Chapter 12: Rumors and secrets BPOV I stared in fear as the two boys moved closer to me.

What was going on? Were they vampires?? But that couldn t be, their eyes we re blue! Vampires don t have blue eyes, do they?? Maybe they re wearing something called contacts. My mind reminded me, but it wasn t exactly reassuring me to stay calm (which I wanted), more the other way around. They smiled at me; a frightful smile of smugness and delight. I backed away slowly from them slowly, not being able to move faster with my frozen limbs. I was going to die, that was the only thing that was sure. I was going to die in a million dollar worth house with a gigantic library. This wasn t good, not good at all. What about Charlie? And Renée? This would surely kill them. And Edward just thinking about his face in a situation made my tense muscles relax (somewhat). But when I stared into the two brothers eyes, I figured that if they were going to kill me, it was definitely better than being killed by Smith. I know he s sworn several times that he would never do such a thing but just the thought of it, being killed in the arms by such a horrible creature made me shiver. Any second now I thought and waited for them to strike. But suddenly, someone hit the brothers in the back of their head, speaking swiftly in a hushed but irritated tone. Oh mon dieu, qu'est-ce que vous faites tous les deux?!? Julie hissed at her two sons and then grabbed them by their ears, which made them complain in pain. Go into the kitchen and help Sarah bring out the food. She scowled them in an angry tone, and then let them go. I just stared in confusion and shock after them, and then looked at the beautiful woman in front of me that was smiling reassuringly at me. Please excuse my sons for their rude behavior; they have an odd sense of humor these two. She smiled at me, just like the (what I thought) death threat two seconds ago didn t happen. Then she glared at something behind me. They must ve taken after their father. She hissed and glared a her t exhausted husband, who had been sitting in his office the whole day. He walked over to me and gave me another strained smile of his. How nice of you to stay over dinner. That was all he said. He went and sat down at the table and rubbed his temples slowly with his eyes closed. Then the two sons returned into the room with a third person who must ve been Sarah, who was dressed in some kind of maid uniform. The twins glared at their mother and then put down the large plate with some sort of meat on the table. There, anything else you wanted dear mother?? They asked in the same time in an irritated tone. Apparently they didn t like when someone ruined their fun. No, that s all. Julie answered with a blissful smile, and then turned to me. Please, please sit down. She gestured towards the table and showed me to a seat in the middle between the brothers. Bon appétit. Julie told us and smiled at me. The brothers just glared and Léonard didn t respond. This seemed to make her very irritable, but since I was there, she hid it under a polite façade.

Léonard, would you please pass the salad to me? she asked him in a courteous voice, all her anger well heard beneath it. Léonard just sighed, seeming to be used to it, and passed her the salad just as she asked. The two brothers sighed and both reached out for the big plate with the meat and held it before me. Bella, would you like some roasted Bambi? Rick asked, being a little down since his mother ruined their joke. That s when I understood. Ah, they were serving deer. And since they called me Bambi before, they thought it was fitting to make a joke when it sounded like they were eating me. Oh, now I just felt stupid. A normal person wouldn t get frightened; he would just laugh and then ask again. But on the other hand, we all know I m not precisely normal so Eh, sure I took one of the perfect cooked beefs and thanked them for bringing the plate to me.

So, how s school doing? Julie asked conversationally and took some potato to her plate. The twins suddenly forget about their bad mood, and chuckled quietly in unison. Julie frowned at their strange behavior and took a clunk of her red, expensive wine. What s so funny?? It was very noticeable that her patience was short, and the glare that she gave them one short, icy glare. They started to chuckle again, but began to talk. Well, what can we say? Rick said with a grin, winking to his brother. Bella s school is just fascinating. Mick continued, snickering even more. Especially the teachers. They then both said, staring at me as they said teachers. I froze my movements as I cut the beef, and stared at them I terror. Would they tell them? No, they possibly couldn t, that s not reasonable. Would they really tell their parents about me and Smith? Not that there is something between us, but I wouldn t like people to get the idea either. Really? Julie raised an eyebrow at us, wondering what they meant by that. Yes. There was one in particular that we liked the most. What was his name again? Oh right, Smith. Rick said, and both of them looked at me. The slyness in their eyes was not possible to miss, like two kids who knew they d done something stupid and poorly hid it from the rest of the world. In what subject did he teach?? Julie continued her questioning. The funny thing was that she actually cared of what they told her. She nodded as they began to explain him in detail, how he acted and how he looked. But I guess she just was dedicated to her kids. Léonard stayed quiet through the whole dinner, not saying a single word. I met his glance once as I stared at him, and he smiled that smile again; strained and not quite happy. And then there was me, sitting quietly like Léonard, answering questions they asked and smiled at the stories they told. I didn t know what to think of them. All four was really nice and polite, but there was something strange with them that I couldn t put my finger on. *The next day* We ate the rest of the dinner happily, and afterwards, I drove home. Taking my bag with the old Frankenstein book, I sat down in Alice s car and drove back to Forks. The drive wasn t that long, but I was nervous the whole time. Mostly for Alice s car, but also about Smith. He had surely already

figured out that I d made my small trip to the twins, and what I m definitely sure about was that he was going to be mad. Breathing slowly through the drive made me stay calm, but the thought still lingered in my mind through the ride. When I reached home I was met by a happy Charlie. He had invited Billy over to watch the game, together with Jake. Apparently, Jake had asked about me through the whole game, asking when I was coming home. That was something Billy and Charlie found to be hilarious. But he hadn t stayed for long. After about 15 minutes, he left without a word. Charlie told me he had been a little bit angry when he left, but he just figured he was down that I wasn t there. Bells, you have guests! Charlie called up the stairs, bringing me out of my thoughts of the previous day. I took my bag and ran downstairs, almost tripping at the end. But when I saw who was there, all I wanted was to run back up again, hide in my closet forever from the wrath that waited in our threshold. Alice glared coldly when she saw me and stretched out her hand towards me, palm up. I want my keys to the car. She said curtly in her monotone voice, and a shiver went down my spine because of her unkindness. This wasn t my usual Alice, something had happened. What had I done to upset her? Are you okay, Alice? Charlie asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. She turned to him, and her face changed from the queen of fury herself to a more polite, kind one. But she was still mad. Yes, I m fine. I just found out some disturbing knowledge this morning. She said, shooting me a glare. Charlie was still worried, but asked no more questions, figuring it was girl stuff . I dug through my bag until I found the keys and dropped them into her palm. She rapidly put them in her pocket, not showing any emotion on her godlike face, and then looked at me. Edward is waiting outside. That was all she said. Then she left through the door, saying goodbye to Charlie before the door closed. Charlie scratched his head in the back, staring at the door where she d left, and then sighed. Did something happen between you two? He frowned at me disapprovingly when I shrugged. Honestly dad, I have no idea. Sorry, but I have to go. I ll be home for dinner. I spoke hastily, and then speed out the door before he could say anything else, grabbing my jacket from its hook in the progress. Just as Alice had said, Edward s car stood in the road, glistening in its glory. Alice car was nowhere to be seen. She must ve driven off the moment she got the opportunity I wonder what I . had done that had made her so mad I opened the door to the car and jumped inside, greeting him politely. Quietly, almost a whisper, he greeted me back. He looked tired, like he hadn t slept through the night properly. He started the engine and drove off in the foggy morning. Are you alright? Alice just dragged you off the parking lot yesterday without an explanation. I asked, trying to see the answer in his eyes before he answered, in case he would lie. But as I expected, he hid it from me, and gave me an apologetic smile. But it didn t reach his eyes, and you could see that something was bothering him.

Yes, I m fine. I m just a little tired. We drove over to Seattle to going to explain the next part.

he trailed off, thinking how he was

To ? I promoted, wanting him to finish his sentence. He sighed, and you could see that he thought this was difficult. I sighed myself, and leaned back in my seat. You don t have to tell me if you don t want to, Edward. It s okay. I m just worried about you. I truthfully said and looked at the window pane where the small raindrops ran downwards, one by one. Edward groaned in frustration, and I immediately turned to him. What s wrong?? I asked in a panicked voice. He ran a hand through his hair as he thoughtfully thought out his next words. Bella, it s not that I don t want to tell you, but but I m afraid you ll think of me as a freak. He said, tilting his head slightly down, not looking into my direction. Edward, you know I would never do such a thing. I already know you re a mind reader, and I took that well, didn t I? Besides, we both know I m the freak between the two of us. I said and chuckled, but he didn t join me. Bella, stop it. You know that s not true. He said with a glare. That s what you think I thought for myself, but didn t say it aloud, that would only make things worse. Well, can t you just tell me what you did then? I begged. He sighed, but gave in and took a deep breath before he said it. I was training, training to read minds. Alice and I wandered the streets of Seattle and I trained to read minds. It was very straining, so I was tired when I got home. He explained, looking me in the eye as he talked. I stared at him, waiting for him to continue and tell the thing that he didn t want to tell before. When I then realized that was it, I raised an eyebrow at him and spoke in a skeptic tone. That s it? You didn t want to tell me you went training to read minds?? I asked, and then laughed. Edward, you shouldn t have kept that for me. Not something as simple as that. He scoffed at my reaction, but then suddenly, he was down again. His behavior was kind of strange just like Alice s Hey, are you sure something didn t happen? Alice was acting very strange when she came and got her keys. I asked him, remembering what had happened this morning. This was apparently the wrong question to ask, because even if he tried to hide it, he noticeably became a little bit more down, or maybe he was irritated? I m sure she ll tell you. He didn t say anything more, and the mood in the car became even worse than before. What was it with everyone this morning? Edward then sudden chuckled without humor, and gave me my favorite, crooked smile, that still didn t reach his eyes. Alice had worked herself up since you met, and will attack you the second you walk out of the car. You won t be able to escape. He warned me as he drove into the parking lot that lingered with students. I looked around for her, but I couldn t see her anywhere.

Then can t I just stay in your car forever?? I asked helplessly, knowing I was screwed. Whatever I had done to Alice, she was pissed. Very pissed, and I wasn t getting away. Edward chuckled at my strange suggestion, and parked his car in his usual spot. Tempting, but no. Then she would kill me, and as strange as it might sound, I value my life. He said and cut off the engine. Then he turned to me, and some of the irritation was gone, and sympathy had taken its place. Are you ready? I scoffed. How can I prepare myself for my death? I m too young to die! I complained and he chuckled again. I take that as a yes. He opened his door and stepped out into the cloudy, rainy day. I took a deep breath, knowing Alice would ambush me even before I had a chance to get inside the school, and followed his example. Outside, there were lots of students, standing in the rain by their cars, talking with each other in hushed voices. As soon as they saw me, some of them pointed, not thinking I saw it, and the whispers escalated. Okay something was off about this morning very off. I began to walk towards the school building as fast as I could, Edward following me silently. But just as I had walked up the small stair, I felt a small hand grabbing my left arm and it began to drag me in a not so gentle manner. I began to protest loudly as she began to haul me behind the school building, away from the rest of the crowd, but she snappily shushed me quiet and continued to pull me further and further away from the parking lot. Suddenly, she abruptly stopped and pushed me against the wall. Ouch! I complained as my head hit the wall, but she just glared at me. I quieted down, and from the corner of my eye I saw Edward shooting daggers at her intensely. I m sure she knew, but she ignored him. A little birdie told me something very interesting this morning. She began after a moment of glaring in a curt tone. I just stared at her, knowing I would only get hushed some more if I tried to say something. She continued without expecting an answer. You see, there are some rumors that have been going around since last night. She stared at me intensely. what kind of rumors? I asked slowly, not understanding what this had to do with me, and why she was so upset with it. Rumors involving you and those twin brothers. The second I heard you and twin brothers , I stared at her in shock and felt how the blood in my face drained away. What? What did you hear? I said, knowing that the anger in my voice was quite audible. Well They re quite many, but most of them are about you 3 being intimate with each other. I stared at her, wide eyed as she glared back and me, and felt how the blood in my cheeks returned with a blush; a blush of rage and frustration. What?! That s mad!! I yelled, feeling how the anger burned inside me.

See, I told you it wasn t real. Edward told her, his voice full with pride, irritation and some relief buried deep down that wasn t meant to be heard. I turned to him and frowned deeply. Wait, you already knew this?! I accused him and stared at him for answers. His eyes widened in shock and then shot a glare in Alice s direction. EPOV How could she believe such a horrible thing! I didn t believe everything that Alice had told me this morning, only that Bella and the brothers had spent some time together. But how could you not have some doubt planted into your brain when your sister burst into your bedroom 6 o clock in the morning and begins to rant about such a thing? This morning *Swoosh* A sudden sound of a door bursting open woke me up in surprise, and I stared at the fully dressed, and slightly irritated, confused and frightened Alice. What is it? I asked groggily and rubbed my eyes slowly. Her mind was Speaking too swiftly for me to understand this early in the morning, so I concentrated on her voice instead. I woke up having a bad feeling. She told me simply in her tiny voice, like it would explain everything. And? I promoted, wondering what her point was. You are such an idiot she thought, and then began her ranting in her head again. I ignored her, and hoped that she would explain for me with her voice. And, that means that something bad is going to happen today. I can sense it. Something that will ruin my plans she trailed of, thinking of all of her plans, and wondering about which one of them that was going to be destroyed. Then, she had a vision of someone calling her, a friend from school, and she took out her phone from her pocket and dialed the number. Hi, She began in an apologetic tone. Sorry to call you this early, Lucy. She was beginning to say something, when she stopped, and listened. Oh really? I had a feeling you wanted to tell me something, that s why I called. I wouldn t call her psychic future telling feelings , but She listened intensely as the other person on the line excitedly told her what she knew, and Alice s eyes narrowed of irritation. I ignored Alice s screaming mind (which I had gotten quite good at, thanks to yesterdays training), and lay back in my bed, trying to fall asleep again. The minutes went by, and I was almost down under when she told her friend goodbye, and snapped her phone shut. I can t believe this! she yelled in anger, and flung herself onto my bed, looking at the ceiling. I rolled over so my back was turned to her, and tried to get as relaxed as I had been a few minutes before, but it was a lost attempt. Hello? Are you even listening?! she punched me in the back to see my reaction, and I grunted in irritation.

No, leave me alone. I groaned and put my pillow over my head to muffle her piercing voice. Unfortunately, she knew I would do this, and took it from me before I could get a decent grip on it. Stop being so impossible! I ve been trying to tell you; it s about Bella. She told me, and the second I heard Bella s name, I opened my eyes and turned around to hear her out. In her mind she was amused by how fast I would listen if it was about Bella. But in reality, her face wasn t smiling. It was anything but amused. Everything is those twins fault she said darkly, and thought about them with hate. In her mind there was two boys our age, and they had coal black hair and crystal blue eyes. Together with them, Bella stood, and she smiled at them with well with love. What is it?? I asked her, worried now. What was the news she had found out?? She took a deep breath, and then told me everything. *1 hour later* I mean, come on! Who does these these lowlifes think they are! It s- Alice babbled on again. After finding out what she had to say, I got back to bed, and continued to ignore her. I told her that Bella would never do such things as that, which I knew was true. But even though Alice, Edward, time to get up and get ready for school! Esme called from downstairs. Alice stood up and sighed angrily. Picking her up this morning should be fun. She said sarcastically and left my room. End of flashback *Swoosh* Bella I didn t believe it, not one second. But please! What would you think if you heard a rumor that I followed Jessica home after school one day and slept with her? I asked her, saying the last thing with disgust in my voice. That s not the same thing face. She mumbled, looking down at her feet, a slight blush increasing in her

But it is. It is the same thing! I exclaimed and then sighed. I walked over to her and hugged her to my chest, stroking her hair softly. BPOV I breathed in his scent as I stood in his arms, wanting the moment to last forever. But of course, it didn t. He let me go, and he smiled at me. In that moment I knew I was forgiven. Forgiven by him, that is. Sorry for making you worry, but I swear, nothing happened! I re-assured him and felt some anger blooming inside me. Someone had started this rumor, and I had a good idea who (or, in this case, whom). I heard how Alice scoffed, and I turned to her.

Worry? Worry?? Damn right I was worried?! You had no idea! And angry! What if the rumors were true!?! You would ve ruined all my plans for for those bastards!!! She exclaimed angrily and glared at me. Edward sighed and patted his sister on her shoulder. Well, the important thing is that she didn t. Will you please let this go and forgive her? he pleaded on my behalf, which I was very grateful for. I m sorry Bella. She said apologetically and smiled at me. I thought it was nice of her, knowing that it could ve been worse, but Edward glared at her. You re not letting this go, are you? he asked through his teeth. Nope she grinned at him, popping on the p . Then suddenly, her face darkened. Not until I get my hands on those bastards who made up this bullshiOkay, time to go. Say bye bye to the scary lady. Edward interrupted and began to drag me away from her. I protested loudly, not liking that everyone dragged me wherever they wanted me to go. Alice snorted at him, and easily skipped over to us, keeping our phase perfectly. You can t get rid of me that easily. She teased him as we walked back to the parking lot, and I noticed that a lot of people still stared at me. At least I knew why now. Alice suddenly parted from us, and told us to meet her later. I stared after her as she joined her friends, and chuckled quietly when I saw how she chatted on excitedly with them. Her face was remotely calm, but I could see what was hidden behind it; that greedy look, wanting as much information as possible. Shall we go? Edward asked, taking my hand. I nodded in response, and we began to walk towards the school building. Once inside, we walked towards our lockers, but before we even made it that far, we heard loud voices escalating from the corridor on the right. Being curios, I abandoned my path to the locker, and turned right to see what was going on. Edward followed me without questioning, and as we got closer, I saw the small group of girls standing all together in a group, excitedly talking to the two brothers in the middle. Is the rumors true about you two and that Isabella Swan?? Someone said, hissing my name. The rest of the girls agreed, and waited impatiently for their answer. Well They both began, and looked at each other with their sly grins.

A lot happened last night, Rick began with a seductive grin. And I wouldn t like to go into detail, since they re quite nasty, but- That was all Mick managed to say, because I had grabbed them both by the ear, just as their mother had last night, and dragged them away from the group as quickly as possible. They complained in pain, but I ignored them. Anger boiled inside me, and when I thought we had reached a good place to yell at them, I let them go. They both grabbed their ear I had held, and glared at me. Why did you do that for?! Rick asked accusingly. I glared back at them began my rant, not caring if the whole world listened. You were the ones who spread the rumors about us three! I yelled at them angrily.

We don t know what you re talking about. They lied badly and I rolled my eyes at them. Don t give me that. I know it was you, I heard you back there. Why would you do that?! Why would you spread rumors around that I was sleeping with you!? I asked them, and they shook their heads. You ve gotten it all wrong. Rick said and smiled at me. We didn t start them; it was that Jessica chick. She saw you when you followed us home and decided to make it today s big topic, with some lies of course. I stared skeptically at him with one raised eyebrow. Okay, a lot of lies. Mick admitted. I frowned at them. Then why would you confirm the lies, telling everyone it was true?? Well, we never actually said they were true, we just fooled everyone so they would think they were. And why did you do that? I asked, already knowing the answer, but I had to ask anyway. Because it s fun. They said in unison, snickering. I sighed heavily and looked at the two brothers. You two are impossible. I groaned and began to turn around when they stopped me. Wait. We re sorry about the lies, really. Rick said and looked me straight in the eyes. We promise to make it up for you. Mick agreed in the same, apologetic tone. Like what? I asked suspiciously, not knowing if I would ever be able to trust these two ever again. They smiled secretly at me and then turned around and began to walk away. You ll see. They both said in a teasing tone, and then disappeared around the corner. I stared after them in shock and wonder, and then turned around to see the unusua quiet Edward. lly Well, I m glad that s over. I said truthfully, even though I wasn t completely sure it was, and walked over to him. He took my hand, and we began to walk back to our lockers. So why did you spend your afternoon with them again? Edward asked, and I laughed, even though it wasn t funny. Well, they claimed they wanted to get to know me better, so they invited me over for dinner. I told him, skipping the part when they pushed me against the wall and demanded that I would grant their wish. He raised one eyebrow at me skeptically, but let it go. We opened our lockers and took our books. You have Smith now, right? he asked, and I froze in my movements. Smith He would ve heard of the rumors already. I was a dead woman, that s for sure Yeah I forced myself to move again, and gave him a strained smile. He frowned at my strange behavior, but I interrupted him before he could say anything. Well, I ll see you at lunch. Bye! then I swiftly turned around and walked towards math. Edward s gaze burned in my back as I walked, but I couldn t dare to turn around and meet it. As I walked, the bell rang. Students began to fill the before

empty corridors, and now (to my surprise and relief) no one was looking at me. I walked into the classroom and was met by a happy Rick. Hi there Bambi! he greeted me and placed his arm around my shoulders as he walked with me to his seat. As the day before, he made me sit next to him. So, how did Edward react to the whole rumor thing? Did he get mad? Oh, please tell me he got mad! Rick asked excitedly and stared at me with hopeful eyes. No! He knew I wouldn t do such thing, and you should too. I told him, and then turned around in my seat so I was looking forward. But that wasn t better. Up front stood Smith and boy was he pissed. It wasn t the worst outburst he has had, but it wasn t actually pretty either. I think that he was restraining himself not to shoot me ice cold glares and scream from the top of his lunges at me in front of the whole class. Instead of looking at him, I looked down at the book, and ignored the rest of the world. Smith wrote the pages for today on the blackboard, and then sat down at his desk. Everyone began to work immediately, but I could sense that both Rick and Smith were looking at me. I tried to concentrate as much as possible through the lesson, but I failed at that quite miserably. When the bell rang I had only done 1 page of the 4 we were given. I sighed, thinking of the large pile of homework that I had to do when I got home. Class dismissed. Smith said icily, and everyone in the room hurried to get out of the classroom. Rick looked at me and smiled slyly. I bet he was angry, even though you won t admit It. he said, and then walked out of the room together with the rest of the class. I followed his example, but when I finally got to the threshold, Smith called me back. Miss Swan, please stay a minute. His voice was as quiet as it was dangerous. I considered about running as fast as I could, but I knew he would catch me if I did, and besides, it was better to have it done now. Sure. I replied through my gritted teeth and closed the door, since I was the last person there. I turned around to face him, and when I saw his face I knew he d had a hard time before to restrain his anger. His eyes were dark as the night, and their piercing glare made me shiver in fright. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then turned and walked over to the window. I slowly walked over to his desk, and then stopped, waiting for his reaction. Was there anything you wanted? Otherwise I ll lea- I began, but stopped when suddenly, he was standing in front of me, glaring at me with his coal black eyes. His lips had parted and he was doing some strange grimace, showing his teeth in a strange, scary and very vampire-ish way. A small hiss was coming from his throat, and I gulped in fear. Do you have any idea how worried I was when I heard the rumors this morning?? He hissed in a low and dangerous voice. I stared at him, too frightened to speak, and the only sound in the room was my rasping breaths and my racing heart. He glared at me silently, waiting for me to respond. I- I didn t mean to make you worry. I lied. I didn t care if he had been worried sick, it serves him right. But they weren t true, none of the rumors. Wouldn t Wouldn t you know that? You follow

me everywhere, don t you? I dared to ask, and immediately regretted it when I saw how his eyes flashed with anger. I would have, if that mutt hadn t stopped me. He said in an angry tone and glared at me. The fright wore off a little due to the shock that came. Jake had stopped Smith to come to the Lewis s house. Jake did? I hesitantly asked, frowning in confusion. Shock appeared in Smith s face, and he stared at me with wide eyes. You you didn t know. It wasn t a question, it was a statement. He looked away from me, and his shock became anger. That son of a bitch lied to me! He yelled, and kicked his table, which made a large hole in it. I jumped as his foot impacted with the wood, and stared at him in fear. He saw my terror, and restrained his anger to explain to me. I was going to follow you, but when I ran through the woods, I bumped into your little friend. He told me you had sent him there to stop me from coming anywhere you or the company you had. We had a little fight, and I gave up and ran home. But I never stopped thinking about you, about the things that could happen he trailed off bitterly, his anger back again. Which takes us back to the original topic: those brats Rick and Mick. He hissed their name in disgust and glared at me. Why did you even go there Bella!? Even though I warned you, you went there! Did you even know what could ve happened? You could ve been raped!!Or worse, killed! It s bad enough that you re around the Cullen kid! Anger boiled inside me, flowing through my body and heating my frozen limbs so I could move them again as I heard him speak. But most importantly, the rage made the fear go away. Don t talk about my friends like that! Especially not Edward! It wasn t like we went to a bar and drank ourselves wasted. I went over to their house, met their parents and ate dinner. Nothing else! Don t you dare make accusations about me when you don t even kno I yelled at him, letting the wbomb of fury inside me explode. How dare you raise your voice against me?! I love you, and even though- He responded, but whenever he threw out the L word, I become pissed. But I don t love you! Why can t understand that?! I will never love you!!!! I screamed from the top of my lunges at him, which I quickly regretted. He started to growl; an animalistic and monstrous sound which was ear piercing. His lips parted, showing me his white and razor-sharp teeth, and he glared at me furiously. In a second, all of my rage disappeared, and terror filled its place. I stared at him in horror, and felt how my heart was racing in my chest. My eyes were wide open and were staring at the inhuman beast before me. I m going to die, I m going to die I thought silently and closed my eyes, waiting for the pain. But there was none. But I heard something. Something else besides Smith s growling; the sound of 2 people applauding.

Smith stopped growling, and I opened my eyes. Both of us turned to look at the doorway, where to familiar persons stood. Both of them were smiling? Why we re they smiling? Why aren t they crapping their pants like they should be?? You Smith slowly said and glared at the two brothers.

Yep. Rick said whilst grinning. It s us. Mick finished and then stopped clapping. Both of them stood in the doorway, leaning against the walls like they were relaxed spectators, applauding after a play. Nice performance there, we really liked it. Mick continued and smiled friendly at me. But that s no reason to cause a scene. You two are lucky that it was us, and not some other kid who heard you two screaming at each other. Rick told us, and I frowned at the two of them. Why were we lucky that it was them and not for example Angela? And why were they acting so calmly? They seemed okay with Smith growling like a monster and us yelling at the top of our lungs how we loved/hated each other. Why? But seriously Smith, you have to try to hide it a little better next time, it was obvious from day one. Rick said, almost like it was a joke, but his eyes told me it was serious. My frown deepened and I stared at the twins in wonder. What did they mean with that? Smith s love for me, or was it something else ? What was so obvious, if I might ask? Smith asked in a quiet and collected voice. You being a vampire of course. They both said together, and I stared at them as my eyes widened. They knew he was a vampire!? But how is that possible? They ve only been in this school for like, what? 2 days? How the hell do they know he s a vampire? What? Smith and I asked in unison. Rick and Mick chuckled, and then collected themselves so they could answer. Well, yeah. You have all the obvious signs of a vampire, and to be honest, you re not really trying to hide it. Rick said truthfully. And if you are, you re not very good at it. Mick agreed. Oh, and by the way, you have to tone down the obsession you have for Bella. First of all, it is very noticeably. he continued And second It s gross. Rick finished, and both of them shuddered in disgust. You do know that makes you a pedophile, right? he added, and I couldn t have agreed more. But at the moment, only one question lingered in my head; how did they know that vampires existed? How do you even know about vampires? I asked them, and they chuckled. I would ask you the same thing, but the answer is pretty obvious. Mick said and looked at Smith. For answering you question Bella, you know our mom, Julie?

I nodded at them, and he continued. Well, as we said, she works together with a company in Europe. This company is a group of people that has their quarters in Italy. Smith froze beside me, and I frowned in confusion at his strange behavior. Mick continued. Well you see, this group is, well kind of a family of vampires. They make sure that all the other vampires follow the laws. This sounded so familiar, yet I don t remember where I ve heard it. Smith gasped in surprise, and I turned my head to see his face. He was paler than usual, and his eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets. Your mom works for the Volturi?´ Smith asked in a low, frightened
evilly. They looked at Smith with a meaning look, and then spoke. ³Oh yes« And they will probably be very interested when they find out about this.´ voice. Rick and Mick grinned

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