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Pius As Detroit goes Are we

Pious? … so goes the nation safer?

March 2010
The Philadelphia

Curse for
Contents March 2010  Vol. 21, No. 3 Circ. 256,767

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2 DepartMeNtS worlD
12 eCoNoMy
1 fRoM the editoR 2 one More nation to Build 10 the detroitification of America
our educators 4 America’s next iraq
have a
5 is there hope in an earthquake? liViNg
Contempt for 12 give, and your heart Will follow
Authority 18 six Minutes to Midnight
14 WoRLdWAtCh
20 A void at germany’s helm
28 soCietyWAtCh
6 Why god didn’t stop
23 Was Pope Pius Xii Pious? the haiti quake
32 teLevision Log
the key of david 29 how Russia is About to 24 When Was Christ Crucified
Change the World and Resurrected?
36 LetteRs

37 CoMMentARy 30 keep an eye on the Balkans

the system
34 here europe—feel
free to spy on us

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From the editor
Our Educators Have a Dangerous
Contempt for Authority
(Unless it’s their own.)

n September 1981, Timothy Foote wrote an article in immorality in the history of man!
Esquire magazine called “The Trouble With Harvard.” Mr. We lead the world in sexual immorality!
Foote had graduated from Harvard in 1952 and apparently America has gone from the moral
was shocked by the changes in that university. leader of the world to the immor-
He wrote, “Many students drift through Harvard with a nag- al leader of the world! But we still
ging sense of failure and anxiety. ‘There is so much freedom here,’ blather about how righteous our nation is!
says Kiyo Morimoto, ‘that studies become extracurricular. And Our forefathers warned us that such
you can’t get through if your studies are extracurricular.’ … You behavior would wreck our republic. But
didn’t have to go to class because nobody took attendance. And educators today consider themselves
you could get unlimited extensions on papers during the term …. superior to our outstanding founders gerald Flurry
“Morimoto is worried about Harvard’s objections to using au- and leaders of the past. They view that Editor in chief
thority, all up and down the line: It’s not insisting that students authority as negative, which is the pinnacle of ignorance. They
get papers in on time, not insisting on formal meetings between close their minds to so much tried and tested truth.
students and advisers, students and tutors, even between students Chinese leaders today have said the family is the strength of
and faculty. ‘Harvard is deeply ambiguous about authority,’ he any nation. They reached that conclusion by observing human
says, ‘about being firm and clear and unambiguous.’ Today all behavior—not from the Bible, though it certainly agrees with the
authority is seen as negative” (emphasis mine throughout). Bible. But our educational system is too proud to listen and learn.
Nobody can tell American educators how to educate—
American colleges and universities not even God!
The sexual immorality allowed at our colleges has
actually encourage our young people to everything to do with the collapse of strong marriages
indulge in some of the most repugnant and families—and of our nation! History proves that
truth from the beginning to the end, but not to our so-
immorality in the history of man. We called educators.
It all falls into the category of academic freedom,
lead the world in sexual immorality. which is really the most despicable kind of slavery. If
you want proof, request our free book The
This means these educators are filled with pride or have very Missing Dimension in Sex.
little humility. They reject what other authorities—past and pres- Foote concluded, “In a society more preoccupied
ent—could teach them unless it fits into their selfish agenda. The with the labels on the suitcase than with what’s
students are taught to follow in their footsteps. Most universities inside, Harvard is still the best label in town.”
follow Harvard’s example. It sure is a nice-looking label. But is true educa-
Imagine, educators who are not humble and teachable! That tion in the label—or in what’s inside?
is not true education. That is not how you search for truth. It Our educators are being warned by other au-
is intellectual tyranny. And it leaves the educators vulnerable to thorities, but they are too high and mighty to heed!
deadly deception.
Harvard students, Foote continued, “are turned loose in a A Law of History
system practically without discipline, or order, or viable require- Syndicated columnist George Will wrote this in his Dec. 23, 2001,
ments, or supervision, or even advice.” column: “Two hundred twenty-five Christmases ago, history was
Harvard was at the forefront of change during the sexual rev- being made around here. And recently Lynne Cheney … came
olution in the 1960s. Foote quoted one professor as saying, “On here to advocate teaching history more extensively and more
any given night, the odds are against finding anyone in wisely than we currently do.”
his or her own bed.” Mr. Will continued, “Cheney recalled a 1999 survey of college
“Few people seem to disagree,” Foote continued. “By the seniors at 55 elite colleges, from Princeton to Stanford, which re-
standards of the age, there’s nothing wrong in that either.” vealed that only 22 percent knew that the words ‘government of
But the “standards of the age” are in the gutter. Only 50 years ago the people, by the people, for the people’ are from the Gettysburg
these standards would have caused America to blush. Address. Forty percent could not place the Civil War in the sec-
Harvard was founded by a church. The founders would be ap- ond half of the 19th century. … Twenty-five percent thought the
palled if they saw all of the sexual depravity today. pilgrims signed the Magna Carta on the Mayflower. … To the
American colleges and universities actually encourage our question of who commanded American forces at Yorktown, the
young people to indulge in some of the most repugnant See educators page 27 ➤

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 1

getty images
death from below  A 7.0-magnitude
quake eight miles beneath Port-au-Prince
shook the impoverished island nation into a
devastated rubble on January 12, killing
200,000 or more Haitians and leaving
700,000 more homeless in the capital city.

to Build
The U.S. takes on yet another

impossible task. By Stephen Flurry
n January, America added a long-term
nation-building mission to the top of its ever
expanding “fix it” list. Haiti, the Caribbean na-
tion that was leveled in a catastrophic earthquake
on January 12, is now a ward of the United States.
This comes in the midst of a near-total col-
lapse of America’s economy that began in October

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 3

of 2008. It comes at a time when deficit America’s including the government of Haiti, the

Next Iraq
spending and federal debt have skyrock- United Nations and countries across the
eted to levels not seen since World War ii. Americas and beyond. He told Americans
It comes during a painful recession where to view his $100 million pledge to help re-
17.3 percent of the American workforce lief efforts as an investment.

is either unemployed or underemployed. HE timing of the Haiti tragedy was of On Friday, President Obama told Hai-
And it comes as America’s military might particular interest to us at the Trumpet tian President Préval that America was
is stretched paper-thin across Iraq and because of its proximity to an anniver- committed to the Haitian people. That
Afghanistan. sary we often draw attention to. same day, the aircraft carrier uss Carl
Now the U.S. is taking on the impos- In August 1990, after Saddam Hussein Vinson anchored off the coast of Haiti.
sible task of fixing a nation that was, by all invaded the little nation of Kuwait, the The next day, on January 16, President
accounts, broken long before the devasta- United States began mobilizing its military Obama met with former presidents Bill
tion it suffered on January 12. across the Middle East. On Jan. 12, 1991, Clinton and George W. Bush to lock down
During two centuries of “indepen- the U.S. Congress authorized the use of his new mission statement for the United
dence,” there have been at least 34 coups military force against Iraq to drive it out States. At the Rose Garden, just after their
d’état in Haiti. This nation’s litany of des- of Kuwait. Four days later, on January 16, meeting, President Obama announced,
potic governments has been rife with in- Operation Desert Storm officially began. “At this moment, we’re moving forward
competence, cronyism, corruption, gangs, A year earlier, we had asked our read- with one of the largest relief efforts in our
drug trafficking and violence. As recently ers if “some dramatic event in the world” history—to save lives and to deliver relief
as 2006, according to the Corruption Per- might happen Jan. 16, 1991, because that that averts an even larger catastrophe. The
ception Index, Haiti’s governmental effec- happened to be the anniversary of Herbert two leaders with me today will ensure that
tiveness and stability ranked dead last in W. Armstrong’s death. this is matched by a historic effort that
the world. Soon after the Gulf War started, our extends beyond our government, because
It’s one of the worst governments this editor in chief, Gerald Flurry, highlighted America has no greater resource than the
world has ever produced. And Haitians the repercussions the war would have on strength and the compassion of the Amer-
have endured generations of misery and the Middle East and the United States. ican people” (emphasis mine throughout).
suffering because of it. Haiti is the poorest “The truth is we won a battle in Kuwait,” This will be a long-term effort, he said
country in the Western Hemisphere. Most he wrote in May 1991. “[But] we did not later, that will not be measured in days or
of its 9 million people survive on less than win a war. The job was left unfinished.” weeks, but in months—“even years.”
$2 per day. Only 10 percent of Haitians have To this day, Iraq hangs as a millstone President Clinton, since the days of his
electrical service. Fifty-four percent live in around the neck of the United States. In honeymoon with Hillary in Port-au-Prince
abject poverty, many of them without ac- fact, removing Saddam Hussein from power 34 years ago, has always been fascinated by
cess to potable water or sanitary facilities. in 2003 only cleared the way for Iran to Haitian culture and has championed de-
Life expectancy is low, infant mortal- emerge as the king of the entire region, mocracy for the island nation. He sees this
ity is high and disease is widespread. Only which fulfills another Bible prophecy we extraordinary catastrophe not as a drain
sub-Saharan Africa has a higher rate of have highlighted for over 15 years. on American resources or a financial al-
aids cases. What about the timing of the Haiti batross, but as a tremendous opportunity.
This was Haiti before the earthquake. quake? In the Trumpet’s last issue, we again Haiti, President Clinton said on Janu-
Now add tens of thousands of rotting noted the significance of January 16. Four ary 16, is “one of the most remarkable,
corpses, 3,000 prisoners on the loose, pil- days before that date, Haiti was ravaged in unique places I have ever been. And they
laging and looting what’s left of Port-au- the earthquake. On January 14, President can escape their history and build a
Prince, and an obsolete government that Obama pledged $100 million to support the better future if we do our part.”
disappeared overnight. relief effort. The next day, the USS Carl Vin- Hillary Clinton’s entourage landed in
This is the next big project for the Unit- son reached Haiti, and the president prom- Haiti the same day her husband made that
ed States of America. ised that much more help was on the way. head-spinning statement. She became the
On Saturday, January 16, Hillary Clin- first White House cabinet member to ar-
Haiti’s Disaster Now Belongs to America ton became the first White House cabinet rive at the catastrophic scene.
As with many unnatural disasters, the member to arrive on the scene. That same The United States “will be here today,
magnitude of the devastation in Haiti day, in Washington, President Obama met tomorrow and for the time ahead,” she told
wasn’t fully known until after the dust with former presidents Clinton and Bush the people of Haiti, before touring the cap-
began to settle. When the massive scale of to discuss how to enlist the support of the ital to get a firsthand look at the damage.
the tragedy began to emerge the morning American people in rebuilding Haiti. The next day, the Sunday Times filed
after, President Obama directed his ad- After their meeting, President Obama this report: “The American secretary of
ministration to put together an “aggressive announced that he was “moving forward state, Hillary Clinton, flew into Haiti yes-
effort” to save lives. He mobilized forces with one of the largest relief efforts” in U.S. terday [January 16] to spearhead a huge
needed to assess the overall damage. history. It will be a long-term effort, he said, aid operation that the U.S. administration
At a meeting with his national secu- that will not be measured in days or weeks, hopes will serve as a symbol of America’s
rity team on Thursday, January 14, the but in months and even years. humanitarian spirit and an example of the
president made it clear that Haiti must be Will this nation-building endeavor, prowess of its armed forces. …
given “top priority.” The United States, he which effectively began on Jan. 16, 2010, “Hillary Clinton’s visit to tour the dev-
said, had coordinated relief and rescue op- become another millstone that ends up astated capital came as President Barack
erations with an international coalition, sinking America? STEPHEN FLURRY Obama committed himself to throwing

4 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

the full might of America’s military the shoulders of a superpower in the midst doing all the work and has all the authori-
machine into relief efforts—sending in of rapid decline. ty” (January 17). The Washington Post said
ships, helicopters and up to 10,000 troops, Haiti’s insoluble problems now belong Haiti’s government was so overwhelmed
as well as $100 million (£61 million) in aid to America. by the foreign aid that overnight it became
to help the victims. … “largely invisible.”
“This is the first big humanitarian A New “Top Priority” And yet, as Reuters pointed out, Amer-
disaster since Obama took office a year “Haiti had barely functioning ministries ica had little choice but to become Haiti’s
ago and he is clearly anxious to avoid the even before the earthquake,” one expert de facto government. The U.S. “must either
mistakes of Bush, much criticized for his on Haiti told Reuters. “The Obama ad- step up to the task of relief rebuilding,” it
bungled response to Hurricane Katrina in ministration can describe this as a part- wrote, “or open itself to criticism and …
New Orleans” (January 17). nership, but it is one where one partner is a possible new flood of Haitian refugees.”
President Obama called the Haiti op-
eration “one of the largest relief efforts in
our history.” He explained, “I will not put orphaned  An estimated
up with any excuses for us not doing the 1 million Haitian children
very best in this time of tragedy.” lost one or both parents.
Read it again and grasp the signifi-
cance of what is happening here. On
January 16, it had become undeniably
clear: The monumental task of rebuilding
a destroyed nation had landed squarely on

Is There
Hope in an
ES, there is—more than you could ever
Intense tragedy often comes with a
beautiful yet fleeting byproduct: humil-
ity. In the days after the earthquake, hundreds of thousands of blood- to the “wars and rumors of wars”—surely an apt description of the
spattered Haitians were hurt, dazed and vulnerable. current state of international relations—Jesus told His disciples that His
While God took no pleasure in witnessing the earthquake and its return would be preceded by an uptick in natural disasters.
aftermath, He loves the state of mind that such disaster often produces. In fact, Christ stated specifically that before His return there would
In Isaiah 66:2, God says, “[T]o this man will I look, even to him that is be earthquakes in different places!
poor [needy, humble] and of a contrite spirit ….” Surely the tragedy in Notice also, Jesus told His disciples that famine—a shortage of
Haiti created a comparatively humble attitude and a “contrite spirit” in food and water—and then pestilences, or disease epidemics, would
many Haitians, and even some onlookers. accompany these natural disasters.
Overwhelming crises have a tendency to remind us of how small, Can you begin to see the hope in the tragic earthquake in Haiti? This
how vulnerable, how insignificant we truly are. Sadly, such meekness earthquake points to this prophecy from nearly 2,000 years ago, and is
is often short-lived. Nevertheless, God Himself looks to the person with a sign that Jesus Christ is about to return!
such an attitude. He considers true humility gained through catastrophe Perhaps that sounds preposterous—a callous attempt to spiritualize
a primer for greater understanding. away the pain and anguish suffered by millions. Sadly, many people,
And He gives that understanding in abundance. Through the pages including “Christians,” will discard Christ’s warning in Matthew 24.
of the Bible, God explains in detail why such catastrophes happen. The Many, especially the scholarly, will mock.
causes are spelled out from Genesis through Revelation for those with But that is exactly what Jesus Himself prophesied. When we under-
humble and open minds (article, page 6). stand and believe the Bible, natural disasters like we witnessed in Haiti
For some perspective, consider the Haiti quake in the context of a take on added significance. While our eyes well and our hearts ache for
prophecy in Matthew 24. the victims of earthquakes, the tragedy stirs a renewed hope and confi-
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is discussed in both the Old dence in the Second Coming.
and New Testaments. In Matthew 24, Christ’s disciples asked what Remember the instruction from Christ’s own mouth: Natural disasters
specific signs would precede His Second Coming. “And ye shall hear are a sign that this present evil world is about to end. In Haiti’s rubble lies
of wars and rumors of wars … For nation shall rise against nation, and invigorating hope. Emotionally, the Haiti earthquake is gut wrenching. Pro-
kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, phetically, it’s a sign that the most exciting event ever to occur in the age
and earthquakes, in [different] places” (verses 6-7). Notice, in addition of man is imminent! Jesus Christ is about to return! Brad Macdonald

getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 5

The United States is now responsible the hardships that you have known,” he
for fixing what has been broken in Haiti said. “Long before this tragedy, daily life
for over two centuries. And like so many itself was often a bitter struggle. And af-
other nation-building enterprises the U.S. ter suffering so much for so long, to face
has embarked upon over the last half cen- this new horror must cause some to look
tury, it will not turn out well in the end. up and ask, ‘Have we somehow been
Consider Iraq. On Jan. 16, 1991, U.S. forsaken?’
forces invaded Iraq and, to this day, are “To the people of Haiti, we say clearly,
still looking for a way to get out. and with conviction, you will not be for-
Nineteen years after the start of the saken; you will not be forgotten. In this,
Gulf War, on the very same day (for more your hour of greatest need, America
on the significance of January 16, see stands with you. The world stands with
“America’s Next Iraq,” page 4), U.S. Sec- you. We know that you are a strong and
retary of State Clinton landed in Haiti to resilient people. You have endured a his-
“spearhead” one of the largest relief and tory of slavery and struggle, of natural
rebuilding efforts in American history. disaster and recovery. And through it all,
Barely one week into the mission President your spirit has been unbroken and your
Obama said will take “years,” there were faith has been unwavering. So today, you
already 11,500 U.S. troops on the ground must know that help is arriving—much,
in Haiti, a little nation with a population much more help is on the way.”
the size of the Chicago metropolitan area. That Haiti’s leaders have already

 Why God
And more money, more resources and squandered billions of dollars in aid
more military personnel were on the way. no longer matters. That Colombia uses
The Pentagon—yes, the Pentagon—an- Haiti as a convenient back door to sneak
nounced that it would send a second drugs into America is of little concern.

the Haiti
Marine unit—yes, a second Marine That more than half of Haitians practice
unit—“to support what has become an ex- voodoo—irrelevant.
In addition: That the
Barely one week into the mission United States is bankrupt

and cannot afford the war
President Obama said will take against terrorism, let alone he grisly sights echoed of the
“years,” there were already 11,500 one of the largest humani-
tarian missions in its his-
Holocaust. Dump trucks unload-
ing bodies into mass graves. Pits
U.S. troops on the ground in Haiti, a tory, is altogether unim- filled with piles of corpses. Limbs
portant. That we can’t even jutting out of sand heaped upon bare
little nation with a population the size solve our own problems of earth. Smoldering carcasses littering
of the Chicago metropolitan area. corruption, greed, incompe- burning garbage dumps.
tence and cronyism, or our Within two weeks of the January 12
panding relief effort for the Defense De- obsessions with celebrity and pornogra- earthquake that flattened 20,000 busi-
partment”—yes, the Defense Department! phy, or eliminate our many addictions nesses and nearly a quarter-million
These 4,000 marines had been sched- and diseases—none of this matters. homes, Haiti’s official count surpassed
uled to leave for Afghanistan that very Haiti, the deluded thinking of our 150,000 victims buried. Those still en-
week! But instead of fighting against ter- leadership goes, is an opportunity for tombed in the rubble may have been
rorists that are currently making great American righteousness to shine forth! double that.
gains in Kabul, they were re-routed to You may think God has forsaken Haiti’s cathedral crumpled, killing
one of the largest relief and rebuilding ef- you, but America will not? Who do we the archbishop. Seminaries and convents
forts in the history of the United States. think we are? collapsed, killing the believers inside.
This, according to the Christian Science Haiti is under a curse, one popu- “There is no God,” wrote one observ-
Monitor, “presents the Pentagon with a lar American preacher maintains, er of the horror. Mass-scale suffering al-
delicate balancing act, since the already- but America somehow is not? How ways seems to arouse the temptation to
overstretched U.S. military can ill afford self-righteous! put God on trial.
to get mired in a security-and-stabiliza- No wonder God says He’s coming Why didn’t God stop the quake?
tion mission” (January 20). against us with fiery wrath to correct a Does He care? Did He cause the quake?
Too late. It’s already mired in Opera- hypocritical nation! (Isaiah 10:5-6). There are almost as many opinions on
tion Haiti—will be for years. No matter God, it says in Ezekiel 5:8, is against us! God’s role as there are religions.
the cost, Haiti is now “top priority.” That’s how we know this won’t turn The truth is, most people do not ac-
out well for the United States in the end. cept the God who reveals Himself in
A Hypocritical Nation Far from being an opportunity or a bless- the Holy Bible. They worship a god of
President Obama concluded his Janu- ing, Haiti is yet another heavy millstone their own creation. God’s Word does
ary 14 remarks at the White House by that now hangs around the neck of a once- explain—in explicit detail—why cata-
making a personal appeal to the people mighty superpower that is frantically clysmic disasters happen, from the first
of Haiti. “Few in the world have endured kicking and flailing to stay afloat. n book of the Bible to the last.

6 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

beings, they would have produced eternal
division and misery. In expelling them
from the garden, God was sparing them
that fate. He took occasion to teach Adam
and Eve, and all who would follow, an
enormous lesson.
In his final book, Mystery of the Ages,
Herbert W. Armstrong explained what
God, in essence, told Adam: “Go, there-
fore, Adam, and all your progeny that shall
form the world, produce your own fund
of knowledge. Decide for yourself what is
good and what is evil. Produce your own
educational systems and means of dissem-
inating knowledge, as your god Satan shall
mislead you. Form your own concepts
of what is god, your own religions, your
own governments, your own lifestyles and
forms of society and civilization. In all this
Satan will deceive your world with his at-
titude of self-centeredness—with vanity,

Didn’t Stop
lust and greed, jealousy and envy, com-
petition and strife and violence and wars,
rebellion against me and my law of love.
“After the world of your descendants

has written the lesson in 6,000 years of hu-
By joel hilliker ruined faith man suffering, anguish, frustration, de-
By Joel Hilliker and Port-au-Prince’s feat and death—after the world that shall
and mark jenkins devastated cathedral spring from you shall have been brought to
Mark Jenkins
confess the utter hopelessness of the way of
Many ministers are quick to say it rule the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26-31). life you have chosen—I will supernaturally
couldn’t be God’s will to cause something He gave them intellectual and creative intervene” (emphasis ours).
as destructive as the Haitian earthquake. powers, and the ability to grow into His Every aspect of our society has been af-
Their God would never do that, they say. own image, or character. Earth was their fected because Adam and Eve defied their
God is all-powerful. God does control training ground where they could learn to Creator. This fatal choice at the begin-
the forces of the Earth. God does allow di- fulfill their potential as eternal children of ning of human history made necessary
sasters and suffering. And He does these God. the writing of that lesson in human suf-
things for a reason. We need to under- Adam and Eve had the opportunity fering—the 6,000-year period of which
stand what our Creator is doing. to choose to obey God, to live under His mankind is now nearing the end.
protection, to develop a relationship with All of Adam and Eve’s descendants to-
Go Back to the Beginning Him, to think like Him, and to give like day remain under the malicious influence
First, understand a crucial truth. This is Him. Instead, they decided to trust them- of the devil (Revelation 12:9; 2 Corinthians
not God’s world. selves, just as Lucifer had, and succumbed 4:4). This is not God’s world, it is Satan’s!
Let’s look at the Bible to see what God to Satan’s deceptions. God removed His These verses prove that truth, though
claims. Scripture says that God is love guidance—which humans had rejected— most people remain blinded to it. Swayed
(1 John 4:8, 16). That love is God’s giving and removed His protection. He pro- by Satan, each of us is “naturally” hostile
way of life, manifested, for example, in nounced upon them certain curses. He toward our Creator (Romans 8:7-8). We
God giving His only begotten Son to the banished them from the Garden of Eden are carnal. We naturally hate God’s law
world (John 3:16). That love is defined by and cut off their access to the tree of life and reject it—just like Adam and Eve.
and expressed in God’s commandments: (Genesis 3:16-24). In order to restore the exalted human
“For this is the love of God, that we keep Think about this fateful moment in hu- potential our first parents turned their
his commandments …” (1 John 5:3). man history in relation to the Haiti quake. backs on, God’s ultimate goal is to convert
Do you see love in the world around Adam and Eve rejected God as their au- the heart of every person in the world—to
you? thority. So have their children. They lost help us recognize the error in going the
Long before man was created, God His guidance. So have their children. wrong way, and to create in us a deep love
made angels. The most prominent, pow- They lost His protection. So have their for His loving, giving way of life. “The Lord
erful archangel, Lucifer, decided to reject children—and so have we today! is … not willing that any should perish, but
his Creator’s authority and become His God punishing Adam and Eve was not that all should come to repentance” (2 Pe-
enemy, Satan. a short-tempered, retaliatory outburst. ter 3:9).
Then God created man. He made God was preserving man’s potential. Had God’s overarching plan includes every-
Adam and Eve in His own likeness and they rejected Him and then eaten from one willing to come to repentance. This is
gave them the opportunity to care for and the tree of life and become eternal spirit a tremendous ambition, since each carnal

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 7

human heart is a mountain-size “Ye have wearied the
obstacle. But here is another un- Lord with your words. Yet
recognized truth: God is not call- ye say, Wherein have we
ing everyone on a mass scale today. wearied him? When ye say,
Every one that doeth evil is
A Call to Repentance good in the sight of the Lord,
In fact, God is only calling a very and he delighteth in them;
few to repentance today. The first or, Where is the God of judg-
step toward real and everlasting ment?” (Malachi 2:17).
happiness is genuine, deep, com- Do we know this God?
plete repentance. To recognize our In Noah’s day, God was
own helplessness, unhappiness so disgusted with the sins
and inadequacy apart from God is of humankind that He sent
the most fundamental lesson any a catastrophic Flood. By the
of us could learn. hand of God, every inhabit-
Whenever God begins work- ant of the Earth was wiped
ing with someone, He begins by out except Noah and his
humbling that individual. As it family—eight people. The
says in Proverbs 15:33, “The fear destruction exceeded the
of the Lord is the instruction of Haiti earthquake by several
wisdom; and before honour is hu- orders of magnitude.
mility.” God wants to give each of In fact, Scripture repeat-
us phenomenal honor—but the edly describes God’s judg-
humility, rooted in a deep respect ment and punishments on
for the Creator, must come first. the nations, including His
The curses God imposed upon own (e.g. the Flood in Gen-
Adam and his seed teach this les- esis 6-8, Sodom and Gomor-
son. The suffering that saturates rah’s fate in Genesis 19, pun-
this present world, cut off from ishment on Egypt in Exodus
God, teaches this lesson. 12:29-30 and on Israel in
When God was working with tragedy A father holds his Amos 4:10). And more shak-
the carnal nation of ancient Israel, daughter, killed by the quake. ing and judgment is coming
here is how He did it: “I call heav- in the near future, spelled
en and earth to record this day out in Revelation 16.
against you, that I have set before
Hundreds of thousands of Haitians died in Should we be so shocked
you life and death, blessing and January. How could they learn to fear God? when we see such calamities
cursing: therefore choose life, that today? If we are, we don’t
both thou and thy seed may live” How could they learn who He is and how to know the God of the Bible.
(Deuteronomy 30:19; you may find
it helpful to read verses 15-20). This
live His way? It’s too late for them! Or is it? God on Death
goes beyond just the natural consequences learn to fear God! God wants each and ev- But hundreds of thousands of Haitians
for obeying or disobeying God’s laws. God ery carnal individual in the whole world died in January. How could they learn to
said He would bless for obedience and to learn to fear Him. fear God? How could they learn who He
curse for disobedience. When the Israel- is and how to live His way? It’s too late for
ites obeyed, He prospered them; when they The God of Judgment them!
rebelled, He would send a plague, or turn Those who dismiss the possibility that Or is it? You have to understand God’s
the weather against them, or remove His God actually uses disastrous phenomena perspective on human life. Otherwise it is
protection and allow them to go into cap- as a tool—do they know the God of the Bi- impossible to understand how correction
tivity. Essentially God was teaching them ble? The God who blesses for obedience— through calamity is actually an expression
a proper fear of man’s Creator. and punishes for disobedience? Can we of love.
God has as much control over natural recognize the love in God’s correction? To God, human death is a temporary
phenomena today as He did in ancient Is- Many who see devastation wonder sleep (1 Corinthians 15:51-55). Our Creator
rael and when He created the Earth. whether God loves us. Shouldn’t we ask is able to resurrect humans from the grave!
In God’s omnipotence, He could have the more piercing question: Is it possible That is what your Bible says.
stopped the Haiti earthquake. Jesus Christ that we don’t love God? One of the greatest, most hope-filled
stilled a storm with just a few words (Mark Cross-examining God’s love over an truths in Scripture is that of the resurrec-
4:39). Whether that tremor was caused by earthquake is a flawed line of reasoning tion of the dead. Hebrews 6:1-2 list the res-
a random tectonic shift or the devil him- if we think that no matter how much evil urrection as being one of the foundational
self, God could have prevented it. But He we perpetrate, no matter how much self- doctrines of your Bible. Scripture actually
didn’t. And He had a reason. ishness we amass, no matter what we do, refers to three separate resurrections, each
When something like the catastrophic God is obliged to shower only blessings serving a unique purpose (this truth is ex-
Haiti earthquake occurs, we should all upon us. plained in our free reprint article “The

8 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet getty images

Three Resurrections”). In God’s immense Christ’s warning!” evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of
wisdom and mercy, every individual But, Mr. Flurry explained, “We must Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11).
who ever lived will be given one genuine not forget that what happened to the Jew- God wants us to repent so we can live!
chance to choose eternal life or eternal ish nation is only a type of what is to hap- God is determined to allow suffering to
death. The vast majority of people in this pen to Israel—mainly the American and increase until mankind accepts that there
Satan-gripped world—including the vic- British peoples in this end time” (request is no hope in man! Until we admit that re-
tims in Haiti—have not yet been given The United States and Britain in Prophecy). jecting God only results in misery!
that choice, and have not yet been judged We must accept this sobering reality. As If God cut His losses now and accepted
(Hebrews 9:27). gruesome as the carnage in Haiti was, the only those few on Earth who have so far
God has promised it! Those who died punishment prophesied to befall the end- repented and believed and obeyed their
in the Haiti earthquake will be raised time nations of Israel is far, far worse. The Creator, He would have a family of only a
again! They will live again in a safe, peace- corpses in Haiti are finding their way into few thousand. But by allowing 6,000 years
ful world ruled not by Satan, but by God. mass graves and being burned in dumps. of human existence in Satan’s world to
They will have the opportunity to finally Death tolls in our First World nations are play out—to in fact cause events to climax
understand their Creator and turn their about to climb to the point of overwhelm- in unprecedented catastrophe—God is
hearts to Him. That is a message of hope. ing even such crude disposal methods! creating conditions so that many hundreds
God’s perspective is very different “They shall die of grievous deaths; they of millions, even billions, of human be-
from ours. His thoughts are higher than shall not be lamented; neither shall they ings made in the likeness of God will rec-
our thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). He does not al- be buried; but they shall be as dung upon ognize the futility of the ways that seemed
low us to suffer and even die because He is the face of the earth … and their carcases right to them but led only to death, and
cruel. He is using disasters to shake those shall be meat for the fowls of heaven, and embrace the God-ordained way of love, of
of us still living—to call us to repentance. for the beasts of the earth” (Jeremiah 16:4). joy and peace—the way that leads to life.
“Jewish historian Josephus recorded God is a God of love. To comprehend
“Ye Shall All Likewise Perish” that there were many catastrophes which the love of God, we must realize that what
Jesus Christ spoke of this in Luke 13. He were rapidly intensifying before the Jew- we have now is not real life—it is merely a
had been told of some wicked Galileans ish nation was destroyed in a.d. 70. Disas- short-lived chemical existence. God wants
who were killed by Pilate in an especially ters were very common,” Mr. Flurry con- to give us real life—eternal life! That
gruesome manner. Did they deserve that tinued. “Today, we see the same scenario is why He will allow so much destruction
fate? “Suppose ye that these Galilaeans in end-time Israel. Horrifying events are and suffering to come upon this world: so
were sinners above all the Galilaeans, be- becoming common for us today. It is all as many as possible will repent, and He
cause they suffered such things? I tell you, leading to the total destruction of our na- can then reward them with eternal life.
Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all like- tions unless we repent! These disasters Even in the face of these catastrophes—
wise perish” (Luke 13:2-3). are the strongest kind of warning from even as we see these types of natural di-
Christ followed up with another ex- God. … Why all these disasters? They are sasters increase and see human suffering
ample. A tower had collapsed, tragically a warning from God to repent! The di- increase—we can be filled with a vibrant
crushing 18 people. Those who happened sasters will keep coming until we repent. hope. Why?
to be near the tower bore no particular That is our only hope.” Because knowing that we are in the last
guilt beyond those who happened to be days tells us that Jesus Christ is about to
a safe distance away. But again Jesus fol- The Beginning of Sorrows return! When He does, this 6,000-year-
lowed up with the barbed statement: “[T] Yes—the disasters will keep coming. We long lesson in human suffering will be
hink ye that they were sinners above all can count on that. Notice what Christ over, and everyone on Earth will have
men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, prophesied in the Olivet prophecy for to- seen the futility of following after the tree
Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall day: “For nation shall rise against nation, of the knowledge of good and evil. People
all likewise perish” (verses 4-5). and kingdom against kingdom: and there will be ready to do what’s right, to live the
No one can impute extraordinary shall be famines, and pestilences, and way of peace, joy and happiness that God
wickedness on the Haitians who died in earthquakes, in divers places. All these are offered Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago.
the January quake. Their deaths do not the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7- Satan the devil will be banished, and
prove they were more sinful than those 8). Today’s disasters are only the beginning Jesus Christ will rule over the greatest
who survived. “All have sinned, and come of sorrows! God is going to bring them time of prosperity that has ever been.
short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). upon the whole world. Finally, with God’s benevolent govern-
Disasters that befall others should “For then shall be great tribulation, ment in place, the hope of the resurrection
serve as a warning to us, Christ said. We such as was not since the beginning of the will become reality, and everyone who has
will be subject to the same fate unless we world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. ever lived—including our loved ones and
repent of our sins! And except those days should be short- the victims of the Haiti quake—will be
“God told [the Jews] they must repent ened, there should no flesh be saved: but raised into a world where the right choice
or the whole jewish nation would for the elect’s sake those days shall be has been made, where, as the Prophet Isa-
die in the same violent way!” Trumpet shortened” (verses 21-22). iah said, the knowledge of the
editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in our Why would God allow that suffering? Eternal covers the Earth as the
June 1995 edition. “That is precisely what “Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord waters cover the sea. n
happened to the Jewish nation in a.d. 70! God, I have no pleasure in the death of the
Only God’s loyal remnant escaped to wicked; but that the wicked turn from his To learn more, request our free
Pella. They are the only ones who heeded way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your booklet Repentance Toward God.

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Like a forgotten downtown
billboard, Detroit proclaims a
warning about the rest of America
for any who will stop and look.
By Robert Morley

pain street, USA

One of America’s most
famous boomtowns is
now a vast ghost town.

The Detroitification
of America
f ever an American city was a and barbecues. There are two reasons that student
warning for the nation, it is Detroit. In its heyday, Detroit had the highest would be confused.
Its crumbling mansions, overgrown median income and highest rate of home One: The reality on the ground is that
boulevards and abandoned factories ownership in the country. It also had one of the city is a ruined, decaying, post-indus-
drive a message home to those who the highest standards of living of any ma- trial, almost post-apocalyptic ghost town.
will pay attention. We cannot afford jor city in America—and hence, probably At its peak, Detroit boasted almost 2 mil-
to ignore this once-great city. Why? What the world. People flocked there to trans- lion residents. Today, more than half of
killed Detroit is killing America. form the American dream into reality. that number are gone. Astoundingly, even
Detroit used to be synonymous with Today, the view from General Motors the dead are leaving. Suburban dwellers
wealth and prosperity. It was a city hum- world headquarters, downtown at Renais- who don’t want to risk heading into the
ming with big-finned cars and Motown sance Tower, is different. city to visit gravesides are having their de-
rhythms. Factories churned out products ceased relatives dug up and transferred to
that ended up on store shelves around the Shattered Dreams local cemeteries.
world. Full employment empowered high Take the average Detroit high school stu- More surreally, unburied bodies are
salaries, flourishing schools and mani- dent to the top for the panoramic view, piling up as well, the Times reported in
cured storefronts, with flashy neon lights then describe in chrome tones what the November. That month, the number of un-
lining the boulevards. Multiple genera- Motor City used to be like. He would claimed bodies reached a record high. The
tions of families shared the same streets probably think you were joking. dead were not murder victims—although

10 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet getty images

crime is soaring, and Detroit remains the real national unemployment is over 17 search of short-term profit above all else
murder capital of America. Most of these percent and rising (as measured by the and at the expense of mistreating em-
dead died of natural causes; it is just that Labor Department’s U6 unemployment ployees, gave rise to the unions. Corrupt
family members cannot afford to bury figure, which includes part-time workers politicians looking to purchase votes sell
them; the city can’t afford to bury them who want full-time jobs and discouraged themselves to the highest bidder—this too
either, so they pile up in the freezers. job seekers who have stopped looking is a national phenomenon. Consumers,
Two: Most students have a poor grasp for work). Unemployment in Michigan fat on the wealth of previous generations,
of history. In 2008, less than 25 percent of is 20.9 percent. In Detroit, virtually half wax lazy. Just like in Detroit, increasing
freshmen actually ended up graduating the workforce is unemployed—a rate far debt is looked to as the national savior for
from high school—the worst rate in the higher than during the Great Depression. America’s economic ills.
country. Almost half of Detroit adults are And there is no U-turn in sight. Detroit’s downfall has many causes—
considered functionally illiterate. With so many people out of work, books have been written. But the most
Gazing out over Detroit, you would see property owners had better hope that fundamental and important cause is one
a city in transformation—or is it disinte- lawmakers are able to keep extending un- that most observers have overlooked.
gration? In contrast to the shiny new GM employment insurance. Residents should The primary cause of Detroit’s (and
tower, Detroit is cannibalizing itself. Over also hope that the Chinese keep lending America’s) dramatic downfall can only be
60,000 abandoned, gutted and stripped America money, because if they ever stop, understood by identifying the source of its
houses populate the landscape. With each so will the welfare payments. And that original prosperity.
new foreclosure, another home opens it- means that Detroit is a powder keg with Yankee ingenuity, work ethic, econo-
self up to vandals, thieves and arsonists. massive explosive potential. The gangs of mies of scale, proximity to resources, mass
On one street alone, you can see six par- Detroit will head to the suburbs. transportation, low taxation and a skilled
tially burned homes without moving your America needs to wake up to what De- labor pool are all factors. But they are not
feet. Wrecked, abandoned homes push troit has become. the most important and essential factor.
property prices down further, which en- “Detroit’s history has gone the way of The reason America (and Detroit) be-
courages other underwater homeowners Rome and Athens and Constantinople,” came so prosperous stems from an ancient
to mail in the keys too. says L. Brooks Patterson, a longtime ex- promise God made. You can read about it
The situation is so bad that banks are ecutive from Oakland County, which in the book The United States and Britain
now refusing to retake ownership of some includes Detroit’s northern and more af- in Prophecy. It is because of that promise
homes. The cost of back taxes and repairs fluent suburbs. “It is what history does. that America became the inheritor of al-
just isn’t worth it. Houses sell for $1. Liv- History moves on. And history has moved most half a continent—and not just any
able ones sell for $6,000, less than the away …. Detroit will never again be where continent. When the pilgrims arrived
price of some ride-on lawn mowers. The those other cities were ….” they became the recipients of a vast, pris-
city has no money to demolish the death Once a cradle of the middle class and tine land, overflowing with the choicest
traps, so they remain standing. a bastion of economic productivity, De- of agricultural, mineral, hydrologic and
Then there are all the abandoned com- troit is now a stark example of the unrav- geographic blessings imaginable.
mercial and industrial structures, lurking eling of both. It has often been said that America’s historic leadership in indus-
like monolithic skeletons. Who would as GM goes, so goes the country. How try and technology—the fact that America
want these properties? They were made to much more should America then pay at- used to be the largest oil, coal and steel
produce massive amounts of quality prod- tention to Detroit? This city is the home of producer in the world, that it used to be a
ucts—something foreign to today’s Detroit. not just GM, but also Ford, Chrysler and major net food exporter, that it once was
And with all the years of industrial chemi- a host of other manufacturers and busi- the world’s factory, that it used to control
cals polluting the soil and groundwater, no nesses and families. and own the strategic Panama Canal sea
one can afford the remediation costs. The forces that built Detroit into an gateway, that it is the only country to ever
At night, you look down on whole economic superpower also helped build put a man on the moon—was a blessing
patches of city that are dark. Parts of De- America into a superpower. Now the forc- that directly trickled down from the ful-
troit have reverted to hollowed-out, pre-in- es that destroyed Detroit are doing the fillment of that promise.
dustrial places where no one lives or works same throughout the country. In short, it was God who showered
or stands in the streets anymore—only blessings upon Detroit—and America. It
mile after mile of lonely concrete bones. Motoring the Detroit Express was God who provided America with its
Punctuating those dark patches are America’s failed industrial policy pro- formerly unrivaled levels of prosperity.
regularly appearing spots of f licker- motes the offshoring of American manu- And it is because the conditions of
ing flame. The Weekly Standard called facturing. Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland retaining those blessings have been bro-
Detroit the “city where the sirens never and Milwaukee felt it first, but now those ken that those blessings are now being
sleep.” Since the city is overwhelmed with same policies are promoting the offshor- removed. It is all about cause and effect.
buildings to demolish, firefighters are of- ing of America’s other strategic industries Sustained blessings for obedience, and
ten forced to risk their lives fighting fires too. The job losses have spread to New curses for disobedience—it is a basic prin-
at the same old structures. York and Los Angeles. Power-hungry ciple of the Bible (Leviticus 26). And it is
unions more intent on getting rich than a principle that we would all do well to
Fading From History on making a quality product impacted remember.
But as troubled as Detroit is, it is posi- Detroit’s Big Three, but the same types of Detroit is a warning for America. Read
tioned to get worse. Official U.S. un- unions hold hostage and handicap many the billboard. Detroitification is heading
employment stands at 10 percent, but American businesses. Big business, in the toward a city near you. n

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Give, and
Your Heart
Will Follow
A law that can change your
relationships  By Joel Hilliker

he other day my daughters
each received a small toy.
Within a short few hours, the
youngest of them had lost
hers. When she realized it, she began
to cry. Her sister then said something
to her that left me pleasantly shocked:
“That’s okay—you can have mine.”
Such spontaneous generosity is not
habitual in this child. But I watched as
she handed over the toy, and she was
genuinely happy to give it—even more
than her sister was to receive it.
Why do we give gifts? Why give to
our children, or spouse, or other fam-
ily member or friends, or someone in
need? Generally it is not to try to get
something in return—to secure some
right to the other person’s gratitude. We
give simply for the pleasure of giving. It is,
after all, more blessed to give than to re-
ceive (Acts 20:35). Living the give way sim-
ply makes us happy.
But giving also does something else to
us—something more specific. That’s be-
cause of a remarkable dynamic set in mo-
tion when we obey God’s law.
Jesus Christ instructed us to lay up
treasures not on Earth, but in heaven. He
explained the profound reason: “For where
your treasure is,” He said, “there will your
heart be also” (Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34).
This is an extraordinary truth. Our
heart tends to follow our treasure. Wher-
ever we give some physical thing—and
not just our money, but even our time or
energy—we tend also to commit simulta-
neously something more precious: a little
piece of ourselves.
We see this rule in action with tithes
and offerings. God doesn’t need our

12 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

If you
money; He could provide for His work near,” “be at hand”
invest your time you may then
any number of miraculous ways. But He
instructs us to commit our treasure to that
and “join.” What a
lovely word, refer-
money, time and find yourself mak-
ing greater and still
work. Not only does this instill in us a hab-
it of generosity that develops our character
ring to a sacrifice
for God! The simi-
energy into your greater sacrifices
for your work. This
and makes us more like Him, the great
Giver (James 1:17)—but it also draws our
lar word karob
(07138) actually
family, your heart will may or may not be
a good thing.
hearts into His work. We take on a more
committed mindset toward God’s plans
refers to a person-
al relationship or
follow. If you give to So consider
this practical wis-
and ambitions, His activities today, and
how they are preparing for the future.
When an Isra-
and sacrifice for your dom. If you want
to make your love
If you think about it, that act of
giving actually helps us to love
elite brought an
offering to God,
marriage—even if you one toward some-
grow a little,
God more. That is what God
desires most of all.
it was intended to
bring him closer
don’t “feel like it”—then a gift. If you want
give that person

In ancient Israel, God

sought to lay claim to the
to God. Surely
God was pleased
you’ll find that physical grow to make your love
a lot, sacri-
hearts of His people the
same way. He commanded
with the act, but
that wasn’t the pri-
act actually leading fice for him or her.
Maybe there’s
that the Israelites offer
regular sacrifices. There
mary reason He com-
manded it. Presenting
your heart into a thrust into regular con-
someone you are

were daily, weekly, monthly

and annual offerings, and
korban to God—the act
of giving—was meant to
deeper love. a hard
tact with whom you have
time relating to. Per-
others for certain special occa- make the giver feel closer to haps one of your co-workers
sions. Obviously God didn’t his Creator, more than the other really gets under your skin. Try
have any practical use for way around. He was committing his it out: Give him something; make a
the animals and other food treasure to God, and so his heart followed. sacrifice for him. Not to turn his heart to
and drink offered to Him. Note how this law plays out in your life. you—but yours to him! Give, and see if it
His goal in having the Isra- Where your treasure is, there will your doesn’t draw you nearer to him. It may not
elites give was to change their heart be also. If you invest your money, solve the problem completely, but you can
thinking—to turn their hearts time and energy into your family, your be sure it will improve your attitude.
toward Himself. heart will follow. If you give to and sacri- If you had an argument with your
There is a clue to this truth fice for your marriage—even if you don’t spouse in the morning and you’re feeling
even in the word sacrifice. In “feel like it”—then you’ll find that physi- resentful, do the counterintuitive thing.
Hebrew, one word for sacrifice cal act actually leading your heart into a Pick up a bouquet of flowers on your way
is korban. It is usually trans- deeper love. Your obedience to the way of home from work. The next time you see
lated “offering” in the Old give, even in a physical sense, will set in her, rather than giving her the lecture
Testament, and appears motion the wheels of love. you’ve been rehearsing all day, give her a
extensively throughout Anciently, when an Israelite made a gift she may actually appreciate. Whether
the books of Leviticus and sacrifice to God, it was to teach him the or not she does, you’ll find that your sac-
Numbers referring to the lesson to love God more. Likewise, when a rifice has done a lot to dissolve your own
Israelites’ sacrifices. husband gives to his wife or sacrifices for hostility. Now you are in a far better posi-
As Daniel Lapin brings out in her, it helps him love her more. tion to restore harmony to your marriage
his book Buried Treasure, the root By the same principle, if you are con- than you otherwise would have been.
of korban (Strong’s 07133) is the He- stantly making sacrifices for your employ- Commit your treasure, and your heart
brew word karab (07126)—meaning to er, that doesn’t make him feel closer to you will follow. Don’t wait until you “feel love”
approach, or bring near or close. Karab is nearly as much as it makes you feel closer to before you give or sacrifice. Give and sac-
variously translated “come near,” “draw him. Your heart follows your treasure. Over rifice—and love will grow. n

photosTogo The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 13

O n Dec. 1, 2009, the Lis-
bon Treaty officially
came into force, forever al-

tering Europe. The first EU

president is Belgium’s center-
right Prime Minister Herman
Van Rompuy. Britain’s Europe
Minister Chris Bryant stated
that Van Rompuy has “a more
federalist agenda than other Venezuela
prime ministers in Europe.”
Economists are worried
greece may be the first EU
nation to default on its debt. Brazil
“We could see our first EU-15
sovereign default since ger-
many had it in 1948,” warned
Willem Buiter, a former Bank
of England policy maker, on
December 9. Greece’s debt is
110 percent of its annual eco- rather than quiet diplomacy, and racially motivated crimes manufacturers—
nomic output. If Greece falls, for more confrontation with by the far right increased to a Rheinmetall and
all eurozone countries could the secular society instead of record high of over 20,000 in man Group—an-
suffer. These concerns have dialogue …” (KERK&Leven, 2008, according to figures re- nounced their in-
led the European Commission January 18). leased by the Federal Criminal tention to merge
to renew its attempt to audit Europe will fall to Islam Police Office (bka) December their military
member nations. The Com- unless its inhabitants embrace 17. “There’s a real danger to vehicle production.
mission has tried to seize this Catholicism, said the outgoing people’s lives because far-right The resulting combine
authority before, but EU na- archbishop of Prague, Cardi- attacks tend to be very sponta- will produce a new national
tions blocked it to protect their nal Miloslav Vlk, in an inter- neous, brutal and violent,” said champion and leading sup-
own independence. Now that view published January 6. bka president Jörg Ziercke. plier for wheeled military ve-
view is changing as more poli- Several recent develop- An application contain- hicles in Europe. According to
ticians believe the EU needs ments show the governments ing over 100 speeches by the MarketWatch columnist Da-
the muscle to prevent member and people of Europe becom- fascist dictator Benito Musso- vid Marsh, the German gov-
states from descending into ing more right-wing and anti- lini became the number-two ernment “has been providing
the same situation as Greece. immigrant. The Swiss public download application on the behind-the-scenes assistance
The Vatican is preparing to voted on November 29 to ban Italian version of iTunes fol- to make sure industry goes
rid Europe of secularism by re- the construction of new mina- lowing its release January 21— in the right direction” (Janu-
placing liberal Catholic figures rets in their country. A parlia- clearly showing the dictator’s ary 18). The new combine
with conservative ones. Known mentary committee in france popularity among a younger, “meets the long-held German
as “the Belgian Ratzinger” be- recommended on January 26 Internet-savvy demographic. desire to build industrial
cause of his conservative views, that the country ban women The European Union’s companies with world scale
André-Mutien Léonard was from wearing a full veil in pub- Fundamental Rights Agency in the defense field,” he said.
appointed archbishop of Brus- lic buildings, including schools published a report on De- Germany’s corporate revival
sels on January 18. Many in and hospitals. Over 1,000 Af- cember 9, based on a survey is just the precursor to a much
Belgium fear he will be more rican immigrants were evacu- of 23,500 people, stating that larger, non-peaceable event.
involved in Belgian politics ated from the southern Italian many minorities in the EU
than his more liberal predeces- town of Rosarno on January 9 suffer regularly from racial
sor. Catholic newspaper editor
Bert Claerhout said that the
after three days of clashes that
left 53 people injured. An anti-
discrimination. All these
developments indicate that mideasT
choice of Léonard was “clearly
a conscious choice for a totally
different style and approach:
government newspaper called
the removal of the immigrants
“ethnic cleansing.”
right-wing extremism is surg-
ing into mainstream Europe.
On January 12, two of
R elations between cru-
cial allies israel and tur-
key deteriorated in January.
for more radical decisiveness In Germany, politically Germany’s top military Turkey accused Israel of hu-

14 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

germany Belarus
Belgium Ukraine Kazakhstan

Spain Japan
greece turkey
Afghanistan China
israel iraq iran
Kuwait Pakistan
egypt Saudi
Arabia U.A.e. taiwan


Uganda Somalia


South Africa

miliating its ambassador after

he was summoned by the Is-
raeli deputy foreign minister. parliamentary elections.
The move, initiated by Israeli In January, the head of
Foreign Minister Avigdor Li- an obscure Iraqi com-
eberman, followed the airing mission banned more
of Turkish television dramas than 500 Sunni candi-
demonizing Israeli soldiers dates from running in
as murderers of Palestinian the election, allegedly
children and depicting Israeli because of their ties
diplomats as child abductors. to Saddam Hussein’s
Israel’s attempt at tough di- Baath Party. While an appeals tempt by Tehran to put pres- Iran and egypt have bol-
plomacy, however, backfired; panel in February decided to sure on Maliki to align with stered ties in their first round
Deputy Foreign Minister lift the ban, any successful the inc. It seems Maliki has of high-level talks since 1979.
Danny Ayalon was forced candidates will not be able to caved to Iran. The announce- On December 20, Egyptian
to back down and give a full assume office until a final rul- ment that his State of the Law President Hosni Mubarak
apology. It was a dramatic ing is made. Also in January, will ally with the inc after the received a two-hour visit from
display of the crushing limits iraqi Prime Minister nouri al- elections came shortly after Iranian Parliament Speaker
of Israel’s “toughness.” Maliki’s State of Law coalition Iran’s foreign minister visited Ali Larijani. Immediately af-
eight people were killed announced it will Iraq and met with terward, Mubarak, who rarely
december 27 at anti-regime ally with the Iraqi Maliki and Iraq’s travels because of his failing
demonstrations in iran during National Coalition highest-ranking Shi- health, flew to saudi Arabia,
the Shiite ritual of Ashura. (inc), which was ite cleric, Ayatollah kuwait and the united Arab
These were the largest clashes formed last August Ali al-Sistani. emirates to discuss Arab-
since the protests immediately by Iran’s allies in The shaky politi- Iranian relations. Cairo’s ef-
following the Iranian elec- Baghdad in order cal situation in Iraq forts to coexist with a nuclear
tions in June. In an attempt to cement Iranian is contributing to an Iran indicate a substantial loss
to quell the unrest, Iranian political influence upsurge in violence of American influence within
authorities arrested several in Iraq. Maliki had that could compli- Egypt and the region at large.
aides to the country’s top two refused to join the cate U.S. withdrawal Based on Bible prophecy,
opposition leaders. inc when it was first formed. efforts. In December, five car Trumpet editor in chief Ger-
Iran has been making head- In December, Iranian troops bombs killed more than 100 ald Flurry has said for over
way in securing political influ- occupied an Iraqi oil well in people and injured hundreds 15 years that Iran would ally
ence in iraq ahead of March 7 what appeared to be an at- more in Baghdad. itself with Egypt.

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 15

Iran’s Mehr news agency Still, Hatoyama is urging Several recent acts of thing similar to the ussr, with
reported January 16 that the China to increase the open- defiance by China provide Russia once again at the head.
foreign ministers of Pakistan, ness of the Communist giant’s a glimpse into the mutual Russia emerged as the only
Iran and Afghanistan signed ballooning military spending. antipathy building between it clear-cut winner from the
an agreement at a summit For the last two years, China and the West. At December’s January 17 national election
in Kabul banning the use has announced defense bud- Copenhagen climate confer- in ukraine. former ukrainian
of each other’s country to get increases of more than 17 ence, China resisted pressure Prime Minister viktor yanu-
harm each other. The foreign percent. Hatoyama’s concerns to submit to inter- kovich won with 35
ministers also voiced support suggest that, beyond the sub- national emissions percent of the vote,
for a regional solution for stantial military buildup that monitoring and and Prime Minister
Afghanistan. China makes known, addi- led other nations Yulia Tymoshenko
The Iranian Navy has de- tional increases are happening in refusing the came second, with
ployed commandos and war- behind the scenes. If Tokyo is proposals. Many 25 percent, with a
ships to the Gulf of Aden, Iran’s concerned, the West should European leaders runoff election be-
naval chief said November 14. really be worried. laid the blame for ing held February
In addition to protecting Irani- China successfully tested the conference’s 7. Stratfor pointed
an cargo ships and oil tankers its first land-based missile failure at China’s out that “Whichever
from Somali pirates, a primary defense system on January 11 feet. On December of these candidates
reason for the dispatch appears with the goal, in part, of de- 25, China issued wins, Ukraine will
to be to protect Iran’s weapons terring the U.S. from defend- an 11-year prison sentence to return to the Russian fold …”
supply lines to Houthi rebels ing taiwan. By destroying one Chinese human rights activist (January 15).
in yemen. The Shiite rebels, in-flight missile with another, Liu Xiaobo for “subversion.”
supported by Iran, have been Beijing flexed its growing mil- Balking at calls for leniency,
battling Yemeni and Saudi
Arabian forces in the border
itary muscle and showed its
disapproval of the recent sale
Chinese courts imposed this
unusually severe punish- laTin
area of the two countries for
several months. Iran’s Islamic
of 200 U.S. Patriot interceptor
missiles to Taiwan.
ment in response to Mr. Liu’s
authorship of articles calling america/
Revolutionary Guard Corps
has also been sending Hez-
A few days later, on Janu-
ary 16, Taiwan and China en-
for greater political freedoms.
Then, on December 30, Chi- africa
bollah fighters into Yemen to
assist the Houthi insurgency.
Iran, in effect, is fighting a
tered into a new phase of eco-
nomic partnership when three
policies went into effect, liber-
nese officials executed British
national Akmal Shaikh, who
was convicted for drug smug-
R ussia plans to con-
struct factories in venezu-
ela to produce ak-103 assault
proxy battle against Saudi alizing financial ties across the gling, despite repeated appeals rifles and cartridges. When
Arabia. The split between Is- Taiwan Strait. Clearly Beijing for clemency by Western operational, the proposed fa-
lamist Iran and more moder- wants to increase its influ- governments. The execution cilities will employ over 1,500
ate Arab countries, prophesied ence over Taiwan through provoked a firestorm of anger people. Venezuela has spent
in the Bible for the end time, is economic dependence. It is in Britain and elsewhere. more than $4 billion on Rus-
becoming more apparent. committed to bringing Tai- On January 1, Russia, Be- sian weapons in recent years.
wan under its wing—though larus and kazakhstan entered Critics say Caracas is fueling
so far, U.S. support of Taiwan a common customs union. a Latin American arms race.
asia has deterred China from using
force. Instead Chinese leaders
The move cemented Russia’s
control over the two former
An emboldened Russia has
been fomenting anti-Ameri-

C hina and Japan an-

nounced plans on novem-
ber 27 to hold their first joint
are trying to win Taiwan over
gradually through political
and economic methods.
Soviet satellites. Beginning a
customs union is a starting
point for a revival of some-
canism throughout the Latin
American region for several
years now.
military exercises. They also Iranian President Mah-
agreed to future talks on joint moud Ahmadinejad enjoyed
training in disaster relief proj- a warm welcome in Brazil
ects and humanitarian opera- on November 23. Brazilian
tions. A week earlier, during a President Luiz Inácio Lula da
visit to Japan by the Chinese Silva said the world needed to
foreign minister, Japanese engage Iran, that Iran had the
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoya- right to develop nuclear power,
ma said, “I want to build win- and that the two nations were
win relationships based on a renewing “century-long ties.”
spirit of fraternity and expand Ahmadinejad also visited Ven-
them from between Japan and ezuela on the same trip. Before
China to the Asian region and the trip, he called for an expan-
the world. Doing so, I believe, sion of ties between the two
will lead to the building of an countries, saying, “Collabora-
East Asian community.” tion between revolutionary na-

16 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

tions like Iran and Venezuela is
necessary during this period of
time.” Watch for Latin Ameri-
can nations to align themselves
with America’s enemies.
Militants attacked a bus
transporting togo’s soccer
team African Cup of Nations
on January 8, killing three
people. The attack raised
questions of whether similar
attacks could take place in
south Africa when it hosts
the World Cup this summer.
Sports teams are increas-
ingly becoming a target for
militants, and the World Cup
could be a way for them to to help train Somali govern- jetliner over Detroit. The de- can public, but it ranked third
push at Western nations. ment forces in uganda. spain vice failed, but Umark Farouk on the priority list after the
Zimbabwe’s Joint Opera- will lead the mission, which Abdulmutallab’s attempted economy and jobs. Social se-
tions Command has ordered will involve around 100 troops, mass murder exposed what curity, education, Medicare
members of the Zimbabwe Na- to help somalia fight its Islam- U.S. President Barack Obama and other domestic issues
tional Army to deploy to farms, ic insurgency. Watch Europe’s called a “systemic failure” of rounded out the top 13 catego-
reportedly a push to remove smaller incursions into Africa; the nation’s security system. ries of concern for Americans.
the few hundred remaining they follow a greater plan to On December 30, the cia President Obama has also
white farmers in the country. secure Africa’s resources. suffered its worst loss of life pushed to repeal the “don’t
This is the final blow in a story since 1983 when a Jordanian ask, don’t tell” law barring
the Trumpet has followed for man the agency was trying to admitted homosexuals from
a decade: the Zimbabwe land-
grabs. The Plain Truth warned anGlo- cultivate as an informant en-
tered Forward Operating Base
joining the military. The Pen-
tagon has begun implement-
of President Robert Mugabe’s
intentions back in May 1980, america Chapman in southeastern
Afghanistan and detonated
ing the directive, with the de-
fense secretary and joint chiefs
saying that de-
spite his vows
not to inter-
O n December 10, news
outlets reported that five
Muslim men from the greater
a bomb vest in the facility’s
gymnasium. Eight Americans
(seven agents) were killed in
of staff chairman testifying
on “progress” toward open
homosexuality in the U.S.
fere with pri- Washington, d.c., area were the attack and six more were military. This came soon after
vate property, arrested in Pakistan and ac- wounded. Total American it was published that the presi-
he “has not, cused of trying to become war deaths for 2009 hit 304, dent had appointed the first-
down deep, terrorists. One of the men has up from 151 in 2008. Total war ever transgender individual to
disavowed his family links to the Virginia deaths, including coalition al- a senior government post.
Marxist prin- mosque once attended by Ni- lies, were 502, up from 286 the On January 15, it emerged
ciples.” Now Mugabe’s gov- dal Hasan, the u.s. Army ma- previous year. that Britain’s armed forces
ernment has fully applied the jor who killed 14 people and On January 27, President would be slashed by a fifth in
“Marxist principles” that the shot 43 more at Fort Hood, obama delivered his first state coming years. The number of
Plain Truth wrote about almost Texas. The Virginia mosque of the union address. His trained personnel is set to drop
30 years ago. is becoming notorious, since speech reflected the fact that from 175,000 to fewer than
aids Free World, a human- two of the September 11 hi- the U.S. is consumed by its 142,000 by 2016. The Ministry
itarian group in Zimbabwe, jackers also worshipped there. own domestic affairs; only of Defense budget is likely to
says Mugabe’s zanu-pf party The arrests and the Fort Hood about one sixteenth of the fall by 11 percent in that time.
systematically raped opposi- terrorist attack came as dou- speech addressed internation- Meanwhile, the Royal
tion supporters during the bly bad news for the Army, al affairs. In contrast to Chan- Navy has been accommodat-
2008 elections. Seventy wom- which is trying to recruit cellor Merkel’s bold statement ing pirates. The Daily Mail
en across 10 provinces report- more Arab-American troops about sanctions the previous reported January 16 that the
ed the atrocities, describing with language and cultural day, President Obama barely Navy captured 66 suspects
gang rapes and beatings. Some skills and more understand- mentioned Iran in his mes- last year. None were taken
were infected with hiv. Three ing of theaters of combat like sage. He cited only “growing into custody. Suspected So-
hundred and eighty rapes were Iraq and Afghanistan. consequences” for the regime mali pirates were given fuel,
documented according to the On December 25, a Nigeri- in a passing reference. food and water and released.
64-page report, surely only a an agent of al Qaeda ignited a A January Pew Research In three cases, this happened
fraction of the true number. bomb hidden in his undergar- study found that terrorism even though hostages had
The EU agreed January 25 ments and tried to explode a was a concern for the Ameri- been found on their boats.

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 17

Six Minutes to Midnight
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says mankind has

bought itself some time.  By Jeremiah Jacques
he minute hand of
the symbolic Dooms-
day Clock was moved
back by one minute on
• U.S. Appeasement  A U.S. administration operating on a policy of ap-
peasement and trust of enemies has convinced this panel of scientists that the world is a safer
place because of its softening stance, but the opposite is true. The Obama administration last
year slashed America’s homeland missile defense budget and abandoned plans for a missile
January 14. The Bulle- defense system in Eastern Europe that would have served as a major deterrent to a nuclear at-
tin of Atomic Scientists tack on its allies. Have America’s disarmament policies really lessened the threat of nuclear war?
(bas) cited a “more hopeful state of Has its willingness to perpetually suspend judgment on Iranian designs in the name of diplomacy
removed the world one inch from the danger of nuclear war? Policies of appeasement have only
world affairs” regarding the threat shown Iran, North Korea and other nations how quickly U.S. will to counter their aggressive ac-
of nuclear war and global climate tions is evaporating. Those policies have emboldened the rogue nations of the world.
change. The clock is now set at six

• Iran 
minutes to midnight.
The “Doomsday Clock,” created in A litany of headlines shows Iran making great strides toward nuclear arma-
1947, is a symbolic measurement of the ment. In December, the Times of London cited secret Iranian documents revealing that Tehran
likelihood that mankind will begin nu- has been working on a “neutron initiator”—the trigger used to detonate a nuclear bomb. This
clear war, with midnight representing discovery further exposed the deceit of Iran’s claims that its nuclear program is strictly for
the zero hour—global destruction. The peaceful purposes. Compounding the significance of Iran’s nuclear advancements is President
farthest from midnight the clock has ever Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s desire to plunge the world into a nuclear abyss for religious reasons.
been was in 1991 when the Cold War era
ended, and it was set at 17 minutes to mid-

• North Korea 
night. The nearest to the zero hour it has
ever been was in 1953 when it sat at two 2009 saw a North Korea of unprecedented defiance. Since
minutes to midnight following the an- President Obama took office, Kim Jong Il’s nation has successfully tested a bona fide nuclear
nouncement that the U.S. and the Soviet weapon and a long-range missile, withdrawn from the 1953 armistice agreement with South
Union had tested thermonuclear devices Korea, and announced that it will weaponize its plutonium reserves. In response to these
within less than a year of each other. belligerent acts, the Obama administration showered Pyongyang with concessions, including
The bas reported that the most recent caving in to Kim’s demand for bilateral talks.
change represents new optimism on the
part of its panel of scientists—including

• Russian Arms Reduction 

19 Nobel laureates—about the threat of
nuclear war, and global cooperation on High on the list of 2009’s celebrated
climate change. international peace talks was July’s discussion between President Obama and Russian Pres-
“The main factor,” bas board member ident Dmitry Medvedev about cutting the nuclear arsenals of their respective countries. But
Lawrence Krauss told National Public even a cursory look at the agreement reveals these reduction plans to be ludicrous—at
Radio, “was that there’s been a sense that least for America. Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer called the agree-
there’s been a sea change in the possibil- ment “useless at best, detrimental at worst,” because Russia agreed to dismantle a
ity for international cooperation regard- certain quantity of its archaic offensive nuclear warheads in exchange for the U.S.’s
ing both nuclear weapons and climate elimination of a comparable amount of its state-of-the-art nuclear defense weaponry.
change” (January 15). In this laughable scenario, Russia loses nothing, and the U.S. loses everything.
“There are now—largely, one would
have to say, as a result of the election of

• Pakistan 
Barack Obama—new international talks
and agreements to reduce arms,” he said. Although Pakistan’s nuclear weapons haven’t yet
To those keeping close watch on global come under direct attack by Islamists, the looming threat is increasing. Never
developments relating to nuclear prolif- before have Pakistan’s weapons been in so much danger of being stolen by
eration, this statement likely comes as a terrorist organizations. In 2007, militants attacked nuclear weapons facilities
shock. An unbiased evaluation of global in Punjab, Sargodha and Kamra. In 2008, they blew up gates to the Wah
trends since the clock was last adjusted in weapons complex, leaving 63 people dead. The U.S. government is funneling
2007 reveals that the threat of nuclear war substantial funds into Pakistan’s military because the stakes are so high. So
has only multiplied in that time. far the terrorists have been kept at bay, but the threat is growing.

18 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

Krauss was careful to point out that the ening us are too big for us to solve. It high-
January adjustment was the first time in lights mankind’s unwarranted confidence For more about this hope-filled
history that the bas has moved the clock’s in itself. Six thousand years of strife-ridden future—a future in which the con-
time by an increment as small as one min- history have failed to teach our experts cept of a Doomsday
ute. In explaining that the board’s opti- that man does not know the way of peace. Clock will be totally
mism is reserved, he said, “If we don’t fol- Man’s inability to effect peace should have irrelevant—request a
low up on all the talk that’s been happening become more evident in the last two years. free copy of Herbert
with action, it could go much closer to But, as the danger intensifies, man’s delu- W. Armstrong’s in-
midnight. On the other hand, if all of these sion that he is able to solve his own prob- spiring booklet The
things that we hope are going to happen lems has only grown stronger. Wonderful World
happen, it could move much further away.” It will take Christ’s intervention to keep Tomorrow—What It
So the move was essentially based on us from annihilating ourselves and usher Will Be Like.
talk—on diplomatic initiatives. But an in true peace (Matthew 24:22). There is no
objective analysis of our diplomatic track cause for optimism about mankind solv-
record shows that these efforts will prove ing its problems, but there is every cause
fruitless in most situations and counter- to be optimistic about God’s so-
productive in others. lutions to humanity’s
However slight the adjustment, the bas’s troubles!  n
optimism over these talks showcases man’s
refusal to admit that the problems threat-
he first 100 days in of- from exporting both technol-
fice is often a harbinger of ogy and manufactured goods to
what is to come throughout Iran. If Merkel follows through
the duration of an elected with this, it will also place further
government. In the case of Ger- strain on her relationship with
many’s present coalition govern- her coalition partner, the busi-
ment, judged by its tumultuous ness-oriented fdp.
first four months since inaugura- Already under pressure
tion, the future does not look too through falling poll ratings, the
bright. “Chaos and confusion” is fdp more recently suffered from
how one source has described this a highly publicized taxation affair
unwieldy mix of incompatible when it reversed its stance on “one
personalities and policies that go of the only policies the coalition
to make up Germany’s current has implemented since it came to
federal leadership. power,” Spiegel wrote. The decision
“Chancellor Angela Merkel’s only “added to the general picture
first 100 days in power … follow- of chaos and confusion” (op. cit.).
ing her reelection in September In a keenly focused view of
have been marred by infighting Germany’s present need for as-
on economic and foreign policy sertive leadership, the Times ob-
and opposition accusations of cro- where’s served, “Ms. Merkel looks more
nyism and incompetence,” report- angela? fallible. The first 100 days of her
ed Der Spiegel. “Merkel has been Chancellor new government have made al-
accused by members of her Chris- Merkel most no impact on her country-
tian Democratic Union of failing men. What is needed now is a

A Void at
to show leadership, and opinion shift from passive to active leader-
poll ratings for her coalition of ship, the kind that governors need
conservatives and pro-business in order to demand sacrifice from

Free Democrats (fdp) have been the governed” (op. cit.).
falling ahead of an important re- It’s been a long time since Ger-
gional election in North Rhine- many had such a leader. Germans
Westphalia, Germany’s most pop- pine for more assertive leadership

ulous state, in May” (February 1). amid the country’s present crisis
At this time of crisis, Chan- of government. Disquiet has been
cellor Merkel has been strangely creeping through the populace this
conspicuous by her absence from winter. The once greatest export
a good deal of the political action. nation in the world suddenly finds
This is giving the impression of a itself knocked into second position
leadership vacuum just as Germa- Confusion in the government is by China. Unemployment gradu-
ny’s government seems to be liter- creating a leadership vacuum at ally bites deeper into the German
economy amid the global eco-
ally coming apart at the seams.
a time of crisis.  By Ron Fraser nomic crisis. Chancellor Merkel’s
Where’s the Chancellor? reaction to strains on the German
The headlines at the close of Angela Chancellor,” the Times commented. “Even economy is to push very hard for a German
Merkel’s first 100 days of leading this mis- Germans who are usually quite happy to to head up the European Central Bank. But
fit coalition ought to be worrying to the have a non-intrusive, modest head of gov- that is not helping her back home.
chancellor. ernment, are astonished. There is trouble The Times rightly pointed to Afghani-
The Times Online ran the title, “Iron brewing at home and abroad but the lead- stan as being one of the major questions
Lady Angela Merkel vanishes amid trou- er of Europe’s biggest economy is distin- on which Chancellor Merkel’s leadership
ble home and abroad.” The Economist guished by her absence. … At home, she will either wax or wane. Right now it’s on
headlined an item “Waiting for Angela.” suddenly looks weak. And abroad, there the downside. “Afghanistan will ultimate-
Both articles commented on Germany’s is a sense that her attention is flagging” ly determine how history judges Chancel-
chancellor strangely missing from the ac- (January 25). lor Merkel,” wrote Roger Boyes. “It is a
tion while her government is gripped by Though she briefly appeared at the deeply unpopular war. Ms. Merkel has yet
crisis. As the Economist noted, a comedy end of the coalition’s first 100 days to an- to tell the Germans it is a necessary war.
was playing at a Berlin cabaret theater that nounce an increase in German troops in Nor has she tried to drum up popular sup-
had audiences splitting their sides with Afghanistan and to declare Germany’s port for the mission of the German troops
mirth as actors parodied German political support of sanctions against Iran, even there. … Ms. Merkel does not know even
party officials rushing about asking each this may work against the chancellor. The how to start to be a war leader; there hasn’t
other “Where’s Angela?” (January 21). latter policy, should it be enacted, will been one in modern Germany …” (ibid.).
“Angela Merkel, once billed as a kind rankle some of Germany’s highest-profile And that’s the problem. Germans are
of Iron Lady, has become the Invisible corporations that for years have profited becoming unsettled once again, and it’s

20 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet getty images (2)

in such a situation that they crave strong He is out front leading and powerfully in- Germany’s combat role in Afghanistan.
leadership. Should Merkel not soon be fluencing the debate in Germany on the He has shown, in contrast to his prede-
able to pull a few rabbits out of the hat to nation’s foreign-policy question of the cessors in the Ministry of Defense, that
keep her electorate happy, the outcry from moment: Afghanistan. he knows how to lead the nation as its
the German populace could be the kiss of Those cutting words of Roger Boyes— commander in chief in that war. Not only
death to her coalition and her leadership “Ms. Merkel has yet to tell the Germans that, but, at the very time that his chancel-
of the nation’s government. it is a necessary war. Nor has she tried to lor is “missing in action,” he is anything
drum up popular support for the mission but invisible. In January, Guttenberg de-
Seizing His Moment of the German troops there. … Ms. Merkel clared that there is no room for failure in
In the meantime, there is a certain German does not know even how to start to be a war Germany’s new approach to the war in
politician who has gained a high profile leader”—are at the nub of German politics Afghanistan, clearly indicating that there
and great popularity with the German pub- and, in particular, Germany’s foreign pol- may be German casualties in the process
lic who is prepared to state things as they icy at this moment, 10 years after postwar (Bild, January 31).
are. He has even broken a postwar taboo Germany first sent a military force outside Guttenberg has also demonstrated that
in Germany by mentioning the German its own borders to participate in war. he is prepared to work outside his portfo-
term krieg (war) in direct association with Guttenberg has been singularly im- lio, getting involved in both economic and
the Bundeswehr’s engagement in Afghani- pressive in doing what no other postwar foreign affairs matters at the annual Davos
stan. He is a politician to whom we devoted German defense minister has done. He conference of global movers and shakers.
much space in our February edition. His has quickly demonstrated his willing- He openly upset the German economics
name is Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. ness to tell the German people that their minister, Rainer Brüderle, by breakfasting
The contrast between Guttenberg and troops are involved in a necessary war and publicly at the January conference with
Merkel is marked. He is a devoted Roman that he actively seeks popular support for the chiefs of German corporate giant basf
Catholic, she a somewhat diffident Prot- and energy mammoth rwe. This might
estant. He hails from the Bavarian right-
ist Christian Socialist Union, she from Guttenberg has shown, seem unusual till one realizes that these
corporate moguls are heavily engaged in
the more centrist Christian Democrats.
He is a titled aristocrat, she hails from the
in contrast to his business within Iran. German corpora-
tions have a history of being involved in
working classes of the former East Germa-
ny. He is known for his decisiveness, for
predecessors in the espionage in foreign countries. Any sanc-
tions that Germany lays on Iran would not
taking a position and not backing down Ministry of Defense, only potentially harm German business,
easily. She has employed a leadership style but they could also limit the bnd (Germa-
that, in the words of Times journalist Boy- that he knows how ny’s intelligence agency) in keeping tabs
on Iran and feeding information of value
es, “waited for issues to cluster, tribal rows
to reach critical proportions and only to lead the nation as to the defense minister, especially in rela-
then would she intervene.” Added to this
is what Boyes terms “a certain furtiveness”
its commander in tion to Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.
No wonder that, despite the efforts of
in her dealings. Such an approach does not
convey strength in times of crisis. Rather,
chief in that war. his political opponents and liberal ele-
ments in the press, Guttenberg remains
it gives “the impression of weakness,” as Germany’s most popular politician. In
she has always appeared “slow to deliver the meantime, not only has Merkel’s hand
an opinion or enter a debate” (ibid.). been weakened by her absence from the
The contrast is particularly marked political action, but her coalition partner
between Merkel and her charismatic of choice, the fdp, has also seen its popu-
minister of defense on the issue currently larity sink by over 30 percent since last
dominating headlines in Germany: the September’s election. This places Foreign
question of the nation’s involvement in the Minister Westerwelle on the defensive.
war in Afghanistan. As Germans worry about a leadership
Minister of Defense Guttenberg has vacuum in the chancellery, the aristocrat-
hardly been out of the headlines since ic Reichsfreiherr Karl-Theodor zu Gut-
being sworn into office, completely over- tenberg has been propelled forward on
shadowing his chancellor and Vice Chan- the political scene, not only in Berlin, but
cellor Guido Westerwelle in the process. increasingly in Washington, cementing a
He has been commanding German media much higher role in transatlantic affairs
attention over the war in Afghanistan than the struggling Westerwelle.
since the Kunduz bombing in September. Guttenberg does not back down will-
Be it in Berlin or Washington, on the oc- ingly. After all, he hails from a long line
casions when he is before the cameras or of crusading forefathers known for their
any audience of note—which is often—his tenacity in battle. “As Guttenberg’s own fa-
presence is commanding; anything but ther, speaking about the family, put it in an
furtive. Guttenberg certainly does not interview with the newspaper Süddeutsche
give an impression of waiting to see how Zeitung, ‘We are raised in such a way that
the ball drops before engaging in action. we are, if necessary, prepared to die for the

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 21

things that we believe are right …. That’s the country as soon as possible. ‘This is a in carrying it out. He has successfully
the family ideal’” (Global Post, Aug. 12, much more defensive approach, for which weathered the storm created by liberal
2009). He has already declared that he is the German Army’s offensive capacities politicians and media that called for his
not going to be led by Washington on mat- will be rearranged,’ she said” (January 26). resignation in the wake of the Kunduz
ters of security and defense. Guttenberg is The European Union provides over affair. In all of this, Baron and Baroness
cutting his own path in his present portfo- 30,000 troops to the nato/isaf force Guttenberg have continued to shine as the
lio—and Chancellor Merkel seems either in Afghanistan, compared to the U.S.’s most prominent stars on the German po-
unwilling or unable to resist this. 45,000. As the EU’s largest contributor of litical and social scene. It seems that, po-
troops to the war, Germany has for some litically, Guttenberg has the Midas touch.
The Rise and Rise of Guttenberg time agitated for a more powerful say in Journalist and commentator on Euro-
Guttenberg changed the whole game for the orientation of the nato campaign in pean affairs Luigi Barzini once noted, af-
German politicians by mouthing one Afghanistan. Defense Minister Gutten- ter long experiencing the German people
word: “war”! berg is now in the strongest of positions to in wartime and peace, that “Germany is,
“Our engagement in Afghanistan has influence Germany’s future war policy in as it always was, a mutable, Proteus-like,
for years been a combat operation. But the Afghanistan, or, for that matter, any other unpredictable country, particularly dan-
feeling is—and not just among our troops— theater in which the Bundeswehr is pres- gerous when unhappy” (The Europeans).
that the Taliban is waging a war against the ently engaged or will engage in the future. What is Germany’s present mood?
soldiers of the international community,” This rapidly rising star of German Germany’s chancellor is unhappy. Her
Guttenberg declared to a journalist from politics has clearly achieved a number of coalition government is unhappy. Media
the German daily Bild. In doing so commentators are not happy with
he used a three-letter word that up to the government’s poor performance,
then had been eschewed by postwar observing that the coalition is unable
German governments and commenta- “to find solutions for a society that is
tors alike. Until Guttenberg shot into drifting apart” (Spiegel, op. cit.). A so-
the forefront of the German political ciety that is drifting apart is not a very
scene, using that word to describe Ger- happy one. Germany is coasting into
man operations in Afghanistan—use crisis. In such situations, history dem-
of the term in association with the onstrates that the German people will
Bundeswehr—was simply taboo. seek out and respond to an assertive,
By breaking that taboo, Gutten- A society that is drifting charismatic and strong leader, giving
berg became the darling of the Ger-
man military overnight. In the clearest apart is not a very happy little thought to his ideology as long
as it unifies the volk with an appeal to
statement yet made by any German
politician with regard to the Afghani-
one. Germany is drifting into German nationalism.
An appeal to the period of Ger-
stan conflict, Guttenberg emphasized,
“In parts of Afghanistan, there are,
crisis. In such situations, man greatness under charismatic,
nationalistic, aristocratic rule, as
without question, conditions that are history demonstrates that prevailed in the time of the kaisers,
like a war. I can understand any soldier may be just the medicine that a Ger-
who says, ‘There is a war in Afghani- the German people will man society “drifting apart” will re-
stan. It doesn’t matter if it is foreign spond to. That was when the German
forces or Taliban terrorists who are seek out and respond to an military had an overarching faith in a
attacking, wounding and killing me.’”
With Guttenberg’s success in se-
assertive, charismatic and deity to guide it toward its perceived
destiny of global rule—a faith in a
curing an increase in Germany’s
troop commitment to the war in
strong leader, giving little deity whose religion was centered in
Rome—a faith that inspired its men of
Afghanistan, the conservative and thought to his ideology. war to march into battle wearing on
their belt buckles the slogan “Gott mit
heavily government-influenced me-
dia outlet Deutsche Welle reported, “Fol- goals in his brief term as Germany’s min- uns”—God with us.
lowing much speculation recently in the ister of defense. As a result of the Kun- Could the time be ripening for an aris-
German media, German Chancellor An- duz bombing affair, Guttenberg was able tocratic leader of crusading heritage, a
gela Merkel announced at a news confer- to clean house, dispensing with defense titled baron of the Holy Roman Empire,
ence on Tuesday that a further 500 troops leaders who may have held loyalties to in- a dedicated, practicing Roman Catholic,
would be deployed to Afghanistan to join fluences and ideas that he did not share. who publicly declares that he prays, as
the roughly 4,300 already stationed there. He has announced that the Bundeswehr does his wife, for German troops in battle,
A further 350 troops would be a ‘flexible is definitely engaged in a war outside of to assert his leadership over a nation cry-
reserve’ to be deployed when necessary …. Germany’s borders. He has gained an ex- ing out to be led in a time of increasing
Commenting on the troop hike—850 ad- tra troop commitment to the Afghanistan national crisis?
ditional troops in all—Chancellor Merkel campaign and gained the endorsement of To see the answer emerge, keep watch-
stated that this was part of a ‘completely the chancellor of that commitment. He ing Germany, watch the Bavarian pope,
new’ approach to cooperating with the Af- has announced a new German strategy for and watch closely the Bavarian baron,
ghan government, which aimed to see Ka- the war in Afghanistan and asserted that Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, baron of the
bul take responsibility for the security of he will not be influenced by Washington Holy Roman Empire.  n

22 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

actions The Vatican, Lombardi seems to be
speak louder arguing, is quite all right with white-
Pope Benedict’s washing the dubious acts of its most cel-
saint-in-the- ebrated popes. He offered this quote from
making, Piux XII Pope John Paul ii as further support for
Pius: “[T]he church does not celebrate the
specific historical decisions he may have
made, but rather points to him as some-
one to be imitated and venerated because
of his virtues, in praise of the divine grace
which shines resplendently in them.”

Was Pope
Never mind what he actually did—just
know that he was virtuous.
Can you imagine Jesus Christ ever
reasoning in that manner? Your religion,

Pius XII
Jesus taught, is what you do! “And why
call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the
things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).
True religion is how you live, Moses

added. “For he [God] is your life,” it says
in Deuteronomy 30:20.
While in Athens, the Apostle Paul
scolded the educated elites of his day for
their rampant idolatry, saying that in
Christ “we live, and move, and have our
Only if you ignore what he did, being” (Acts 17:28).
Vatican says.  By Stephen Flurry “Finally, brethren,” Paul wrote in Phi-
lippians 4:8, “whatsoever things are true,

whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever
itler’s pope is one step closer should not in any way be seen as a “hos- things are just, whatsoever things are
to sainthood. In December 2009, tile act” toward Jews, said Vatican spokes- pure, whatsoever things are lovely, what-
Pope Benedict xvi issued a decree man Federico Lombardi a few days after soever things are of good report; if there
proclaiming the “heroic virtues” the pope’s move. be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
of the 20th century’s most controversial The Jews, of course, disagree, especially think on these things.”
pope. Prior to World War ii, the cardi- since the decree was made several weeks Yes, indeed. Think on these heroic
nal who later became Pope Pius xii suc- before the pontiff visited Rome’s syna- virtues. But that’s not all. True religion
cessfully negotiated the Reich Concordat gogue. Jewish organizations and histori- can’t stop there. Verse 9 completes the
with Adolf Hitler in 1933, which effectively ans have led an effort over recent years to thought: “Those things, which ye have
removed all political opposition to the stop the beatification process—to no avail. both learned, and received, and heard, and
growing Nazi movement in Germany. Benedict’s decision to recognize Pius’s “he- seen in me, do.”
During the war, Pius turned a blind roic virtues” sparked an outcry from Jew- Think on them—and do them! That’s
eye to Hitler’s barbarous campaign to ex- ish groups, some of whom pointed out that the hallmark of a true Christian.
terminate Jews. In October 1943, Hitler’s the Vatican still has not opened up to the Pope Pius xii’s virtues, or lack there-
SS troops entered Rome’s old ghetto and public its archives from the time of Pius’s of, can hardly be determined by words
rounded up more than a thousand Italian pontificate. “I can’t understand the rush alone—not if we take the Bible at its word.
Jews to be transported to death camps. [to beatify Pius],” said Abraham Foxman, If there be any virtue, what did he
Before their deportation, these Jews were a Holocaust survivor and the Anti-Defa- do? n
held captive for two days in a building lo- mation League’s national director, “espe-
cated less than half a mile from the Vati- cially while there are still survivors who
can. Pope Pius was one of the first to be are alive who feel the issue very, very deep-
made aware of the Jewish arrests. Yet he ly and are being told the files need time to
did nothing to prevent them from board- be processed. What’s the imperative?”
ing cattle cars bound for Auschwitz. Incredibly, the Vatican doesn’t see how
Even after the war was over, Pius in- the historical record matters much when
tervened personally to help Nazi crimi- it comes to Pius’s qualifications for saint-
nals go “underground” in order to escape hood. Lombardi believes Pius should be
punishment. evaluated by his Christian life and “his
Today, Pope Benedict has placed Pius intense relationship with God and con-
For more on the prophesied
on the fast track to sainthood. By issuing tinuous search for evangelical perfec-
future of the Vatican, request
a decree on his virtues, Benedict moved tion”—not “the historical impact of all
our free booklet Germany
him closer to beatification, which is the his operative decisions” (Vatican Informa-
and the Holy Roman Empire.
first major step toward sainthood. But this tion Service, Dec. 23, 2009).

getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 23

When Was Christ
and Resurrected?
Here is the only sign Jesus gave to prove He was the Messiah.  by Mark Nash

o you know how important Three Days and Three Nights was only in the earth for two nights and
the details surrounding the Several important aspects of Matthew one day, which would mean Jesus is not
death, burial and resurrection 12:38-40 should be honestly evaluated. proved to be the Son of God.
of Jesus Christ are to you and The first and perhaps most crucial is con- So, now what do you do? How can you
to this world? tained in verse 40, where Jesus clearly and call Jesus the Son of God if His own words
If you call yourself a Christian, you disprove it? How has the Friday to Sunday
certainly must believe Jesus is the Son of
God, but have you ever studied the only If the teaching of myth come to be taught and believed so
proof Jesus ever gave of that fact? Have
you ever carefully evaluated what Jesus
most “Christian” First, religious leaders point to the fact
that Jesus was crucified the day before a
said, what actually took place and how it
compares to the teachings of your church?
churches is true, sabbath day. Then they wrongly conclude
it means He was killed on a Friday, since
“Then certain of the scribes and of the
Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we
Jesus was only in the the Bible calls Saturday the Sabbath. (As
an aside, this proves that those same re-
would see a sign from thee. But he an- earth for two nights ligious leaders know Saturday is the bib-
lical Sabbath we are commanded to keep
swered and said unto them, An evil and
adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and one day, which holy in the Fourth Commandment. For
and there shall no sign be given to it, but
the sign of the prophet Jonas: For as Jonas would mean Jesus more on this topic, request our free book-
let Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath?)
was three days and three nights in the
whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be
is not proved to be They overlook the fact that it was actually
an annual sabbath, as we will see.
three days and three nights in the heart of
the earth” (Matthew 12:38-40).
the Son of God. Second, it was prophesied that there
would be false teachings that would sway
Jesus was constantly being challenged or be accepted by “many” (e.g. Matthew
by the religious leaders of His time. In this 24:4-5, 11). Satan, who has worked at de-
instance, some Pharisees asked for a sign specifically stated that He would be bur- ceiving mankind for 6,000 years (Revela-
that He was the Son of God. ied for three days and three nights. Is that tion 12:9), is the one behind this deception.
Jonas is the New Testament version of what your church teaches? Or have you These religious leaders who claim that
the name Jonah, whose story is recorded been taught the fable about a Friday cru- Jesus was killed Friday afternoon and res-
in the Old Testament book bearing his cifixion and Sunday morning resurrec- urrected Sunday morning, totaling one
name. Here Jesus ties him directly to the tion? Try counting the number of nights day and two nights in the tomb, are—by
only SIGN of His messiahship that He and days for yourself. From Friday until denying the only sign Jesus gave of His
would give to this “evil and adulterous Sunday morning, you will only find two Messiahship—actually denying Christ.
generation.” nights and one day, not three of each. Your Bible proves that the murder of
Understanding the events surrounding Jesus said He would be in the earth Jesus occurred on Wednesday, April 25,
the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for three days and three nights as proof in the year a.d. 31—not Friday. It also
Christ is critical to being a true Christian. He is the Son of God. If the teaching of proves that the resurrection of Jesus oc-
Isn’t it time you proved your own beliefs? most “Christian” churches is true, Jesus curred at sunset on Saturday evening,

24 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

timeline of christ’s death
25 26 27 28 29
first day of weekly
unleavened sabbath
Wednesday (annual sabbath) Friday Saturday Sunday

Jesus crucified (9 a.m.), Jesus’s disciples The two Marys and Disciples rested Jesus The tomb
murdered (3 p.m.), and observed this Salome purchased spices on the weekly resurrected found empty
buried (near sunset) annual Sabbath. to embalm Jesus’s body. Sabbath day. (sunset). (morning).

April 28, not at sunrise on Sunday. This was in the night, following the first day of Unleavened Bread referred to
Let us look closely at what really hap- Passover. Immediately the next morning, in Mark 14:1.
pened when Jesus was killed. Jesus was taken to Pilate. “And straight- The day before a holy day is called a
way in the morning the chief priests held day of preparation. This was such a day.
Not Buried Before a Weekly Sabbath a consultation with the elders and scribes The first day of Unleavened Bread is an
“After two days was the feast of the pass- and the whole council, and bound Jesus, annual sabbath, or a holy day.
over, and of unleavened bread: and the and carried him away, and delivered him Next was the burial of Jesus by Joseph.
chief priests and the scribes sought how to Pilate” (Mark 15:1).
they might take him by craft, and put him After the charade that passed for a tri- Two Sabbaths That Week
to death” (Mark 14:1). al, Jesus was sentenced to be killed. Luke 23:50-55 describe Jesus’s burial and
This was just before the spring holy “And they bring him unto the place clearly state that Jesus died and was buried
days in Israel. The Passover and the an- Golgotha …. And when they had crucified on a preparation day, the day before a sab-
nual sabbath day called the first day of him, they parted his garments, casting bath day also called a high day (John 19:31).
Unleavened Bread were just ahead. The The phrase “the sabbath drew on” shows
annual sabbaths are listed in Leviticus 23. it was getting very near sunset—when
(For detailed information about the annu- God’s Word proves days start and end according to biblical
al holy days, request our free booklet Pa-
gan Holidays or God’s Holy Days—Which?) beyond question reckoning.
Look closely at the next event in the
“And the first day of unleavened bread,
when they killed the passover, his disci-
the Messiahship of book of Mark.
“And when the sabbath was past,
ples said unto him, Where wilt thou that
we go and prepare that thou mayest eat
Jesus Christ. All the Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother
of James, and Salome, had bought sweet
the passover?” (Mark 14:12).
Jesus was having His disciples prepare
verses surrounding spices, that they might come and anoint
him” (Mark 16:1). The word had was added
for the passover, which is not a holy day, but His death and resur- by the translators.
The Anchor Bible on Mark states this
is a sacred service. “And he said unto them,
With desire I have desired to eat this pass- rection are perfectly verse like this: “When the Sabbath was
over with you before I suffer” (Luke 22:15).
This is the event commonly called the coordinated, with- over, Mary of Magdalla, Mary the mother
of James, and Salome bought aromatic oils
Last Supper; however, in reality it is the
“Lord’s Passover” (Exodus 12:11, 27; Leviti-
out contradiction. to go and anoint him.” The Fenton version
of this verse states: “Now when the Sab-
cus 23:5). It is not the Passover of the Jews, bath was over, Mary the Magdalene, and
as so many churches teach today. Mary the mother of James, and Salome,
Continue reading through Mark 14, lots upon them, what every man should bought aromatic spices, so that they might
and the events and timing become clear. take. And it was the third hour, and they embalm him ….”
It is also recorded beginning in Matthew crucified him” (Mark 15:22, 24-25). Time Lange’s Bible Commentary says: “Only
26, Luke 22 and John 18. was measured according to the military the two Marys had remained too long at
Jesus and His disciples partook of the watches, or guards. The third hour was 9 the grave to do so, and hence they could
Passover in the evening, then went to the a.m. in our modern terms. not make their purchases till the Sabbath
garden where Jesus prayed. In the night, “And when the sixth hour [noon] was had passed.”
Jesus was taken prisoner by a band of come, there was darkness over the whole Jesus was buried in the afternoon, just
men from the chief priests and Phari- land until the ninth hour. And at the ninth about sunset before an annual sabbath, as
sees. “And they led Jesus away to the high hour [3 p.m.] Jesus cried with a loud voice has been clearly shown in Scripture. Now,
priest: and with him were assembled all …. And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and it is after that annual sabbath day that
the chief priests and the elders and the gave up the ghost” (verses 33-34, 37). Mark tells us the Marys bought spices.
scribes” (Mark 14:53). Jesus died at 3 p.m. the day before the Luke 23:56 fills in another detail: “And

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 25

they returned, and prepared Saturday, they rested on the
spices and ointments; and rested weekly Sabbath.
the sabbath day according to the Sunday morning, near sunrise,
commandment.” the ladies came to the tomb to find
So Mark 16:1 states the women that Jesus was already risen.
bought spices after the sabbath and Using elementary math, we can
Luke 23:56 says they then rested count the following: Wednesday,
on the Sabbath after they bought Thursday and Friday night total
spices. There is only one explana- three nights. The days of Thursday,
tion that fits both scriptures: After Friday and Saturday total three
buying the spices, the ladies pre- days.
pared them for use on the body The holy days actually lined up
of Jesus. Then they rested on the to these dates in a.d. 31. The first
weekly Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11; day of Unleavened Bread fell on
see also Exodus 23:12; 31:15). Thursday, April 26. That meant
John states the sabbath before Wednesday was the preparation
Jesus was buried was the high day for the high sabbath. After the
sabbath of the first day of Un- high day came Friday, April 27—
leavened Bread: “The Jews there- the preparation day for the weekly
fore, because it was the prepara- Sabbath, when the ladies prepared
tion, that the bodies should not the spices. Saturday was the weekly
remain upon the cross on the Sabbath and Sunday was the first
sabbath day, ( for that sabbath day of the next week, when the la-
day was an high day,) besought dies came to the tomb early in the
Pilate that their legs might be the garden tomb  Jesus prophesied morning.
broken, and that they might be He would be entombed for three days and Jesus was in fact killed on
taken away” (John 19:31). three nights, but from Good Friday to Easter Wednesday, buried near sunset
A high day is an annual sab- Sunday equates to one day and two nights. Wednesday evening and remained
bath, not the weekly seventh-day in the tomb until near sunset Sat-
Sabbath. So the Bible is clear that urday evening. Any other count
there were two sabbath days the week Je-
sus was crucified, but it takes some detec- Your Bible proves disqualifies the only sign Jesus gave veri-
fying that He is the Son of God and the
tive work to discover it. Begin by reading
The New Englishman’s Greek Concordance
that the murder of Savior of mankind.
Someone may ask about the testimony
and Lexicon, by Wigram-Green. Look up
the Greek word numbered by Strong’s as
Jesus occurred on of the angel at the tomb on Sunday morn-
ing (e.g., Luke 24:1-6). Each reference sim-
4521 and translated as “sabbath” in Mat- Wednesday, April ply states that Jesus was not there: He “is
thew 28:1 (King James Version). This pub- risen,” as Luke stated it. Of course He was
lication uses a “note” to delineate whether 25, in the year not there—He had been resurrected at
the word is singular or plural in its origi-
nal form. There are several plural forms a.d. 31—not Friday. sunset the evening before. Again, with a
little detective work anyone can discover
indicated by the note; however, pay par- the meaning of the original Greek words,
ticular attention to Matthew 28:1; Mark and none of them suggests in any way that
16:1; John 20:1, 19. Each of those usages is dinates with the three-days-three-nights Jesus was in the act of rising at that time.
a plural form of the word sabbath; each prophecy of Christ. Another person may ask whether Mark
should have been translated “sabbaths.” On a Tuesday evening, after sunset, 16:9 states that Jesus arose on the first
To verify this, check each of these verses Jesus and His disciples kept the Passover. day of the week. It says Jesus appeared
in The Holy Bible in Modern English by Afterward they went to the garden, and to Mary, not that He was rising. There is
Ferrar Fenton. You will find that each uses Jesus was captured. simply no verse anywhere in the Bible to
the plural word “sabbaths” rather than the Wednesday morning, He was brought support a Friday crucifixion or a Sunday
mistranslation in the singular. By leaving before Pilate and sentenced to death. He resurrection.
off the “s” to reflect the plural of the word was crucified at 9 a.m., and Wednesday af- God’s Word proves beyond question
sabbath, a very subtle deception is started. ternoon at 3 p.m., Jesus died. Joseph begged the Messiahship of Jesus Christ. All the
the body from Pilate very near sunset. verses surrounding His death and resur-
The Timeline Wednesday evening, Jesus was buried. rection are perfectly coordinated, with-
The order of events during that terrible Thursday was a high day, or annual out contradiction. You can read it clearly
and great week of Christ’s murder is clear. sabbath, the first day of Unleavened in your own Bible: Jesus was in the grave
Only one explanation fits all the verses Bread, and they ceased from work. three days and three nights, from sunset
perfectly, and there are no contradictions Friday was the weekly preparation day, on Wednesday until sunset on Saturday,
in the Word of God. and the women bought and prepared spic- when He was resurrected.
Follow the only timeline that fits every es and ointment to properly complete the He is the Christ; He is our Savior, the
verse surrounding these events and coor- burial of Jesus. Son of the living God. n

26 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet trumpet

➤ educators from page 1
most frequent answer was Ulysses S. Grant. Many in the present U.S. political administration have utter
“Such questions should not be difficult for high school seniors. contempt for the Constitution. Our fathers founded that docu-
But at the time of the survey, none of the 55 colleges and universities ment on many Bible principles. The Constitution is the founda-
required a course in American history. And students could gradu- tional law of the land. What happens when you tear down your
ate from 78 percent of them without taking any history course.” foundation? Anarchy and chaos result. Then—according to his-
What a disturbing survey! Most of the students—78 per- tory—other powers often move in and enslave the people. That
cent—didn’t have to take even one history course! But is especially true if you are the number-one superpower in the
don’t expect our elite colleges to start teaching history. That sub- world. That adds a lot of prestige to the conqueror.
ject carries an aura of authority they dislike. The opponents of our founding document say they want an
How can you become educated by closing your mind to a mul- “evolving Constitution,” which means they don’t want to be
titude of lessons from the past—good and bad? That approach ruled by it or any other authority or law unless it reinforces their
makes our teachers and students some of the most ignorant peo- political views.
ple on Earth! The Bible describes them as being “lawless.” They hate for any
The truth is, our forefathers possessed more of the founda- authority to enforce a law contrary to their beliefs. That means
tional truths than we have today, and we are about to pay a ter- they believe only their human reasoning should rule, regardless
rifying price for our willful ignorance! of how ignorant and inadequate it may be. Only the worst kind
Let the college and university students beware of the poison of suffering will change those twisted values.
they are being taught today!
Why is this information so shocking? Here is Mr. Will’s con- A New Government Is Coming Very Soon
clusion: “[A]s Madison [one of America’s Founding Fathers and Thankfully, there is a grand hope. Notice this beautiful poetry
former president] said, in words inscribed on a Princeton building, written by Isaiah from the Revised Standard Version:
‘a well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.’” “For thus says the high and lofty One
Are we losing our freedom? The answer is a resounding yes! who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy:
Henry Steele Commager wrote an introduction to Winston ‘I dwell in the high and holy place,
Churchill’s biography of his ancestor, Marlborough. In it Mr. and also with him who is of a contrite and humble spirit,
Commager wrote, “… Churchill’s reading of history reinforced to revive the spirit of the humble,
his early education to exalt the heroic virtues. He was Roman and to revive the heart of the contrite’” (Isaiah 57:15).
rather than Greek, and as he admired Roman accomplishments This is vigorous, imaginative poetry that will cause our spirits
in law, government, empire, so he rejoiced in Roman virtues of to soar if we have a humble spirit and are receptive to God’s view.
order, justice, fortitude, resoluteness, magnanimity. These were We dwell in the confines of time. But not God. He “inhabits
British virtues too, and, because he was the very symbol of John eternity”! And this high and lofty Being also dwells with the man
Bull, Churchillian. He cherished, as a law of history, the “who is of a contrite and humble spirit”—the opposite of those
principle that a people who educators and students of our elite
flout these virtues is doomed universities!
to decay and dissolution, and That omnipotent God is already
that a people who respect them reviving “the spirit of the humble”
will prosper and survive.” in His little remnant. Soon, God’s
Learning lessons from great firstfruits are going to teach Har-
leaders of the past is critical to our vard and other universities what
national well-being. If we flout true education is.
those heroic virtues of histo- The God who inhabits eternity
ry, our nations are “doomed to wants to teach us and dwell with
decay and dissolution.” But if we us for all eternity. If we are recep-
respect and emulate them, we “will tive to God’s education, it will stir
prosper and survive.” our imagination as nothing else
Our national survival is at ever could. Albert Einstein said he
stake! That is “a law of history.” “talked to the stars.” But we can
However, our arrogant educa- talk and live with the Cre-
tors refuse to even study the he- ator of the stars!
roic virtues of history that helped Now that is true education, but
to make us great. They consider it’s given only to the spirit of the
themselves so much more intelli- humble.
gent and enlightened. Herbert W. Armstrong College,
America and Britain are paying The God who inhabits a liberal arts institution sponsored
a dreadful price for this rebellious
and inexcusable ignorance. They
eternity wants to teach us and by the same organization that pub-
lishes this magazine, is fervently
are going the way of ancient Rome. dwell with us for all eternity. working to revive the spirit of the
And in case they are unaware of
that history, Rome collapsed. Nu- Einstein said he “talked to the humble. We teach that the Bible is
the foundation of all knowledge.
merous people warned Rome too,
but the Romans were too spiritually
stars.” But we can talk and live We have proven for more than
50 years that this Bible education
sick and proud to heed the warning. with the Creator of the stars. works beautifully. n

nasa The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 27

societywatch deemed to be struggling. knew that the Bill of Rights is
“Berkeley High was identified part of the Constitution.
as the high school with the A 2006 study by the Na-
largest racial equity/achieve- tional Assessment of Educa-
ment gap in the state,” an in- tional Progress proved the
ternal study reported. knowledge gap begins early.
There are several reasons Only a quarter of American
for the difference in test scores elementary, middle and high
between races, including lack school students surveyed were
of discipline, broken fam- deemed “proficient” in U.S.
ily life, single parenting and history at their grade level.
alcoholism. A San Francisco Robert Holland, author of
Examiner report on the issue the Libertarian Lexington In-
also blamed the test score dif- stitute’s report, said, “The suc-
ferential on gangster rap and cess of our democratic repub-
the crack-cocaine epidemic. lic depends upon citizens who
Britain to Educate likely true of such misguided Regardless of the causes, believe in a common set of
Teens on Parenting programs as this one. Educate eliminating the achievement ideals as originally expressed

B ritain has the highest

teenage pregnancy rate in
Europe. Four of every 100 Brit-
children with the right educa-
tion, however, and pregnancy
rates will fall. To learn what
gap by bringing down Amer-
ica’s few science achievers is
not the answer.
in the founding documents.”
Holland identified the
1960s and 1970s as the time
ish girls under age 18 become is conspicuously absent in when the focus in American
pregnant every year. An aver- Britain’s education, request a history began to shift away
age of 22 girls under 15 become free copy of a detailed book from traditional subject mat-
pregnant every day. The gov- dedicated to true education on ter—such as the founders and
ernment’s solution? Require all dating, marriage, pregnancy the Revolutionary War—and
British teens to take lessons on and family: The Missing Di- toward less central subjects
how to be a parent. mension in Sex. like “women, racial/ethnic
Under Children’s Secre- minorities and immigrants.”
tary Ed Balls’s proposal, all Race Policy Dumbs “Whatever might be said
14-year-olds will receive par- Everyone Down Ignorant of for or against a broadening
enting lessons starting in 2011.
They will be taught parental
responsibilities, stages of child
A mericans perform
poorly on science tests.
America also issues thousands
Basic U.S. History
A   study by the Libertar-
ian Lexington Institute
of the study of history,” Hol-
land said, “there is no doubt
that the sharp switch led to
development, and techniques of science visas so foreign shows that de-emphasizing declines in knowledge of the
for controlling unruly chil- graduates from China, India U.S. history in American founding of the American re-
dren. Balls hopes his strategy and elsewhere can come to the schools’ curricula has brought public, its enduring principles,
will discourage teens from United States and fill chemis- about “appalling results.” and its accomplishments.”
having children—but it risks try and physics positions that The report, “The Teaching of What is the real danger in
sending the message to chil- Americans can’t. However, American History: Promise an educational system that
dren that teenage pregnancy the Berkeley High School and Performance,” analyzes produces students and adults
is natural and normal. Shared Governance Com- data collected from an Ameri- ignorant of history? Trumpet
The plan appears to be mittee approved a proposal can Revolution Center (arc) editor in chief Gerald Flurry
based less on right teaching in December 2009 that will survey conducted in December. has recognized this tendency
and more on the political cut the school’s science labs The arc’s study shows that to de-emphasize history as
correctness that has contrib- and five science teachers. The 83 percent of Americans failed “an extremely dangerous trend
uted to Britain’s moral mess. reason? Not because of lack of a basic test on the American that may be too entrenched
For example, a government funds or science students, but Revolution. ever to correct” (January
leaflet on how parents should because the school lacked sci- More than a third of the 2006; also see article, page 1).
teach their children about sex ence students of the right race. Americans surveyed believed American history will con-
warns parents not to educate Authorities deemed that the American Revolution oc- tinue to fade as political cor-
their children about right and the science classes mostly curred after either the Civil rectness and apathy increase.
wrong, as it “may discourage benefited higher-achieving War, the Emancipation Proc- This approach will weaken
them from being open.” white and Asian students, and lamation, or War of 1812. the nation and leave entire
Some educators say sex ed- felt resources should instead Many more Americans generations ignorant of and
ucation does nothing to slow be diverted to help black and knew that Michael Jackson vulnerable to the dangers that
teen pregnancy rates. That is Hispanic students that were wrote the song “Beat It” than history warns against.

28 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet istockphoto (2)

all Siberian oil shipments into Kozmino
are delivered by train—but that will soon
change. Phase one of the East Siberian-
Pacific Ocean Pipeline (espo) was also
completed during December. Phase two
will connect the Siberian fields directly to
the new port. When phase two is finished
in 2014, total exports could jump from the
current rate of 250,000 barrels per day to
over 1 million. Kozmino will transform
into one of the largest oil centers in the
world—capable of handling 14 percent of
total Russian oil exports. It will be one of
the most strategic geopolitical assets in
Russia’s arsenal.
Russia pumped more than 10 million
barrels of oil per day during November.
With Saudi Arabian production fall-
big man Vladimir Putin, ing, Russia is now the world’s largest oil
president of the world’s exporter. Toss in Russia’s natural gas ex-
new top oil exporter, listens ports, and Russia is the biggest energy su-
to a presentation about perpower in the world by far. That does
shipyard building projects. not even count Russia’s massive uranium
resources and nuclear expertise.
But here is why the new port in Kozmi-

How Russia Is About

no could radically affect the future of both
Asia and Europe. For over a century, Rus-
sia’s entire energy infrastructure has fo-

to Change the World

cused mainly on supplying Europe. That
has now changed forever!

Russia’s Energy Weapon

In a remote corner of the globe, a port bristles The first and now-complete phase of the
espo pipeline, which connects Russia’s
with cranes, smokestacks, mammoth ships— Siberian oil fields to within just a few ki-
and trouble for Europe. By Robert Morley lometers of China, is already destabilizing

global oil dynamics and shifting them in
n January, Russia made a world- former Soviet Union too.” Russia’s direction. “espo is what political
changing move. It completed a new Putin has every right to be enthusiastic strategists might call a ‘game-changer,’”
oil pipeline and port complex that sets about his new port. Kozmino will unlock wrote the Telegraph. “It means that Rus-
Russia up to become a more power- a two-way gate through which Russia’s sia will be able to send its oil either east
ful oil exporter than Saudi Arabia. The vast Siberian oilfields will gush into Asia’s or west—so it can drive a harder bargain
ramifications for Europe and Asia are energy-hungry econ- when selling crude
profound: The shape of the global econ- omies—and Chinese, Oil Fields to Europe” (Dec. 26,
omy—and the global balance of power— Korean and Japanese transit pipelines
2009; emphasis mine
will soon be altered forever. currency will f low Completed throughout).
December 28 was a big day of ceremony into Russia. russia Under
Construction Previously, when
in Russia. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin If the seven ships Russia has had pric-
pushed a button that transformed global scheduled to berth in ing disputes with
oil dynamics. The button released thou- January are all filled, Skovordino Europe, Moscow had
sands of barrels of Siberian crude into a the port of Kozmino kazakhstan to play the embargo
waiting Russian supertanker and heralded will instantly become mongolia Kozmino
card with an obvious
the opening of Russia’s first modern Pacif- Russia’s third-most N. Korea bluff. It had no alter-
ic-based oil export facilities. important oil outlet. s. Korea japan native outlet for its
The multibillion-dollar, state-of-the- As of January 20, five china oil. Without the Eu-
art oil terminal was a “great New Year of the ships had set ropeans, its oil would
present for Russia,” Putin said during the sail will full cargoes. sit in the Siberian oil
inauguration. The strategic terminal, lo- In a symbolic move highlighting Rus- fields of Samotlor and Tyanskoye, costing
cated in the city of Kozmino on the coast sia’s warming relationship with China, money instead of making it. But now Mos-
of the Sea of Japan, is one of the “biggest Hong Kong received the first shipment. cow can turn off the tap to Europe and still
projects in contemporary Russia” he said, Kozmino’s importance will exponen- pump in the profits by opening the pipe
not only in “modern Russia,” but “the tially grow over the next year. Currently, wide to its energy-hungry Asian partners.

alexey nikolsky/afp/getty images, trumpet map The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 29
Keep an
But Russia’s stranglehold on Eu- oil is shipped through the Gulf of Oman.
rope is about to get even tighter—much Europe is critically dependent on im-
tighter. By 2012, the espo pipeline will be ported oil. And Germany knows it must

Eye on the
twinned with a pipeline for natural gas have a strong presence in the world’s
exports so Russian gas supplies can also most oil-rich region if it is to secure its
flow east instead of west if necessary. flow and the country’s future.

This development is truly scary to The Bible predicts that a major mili-
Europeans. tary clash will soon occur in the Middle
Moscow has already demonstrated East—specifically between a European
that it is unafraid to turn off Europe’s en- power, led by Germany, and radical Is-
ergy supplies when it feels it needs to. In lam, led by Iran.
the middle of winter 2006, Russia shut off Daniel 11:40-45 indicate that Iran will Trouble could be brewing.
gas supplies to Germany and several oth- continue to push at this European power By Brad Macdonald

er countries in order to punish Ukraine. until it finally responds in “whirlwind,”
Since then, it has used the same method blitzkrieg-type fashion. As we have ex- he Balkans is a region people
each winter to strong-arm its former plained for almost 20 years—and has tend to forget about. Sandwiched
Eastern European satellites back into ac- been borne out repeatedly in real-world between the Adriatic and Black
cepting Russian dominance. events—the “king of the south” spoken of seas, the peninsula is a hodge-
The message is clear: Russian oil and in these verses is radical Islam under the podge mix of religions, peoples and cul-
gas supplies are a strategic weapon to be leadership of Iran. And as Trumpet editor tures. The complexity and obscurity of
used—or not used—to freeze opponents in chief Gerald Flurry wrote as far back the Balkans—together with its geograph-
into submission. as November 1996, a big ic situation—fosters the perception of the
part of Iran’s push against region as a largely irrelevant backwater
Europe’s Only Choice Europe “is probably going to Europe, Russia and the Middle East.
Europe, in a tenuous rela- to involve oil.” History punctures this perception.
tionship with Russia to be- Historically, the Balkans is where civ-
gin with, desperately needs Amid an Unstable Climate ilizations have converged and clashed.
to secure another energy The Middle East is a pow- During the Middle Ages, the peninsula
source. Only one other re- By unlocking der keg that could explode fell under the control of the Byzantine
gion in the world can sup- Siberia’s energy at any time. Syria domi- Empire. In the 15th century, it became
ply the energy to warm and nates Lebanon and is stir- a focal point of the westward-bound
lubricate modern Europe’s reserves, ring up trouble there. Iran Ottoman Turks. In the 19th century, it
homes and industries: the Russia is is about to create a nuclear emerged again as a point of tension be-
Middle East. Countries like weapon and has said it tween East and West during the Crime-
Germany, which imports
simultaneously wants to wipe Israel off the an War. When the great European war
90 percent of its oil, are binding Asia map; it is test-firing mis- comes, observed Bismarck, it will “come
now likely to become much
more dependent on one of
together and siles that can strike Euro-
pean capitals. Israel knows
out of some … foolish thing in the Bal-
kans.” Turns out, he was right. Less than
the most volatile regions lighting a fire that the window to prevent 50 years later, the Balkans was where
of the world for energy
under Europe. Iran from getting the bomb
is closing. Hamas is prepar-
Germany instigated the First World
War. Twenty years after that, it became
It is inevitable that Berlin will seek ing to violently take East Jerusalem as a a key strategic theater for Hitler and the
to expand its ties with oil-rich Gulf Co- Palestinian capital. Axis powers. And don’t forget the Bal-
operation Council members: the United And to top it off, the world is suffer- kan crises of the 1990s.
Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and espe- ing through its worst depression since It is no surprise then that a decade
cially Saudi Arabia, the world’s second- the 1930s. Oil prices remain above $70 later, the Balkans is emerging once again
largest petroleum producer. Europe has per barrel, and the International Energy as the convergence point of Russian and
no choice but to become much more in- Agency has indicated that world oil pro- European ambitions.
timately involved with the affairs of the duction will now peak in 2020—10 years
Middle East, from where it currently gets sooner than it previously estimated. Bringing the Balkans Into Europe
40 percent of its oil. Some analysts think the world has al- In November 2009, German Chancellor
It is therefore no surprise that Germa- ready reached peak oil production. Angela Merkel met with Serbian Presi-
ny, the most dominant nation in Europe, In this climate of global instability, Rus- dent Boris Tadic in Berlin, where she
has made sure it has troops on the ground sia’s recent moves on the world’s oil stage expressed Germany’s full support for
surrounding this Middle Eastern “golden will be amplified in dramatic fashion. By Serbia’s entry into the European Union.
triangle” of energy production (Gulf Co- unlocking Siberia’s energy reserves, Russia Serbia’s hopes were further boosted in
operation Council members plus Iran and is simultaneously binding Asia together January, when Spain’s foreign minister
Iraq). On the seas, the European Union’s and lighting a fire under Europe. promised that his country’s EU presi-
naval presence is growing too. The Euro- Watch for the development of an dency would do its utmost to integrate
pean anti-piracy task force operates in both Asian alliance between Russia, China Serbia into the EU. “2010 is going to be
the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Aden. and Japan. And watch for Europe’s next a key year for all the Western Balkans,”
Forty percent of the world’s ocean-borne moves toward the Middle East. n said Miguel Moratinos. “I can guarantee

30 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

the Balkans peninsula requires much more. This is
why last October, Russian President Dmi-
Hungary try Medvedev made a much-publicized
visit to Belgrade, where he offered a €1 bil-
Croatia Romania lion (us$1.4 billion) loan to the Serbs and
openly discussed the possibility of a stra-
tegic partnership with Serbia.
Bosnia and The next month, Russian Foreign Min-
herzegovina Serbia
ister Sergei Lavrov visited Bosnia-Herze-
govina, where, according to the Eurasia
italy montenegro Daily Monitor, he encouraged the “Sara-

kosovo bulgaria jevo government to oppose U.S.- and EU-
proposed constitutional and economic re-
Sea forms” (Nov. 9, 2009). Beyond its political
wrangling in the region, Moscow remains
albania a primary economic player in the Balkans,
particularly in the energy sector.
Russia also has intriguing military de-
greece signs on Serbia. On October 21, Russia
turkey signed a deal with the Serbs to construct a
humanitarian center for emergencies in the
southeastern city of Nis. While it was billed
as a regional hub for emergency relief in
southeastern Europe, some experts couldn’t
help but notice the political and military
nature of the planned facility. With the
center’s connection to the highest levels in
on behalf of the Spanish presidency that in concrete terms,” Dimistris Droutsas of the Kremlin, analysts at Stratfor reported
we will do everything that is possible to Greece and Michael Spindelegger of Aus- that “it has the potential to redefine how
advance in this direction.” tria said in the letter. the world looks at the Balkans and Russia’s
It appears Serbia will not be making Reporting on Germany and the EU’s involvement in the region” (Oct. 21, 2009).
the trek alone. On the same day Merkel statements in support of Serbia’s accession The humanitarian center will be oper-
announced her support of Serbia last No- last November, Stratfor noted that they ated by the Russian Ministry for Emer-
vember, EU foreign ministers meeting in were “the clearest indication thus far from gency Situations. Rooted in Russia’s
Brussels agreed to proceed with Alba- the European Union that it is serious about foreign military intelligence directorate
nia’s request to enter the rapidly evolving bringing the rest of the Balkans into the (also known as the gru), this ministry
27-member bloc. By January, EU leaders European Union as soon as possible” (Nov. handles more than just national emergen-
were talking about easing visa restrictions 17, 2009; emphasis mine throughout). cies. Stratfor reports that “it is involved in
to make it easier for Albanians to travel While enthusiasm in Brussels for in- the suppression of militant activity in the
through Europe. tegrating the Balkans into the EU excites Caucasus and is in charge of the Russian
Doubts about the EU’s ambitions in many west of the Urals, not everyone is civil defense troops,” which essentially
the Balkans were put to rest by a letter pleased. gives the ministry its own military force,
that circulated among EU foreign min- as well as access to the Russian military.
The Russia Factor When you consider the connections, “it
From a defensive standpoint, the Under strongman Vladi- has to be considered that Moscow might
Balkans demands the Kremlin’s watchful mir Putin, Russia has been lay logistical groundwork [in Serbia]
actively reasserting itself that—intentionally or not—has military
eye. But for the offense-minded Putin, regionally and globally. value” (ibid.).
the peninsula requires much more. Since 2000, the Kremlin What do Germany and the EU think
has secured power over about that? Stratfor continued, “Despite
isters meeting in Brussels on January 25. much of its periphery, particularly along [some] limitations, which make the move
According to Deutsche Welle, the letter its border with the European Union. largely symbolic for the near future, Mos-
ambitiously stated that in 2010 the EU (This, essentially, was the reason for Rus- cow is on its way to setting up its first lo-
should “complete accession negotiations sia’s invasion of Georgia in August 2008.) gistical center with potential military uses
with Croatia, start talks with Macedonia, Strategically and historically, the Balkan outside of the former Soviet Union. In ad-
reinforce its role in Bosnia, abolish visas Peninsula—though it doesn’t fall within dition, the center will be run by a ministry
for Albanian and Bosnian citizens and ad- Russia’s immediate sphere of influence— that serves as the wing of the Russian mili-
vance Serbia’s bid to join the bloc” (Janu- has been a critical steppingstone for peri- tary intelligence unit. If one puts this in the
ary 27). odic European incursions into Russia. context of the recent visit to Belgrade by
“This is the right moment to renew at From a defensive standpoint, the Bal- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev … it
high level the EU’s commitment to the kans demands the Kremlin’s watchful must be concluded that Russia is moving
[Balkans] and to set out the course ahead eye. But for the offense-minded Putin, the into the Balkans with enthusiasm.”

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 31

Remember, that was the end of Octo-
ber. In November, Germany and the EU
informed Serbia (and Albania) that they
were ready to put them on the track for full
EU membership. The timing is interesting.
Coincidences of this nature are rare in in-
ternational relations. It certainly appears
the Balkan Peninsula, particularly Serbia,
is emerging once again as a major point of
tension between Russia and Europe.

The Outcome
Ultimately, Europe and Russia face two
options. The first is to sit down together,
debate their strategic interests, and carve
up Eastern Europe and the Balkans be-
tween them. Hitler and Stalin did that
very thing in 1939. The alternative is to
allow the tension to mount until it erupts United States Florida, Tallahassee-Thomasville WTLF-DT/
Nationwide satellite  Galaxy 3 Trans. 21 11:30 WTLH-DT 9:30 am, Sun
in armed conflict. More than likely, as the am ET, Tue/Thu; Galaxy 5 Trans. 7 8:00 am Florida, Tampa  WXPX 6:00 am, Fri; WTTA 8:30 am, Sun
Trumpet has forecast, we will see the first ET, Sun Florida, West Palm Beach  WPXP 6:00 am, Fri
option. Watch for Russia and Germany/ Direct TV DBS  WGN Chan. 307 8:00 am ET, Sun Georgia, Albany  WBSK 9:30 am, Sun
Europe to come together and hash out Direct TV DBS  ION Ch. 305 6:00 am ET, Fri Georgia, Augusta  WAGT-DT 9:30 am, Sun
Dish Network  ION Ch. 216 6:00 am ET, Fri Georgia, Brunswick  WPXC 6:00 am, Fri
some kind of non-aggression pact akin to Dish Network DBS  WGN Chan. 239 8:00 am Georgia, Columbus  WLGA 9:30 am, Sun
the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact struck just ET, Sun Georgia, Macon  WBMN 9:30 am, Sun
days before World War ii. Nationwide cable  WGN 8:00 am ET, Sun Georgia, Savannah  WGSA/WGCW-LP 9:30 am, Sun
It is also possible that the Kremlin, Alabama, Birmingham  WPXH 5:00 am, Fri Hawaii, Hawaii Na Leo  Chan. 54 6:30 am, Sun; 8:30
Alabama, Dothan  WTVY-DT 8:30, Sun am, Wed
concerned by the rapidly evolving and
Alabama, Montgomery  WBMM/WBMM-DT Hawaii, Kaui Ho’ Ike  Chan. 52 9:30 am, Tue
strengthening European superstate, could 8:30, Sun Hawaii, Maui/Lanaii/Molokai/Niihau/Akaku  Chan.
decide it needs to send the EU and the Alaska, Anchorage  KIMO-DT 8:30 am, Sun 52 6:30 pm, Sun; 3:30 am, Mon
West a shot across the bow. The provoca- Alaska, Fairbanks  KATN-DT 8:30 am, Sun Idaho, Idaho Falls  KPIF/KBEO 10:30 am, Sun
tion by the Kremlin of a military or en- Alaska, Juneau  KJUD-DT 8:30 am, Sun Idaho, Pocatello  KPIF 10:30 am, Sun
Arizona, Phoenix  KPPX 5:00 am, Fri Idaho, Twin Falls  KMVT-DT/KTWT-LP 10:30 am,
ergy crisis in a place like Serbia, or maybe Arizona, Yuma-El Centro  KSWT-DT 9:30 am, Sun
Ukraine, would certainly caution Berlin Sun Illinois, Bloomington  WHOI-DT 8:30 am, Sun
and Brussels against ignoring the strategic Arkansas, Fayetteville  KWFT 8:30, Sun lllinois, Chicago  WCIU 9:30 am, Sun; WCPX 5:00
interests of its eastern neighbor. It would Arkansas, Fort Smith  KCWA 8:30, Sun am, Fri
Arkansas, Jonesboro  KJOS 8:30 am, Sun Illinois, Peoria  WHOI-DT 8:30 am, Sun
also likely bring Germany and Europe to
Arkansas, Rogers  KWFT 8:30, Sun Illinois, Rockford  WREX-DT 8:30 am, Sun
the negotiating table with Russia. Arkansas, Springdale  KWFT 8:30 am, Sun Indiana, Fort Wayne  WPTA-DT 21.2 9:30 am, Sun
Whatever happens, history demands California, Bakersfield  KGET-DT 9:30 am, Sun Indiana, Indianapolis  WIPX 6:00 am, Fri
that we keep an eye on the Balkans. And California, Chico  KHSL-DT 9:30 am, Sun Indiana, Terre Haute  WBI 8:30 am, Sun
so does Bible prophecy. In May 1953, Her- California, El Centro  KWUB 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Austin KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun
California, Eureka  KUVU-DT 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Cedar Rapids  KPXR 5:00 am, Fri
bert Armstrong wrote about a crucial end- California, Los Angeles  KPXN 6:00 am, Fri Iowa, Des Moines  KFPX 5:00 am, Fri
time prophecy: “Suddenly the world will California, Monterey  KMWB 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Keokuk  WEWB 8:30 am, Sun
behold a United States of Europe!” he California, Palm Springs  KESQ/KCWQ-DT 9:30 Iowa, Kirksville  KWOT 8:30 am, Sun
wrote. “Some of the Balkan nations which am, Sun Iowa, Mason City  KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun
California, Redding  KHSL-DT 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Ottumwa  KWOT 8:30 am, Sun
have been under Russia’s boot will be
California, Sacramento  KSPX 6:00 am, Fri Iowa, Rochester  KTTC-DT 8:30 am, Sun
members of it!” (Good News). California, Salinas  KION 9:30 am, Sun Iowa, Sioux City  KTIV-DT 8:30 am, Sun
That statement alone explains Germa- California, San Francisco  KKPX 6:00 am, Fri Kansas, Topeka  KSNT 8:30 am, Sun
ny and the EU’s moves to invite Balkan California, Santa Barbara  KSBY-DT 9:30 am, Kentucky, Bowling Green  WBKO 8:30 am, Sun
nations into the European fold. Mr. Arm- Sun Kentucky, Lexington  WUPX 6:00 am, Fri
Colorado, Denver  KPXC 5:00 am, Fri; KWGN Louisiana, Alexandria  KBCA 8:30 am, Sun
strong based his forecast about a united 10:00 am, Sun Louisiana, El Dorado-Monroe  KNOE-DT 8:30 am,
Europe (which will include an eastern Colorado, Grand Junction  KKCO-DT 10:30 Sun
bloc) on multiple Bible prophecies, in- am, Sun Louisiana, Lafayette  KLWB 8:30 am, Sun
cluding Daniel’s spectacular prophecy Colorado, Montrose  KKCO-DT 10:30 am, Sun Louisiana, Lake Charles  WBLC 8:30 am, Sun
in Daniel 2. This prophecy is key to un- Connecticut, Hartford  WHPX 6:00 am, Fri Louisiana, New Orleans  WPXL 5:00 am, Fri
Delaware, Dover  WBD 9:30 am, Sun Maine, Bangor  WABI-DT 9:30 am, Sun
derstanding both European Delaware, Salisbury WMDT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Maine, Presque Isle  WBPQ 9:30 am, Sun
history and prophecy. To Florida, Gainesville  WCJB-DT 9:30 am, Sun Maryland, Hagerstown  WJAL 12:00 pm, Sun
learn more about it, request Florida, Jacksonville  WPXC/WPXJ-LP 6:00 Maryland, Salisbury  WBD 9:30 am, Sun
a free copy of Daniel Un- am, Fri Massachusetts, Boston  WBPX 6:00 am, Fri;
Florida, Miami  WPXM 6:00 am, Fri WZMY 8:00 am, Sun
locks Revelation. Florida, Orlando  WOPX 6:00 am, Fri Massachusetts, Holyoke  WBQT 9:30 am, Sun
In the meantime, keep an Florida, Panama City  WJHG-DT 8:30 am, Sun Massachusetts, Springfield  WBQT 9:30 am, Sun
eye on the Balkans! n Florida, Tallahassee WTXL 7:30 am, Sun Michigan, Alpena  WBAE 9:30 am, Sun

32 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

North Carolina, Fayetteville  WFPX 6:00 am, Fri Utah, Salt Lake City  KUPX 5:00 am, Fri
North Carolina, Greensboro  WGPX 6:00 am, Fri Vermont, Burlington WVNY 10:00 am, Sun
North Carolina, Greenville  WEPX 6:00 am, Fri; Virginia, Charlottesville  WVIR-DT 9:30 am, Sun
WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Virginia, Harrisonburg  WVIR-DT 9:30 am, Sun
North Carolina, Lumber Bridge  WFPX 6:00 am, Fri Virginia, Norfolk  WPXV 6:00 am, Fri
North Carolina, New Bern  WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Sun Virginia, Roanoke  WPXR 6:00 am, Fri
North Carolina, Raleigh  WRPX 6:00 am, Fri; Washington D.C.  WDCW 8:00 am, Sun; WPXW
9:00 am, Sun 6:00 am, Fri
North Carolina, Washington  WNCT-DT 9:30 am, Washington, Kennewick  KCWK 9:30 am, Sun
Sun Washington, Richland  KCWK 9:30 am, Sun
North Carolina, Wilmington  WBW 9:30 am, Sun Washington, Seattle-Tacoma  KWPX 6:00 am, Fri
North Dakota, Bismarck  KWMK 10:30 am, Sun Washington, Seattle KVOS 8:30am, Sun
North Dakota, Dickinson  KWMK 10:30 am, Sun Washington, Spokane  KGPX 6:00 am, Fri
North Dakota, Fargo  WDAY-DT 8:30 am, Sun Washington, Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kenne-
North Dakota, Minot  KWMK 10:30 am, Sun wick  KCWK/KCWK-LP 9:30 am, Sun
North Dakota, Valley City  WDAY-DT 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Beckley  KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun
Ohio, Cleveland  WVPX 6:00 am, Fri West Virginia, Bluefield  KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun
Ohio, Cincinnati  WSTR 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Charleston  WLPX 6:00 am, Fri
Michigan, Cadillac  WGTU/WGTQ 9:30 am, Sun Ohio, Lima  WLIO-DT 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Clarksburg  WVFX-DT 9:30 am, Sun
Michigan, Detroit  WPXD 6:00 am, Fri; WADL Ohio, Steubenville  WBWO 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Oak Hill  KVVA-DT 9:30 am, Sun
10:00 am, Sun Ohio, Zanesville  WBZV 9:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Parkersburg  WBPB 9:30 am, Sun
Michigan, Grand Rapids  WZPX 5:00 am, Fri Oklahoma, Ada  KSHD 8:30 am, Sun West Virginia, Weston  WVFX-DT 9:30 am, Sun
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Minnesota, Duluth-Superior  WDLH 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Eugene  KMTR-DT 9:30 am, Sun; KEVU Sun
Minnesota, Mankato  KWYE 8:30 am, Sun 10:00 am, Sun Wisconsin, Milwaukee  WPXE 5:00 am, Fri
Minnesota, Minneapolis  KPXM 5:00 am, Fri Oregon, Klamath Falls  KMFD 9:30 am, Sun Wisconsin, Rhinelander  WAOW/WYOW 8:30
Mississippi, Biloxi  WBGP 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Medford  KMFD 9:30 am, Sun am, Sun
Mississippi, Columbus  WCBI-DT 8:30 am, Sun Oregon, Portland  KPXG 6:00 am, Fri Wisconsin, Wausau  WAOW-DT/WYOW-DT 8:30
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New York, Watertown  WWTI-DT 9:30 am, Sun Texas, Tyler  KCEB 8:30 am, Sun Haiti  WGN 7:00 am, Sun
North Carolina, Charlotte  WLMY 8:30 am, Sun Texas, Victoria  KWVB 8:30 am, Sun Jamaica  WGN 9:00 am, Sun
North Carolina, Durham  WRPX 6:00 am, Fri; Texas, Weslaco  KSFE-LP/KTIZ-LP 8:30 am, Sun Puerto Rico  WGN 8:00 am, Sun
9:00 am, Sun Texas, Wichita Falls  KAUZ-DT 8:30 am, Sun Trinidad and Tobago  WGN 8:00 am, Sun

The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 33

Here Europe! Feel
Free to Spy on Us.
The White House signs away its internal security to the EU.  By Ron Fraser

n executive order by Presi- lishing centralized police records registries. and Security (gmes)—the closer coopera-
dent Barack Obama in December In 1938, the Nazis seized control of the tion between Interpol and the EU raises
created quite a stir. ipc, relocating its headquarters to Berlin. significant red flags. It is the same strategic
Signed by the president on Dec. They maintained control of European po- vision that the German national socialists
16, 2009, the order is headlined, “execu- licing till the end of World War ii. held back in the 1930s! The fact is, it illumi-
tive order amending executive order Based on the same German model of nates the direction that EU elites are tak-
12425 designating interpol as a public the ncbs, Interpol was established in Paris ing in their imperial quest for global rule.
international organization entitled after the war. It became an autonomous
to enjoy certain privileges, exemp- body in 1956. In 1989, just before the Berlin Surveilling the Whole Globe!
tions, and immunities.” It reads, “By the Wall fell, it moved to new headquarters in gmes is a powerful semi-space project be-
authority vested in me as president by the Lyon, France. ing developed by the EU for the total stra-
Constitution and the laws of the United Throughout the 1990s, Interpol up- tegic surveillance of the whole globe. Its po-
States of America, including Section 1 of graded its systems to adapt to the lat- tential to override and excel any equivalent
the International Organizations Immu- est technological improvements in data initiatives developed by opposing powers
nities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to search, maintenance and sharing between in the race for global hegemony, in the
extend the appropriate privileges, exemp- various sub-regional bureaus, launching wake of America’s decline, is staggering.
tions and immunities to the International its first website in 1997. Integrating observation of the planet
Criminal Police Organization (interpol), In 2001, a Command and Coordination by both satellites and ground-based tech-
it is hereby ordered that Executive Order Center was established coordinating the op- nology, the gmes project is being sold un-
12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is fur- erations of Interpol’s 187 member countries. der the deceit of its being mainly for use
ther amended by deleting from the first By 2004, it had planted a liaison office at in environmental control. As described
sentence the words ‘except those provided the United Nations staffed by a special rep- by the European Parliament’s Directorate
by Section 2-c, Section 3, Section 4, Section resentative, and in 2008, a special represen- General for Internal Policies, all conceiv-
5 and Section 6 of that act’ and the semico- tative was appointed to the EU in Brussels. able applications of the project “can be
lon that immediately precedes them.” The real concern here is the degree to classified under the topics of atmospher-
This automatically brings Interpol which Interpol is becoming associated with ics, marine, land, security and emergen-
under Section 2-c of the International the global security initiatives of the Euro- cy.” Though an EU-conceived, -developed
Immunities Act, which reads, “Property pean Union. The EU is itself a very German and -funded initiative with EU strategic
and assets of international organizations, idea, closely associated with the old Nazi vi- goals in mind, the scope of its applications
wherever located and by whomsoever sion of centralized government in Europe. is “not restricted to the European area”;
held, shall be immune from search, unless An Interpol media release in 2008 rather they are “worldwide.”
such immunity be expressly waived, and stated, “The concept of strategic global Of real concern as to the surveillance
from confiscation. The archives of inter- partnerships is central to Interpol’s future power of gmes and its potential strategic
national organizations shall be inviolable.” mission as enshrined in its Global Security use by imperialist EU elites is the Direc-
Just what does this mean to the aver- Initiative (gsi), with the organization hav- torate’s declaration that “gmes can be the
age citizen of the United States? To an- ing entered into a variety of partnerships appropriate strategic tool to support Eu-
swer that question, we need a little history with the European Union, United Nations rope on geopolitical issues through unified
about Interpol. and the private sector” (Nov. 4, 2008). earth observation. gmes has strategic im-
So just what is this EU Global Security portance due to the EU’s role as a global
The Rise of a German Intelligence Model Initiative? According to Interpol’s website, actor … and makes an important contri-
In 1923, Dr. Johannes Schober, president of it is “the strategic vision that will guide In- bution to the EU’s civil security [police]
the Vienna police, established the Inter- terpol’s development and its support for needs” (emphasis mine throughout).
national Police Commission (ipc). Within global policing.” Though couched in terms that would
four years, at a conference in Berlin, mem- That may seem a worthy goal. However, appeal to global warmists, carbon trad-
ber countries of the ipc adopted a German when matched with another even greater ers and old-fashioned greenies, the es-
idea to establish National Central Bureaus initiative of the EU—the EU’s Program for sence of this document is in the recurring
of investigation (ncbs) in addition to estab- Global Monitoring for the Environment military and “civil security” themes that

34 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet

thread their way through its verbiage. Germany has noted—too many of those with Iran—it gives them all sorts of extra
“Emergency response” (read rapid reac- elites are tainted with the same imperial legality in the United States in a way that
tion force), “land monitoring,” “marine vision of their old Nazi mentors. has never, ever before been offered to In-
services,” “external border surveillance,” The point is that, since the EU-based terpol” (, January 5).
“crisis prevention”—all phrases used in Interpol is to become a prime end user When one truly understands what is
the Directorate’s description of the gmes of this surveillance technology, what the at play here, shades of Europe’s medieval
project—can all too readily connote not White House has now permitted through Inquisition, with a high-tech, space-age
just police usage, but also military usage, this latest executive order is the complete- touch, loom large—especially considering
especially in terms of the EU’s emerging ly unchecked usage of gmes and Galileo what happened when Interpol’s predeces-
role in global defense and security. by the EU via Interpol to extract intelli- sor was taken over by the Nazis!
Already well advanced, though given gence of strategic value to the imperialist Sound extreme? Only to those ignorant
little publicity, the gmes project will rap- European Union, destined to be used to of the real power behind this European
idly deploy a series of space satellites over counter American power! empire. As our editor in chief wrote last
the next five years. The Metop satellite
was deployed in 2007. Next will come the precision instruments
Pleaides satellite in 2010-11, the Jason 3 A computer rendering of
and the system of three satellites termed Europe’s Galileo satellite
the Radarsat Constellation in 2012-15, and surveillance system
the five-satellite system “Sonic” over the
same period. The whole program is con-
ceived, developed, funded and controlled
by the EU. The major contributor is Ger-
many, which so far has committed €1.15
billion to the deal. And there’s more.
The gmes program is designed to dove-
tail with the EU’s Galileo project, which
will eventually send 30 satellites into cir-
cular orbit at an altitude of 23,000 kilo-
meters above Earth. A global, space-based
location-identification system, Galileo is
planned to be superior to both the U.S.-
based gps and Russian Glonass systems.
The newly ratified Lisbon Treaty/EU
constitution grants control of the en-
tire global surveillance system jointly to
the European Parliament and European
Commission. Prime end users will be EU
global police and peacekeeping missions.
The newly ratified Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution grants
Giving the EU License to Spy control of the entire global surveillance system jointly to the
The above may well signal danger to those
who fear the “big brother is watching you” European Parliament and European Commission. Prime end
potential of such a powerful system of users will be EU global police and peacekeeping missions.
global surveillance and intelligence gath-
ering. But perhaps of deepest concern is Next to the U.S. signing up a year ago month, this is none other than the seventh
the European Parliament Directorate’s to the regulation of its economy by the and the final resurrection of an ancient
indication that “Civil and defense appli- EU-controlled Financial Stability Board, police state, the “Holy” Roman Empire!
cations increasingly draw from the same this has to be one of the most significant You need to read our February edition
technological base, and there is an increas- foreign-policy blunders of America’s cur- to fully grasp what is afoot and just what is
ing overlap of functions and capabilities rent administration. It literally permits the at stake. We are witnessing the appearance,
required for military and non-military EU to spy on the U.S. unfettered by any yet one final time, of this old and brutish
[police] security purposes which often al- control from its government. empire that has shed more blood through-
lows for the use of the same technology for Newt Gingrich has accused the Obama out its long and cruel history than any oth-
the development of both security and de- administration of “very quietly” sign- er politico-religious entity on Earth!
fense applications. … The decision wheth- ing an executive order that removes “all Yet, to those truly attuned to this fi-
er global positioning or Earth observation American constraints” from Interpol. nal resurrection of this old church-state
systems … are to be used for security or “Freedom of information acts don’t ap- combine, its arrival on the world scene is
defense purposes is primarily political in ply,” he said. “All the constraints that you a great harbinger of hope! For it is perhaps
character, not technological.” as a citizen could use against an American the greatest of signs at the moment that
That language simply puts EU elites police force, based on a recent Obama- the long-awaited and -expected coming of
in charge! And sadly—as many an intel- signed executive order, give Interpol— the Messiah, the only true peacemaker, is
ligent observer both within and outside of which has relationships with Syria, Libya, just about here! n

afp/getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 35

lies will not want to risk the lives of any instantaneous mass transit systems and com-
Fulfilled Prophecy of their few children and grandchildren munications—it only took the German High
These days I make it a point to surf for any type of imperialism, hard or Command six years to develop Germany’s
the Trumpet website at least twice a day. soft. (True, some German units are in military power to the greatest in the world.
No news/current affairs Afghanistan. But it is too With the German High Command now revived,
source had been as infor- bad they fear venturing out it is entirely feasible that what Hitler achieved
mative as yours. After all, of fortified compounds to in six years could be achieved in far less time
Jesus Himself commanded do any real fighting.) Fur- under the current scenario. Remember, Hitler
us to watch the news and thermore, if Europeans are had to obtain by war that which EU elites have
pray constantly. In my own too fearful to even reproduce obtained by treaty: a virtual European empire.
country, many people who themselves and sacrifice No military strength has been sapped from the
are not Christians can sense any of their present comfort EU in its project of building an empire of cur-
that something is dreadfully for the sake of having chil- rently 27 nations plus the Balkan colonies.
wrong with this planet. Even dren, how can these same Overarching all of these clear realities on
Hollywood blockbusters neutered men expect to the ground is the guarantee that inerrant bibli-
focus on cataclysmic world go out and re-conquer the cal prophecy will be fulfilled.
destruction in recent years …. There is world? Sorry, European Union as a
a global “Zeitgeist” of impending doom. military colossus doesn’t add up. Europe Born Again
Thank God, it will not last forever! might indeed rise again someday, but that This article is very biblical, educa-
Peter Thomas—Sarawak, Malaysia day is in the far, far distant future. tional and perfectly explained (“What Do
Peter Skurkiss—Stow, Ohio You Mean, ‘Born Again?’” January). God
While it’s clear that America is in bless you for such a perfect Bible-based,
decline, the idea that America must po- Here are a few thoughts to consider. Demo- clear-cut explanation. Thank you.
lice the world is antiquated at best and graphics in Europe play one definite role in the Gene Drekeke Iyovo—Papua New Guinea
has proven too costly a stance to main- fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That is revealed
tain. It stands to reason then that the in Revelation 18:13, which refers to the entity I read your magazine from cover to
U.S. is basically saying to various factions known as the “beast” power being involved in cover each month and appreciate your
“take care of yourselves.” Yes, I agree that slavery. This is but a repetition of that same frankness about the times in which we
taking care of our interests often means power in an earlier revival in the 1940s em- are living now. I have followed the teach-
maintaining a presence in other nations; ploying slave labor to empower its industry. ings/publications of H.W. Armstrong
however, given the nature of “modern” This is how that power will cope with any since the early ’80s. God help us to be-
warfare this is largely unnecessary. Today natural deficit in its home populations. come stronger each day in our nearness
we need better intelligence gathering and As to the alleged unwillingness of German to Him.
rapid strike forces that can and should troops to fight in Afghanistan, this is not the Dorene Caudill—Sparta, N.C.
be capable of handling conflict should it case, though it could certainly have appeared
directly affect our interests. to be until very recently. Before the Kunduz God bless you for the work that you
Martin Gorman—United States bombing, the German government had been are doing worldwide and continuing with
careful to employ other nations to do its fight- what was originally began by the Plain
A European Superpower? ing for it—witness the Balkan wars. However, Truth magazine by Herbert W. Arm-
The Trumpet continually claims the German government is now using the strong, a true biblical prophet of truth,
that Europe, under German leadership, Kunduz inquiry to change the Bundeswehr’s which I first received in 1954. My wife
is on the verge of becoming the world’s rules of engagement to legitimize German and I, she is now deceased, followed his
next economic, political and military troops’ active combat roles in foreign theaters. work for years. We broke away from the
superpower. Count me skeptical, particu- The German warrior is among the best in the Church in 1967, and I am so very blessed I
larly when it comes to the military part world. Once the constraints are lifted on the found your website and Trumpet recently.
of that prediction. Why? Because, among Bundeswehr’s rules of engagement, you will Walter Baer—Rail Road Flat, Calif.
other things, one of the prime prerequi- see a reaction from German troops in combat
sites for military might is the willingness very different to the reaction of restraint that, I found your magazine in my doc-
to take casualties. Europe’s demograph- until recently, the German government im- tor’s office and have been a subscriber
ics are in a free fall—unless you count posed on them. ever since, reading each issue cover to
Muslims. This mean that the life of What many forget when assessing EU cover. Your magazine is fascinating, and
each soldier is extremely precious; fami- military power is the potential of its combined I learn new things each month. You have
force strength (2 million in uniform) and the caused me to read my Bible and search
Corrections world-class standard of its combined defense
industries. With the Lisbon Treaty now rati-
the Scriptures even more. I thank you for
your service to the Kingdom of God.
In “The World’s Next Superpower” (February fied, EU elites are working to consolidate EU Betsy Leifeste—Floresville, Tex.
2010), we referred to Luke 12:20 as proof military industries and armed forces, plus
of an EU-led force surrounding Jerusalem.
The scripture reference should have been
bring the extant nuclear weapons stationed in
Europe under the wing of the newly develop- Comments?
Luke 21:20. In the same article, Portugal ing European defense force. Remember, only
was inadvertently labeled as Poland on a 70 years ago—without satellite technology, or: The Trumpet, P.O. Box 1099,
map. The Trumpet regrets the errors. without sophisticated computers, robotics, Edmond, OK 73083

36 March 2010  The Philadelphia Trumpet


The System
Its beauty lies in its simplicity.  By Stephen Flurry

he other day, my daughter told me Venezuela was became our most important allies.”
producing some of the best young classical musicians in Children need discipline and structure in their education.
the world. “Venezuela?” I said. “Are you sure you don’t They need support from involved parents at home. And, Abreu
mean another nation—perhaps somewhere in Europe?” believes, they need music. Not the noise that masquerades as
“I don’t think so,” she replied. “I’m pretty sure it’s Venezuela.” music in popular culture. Real music—music that feeds the
She and her violin teacher had recently viewed a 12-minute video mind, uplifts the human spirit, builds confidence and inspires
about a music program so extraordinary that some maestros are achievement.
hailing it as “the future of classical music.” Popular music won’t work, one El Sistema teacher told 60
In fact, it is in Venezuela. It’s called El Sistema in Spanish, Minutes. Children can get that anywhere, even at home in the
meaning “The System.” It started 35 years ago with 11 students slum. But “when they sit in one of these chairs in the orchestra,
and an amateur musician who believed classical music was an they think they’re in another country, in another planet, and
effective antidote to the societal ills of they start changing” (emphasis mine
family breakdown, crime and poverty. throughout).
string theory
“I had a feeling this was the beginning “My struggle is for a society in
Venezuelan girls
of something very big,” remembers José which art is something more than just
play in a chil-
Antonio Abreu, El Sistema’s creator. an aesthetic dimension of life,” Abreu
dren’s orchestra.
Today, some 300,000 Venezuelan explained to the Globe and Mail last
children—most of them coming from year. “It is a primary instrument for
impoverished neighborhoods—are en- the development of the individual and
rolled in one of The System’s several hun- of the people.”
dred orchestras, ensembles and choirs. Using beautiful music as an instru-
Enrollment is expected to exceed more ment to educate and train young people
than a million within the next two years. for a brighter tomorrow. It’s a model
Outside Venezuela, numerous inter- that is as beautiful as it is simple.
national organizations in more than 25 We use it at Herbert W. Armstrong
countries have developed music pro- College and Imperial Academy. Our
grams based on Abreu’s model. In Har- “José Antonio Abreu” was Herbert W.
mony, for example, is the British version Armstrong, an amateur musician with
of El Sistema. Cellist Julian Lloyd-Webber spearheads the fledgling a maestro-like genius for using God-inspired music to dissemi-
program in England. After just one year of implementation in poor nate God’s truth while educating the young. “Music is another
British communities, educators have noticed remarkable changes. study we want to teach at Ambassador,” Mr. Armstrong wrote
“Teachers are reporting hugely increased levels of concentration, several months before he opened the college in 1947—“for music
discipline, motivation and attendance,” Lloyd-Webber wrote for has an important place in evangelistic work.”
the Telegraph (Dec. 22, 2009). In Venezuela, where the program It was a system rooted in the foundation of God’s Word. Whole-
has a much longer track record, there have been noticeable de- some and uplifting music has always played an instrumental role
clines in crime and drug use wherever The System is in place. in the work of God’s ministry and the education of our young.
What is the secret to El Sistema’s success? Colossians 3:16 tells us to teach using psalms, hymns and spiri-
One thing that stands out is how much discipline and hard tual songs. 1 Chronicles 25:1 even describes the role musical in-
work it adds to the child’s education. “Every day after school struments have in prophesying! And did you know that in ancient
throughout Venezuela, you can see kids practicing,” reporter Bob Israel, there were a number of priests whose sole responsibility was
Simon said in the 60 Minutes piece my daughter shared with me. to make music to honor and praise God? (See 1 Chronicles 9:33.)
“Fifteen thousand trained musicians work with them. But The God is the author of beautiful music. He’s always intended for it
System also uses gifted kids to teach other kids. On top of eight to be used as an instrument to bring human beings into His Family!
hours of schoolwork, it makes for a long day.” That’s why Abreu’s story is so inspiring. True, it’s not God’s
It amounts to about 11 hours of schoolwork and music training system. But it does reveal how much one visionary can improve
every day, six days a week. It’s a grueling pace for any youngster the quality of life for many people by using a simple, family-ori-
to maintain, but consider the alternative: hopelessness, disorder, ented system of education that revolves around fine music.
delinquency and violence in the slum. Think of the wonderful abundance, the beautiful peace and
Parental involvement also plays a significant role. Teachers prosperity that will soon spread over all the Earth once God’s
make house calls to inform parents about what the program ex- government is established in Jerusalem and His system of reedu-
pects of its students. The government provides a small stipend for cating the world is finally in place. Will music play an instru-
families of El Sistema students, which helps encourage families mental role? You know it will!
to stick with it. But more than anything, it is the results that As prophesied in hundreds of Bible passages, the dawn of that
encourage parental support. When families saw how The Sys- beautiful new civilization—fittingly signaled by a thunderous
tem helped keep their children off the streets, Abreu says, “they blast from a musical instrument—is almost here. n

juan barreto/afp/getty images The Philadelphia Trumpet  March 2010 37

Who Is the “Beast?”

Is   the seven-headed “beast” of Revelation a powerful world dictator about to appear? Is he the anti-
christ? Or a government? Or a church? The plagues of God’s wrath, we are told, will be poured out
upon those who follow this mysterious “beast”! Our free booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?
unveils the biblical prophecies concerning the “beast” and the course of end-time events unfolding now!

Request your free copy today!

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New Zealand: 0-800-500-512
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Addresses are listed inside the front cover.