September, 2015
Calendar of events:




Staff meeting, NO Lunch Bunch
Class Gathering in the library, 9:15 a.m.
Sports Blitz with Coach Andy Begins
Parent Board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
Cabrillo Marine Program
Rise and Sing Music with Amy Tibert Begins
Lead teacher meeting, library, 12:30 p.m.

Conferences for Two’s & Three’s
Rise and Sing Music with Amy Tibert Begins
Staff In-Service, NO SCHOOL
NO STAFF MEETING – There IS Lunch Bunch today
W/Th Chapel begins, 11:40 a.m. (Parents wait a couple weeks)
Mindful Parenting Begins, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
Parent board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
Reptiles Visit
Sun. Family Dinner, LSH
T-Th School photos
MWF & PreK School photos (and Parent Board)
Lead teacher meeting, Library, 12:30 p.m.
29/30 Th/F Pumpkin Hunts

Classroom Gatherings
Please take the time to gather in the Library at 9:30 on your designated
day with your Lead Teacher and Miss Cherie. This is a causal half hour
in order to get better aquinted with your fellow parents and we can get
better aquinted with you.

Thursday the 3rd – Yellow
Tuesday the 8th – Red
Wednesday the 9th – Red
Thursday the 10th – Green
*Friday the 18th – Green
*Changed from the 11th

Tuesday the 15th – Blue
Wednesday the 16th - Blue

By the sign-in clipboard you will find little forms to fill out if someone
other than you will be picking up your child. Even if this person is listed
in your child’s file this added note is VERY helpful. So, please take the
time to fill it out and leave it with the clipboard or teacher.

Please make a special effort to keep our children safe.
Please hold your child’s hand as you come and go from school.
Please keep younger and older siblings with you at all times.
Do not leave any children unattended in the car.
Please finish all cell phone calls before entering the school gate.
Your children deserve your complete attention.
Bring your child on time to school. It is difficult for children to enter into
the play or circle time if it has already started!!
Don’t forget to bring a photo for your child’s cubbie
if you are in the MWF or T-Th program.

Cubby Policy
Please do not put favors, gifts or goodies in the children’s cubbies.
Invitations to parties or gatherings are fine as long as everyone is invited.
If you would like to bring a special snack for the children please check
with your lead teacher first and remember we do have some children
with allergies.

The three year olds and some of the two year olds are learning to use the toilets
at school!! Part of that process is learning how to wipe. Teachers will talk
children through the process of gathering toilet paper, wiping themselves and
then washing their hands. Please practice these skills at home. Teachers do
not wipe the children so remember when your children come home they may
not be as clean in that area as you would like.
It is very helpful if you send your child in clothes he/she can easily manipulate.
Elastic waistbands seem to be the best.
If your child has come home in clothes labeled school please return them
to the office once you have washed them so we can keep a good supply on

Nothing New….
By Cherie McSweeney, Director

When I started teaching preschool way back in 1979 the trend was for
everything natural, everything real. Like wooden structures on the play yards,
real pots and pans, telephones and such in the dramatic play areas. Then, it
slowly moved to brightly colored plastic play equipment which was more
durable and was easier to maintain. The dramatic play toys became “child
sized,” plastic and brightly colored as well.
Now, we are seeing the tide turn and the trend is going back to natural
environments and real things to pretend with while playing and learning about
their world around them. And, I am happy as can be! It is only when I look
back I see the real value in using items that are “real world” for our young
Not only do I believe children enjoy real items like pots and pans, telephones,
keyboards, nuts and bolts, rocks and logs, water and dirt/sand more, they also
provide a variety of advantages. First and foremost there is a greater respect for
them and their play. Also, these items provide a variety of textures to feel,
weight which builds muscle strength and they make sounds when clanked
together. They provide wonderful opportunities for exploration and imagination.
So, open up the kitchen cabinets and the back doors once again and let your
children have at it!

Mindful Parenting
October 8 – November 19
(no class October 22 – Picture Day)
Thursday mornings, 9:15—10:30

Preschool Director Cherie McSweeney and
the Rev. Amy Pringle will lead a class for
parents in mindfulness – the art of settling
into the present moment.
Countless studies have shown that learning the very simple practices of mindfulness
helps children not only to study and learn at a higher level, but also (and maybe more
importantly) to improve social skills and the ability to cope with difficult emotions and
Parents without kids enrolled in the Preschool are welcome.
Cost: Flat fee of $60, due by October 8th
Child Care is available for up to 12 kids (must be walkers)
Sign up for the class, and for child care if you need it:
On the clipboard on the counter outside the office

Helena Danni, President
Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is settling
back into the routine of a new school year. I know the beginning of a school year
can be an emotional time for parents and kiddos. My daughter is in her 3rd and
final year at St. George’s so her 1st day of school wasn’t so hard but it’s still never
easy leaving your baby. St. George’s is such a great place and I have seen
firsthand the wonderful teachers help our children go from being nervous to
excited and turning frowns into smiles.
I hope you had a chance to stop by our Back to School coffees during the first
week of school. It is such a fun way to connect with old and new friends at St.
George's. We had a great turn out this year and I loved seeing so many of you!
Thank you to our Hospitality Committee, Cristina Kelly, Megan Abel, Lauren
Delphey and Lisa Eich for hosting and to the Gaviña family for donating all the
Our Parent Social committee is hard at work planning this year’s fall evening out.
This is a great way to see old friends and meet new ones without a little person
hanging on your leg. The event is planned for September 24 so save the date and
stay tuned for more details. You won’t want to miss this fun event.
I’m so excited about this year's St. George's t-shirts and tote bags! Many thanks
to Beth Shupper and Jennifer Mester for all the time they've put into designing,
ordering and selling them for us. All pre-paid t-shirts have been ordered and by
now your child should have received their tote bag. We are hoping to receive the
shirts soon. When they arrive they will be placed in your child’s cubby.
Planning for Dragon Faire has started early this year. The committee is coming
together and is going to be a fabulous group of parents. We are still in need of
committee chairs to help with decorations and one committee chair for handling
volunteers. Please consider joining these fun committees. It’s a great way to get
involved with the school and make some new friends!

Save the Date! St. George's Annual Family Fall Dinner is coming up on Sunday,
October 18th. We'll have fun arts and crafts, delicious Mexican food and yummy
desserts. Look for flyers in your child's cubbies. You won’t want to miss out on
this fun tradition!
I am thrilled to be a part of this year's Parent Board and look forward to an
exciting year of Preschool! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for
the board, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Joyce Davison, Librarian and Georgie
Catch a DRAGON by the Tail Reading Program

Welcome one and all to the library cart on the patio. You all have given me a big
surprise by checking out about 150 books in the first weeks of this school year.
Sharing good stories is so important in the development of your children. Our books
tell stories to learn from like manners, getting along with each other, talking about
feelings and so on. There are many books to share during story time and at bed
time. Always remember to preview books, before you read them to your children.
I do ask that you follow the very simple rules that are posted on the cart and I do ask
for you to print your child’s first and last name just in case there is another child
with the same first name. From time to time you will see new books featured on the
I will make a list of the new titles for you to look for and enjoy. Should you have a
suggestion of an addition to our collection please feel free to let me know what it is.
Continue to enjoy all of the things on the cart. See you on the patio!!


Yellow Door
The children have settled into the Yellow Door very smoothly this year. They have
adjusted easily to the classroom routine and expectations. They are making new
friends, as well as, keeping the old friendships!
We have been getting to know each other and learning names as we talk about
ourselves and our families. We drew self-portraits and weighed and measured each
child. We save these papers and have the child do the same at the end of the school
year. It is very fun to see the growth and development of each child. We spoke about
hair color, eyes, body parts and clothes. We looked into mirrors to discover what we
look like!
Friendship is a part of our discussion. What is a friend? How can you be a friend?
And even though we came from the different doors and new schools, we are all Yellow
Door kids now! The kids have been talking about their families; do they have
brothers or sisters? They have really enjoyed the “Yellow Door TV”. It has been in
the classroom and will stay out a week, check it out if you get the chance.

The children have been enjoying all the toy baskets in our room, as well as, the fire
trucks, the playhouse and the car garage.
They have been exploring the
manipulative toys on the tables as well; these toys are designed to help with small or
fine motor development. We have also seen a lot of block building and dramatic play
in the kitchen area!
Free art is available most days and is very popular, the children love to create
pictures and letters using the scissors, staplers, markers and tape. You will find
many “projects” in their cubbies from this area. Keep in mind that they have often
spent a good deal of time and effort creating these things for you or their friends.
Soon we will be talking about personal characteristics such as bravery or what it
means to be a caring person. We use the Wizard of OZ theme to talk about these
topics. It also ties into the color unit, where we will be discussing colors in a new
We will introduce the color wheel: primary and secondary colors. We will
discuss how colors make us feel, different shades and tints of color. The children can
bring in an object each day for our color box. It can be any color on any of the days.
The kids will come up to the front of the class and show us the item they brought.
There will be many color mixing activities to give the children hands on experience
with making secondary colors.
In the Yellow Door we do many fun activities and projects that make learning fun. It
has been a pleasure meeting all of you and your children! This year is off to a great
start! I look forward to many exciting days in the Yellow door and watching your
children grow.

Blue Door
Miss Babs and I are so proud of your children in the T-Th class. They are already
showing an eagerness to be in school learning how to socialize and play with new
friends. While we have experienced some tears, which can be a normal part of this
transition, the children settle down very quickly and find something of interest that
leads to a very fun day! We will see an easing of the tears with each successful day
they experience and before you know it the tears will be gone. So, parents take a deep
breath and know that you are doing the right thing and your children will be fine.
The family pictures have been very helpful. Everyone is so proud to share their
pictures with the other children. We make as many trips to the bathroom as
necessary and already have children who tell us when they need to go.
As we have helped your preschoolers adjust to their new school schedules, we have
started offering them some fun, open-ended activities. We always give the children
the choice to do the project, never insisting, always encouraging. In this first year at
school, our desire is to make projects available but not mandatory.
As I mentioned above, a huge majority of these activities are open-ended, but what
does that mean? Open-ended activities are projects that are done without a specific
end product. For example, we had shaving cream available for the kids to play with.
Picture finger painting, but it smells good! The process involves being comfortable
getting your hands dirty which is a tactile experience. The kids are welcome to
explore and play for as long as they want and come back to it any time even if they
already washed their hands.
Another example of an open-ended activity is the gadget painting we did last week.
Each painter is given a clean piece of paper and they add as much or as little of the
paint using the potato masher as they wish. The painting is done when they say it is.
Another project we offered the preschoolers this past week was to decorate a crown
for their birthday that we will celebrate later in the school year. This also is a great
example of the open-ended activity. Stickers were made available and each child
decorated their crown with as few or as many stickers as they wanted.

As we enter the month of September, we will do a unit on sea life and talk about the
creatures of the sea. Be on the lookout for the jelly fish swimming in the classroom!
All of the fall colors will soon replace the ocean as we learn about the season of
In October, I look forward to our scheduled conference and meeting each of you. We
will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and can share our
thoughts and goals for the upcoming year. October will also be the beginning of our
weekly music class on Tuesday with Miss Amy and chapel on Thursday with Rev.
Amy. Both of these activities provide the children with the opportunity to sing and be
a part of a social gathering and what their role is in that type of setting.
The children in the MWF class have returned ready to share the new experiences
that a second year brings them. It is always such a pleasure to see the excitement on
their faces when they arrive for the first day of school. It is a huge contrast to their
experience from last year and with growing confidence they know that they can
accomplish new challenges. We have welcomed Aham, Anneke, Asher, Eleanor,
Henry, Isabel, Laura and Sunny to our class; you would never know they weren’t
with us last year. One of the rewards of being a teacher is witnessing the progress a
class makes. Each student has shown tremendous growth and maturity. This class
is more than ready to take on the new challenges that this year will bring.
As we ease into our familiar routine, Miss Bonnie and I have started offering simple
activities for the children. One popular project is stringing beads to make a necklace.
The project may seem simple yet having the ability to pick up a small object with just
your thumb and pointer finger, known as the pincher grasp, is a fine motor skill that
we have developed. Being given the opportunity to practice the pincher grasp as
much as possible aids the preschooler in their mastery of this skill. A bonus that I
delight in seeing is the creations of the necklaces themselves. Many of the children
take the time to create a pattern with the beads. This is a pre-reading skill they are
We will begin offering fun units of activities with your children as we enter the month
of September. The Cabrillo Marine Museum program will visit us soon which offers a
wonderful hands-on experience for the preschoolers to learn about sea life. One openended activity that the children love to be a part of is the painting of white butcher
paper. It is somewhat magical that they paint a rectangular shaped paper with blues
and greens and I can “shape” it into the ocean to display on our bulletin board! They
love being a part of the magic that decorates the classroom.
Later on in September, as autumn arrives, both classes will start exploring what that
means. Soon we will have leaves, apples, and of course, pumpkins decorating our
room. October will bring Halloween and the difference between what is real and what
is pretend. We will start exploring the different types of mediums available. Look for
Q-tip painting with watercolors, golf-ball painting, gluing projects and much, much
Next week we will start our weekly Sports Blitz class with Coach Andy on Mondays.
The children really enjoy getting moving and learning new sports skills with him.
Starting in October, we will begin our monthly music class with Miss Amy. The
children love spending time with her singing songs and dancing to Amy’s singing.
Chapel will also begin and, from that Wednesday on, we will be in our classroom at
pick up time.
This year is off to a great start! I can’t wait to share with you all the wonders of

Red Door
The children are adjusting very well to their new classroom. It is great to see their
confidence grow and grow with each day that they are at school! They are becoming
more comfortable with the teachers and each other and it’s great to see them
interacting. While inside, the children like to look at books on the rug, play in the
water table and hang out in the loft. Some of them are very interested in the paint
easel as you can tell from the amount of beautiful artwork coming home each day as
well as the amount of paint of their clothes, shoes, bodies, etc.
Thank you for continuing to send them in comfortable clothes that you do not mind
getting dirty or stained. It is very important in our classroom for the children to feel
like they can explore all the materials without having to worry about anything. Some
of the children are so busy with the cars or blocks that they never make it over to our
project table but those activities are just as important.
The projects that we have been working on in the classroom may look cute when
hung up on a wall but keep in mind that they have a much bigger purpose than that.
For example, the children made sparkly glitter art the other day which looks pretty
yet also used many new skills. Squeezing the glue bottles helps to strengthen their
small muscles in their hands and develop their fine motor skills. Shaking the glitter
containers teaches cause and effect as well as creativity. This entire process
facilitates language development as the children discuss how much glue they want,
what color glitter they see and what they think of their creation when they are done.
So, whenever you receive any projects in the cubbies, keep in mind all the hard work
that went into something that may look so simple. The children are working hard
with a purpose at preschool!
While outside the children love to "cook" in the mud, build with the large cardboard
blocks and swing on the swings. We have been working hard at cleaning up as a
group. They seem to really enjoy working together to accomplish their goal!
The children really love to listen to the songs at circle time and seem to especially like
the flannel board pieces (language development, visual stimulation, interactivity; not
just super fun!) Soon I will be able to lengthen our circle time by adding stories or
extra songs. Soon it will be one of our most cooperative times of the day!
The family photos have been very comforting for some of the children while others
just like to name all their family members to whoever will listen. Please try to get
yours to me if you have not yet done so. Thanks, we have been having so much fun
so far!

The MWF class seems to really enjoy their new schedule. I feel like we are off to a
very good start. Circle time has been so much fun this year because the children
have so much to add to whatever we are discussing that day. Recently I have
introduced the calendar. We discuss what month we are in as well as the day and
the date. As a class, we count the numbers of the calendar each school day. Circle
time has been running longer and longer due to all the questions or comments that
the children have to add. It is very exciting to see.
Show and Tell has begun and is a huge success! The children are so excited to share
their items and equally as interested in seeing what their friends have brought to
share. Some of the children choose to just hold up their item to show their friends
and immediately put it away. Other children have so much to say about theirs that
they would go on and on if they could! Most of them fall somewhere in the middle
and each approach is great! I am pleasantly surprised to say that every child has
decided to participate in Show and Tell already which is unusual! It is so fun to

Soon we will be working on Ocean themed activities and are looking forward to a visit
from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. There will be a touch tank as well as an informative
and interactive puppet show. As you look at the projects coming home, I want to
remind you that a lot goes into these projects and what may look like a simple finger
paint project is actually the result of hard work from the children. They first tried to
find their paper by discussing with a teacher the first letter of their name and
together they found theirs. (Name recognition is one of the first steps to
independently writing their names.) As they moved their fingers or hands through the
paint, they were participating in some very important sensory experiences. They were
discussing the colors and textures with the teachers as well as with each other. All of
this is very important in their language development. Each step has a purpose and
each child works through their project in their own personal way to create something
In October we will begin to discuss Halloween and make some festive Halloween
projects. We will talk about our costumes and the difference between real and
imaginary. Sometimes Halloween can be confusing or scary to young children so we
choose to only discuss and create with the light and fun Halloween images. Our
Sports Blitz class starts soon as well as Music class and Chapel. We have already
begun practicing our chapel songs. Thank you to all who continue to bring your child
on time to class, it really helps us to fit in all the important things we need to do in a

Green Door
Greetings from MWF Green Door. The children have jumped right back into school
and are clearly enjoying their time here. Even though we have children from different
classrooms, it is hard to tell because they all play so nicely together.
At yard time, the children have been enjoying going on the swings and bikes and
climbers. Playing with water and sand continues to be a favorite. The new sink on the
lower yard has been a big hit for cooking, filling buckets and washing the toys! Some
of the kids are braving the fire pole and monkey bars. I asked one child who made it
all the way across the bars if his mom knew he could go the whole way and he
enthusiastically replied, “I just figured it out!” Another wanted me to watch him on
the climber and he announced that he used to be scared but now he is brave! It is
fun to see the children taking these small risks. It is also great to see them
connecting with one another playing cooperative games or working together to build
with blocks.
In the classroom, the children are becoming familiar with the schedule, job chart and
calendar routines. We have also been busy exploring colors and shapes. At circle
time, we talked about our favorite colors and graphed them. We could tell that purple
was the most popular color because it was the tallest tower. We also found many
items in our classroom that were the same color or shapes as the ones we were
discussing. This was very hard when we got to oval, but some of the children were
still able to spy some oval shaped things, one of them being the rug we were sitting
on. The children also liked singing a silly, rhyming song about Jenny Jenkins who
doesn’t like any of the colored dresses her mom picks out. That is until she tries on
one that is green which makes her feel like a queen! Some of the stories we read were
Pete The Cat, I Love My White Shoes, Little Rabbit’s Big Shape Book, and Mouse
Paint. Mouse Paint was told to the children using paint can props and colored mice!
They truly thought it was magic!
At Activity time, the kids were engaged all over the room. Many of them enjoy
dressing up and playing family in the house area. Others like to use the staplers,
tape and scissors at the art table. One activity that many of the children enjoyed was
our farmers’ market food sorting where they sorted food into buckets based on color.

As a group, we made some new teal play dough. The children helped Miss Anne
count out the measurements for each ingredient and then took turns adding and
stirring. The kids also practiced their cutting skills this last week when they had to
cut out their own yellow triangle to collage. We also strung yellow beads and green
grapes to make necklaces. In addition to these fine motor tasks, the children painted
with their fingers, gadgets and balloons. These painting activities are done standing
and the children get their whole bodies into the process.
Thank you to the families that brought the color snacks. The snacks were creative
and the children were excited to see what they would be eating each day. Thank you
to Ben Blair’s father for being our first guest reader! I am happy to say that after a
wild clean up, the children were a perfect audience and listened intently to Franklin
Has the Hiccups.
Miss Joyce, the Librarian, asked me to remind Green Door families to check books
out from the library cart next to the office. I know that it is easy to forget about the
cart since you don’t always pass the office but Miss Joyce had added many new
books to the cart this year and there is a wonderful selection.
Miss Amy and I are so happy to welcome our new little Green Door children and their
families. What a great group! The children are learning that although separation from
parents can be scary, their family will always come back to get them after school.
Thank you for your positive assurances with your children. There are lots of smiles
Our first back-to-school days were a bit toasty outside, but we cooled off with lots of
water play and popsicle making. On the yard, the children helped several toy fish
and sea animals swim and splash in our blue pool, learning some new animal names
in the process. Small motor skills were developed as the children poured juice into
little cups to make popsicles. This activity required focus and worked on hand-eye
coordination. This skill is practiced every day during snack time and will later be
used to help in holding a pencil and deliberately writing letters and words on a lined
Squeezing glue bottles and shaking glitter onto paper was so fun that the children
didn’t even notice that they were developing small muscles in their fingers and hands
that will give them the strength to open and close scissors to cut paper.
Lots of socializing is happening in the dress up area. It has been a busy place for
future daddies and mommies-in-training. They are practicing different adult roles
such as caring for a baby, fixing dinner and being the parent who gets to tell their
dolly to go to bed. A few fire fighters have practiced putting out fires. This use of
imagination will later help when they read history and need to use their imagination
to picture an event in time.
While outside, the children thought they were simply climbing a ladder on the jungle
gym, but they were really problem solving as they determined where to place their
feet and hands to climb carefully to the top of a single-pole ladder and step over to a
higher bridge. Also on the yard, the children enjoy working hard to use their big
muscles to pedal a bike or a car or dig holes in the sand.
Play is work for young minds and bodies. In the Green Door, the children are eager
to work through play! It’s going to be a great year!

The Lunch Bunch children are familiar with the daily routine of coming in, placing
their tote bag under the colored coded tag on the wall matching their classroom door
color and taking their lunch over to the lunch table. The children are free to sit at any
of the tables. Some like to sit with friends from their classroom and others like to sit
with friends from another door. Once seated, the children open up their lunch items
(with the teachers help IF needed.) Everyone is working on opening their sandwich
bags, drinks and other containers. You can just see the intense concentration on
their faces and they work away. They must eat something “healthy” first like their
sandwich, a piece of fruit or some vegetables before moving on to the “treat” type
foods. Thank you for remembering to not send and peanut/tree nut products in their
lunches. All kinds of conversations are going on at each of the tables. We hear
comments about what they did during the
morning, what they played, what they are going
to do when they go outside after lunch, trips
they have been on or are going to go on soon
and we even hear a few jokes now and then.
Once the children finish their lunch they throw
away their own trash and put the recyclable
items in the proper bin. They return their
lunch box to their tote bag and find a resting
mat. The older children are learning how to
put their own sheets on their mats and are
even helping the younger children. Rest time is a time to listen to music, read books,
love a stuffed animal and visit quietly with one another. Once in a while we show a
short age-appropriate dvd.
Of course they can’t wait to get back outside to engage in all the fun activities. Some
will head for the tire swing while others get busy digging in the dirt and adding water
for whatever imaginative scenario they have in mind. With children coming from the
variety of classrooms they seem to enjoy making
new friends and playing together.
This week we start offering other alternative
activities during yard time. They may string cereal,
paint with apples, paint with the BIG tires on the
yard, play in cornstarch with sifters, measuring
cups and spoons and perhaps add water. One week
they will glue all different wood pieces, tissue tubes,
egg cartons and such on a large piece of cardboard.
The following week they will paint their amazing structure. You just never know
what we will come up with!
We end the afternoon with clean up time and go back into the lunch bunch room for
stories, songs or perhaps some games.
If you haven’t signed up for Lunch Bunch yet, checkout the notebook on the counter
outside of the office. We would love to have all the children joins us in the FUN!

Thank you so much to the families who participated during our first SCRIP Drive.
Your gift card purchases earned the preschool $56.25 this month!
Every little bit helps!
Our next SCRIP Order is due Thursday, October 2nd, 2015.

“That toy belongs on the Downer Yard.”
“Whee! This swing is just like Knott’s Berry farm!”
“After all that snack helpering, I’m ready to play.”
“Well, here we are at Las Vegas,” said one little girl as she pushed her stroller under the
Three children took turns listening to a large seashell. Holding it to their ears, they said:
“I hear the ocean.”
“I hear the water.”
“What if I hear a shark?!?
After coming in from the yard…”I got so dirty and hair’s all messed up.” …Looks in the
mirror and says, “Wait actually it looks kind of handsome!”
Child coming into the classroom on the first day of school:
“I’m back!”
Child to a teacher: “Will you play people with me please?”
Teacher says she would love to play.
Child to the same teacher: “Here, this is you, because you are old.”
She handed the teacher the grandma doll.
Child #1: “I’m going to build a sinkhole for you teacher!”
Child #2: “We have a hole in our sink at home!”
Teacher to child: “How did you get to be so tall?”
Child: “I got 4.”
Children are playing with the blocks and one announces:
“We are making Christmas!”
“This weekend I stayed up all night and roller skated!”
“I’m allergic to the sun because it is made of gas.”