killer for Aquarius, just as with Capricorn, the
other Saturn ruled lagna. This seems to underscore just how malefic Mars is to Saturn, ruling with
Mars as lord of Saturns debilitation rasi. .

Saturn, Venus the Sun and Mercury are evil, Mars and the Moon are auspiscious, Mars and Jupiter produce
yoga and Mars is also a Maraka but will not kill, Saturn and Mercury are stated as Marakas. Thus the effects
caused by Pisces Lagna are fully to be known.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Yogakarakas, 43-44
Exceptions: Mercury is evil - Saturn is a maraka.

Initially, it would seem Mercury loses favor due to his debilitation point falling in this sign, the
implications of this debility are far reaching. Mercury is the 4th house and the 7th house lord, so he
determines their emotional peace and relationships. As the 7 th lord is dominant to the 4th house, the
Piscean will place a high value on relationships to make them happy and bring them emotional peace.

(just as Jupiter for the Virgo native) They will tend to get a weak partner that they will want to take care
of and thus be all consumed by. They need a strong partner who is self-sufficient, (Mercury is exalted
in the 7th house) this strong partner will truly bring mental peace. Ruling planet Jupiter is debilitated in
Saturns sign and could very well account for his status as a maraka, especially considering that
Saturn is the cruel 11th house lord and a dusthana lord on top of that.

Dusthana House Lordship, Tenancy and Condition

There are positive and negative houses in Vedic Astrology. By positive it is meant that these
are things we get in life through them, by negative it is meant that these are thing we do not get. All
houses and their lords are positive except for houses 6,8 and 12. Houses 6, 8 and 12 (as counted
from the ascendant) are called dusthana houses. Dusthana means, standing badly. These are
houses where things get taken from our life, where we lose the things associated with them. We either
lose the good or the bad when dusthanas are involved. Planets in them will tend to have their effects
negated and the things those planets rule by house and as a karaka will be negated. Also planets who
are the lords of dusthanas will tend to take from the area of life based on the house they tenant. In this
book there will be special attention given to dusthana lords and the location of their exaltation and
debilitation points as well as non-dusthana lords exalted or debilitated in dusthana houses. The
dusthanas show the difficulties in life.
EX. 1. If the 1st lord is in the 6th 8th or 12th house or associating with the lord of those houses, health
problems are likely when the dasa period of the ruling planet runs. Health problems will be indicated
because the 1st lord rules health. If it was the second lord in a dusthana or associating with a
dusthana, income and speech will likely suffer because they are 2nd house matters.
EX. 2. If the 8th lord is in the first house, health will likely be poor as the dusthana lord in the house
harms the indications of that house. The 8th lord in the 2nd house harms speech and income as above.

In the above examples negative results are produced because there is a negative planet in a
positive house or a positive planet in a negative house. However in the case of a negative
planet in a negative house, it is possible that the negativity of the planet will get removed
thereby allowing its indications to flourish. There is a famous Yoga called a Vipareet Raja

yoga that accounts for this. However this Yoga does not always work in a birth chart. The
condition of the planet must also be considered.