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To Whom It May Concern:

Oct. 26, 2015

Im happy to recommend Kimball Perry for employment.

I worked with Kimball for nearly ten years at The Cincinnati Enquirer, starting in November, 2005. In my
14 years in the industry, Kimball has stood out among colleagues as a person of impeccable character,
ethics, dedication, and generosity.
Its widely known that the newspaper industry is extremely competitive, but the competition within the
newsroom has at times made it a fierce and tough place to be. When your success (getting on the front
page, acquiring page views) is measured against that of your coworkers, many reporters succumb to the
competition, working as if they are pitted against each other. They are naturally inclined to focus on their
own work only, leaving little to no time to help coworkers or think about the overall success of the
Not Kimball. Kimball always stood out for many reasons. He was clearly successful in his metrics
regularly landing on the front page, and always among the top reporters gaining web traffic. But what was
not measured in reviews is how much he helped his fellow photographers and reporters succeed. He
never asked for credit, and never patted himself on the back allowing his coworkers to shine, and their
bosses to believe they did it all on their own.
Kimball has always understood the big picture of working for an organization. Not only did he want to
succeed, he wanted those around him to succeed, and coached them so that they could be better. Hes
the type who wants the organization he works for to be the best. Hes loyal, and proud when his
colleagues accomplish great things, whether his name was on it or not.
He once was a ghostwriter for one of our colleagues, a photographer, who was not accustomed to writing,
but was forced to do so when a new mandate came out that photographers begin writing, too. His coworkers regularly sent copy to him so that he could look it over before it was submitted to editors. Kimball
became such an expert in the law and the justice system that reporters always went to him for help
understanding legal procedures and the legality of issues on their beats. He is so connected in the
community that it was a daily occurrence that he gave various reporters names of people that they should
talk to for their stories. His knowledge of the history and the people of this town are invaluable.
His resourcefulness and ability to forge relationships and develop sources are uncanny. When my
assignment was at the courthouse it was always amazing to observe this in action. From deputies, to
bailiffs, to judges, to lawyers, people gave him information and allowed him to be places that were not
afforded to any other member of the media. As a photographer, I was often a beneficiary of his ins with
people, allowing the best vantage point in the courtroom, and given inside knowledge that would help
identify key players in the courtroom and help me anticipate things that were going to happen.
Kimball is also very organized, and was one of the rare reporters who regularly submitted his work well
before deadline. When I worked on projects with Kimball, he helped keep me on track, too. We were all
made better when Kimball was nearby.
Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Im more than happy to speak further about the
incredible character and work ethic of Kimball Perry.
Carrie Cochran
Visual Journalist
The Cincinnati Enquirer
C: 513.200.8809

Oct. 23, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
Im writing to recommend Kimball Perry for employment with you.
I worked with Kimball for three years at The Cincinnati Enquirer. He is a highly respected
journalist. I worked with him on stories about facets of the heroin epidemic, government
issues and the criminal justice system. Kimball is a solid journalist, and with that comes the
essential ability to communicate well with others. Whether he was in the office acting as an
unofficial mentor to younger journalists or in the public, he could get a point across both with
sensitivity and clarity. These aren't easy qualities to manage, but he did it, every day.
Kimball's job required accuracy on strict deadlines, and he seemed to effortlessly manage
his work. As a journalist, Kimball is a stand-out. He asks the right questions, and he digs
deep to produce meaningful stories -- not just reports of things that have happened. When
he was working on a story about heroin in our community's jails, I had no qualms about
giving him names and numbers of heroin addicts who might have information to share.
These are people who are hurting from a disease and are living with stigma about their
condition. But I knew Kimball would be direct with them, yet understanding of their plight. Of
course, Kimball found his own sources for the story. He always does. He is highly
respected, as he should be, within our communities and among journalists and public
Kimball has a positive impact on a newsroom that is an often contentious environment. He
kept us smiling and working hard. He boosted morale by being there, by supporting his
colleagues and even by giving out prizes for games he invented to keep us going.
Kimball is a social media expert, too. He mastered technology to deliver his message and
often helped others at The Enquirer learn the best means of communicating to their
audience. That could be by sharing a photo, making and publishing a video or sending out a
Tweet. He also built a large following and I was always happy when he shared my stories,
because I knew his gesture meant that more people would see my work, but also that
people who respected him would trust his judgment of my work.
Kimball is a veteran Cincinnati journalist who knows the issues of the Greater Cincinnati
region and beyond. He has interviewed a huge range of people and told their stories daily.
He can talk to anyone. And he is professional at every turn.
I highly recommend Kimball for your organization.
Terry DeMio
Staff writer/The Enquirer or

Oct. 24, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Hire Kimball Perry. I cant recommend it strongly enough. In Kimball, you will
find a tireless worker, one who eagerly embraces both challenge and change,
one who sets aside his own successes to root for his colleagues.
I know because I had the pleasure of working with him for six years at The
Cincinnati Enquirer. When I was assigned an unfamiliar courtroom beat,
Kimball walked me through each step, selflessly handing me the shortcuts he
had spent years building and learning.
Kimball is a skilled communicator, a hard-grinding journalist who scooped his
competition so often that he had no real competition. He outperformed
everyone on staff, producing accurate stories on rigid deadlines. I would
watch in awe. I still dont know how he did it.
When the business changed, so did Kimball. He was among the first on staff
to embrace social media and digital technology, quickly building a large
online following. Competitors looked to Kimballs Twitter account to see
which stories they should be covering, like his dogged pursuit of Judge Tracie
Hunters foibles. Kimball also shot courtroom video before any other print
journalist was doing it, giving his readers even more access to the world he
As a veteran Cincinnati journalist, Kimball has amassed hundreds of contacts
and built trust among his sources to tell their stories. In the community and
among Cincinnati journalists, he has built a reputation for being tough but
fair. There probably isnt a courtroom he hasnt been inside, a government he
hasnt covered.
Kimball knows how this community works. He would be a fantastic addition
to any staff. As I said earlier, I cant recommend him strongly enough.


Lori Kurtzman
The Columbus Dispatch
To Whom It May Concern:
Im writing with an enthusiastic recommendation for Kimball Perry.
I worked with Kimball for more than 20 years, first as a fellow reporter at the
Cincinnati Post and later as a colleague at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Without
hesitation, I can tell you that he is a skilled, loyal, tenacious and talented
communicator who would be an asset in whatever role you choose for him.
Kimballs most obvious qualities are his competitiveness and his persistence. He
believes in doing a job well and will not stop until he accomplishes that. I can recall
multiple occasions when Kimball simply wouldnt let go of a story, simply because
he has pride in his work and really cares about the outcome. He is always willing to
make one more call and write one more draft to make sure he gets it right on
deadline. For a communicator, there is no better asset.
But there is so much more to Kimball than that. As we transformed to a digital
newsroom at the Enquirer, Kimball was a leader and a model of how to change the
way we work. He is adaptable, always looking for a better way to get the job done.
One example: Kimball is a pioneer in using social media to broadcast events live.
Thousands of people around the region could follow court proceedings closely over
Twitter and on video video he shot and edited himself because Kimball changed
the way he worked.
He holds his colleagues accountable for their performance, but not nearly as strictly
as he holds himself. He is well-connected around Greater Cincinnati and Northern
Kentucky, with an ability to translate courts and justice to a mass audience. As
someone outside the media industry now, I would not hesitate to take his call and
know that he will treat me fairly. He is passionate about fair play and equal access
to the justice system, and not afraid to speak truth to power.
But my favorite thing about Kimball is his soft heart. At the Enquirer, we had a
longtime colleague collapse and die in the newsroom. Kimball took ownership
immediately, including filing an obituary for the website within an hour. I could
sooner have walked on the moon than sat down to write a story. The story he wrote
was filled with love and respect for our colleague. In a newsroom filled with grief, he
showed us how to get to the next minute, the next hour and the next day.
I am proud to recommend Kimball, and would be happy to talk more at any time.

Cliff Peale
Director, Executive Communications
Mercy Health

Cell: 513-544-1190

Oct. 26, 2015

To Whom It May Concern
The purpose of this letter is to sing the praises of Kimball Perry. He informed me he has applied
for a job with you. Good for him. Even better for you. Any firm, organization, company, or entity
would be fortunate to have him as an employee.
Heres why:
In the nine years I worked with him at The Cincinnati Enquirer I was continually amazed by
Kimballs communicative gifts. Our paths crossed on numerous stories from pit bulls attacking
a little girl to the battle over the efforts to preserve the house of James N. Gamble, the inventor
of Ivory Soap. From the day I first met him, I was impressed by Kimballs extensive contacts
throughout the community and the nation. He possesses the ability to interview anyone at any
time. Whether its a persons best or worst day, Kimball can talk with everyone from
philanthropists to the poorest victims of crimes and from criminals to saints in waiting and find
out exactly what he needs to know about the topic at hand.
I view his work, his work ethic, his collegial skills, his ingenuity and his honesty with great
admiration. His work is top-notch, whether he is writing a heartfelt obituary or taking a complex
legal issue and making it simple. He drives himself to do his best. He is relentless in pursuit of
the truth.
He works well under deadline pressure. A life-ling self-starter, he knows how to fly solo as well
as fly in formation.
Kimball leads with his heart. Showing courage and passion in whatever he does comes
naturally to him. He lives to right injustices. He possesses a well-earned reputation for being
tough but fair. He is a rare man of his word. In this age of mendacity, that may make him sound
old school. To me, that makes him sound like just the man for you.
At The Enquirer, Kimball proved to be a man for all times. He readily embraced new technology
to deliver his message. He regularly helped others in the office understand and use new forms
of communication. He was very active on social media and built a large on-line following. In
addition to his writing skills, he developed into a fine photographer and videographer taking
photos and creating videos on his iPhone.
As a veteran Queen City journalist with a respected name and reputation, Kimball knows the lay
of the land throughout Greater Cincinnati. His knowledge and coverage of a variety of local
governments established long-standing relationships that have repeatedly given him access to
the important players in town.
I could go on and on about Kimball. Theres a lot of good things to sing about him. If you need to
hear more, feel free to call me at 513-324-1345. Until then, Ill close with these words:

Hire Kimball. Hes the best.

Cliff Radel

Judge Pat DeWine

2826 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Oct. 22, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to recommend Kimball Perry for potential employment.
I have known Kimball for over 15 years. He covered me on Cincinnati City
Council, on the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, as a Common Pleas
Court Judge and as an Appeals Court Judge.
Kimball has a variety of skills that will serve him well in future endeavors. As a
reporter, he was adept at taking complex governmental and legal issues and
distilling them into terms that could be easily understood by newspaper readers.
He understands the law and he gets how government works.
Kimball is a very hard worker. When he started the courthouse beat, Kimball
would arrive before anyone else and park himself on the same bench in the
courthouse, crossword puzzle in hand. Not because he was crossword aficionado,
but because he understand that by being in the same place every day those with hot
news tips would know where to find him. Through persistence and perseverance,
Kimball got great stories.
Kimball was a beat reporter for many years. That means day after day, he was able
to crank out story after story on deadline. That ability to constantly be productive
and organized under pressure is something that will be valuable to any future

I found Kimball to be honest and fair. I didnt like everything he wrote about me,
but I always found him willing to listen and committed to being objective.
Kimball was probably the first reporter in this City to really master social media.
He made his twitter feed something that everyone in the legal and political worlds
felt compelled to keep tabs on throughout the day. I teach at the University of
Cincinnati and some of my students follow him on social media. He spoke to my
class this year and received rave reviews from my students.
Kimball list of sources was extensive as a reporter. His wide range of contacts
across the City will serve him well in the future. He knows the area, its people and
the issues.
Kimball would be an excellent addition to your staff. I recommend him highly.
Feel free to call me on my cell phone, at (513)702-4612 if there is any additional
information I can provide.
Pat DeWine
Judge, Ohio First District Court of Appeals

To Whom It May Concern:

Im writing to recommend Kimball Perry for potential employment with you.
I have known Kimball for many years through his work as a journalist. I am a
Sycamore Township Trustee and also a retired bailiff in the Hamilton County Court of
Common Pleas. I have personally been involved in issues that Mr. Perry has
covered. I have always felt that he presented his stories in a trusted manner and
commend him for his accuracy and fairness. He takes often complicated issues and
presents them as easily understandable stories to the public.
Kimball was always around, working hard to become a standout in his field. Despite
being placed in often contentious situations that arise in his job, he maintained his
I personally followed Kimballs reporting on the Tracy Hunter case through the initial
charges, the trial and the verdict. He was always ahead of others in reporting the
facts in the case and Tweeted the whole trial in an easy to follow manner. It was
reported in real time.
He uses social media to break news or keep his audience, including me, informed on
the latest events in trials or major government issues.
Kimball is known by many and knows many. He has many sources who tell him
information because they know they can trust him to be accurate and fair. Hes not
afraid to ask the tough questions and write the tough stories. He cares about the
community and his work demonstrates that. I have personally called him to ask him
to check out issues, as I trust his knowledge and sources.
I highly recommend Kimball. He would be an outstanding addition to your staff.


Cliff W. Bishop
Trustee, Sycamore Township, Ohio

To Whom It May Concern:

Im writing to recommend Kimball Perry for possible employment.
As a judge and former prosecutor, I knew Kimball through his work as a journalist. He has a
well-deserved reputation for being professional who clearly communicates to his audience. He
communicates well with others in getting the information and, obviously, when writing stories
for his audience.
He is prolific, always becoming the most important source of information for the areas he
covered. He gets his points across clearly and directly. He is fair and accurate, qualities that
earned him trust even for those who didnt always like what he wrote.
Attention grabbing headlines are one of his strong suits. Woman bites boy, judge bites back is
a headline he wrote about a day care worker that bit a kid and the ensuing sentencing. Mr.
Perrys Twitter account was the gold standard for breaking news at the court house. The Tracy
Hunter coverage was a continued example of his excellent writing.
The Bishop Bobby Hilton, a fervent Hunter supporter and minister of Word of Deliverance
Ministries, a Forest Park church, ominously promised the commissioners Hunter
supporters would take action if they didn't.
"The nation is going to hear about this. The All-Star Game is going to hear about this,"
Hilton told commissioners Wednesday, mentioning the July Major League Baseball event
hosted this year by Cincinnati.

In the last few years, his Twitter and Facebook accounts became places to find out first and fast
what was happening at the courthouse and for the news of the day.
He would be an asset to you. I recommend him highly.
Bernie Bouchard
1000 Main Street Room 160
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

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