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31) PIC MICRO CONTROLLER IC (PIC 16F84, 6F628, 6F873, 6F876, F877


32) Programmable count down using PIC Microcontroller 1700
33) Micro controller Based Programmable Security Door lock
34) Stepper Motor controller using controller 1500
35) 40MHz Frequency Counter using PIC Micro Controller 1400
36) Ultrasonic Range Finder Using PIC Microcontroller 2500
37) Microcontroller Based wind speed meter with 16X2 LCD display 2600
38) Security Access control System(230v) 1400
39) Dtmftelephone remote control 3800
40) Micro Controller based Heartbeat Monitor 3300
41) SMS based device control using GSM modem 18000
42) Programmable temperature Controller 2000
43) Digital Remote Control audio processor 1500
44) PF ID Door Access System 4500
45) Smart card based Door Access System with LCD 2950
46) Programmable Scrolling message sign board 4200
47) Servo motor controller Board 1300
48) Microcontroller based dual temperature with RS 232 interface 1400
v MICRO CONTROLLER IC (89C51, 89C2051, 89C4051, 89C51, 89C55)

49) 24 Hour ON/OFF Clock Timer using Micro controller 1300
50) Programmable School ball time (12v DC) 2100
51) Micro controller Annunciation system 2200
52) 8 channel Analog Digital Converter (12v A to D) 2500
53) 8 Zone intruder Alarm System (230v AC) 2100
54) Home automatic Control System using DTMF Telephone(12v DC) 5400
(7)Micro Controller based security access system in 89c51 3800
(8)Water Level Controller with LCD Display 1400
(9)Micro Controller based telephone intercom System (230v AC) 6300
(10) Security Auto Dialing System 5800
(11) Check the Gate using Micro controller 1500
(11) Display timetable of College Using Micro Controller 1700
(12) To interface LED with 1sec Delay Micro Controller 950
(13) Ultrasonic based distance measurement using Micro Controller 1800
(14)Online monitoring & controlling system
(15)Digital Remote controlling audio processor 1400
(16)RF ID Door access system 4100
(17)Wireless Robo controller by PC 2800
(18)Wireless Device controller by PC 2800
(19)Smart card base Door access system with LCD 2800
(20)8 channel RF remote controller 2900
(21)PC based door access & Attendance Logger Smart card 3000
(22)SMS based device Control device using GSM modem 19500
(23)Security Auto Dialing System 5200
(24)Multi event Programmable Timer 2000
(25)8 channel remote control using PC 232 Port 1400
(26)32 action multi effect running light for LED (12v DC) 500
(27)8 line Telephone intercom system 4600
(28)Fiber optic Device controller 2500
(29)Wireless TEMP monitor and controller 3900
55) Microcontroller based Wireless 8 zone Bulbar Alarm with wireless
Alarm with wireless temperature alarm at remote site
56) Microcontroller based RF remote control robot forward, backward ,left
,right along
Four additional remote control output
57) Microcontroller based ultrasonic measurement with alarm at 20cmc from
Point 2000
58) Microcontroller based ultrasonic Distance measurement
59) Microcontroller based four channel control RF remote
60) Microcontroller based RFID library measurement with two active
tags 2500
61) Microcontroller based energy meter

62) Home Security system
63) Electricity form West wind
64) Automatic water level control with indicator
65) Tow digit enter counter
66) Antitheft based alarm
67) Wireless control air vehicle
68) Solar car
69) Line diagram of vehicle electrical energy
70) Full modem laser security system
71) Mobile sensing circuit Circuit barker tripping time measurement using time
interval meter
72) ULTI Meter
73) Micro control base optically control autonomous robots (Winner)
74) Automatic multi storage car parking system
75) Device control using PC
76) Controlled Fluid Mixture
77) 99000 RPM contact less digital Tachometer
78) Eklavya
79) Live channel handling
20. Virtual Touch Screen
21. Light Fence
22. Peritoneal web Portal
23. Alcohol Breath sencer
24. F.M. transmitter
25. LESER communication
26. Heard beat counter
27. Automatic traffic light control system
28. Mobile Bug
29. Clap operation Remote control for fans
30. Laparoscopic trainer box surgical trainer kit
31. Digital object counter
32. Sim rider
33. Temp. Measurement and controller
34. EGC.
80) Laser based tough commutation System
81) Timer or counter system
82) PC remote control
83) Telephone Call Counter
84) Digital communication Lock
85) Door Alarm
86) Mobile projection Shield
87) Ultrasonic Moment Detector
88) Fastest finger first Indicator
89) Auto low power EME. Light
90) Laser torch communication
91) Metal Detector
92) Automatic speed control of Fans coolers
93) Laptop Protector
94) Shadow Alarm
95) Infrared remote Control Timer
96) Finger Print Based System
97) Laser torch Based Voice Transfer
98) Automatic plant irrigator Using Micro controller
99) IR distance Ranger
100)Inerasable Broken Wire Detector
101)Infrared Cordless Headphone Amplifier
102)LCD & LED interfacing
103)Transistor and Diode Taster
104)Propellant Display
105)Switching On\Off Amplifier Through Wireless or Telephone line
106)The 5th state of Metter
107)ECO Friendly
108)Computerized clothing
109)Digital communication
110)Flexible processor
111)Prepaid energies OFDM
112)Radar Laser technology
113)Wire less technology
114) Microsoft surface computer
115) Computer security
117)Spyware and Trojan Horse
118)Distributed operating system
119)Wi- max
120)Mobile technology
121)RFID (Most)
122)Robotics the dream in progress
123)Wap mobile process
124)Embedded system
125)Wlan security (Wire less)
126)Global Positioning system
128)Explore surface computer
130)Optical computer
131)Artificial meura network
132)Application of Nanotech
133)Global mobile satellite system communication
135)Harnessing Technology
136)Smart energy meter
138)Phishing (Hacking)
139)Laparoscopic trainer box
140)Tidal energy
141)Fusion the future technology
142)Electronic road pricing system
143)Multi processor system on chip
(39) Red traction
(40)Organic semi break through could flexible circuit
(41) Memristor
(42) Local positioning using Bluetooth
(43)Fuzzy logic for remote sensing
(44) Surface computer
(45)Quantum computer
(46) Zigbee
(47)High speed downloading packet access
(48)Radiation Network
(49)Fiber optic Memory
(50)Holographic memory
(51)Device Technology for storage class memory
(52)Quantum dots
(53)Brain computer interfacing
(54)Bluetooth and wireless commutation on cellular phone
(55) Smart dust (Motes)
(56)Sweep fre. Responds Analysis
(57)Use of PTDF for calculation of ATC used for ENH of PSS
(58)Real Reactive Power flow using UPPC in Power system
(59)Multi objective generation scheduling using genetic Algorithm
(60)Pulse width Modulation Based Electromagnetic Propulsion System
(61)Real time pricing based us mechanism
145)Air bus
146)Computer virus
147)How it long tack to fry diode
148)Application of neon technology
150)Micro chip
151)The further of bomb and The Thernobarie bomb
153)Hydrogen car
154)Critical performance analysis of advantage
155)T.V technology
156)Green Electricity
158)Energy convergence
159)SIM card
160)Switvhable reluctances
161)Internet search
162)DNA computer
163)Techno religious engineering
164)Search engine optimization
166)Cyber crime
168)Smart card
169)3G system
170)Touch screen
173)RCP Inst. Tech.
176)Article Intelligent and its Application
177)Free space optic
178)4G communication Service
179)Secure socket Layer

Kits Electronics Project
180)Infrared Remote control long range
181)Transistor tested with gain controller
182)LDR super thief Detector
183)Super deluxe Display board
184)Telephone Amplifier
185)Simple Timer
186)Chaser 10 lines
187)Super Simple FND object Counter using LDR
188) Heart beat counter
189)Tares Light transformer less
190)Fire alarm
191)Automatic Emergency 20 WATT Tube Light
192)Infrared Remote control 2 line Feet
193)Digital Ball
194)Fully Automatic Water level indicator
195)Direction indicator [using ic 4049]
196)555 + 741 IC tester
197)FM transmitter
198)COB Project [jay Mata Di]
199)Inter com [using 741]
200)Light operating alarm
201)16 Tune Music Bell
202)Electronic clock
203)4 tune siren
204) Disco Light [Multi vibrator ]
205)Call bell counter
206)Cord less Remote Bell
207)Traffic light control 15 100
208)Object counter calculator 18 100
209)FM radio Receiver 18 70
210)Waki Toki 80 350