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The Blueback Toolbox

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The Blueback Toolbox software is a
set of Petrel™ functionality features
not available in standard Petrel. It
has been developed by the Blueback
Reservoir development team using
the Petrel development kit called

All new features are developed based
on requests from Petrel users, and
with 4 releases per year the Toolbox The Blueback Toolbox consists of seamless
is rapidly expanding and optimizing extensions to the functionality in Petrel.

Petrel workflows. With 20.000
Petrel users world wide and a close
cooperation with Schumberger, the
Blueback Toolbox is an excellent
and important tool for all companies
using Petrel.

We encourage all
Petrel users to
check out the
Flattening of seismic cubes for improved
understanding and interpretation of your data.

Blueback Toolbox!

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”Tip-top Petrel features!”

Geophysics toolbox
Create seismic cube through interpolation of point
Make/Merge cubes. Effective tool for managing multiple
Create velocity cubes from point data sets to better handle
large data sets
Flatten/unflatten seismic cubes for improved
understanding and interpretation
Sample attribute function for cubes to facilitate
crossplotting of seismic attributes
Frequency power spectrum tool for investigating seismic
Easy import and conversion of images to 2D
signal and resolution
seismic sections.
Import images as seismic 2D lines to improve interpretation
of regional trends and outcrop data
Create and expand 2D seismic lines to improve generation
of composite seismic sections

Geology toolbox
Facies proportion maps to rapidly and efficiently QC your
3D facies models
Shift well logs to easily change Z-positions for specified
well logs
Sample surface and interpretation attributes into point sets
to enable crossplotting

General functionality and data management
General ASCII data reader for 3D interpretation and seismic
cube data
Export of seismic navigation data
Easily add comments to multiple data objects in the Petrel
Search and rename data objects in the Petrel explorer
The Toolbox features are accessible in the Petrel Workflow
Manager Rapid QC of your 3D facies models through
Easy submission of development requests generation of facies proportion maps.
User Manual available as a PDF file from within Petrel
The Blueback Toolbox supports Petrel 2008, Petrel 2009.1
and Petrel 2009.2 on 32bit and 64 bit XP/Vista

Petrel is a trademark of Schlumberger

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