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A Hero’s Ballad

6 Oct 1980
R. D. Parker

Once a great city leader named Jerry,
Pulled a stunt that could be called hairy.
He donned his hard hat,
Said bye to the cat,
And abandoned his usual ways wary.

Debris had long been gathering there,
Newspaper, beer can and shirt with a tear.
But bag in hand, with eye to the rear,
Jerry slogged through the trash without any fear,
Until the littered slope, like the cupboard, was bare.

And now, today, we sing a proud song,
About his achievement in spite of odds long;
About a man who saw duty clear,
Who proved an example to all far and near,
Who evidenced courage, hallmark of the strong.


Jerry, a City Manager, was ticked off by poor roadside cleaning of route 522. So he took a day
off and picked trash himself. Above is the wording on a plaque presented to him by RDP,
Director of Public Works & City Engineer.)