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Medelln, 05 de junio de 2015

Universitait Leiden
Faculty Arts and culture

Dear Sirs and madams

This letter is with the objective of explain the reasons of why I want study the master in
Art of the contemporary world and studios. The education is the pillar of the world,
and for me the way is through of the art.
All my life has been involucre with the art, I studied Spanish and literature teaching and
I want to complete my knowledge, I consider that is very important to know about
contemporary art, because I hope incorporate the new art with Colombians art. I
believe in the importance of the new arts but also believe that these can allow the
traditional arts renaissance.
Your University offer me so much opportunities and I ready to learn everything about
art, due to the art is life, people need enjoy it. My idea is that in the schools the students
and their knowledge is based on art and for this I want and I need prepare me.
Recently, I knew The Pedagogy Waldorf, this is based on the experience, the everyday
life and the art, for me the world needs a change and the way to do this is the Waldorf
thought because there are not anything more experiential that the art and the life.
To finish, I hope that you shared the same expectation that me, since who believe in the
art and the experience should believe in the change of the world and its society. The
world need people that shared the art and I want to be this person.

Thank you