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doug and

Blk 10 B Braddell View #11-08

Doug, Robyn, Nicole, andAndrea


July 1993

Tanzania: The Rest

handful of believers at

of the Story

Twatwatwa were still following

the way of Christ!

Most of you who receive our

newsletter regularly will know

songs or lessons in Maasai. He

He asked us to send recorded

that our first two terms of

asked for Christian books. He

asked us to come back.

mission service were spent in

East Africa, in Kenya and
Tanzania among Maasai

Doug passed Kosyando's letter

speakers. We left Tanzania in

early 1988 after having our
work permits revoked by the

on to the CMF-Maasai team in

Kenya. Greg and Becky

Johnson and Garry and Linda
Brock made the long, hard trip
in February, and their report
was beyond our hopes. As one

government under the unstated

suspicion of being spies. We left

a group of 12 Christians who had
been baptized the day we

of our former Tanzania

received the order to leave our

work area at Twativativa.
Kosyando now calls himself Filimon.

This was a devastating

experience for us and the other
CMF families involved. We had
had so little time to train the

yoimg believers. They were a

church with almost no idea of
what that meant. We did not

see how they could survive,

even while we prayed for God
to sustain them. Subsequently,
we chose to work in Singapore.
And now, as Paul Harvey
would say, "the rest of the
Kosyando, as a teenager, was
pretty typical. Sullen, always
wanting to listen to the entep
(tape recorder), most interested
in getting older so he could

hang around with the warriors

who teased him about being
uncircumcised. Kind of

missionary colleagues put it, "It

sounded so good, it made me
wonder if they were talking
about the same place!" But she
was convinced when she heard

their tales of heat, humidity,

and chigger bites.

annoying. His father was the

local government party chief;
Kosyando seemed spoiled.
Imagine our surprise when,
several years later in
Singapore, we began receiving
letters from Kosyando, greeting
us in Maasai "in the name of
our Lord Jesus Christ." He

related news of his family: One

of the little girls who had
played with Nicole and Andrea
had died; his sister finished
elementary school; he had gone
to a Bible school in Morogoro.
And the best news of all: The

Baraguyu of all ages were eager for

Bible teaching.

What Tftey Found

Normal Sunday attendance of

Johnsons for making the trip

down, and to you who have

men and two women decided

to follow the Lord,

discarding the charms they


prayed for the behevers at

Twatwatwa. We knew you
would want to hear this great

wear for protection. Three

hand-operated cassette
players, lots of tapes, 40
Bibles in Maasai, and much

news and rejoice with us.

( printed material was left for

^ the church to work through.

Yours and His,

' I Such a warm welcome was

Greg delivered much-needed Christian
tapes and literature.

Doug and Robyn Priest

not limited to Twatwatwa.

In Dar es Salaam,
Tanzania's capital, high
government ofBcials
welcomed Greg and Garry
and encouraged them to
seek reentry for CMF

i One
into Tanzania.
of our Baraguyu friends

from Twatwatwa had a

similarexperience. Each

I was assured

^ that it was "a

Twatwatwa, in which we lived for only

three months.


new day" in

Our former 'home sweet home" in

Tanzania, and


that missionaries

An average of 45 adults at

seeking to work

the three-day course they

Very little Bible knowledge.

there would be

Commitment and a real

desire to follow the Lord.

A growing church with

obvious enthusiasm.

Two young men and an older

man leading the church.

helped in every
way possible.
As you can
imagine, all of
this has caused
us to thank God

and to rejoice and

Baraguyu women, in royal blue, sang
praises to the King.

marvel in His

During Brocks' and Johnsons'

short time at Twatwatwa, three

faithfulness. We are very

grateful to the Brocks and

Christian Missionary fellowship

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doug and

robim . ,

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Dou^ Robyn, Nicole, andAndrea



November 1993

It is November 2. We are in the United States, having left Singapore in late September when we
heard that Robyn's mother, Barbara Yadon, was in the hospital... suddenly ... with cancer. Most
ofyou have heard by now that she is out ofthe hospital, recovering from surgery and receiving
chemotherapy. She is getting strong. We are all grateful to God.
During the scary time of sudden changes for our family, we were made aware of God's grace to us
in an amazing number ofways. For example, Robyn was able to leave Singapore with the girls
within 24 hours ofhearing from her family because ofthe help ofmany people. Not only that, but
many items of red tape that normally occur when leaving a country had recently been seen to.
Doug stayed on in Singapore to close down the apartment, which we were already packing up
when the call came.

Since our arrival in the U.S., we have seen the healing power and comfort of God through the
prayers and practical support of people from around the world. All of this has given us

tremendous encouragement and peace in a difficult time. We want to thank you from the bottom
of our hearts.

We are still somewhat confused and reeling, but we are preparing to furlough in Anaheim,
California, until August 1994. We will be getting in touch with you during December and
January to let you know when we will be in your area. We very much look forward to seeing you
and sharing with you what God is doing in Southeast Asia. In short, new and tremendous things
are happening!

When you pray for us, please thank God for glorifying Himself through Robjm's mother's
tremendous recovery from surgery. Pray that she will respond well to her chemotherapy, will

return to full stren^h, and will continue to find strength in God.

Please also remember Nicole and Andreawho are suddenlyin (another!) new school. They have
given their best, but it is not an easy change; they miss their friends in Singapore.
Again, thank you so much for your prayers. They are answered daily in our lives, and God is
glorified among us.

X)s^ cm/
Doug and Robyn Priest