Benefits Plan

Presented By: Hany Sayed

To: Dr. Magda Abd El Fattah

Company Profile
Hikma is a multinational pharmaceutical group dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people in the markets, Hikma serve through the development, manufacture and marketing of a broad range of solid, liquid and injectable generic and in-licensed pharmaceutical products. Currently, Hikma sell 369 pharmaceutical products in 767 dosage strengths and forms in 49 countries. Hikma entered Egyptian market in 2007 through acquisition of Alkan Pharma Our strategy for growth is to build a strong and diverse product portfolio; to expand our geographic reach; to develop and leverage our global research and development capabilities and to continue to maintain the very high standards of our manufacturing capabilities.

Hikma Benefits include:
1. Mobile Allowance
2. Continuous Education 3. Meals 4. Car Allowance 5. Traveling Allowance 6. Employee Transportation 7. Paid Leaves 8. Medical Insurance

1. Mobile Allowance
Mobile allowance is paid monthly to certain positions as indicated in the table:

2. Continuing Education
1.It is the company policy to encourage employees to further their education at the company’s cost in an area of study that relates to their current job or any other field which helps them to improve their career. (Not applicable to part time employees). 2.This policy balances between the interest of employee, and the flow of company work. 3.The maximum amount of scholarship coverage outside work country (Tuition + Accommodation+ Pocket Money+ 2 way ticket once a year to home country) is: a) PHD =Up to $100,000 for all the years of education. b) Masters= Up to $70,000 for all the years of education.

2. Continuing Education
4. The maximum amount of scholarship coverage inside work country (Tuition Fees) is: a) PHD =Up to $60,000 for all the years of education. b) Masters= Up to $35,000 for all the years of education. c) Bachelor’s degree applicants have to continue their study in their work location country with maximum coverage of $25,000 for all the years of education. 5. Employee will receive 100% reimbursement for tuition & books upon submission of bills. 6. The company offers full and part time scholarships. - For part time scholarship, employee is expected to continue working during his studies and is paid full time and given an allowance of 5 hours/week to leave earlier. - For full time scholarship, employee is given an unpaid leave till he graduates.

2. Continuing Education
7.Employee has to provide the company with a copy of his grades every semester, if employee fails more than 2 courses in two consecutive semesters, the company will stop funding the scholarship fees. 8.Employee has to sign a contract that they will work with the company for minimum of 2 years for Bachelor Degree, 3 years for Masters Degree and 4 years for PHD Degree after graduation. If the employee leaves prior to that, he pays back the scholarship fees. 9. The company is not committed to change the employee Job or level due to upgrading his education.

3. Meals
• Employees have time off for half an hour per day during the period from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
•Meals are available at the restaurant and are either cold or hot meals •Meals are the same for all employees regardless of position Note: This benefit is limited to the plant staff only. ( unavailable for scientific office).

4. Car Allowance
1. In case an eligible employee uses his private car (with prior approval) for work purpose the company pays car allowance according to: Job title – Job Nature – Car Category – Destination (as plant, scientific office or branches ). 2. The company isn’t responsible for the car License, Registration, Insurance, Maintenance or Fuel …etc.). 3. Car license & insurance document should be submitted before the allowance is paid. 4. For cars without insurance document, car allowance will be lower. 5. The company will pay 400 L.E./month to the eligible employee who hasn’t private car to cover his transportation costs. 6. This allowance starts with employment and is paid monthly as indicated in the following tables:

5. Traveling Allowance & Traveling Expenses
1. The travelling allowance is paid to all company employees 2. this policy is applied in case of travelling for business or training either inside Egypt(more than 90 km from great Cairo) or abroad with the prior approval of managing Director.

5. Traveling Allowance & Traveling Expenses
3. In case of returning on the same day travel allowance and meals will be paid with max limit of 25% of the travelling allowance). 4. In case of travelling for more than a day: a) The allowance is calculated per night “not per day”. b) The travelling allowance will cover accommodation, meals, internal transportation and overtime and the travel expenses round – trip ticket will be borne on by the company. 5. If two employees from two different grades are travelling together for the same mission only the traveling ticket could upgraded to the higher level.

6. Employee Transportation

•Shuttle Buses are available for all employees in certain lines for 45 LE per month. Note: not available for scientific office.

7. Paid Leaves
• Annual Leave • All employees apart from casual, consultants, part-time, trainees and volunteers are entitled to accrue the following under (Article 47, Labor Law No. 12, 2003): • Annual Leave will be accrued at a rate of 1.75 days every month of service for those employees with less than 10 years of Social Insurance service or at the rate of 2.5 days every month for employees with service period over than 10 years or at the age of 50 as per local labor law. • The year is defined as the calendar year (starting January 1 and ending December 31 of each year). Annual leave is calculated based on working days). • Annual leave is not granted within the first six months of employment. • All requests for annual leave must be submitted on the Leave Request Form one week in advance of the requested leave.

7. Paid Leaves
• • • • • • • • Sick Leave Full Salary Coverage While On Sick Leave All eligible employees, with the exception of casual, consultants, part-time, trainees, volunteers and those on probation, will acquire 10 paid sick days per year. The employee must notify the supervisor of the illness on the actual day of illness before 10:00 AM otherwise, the day will be considered as annual leave day. Sick leave shall not be granted to employees during the three month probation period. After exhausting paid sick leave, an employee may use annual leave Maternity Leave After ten (10) months of employment, the employee is entitled to maternity leave of ninety (90) calendar days including the period required before and after childbirth at full pay, provided that the employee does not work during the forty-five (45) days after delivery. An employee may only avail herself of this leave two (2) times during the period of service. During the 24 month period following the birth of the baby, the lactating mother will be granted an additional hour off in one or two break(s) for such purposes and the time will be considered as working hours.

7. Paid Leaves
Paid Official Holidays The company gives employees paid holidays each year. The number is determined by the Egyptian labor law. A list of the paid holidays will be posted at the beginning of each year. If a scheduled holiday falls within approved Annual Leave, it will not be charged as Annual Leave. There are13 days holidays in Egypt that apply to all personnel. These are:
Coptic Christmas Islamic New Year Prophet’s birthday Sham Elnessim Sinai Liberation Day 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day Labor Day National Day Armed Forces Day Eid Elfitr Eid ElAdha 1 day 1 day 1 day 2 days 3 days

8. Medical Insurance
• Eligibility is based on an individual being employed by the company to work 35 hours or more a week and who is regularly scheduled to work 12 months. • Health insurance coverage becomes effective after sixty (60) days of continuous employment and the member's completion of the respective health program applications upon hire.
• Available to all eligible employees and their eligible dependents up to three ”first degree“ relatives.

• The medical insurance covers 80% of the medical treatment • We have a contract with a medical insurance company (Alico)

8. Medical Insurance
1st level Basic Benefits
• Covers certain hospital (or facility) charges in full and outpatient covered services billed by an approved facility

2nd level Extended Basic Benefits
• Covers certain medical-surgical or professional chargers billed by an eligible provider.

3rd level Major Medical Benefits
• Covers eligible services as rehabilitation hospital care, outpatient treatment, prescription drugs and doctor's visits.


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