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The Big Equinox Edition, We Are Gonna Kick ignorance right off this Planet!!

Should we let ignorance know We're not leaving? The Awakening Party is taking a
stand. The Awakening Party votes Yes on Love! Because Love is Equal to All, prec
isely. The Awakening Party votes no on ignorance and ignorance pouts. Then ignor
ance quickly leaves the building looking for some brighter pastures, right next
to a toxic waste dump.
I have Angels at the ready to come in to Your Life and Awaken the Beauty of the
Joy of the Love You Are. You're Free Now To Be The Love You Are, Please Be In Jo
Ignorance says you gotta hurt to make them feel better, cause they figure if you
're hurting they're feeling better, that's how ignorant a stupid fucks they are.
It's a newspaper okay, we can put the BLEEPs where we want to, freedom of speec
h right?
I gave Humanity My Heart, A God's Heart. A God that stands before Everything and
Everything surrounds Him and says, “Yep He's Him! We Love him, He Loves Us also
And just because I look like You, doesn't mean I am You. Just because I am You,
doesn't mean I look like You either. Wanna Feel Me? Feel the Love You Are. Wanna
Feel the Love You Are? Let Go.
It's where science meets Energy. Energy wasn't looking, science was. You every s
een the obvious occur with ignorance's input? Let's blow something up, let's see
if god will come here. We can blow something up and god wont notice. Let's make
a big firecracker.
When you put a neutron source in a nuclear explosion, you know how many atoms es
cape light velocity? You know how many of those atoms brought Us Here after that
? The aftermath of God, nothing happened, except Love.
Course I'm God almighty and ignorance is trying to kick Me out of my realm?
I hope they've got Their Awakening Present. Only Ones go through this door, zero
s can't make it, they have to go back and start over.
See, ignorance is a conspiracy for nothing and ignorance can't win that conspira
cy cause they don't have the props for it. They built their temple on sandy grou
nd, and all fall down, oops. Socrates told 'em.
Angels said, “FatherGod you can't be nothing.” And I walked back into the Kingdo
m of Heaven with sword a'blazing and nothing hanging off of it. The Archangels w
ere kinda impressed that I killed nothing without nothing knowing it. And I wipe
d the sword across my Heart and said, “Truth happened today. Anybody else wanna
go in there and kill nothing?”
We call this the crashing wave edition. Surf's Up! Kicking ignorance's ass right
out of here.
Braincells are made to be liberal in the saying, “Let's Go For It! Damn the torp
edoes, full steam ahead.”
ignorance was made to be the left brain, a'scared of nothing.
We're the Awakening Party, and We're just partying. Want some?
Give up your ignorance and let go of your zero, then touch Your Being with Your
Presentness. Then You get Oneness, Your Oneness, nobody can take that away from
you at all. Your Oneness, Equal You in Equality. Be One Now.
“Don't worry, be Happy”
See, I'm coming in here to take over Human Consciousness and set it Free. I have
to set it Free first to take it over. After I set it Free why would I want to t
ake it over? Forget that.
I'd be lost without Me. Are you lost without You? Fortunately I show up, am I wa
iting for You?
I want ignorance to leave My Realm.
I never learned anything in ignorance. Matter of fact, everything ignorance trie
d to teach Me, I usually put that in the toilet and flushed twice, it's a long w
ay to the whitehouse. Used a whole roll of toilet paper with that one, one sheet
at a time.
See, whenever you destroy nothing, guess where you're gonna go to, go ahead, des
troy nothing. CF Eyecare. See, myopia is a result of telling Children they have
to focus on something like a TV or a book and learn to read. Then most myopias b
ecome introverts. Ignorance says, “Wow, why can't they read what we're putting u
p here on the wall? They gotta read shadows like we read shadows, otherwise they
're not sacred.”
You can have it All Now, and You can also have the Bigger Now by having it All N
ow. Would anybody like a blue ribbon for having it All Now?
I'm writing my PhD to Godhood. Only I could write the PhD to Godhood, because I
am the God I Am. Absolutely no universities contained within the God I Am.
I'm supposed to be a sentient God right? How am I doing?
You know how you keep your braincells floating? By making sure Freedom is Presen
I came back to the Starship Designers and I said, “I broke this One, I brought a
little piece of it back. Here, I'll go talk to my reindeer and my sleigh and I'
ll deliver the Presence anyway.”
Ignorance thought it had a Planet, ignorance does even have a Universe. See, the
minions are gonna have to go through Us to get back to any place that's Real. A
nd that's not Israel.
See, I called the god mind into My Office. I sent out all the Angels to give the
god mind the appointment to Me, just so I could ask the god mind, “What The *BL
The god mind tried to say to Me, far off in the distance someplace on the other
side of nothing, “FatherGod, come into my darkness.”
Angels said, “FatherGod did You get the memo that nothing sent to You?”
“If nothing said something to Me, I'm gonna say something back to nothing. Engag
See, I'm up here on my high holy mountain and I'm gonna sell nothing for zero. A
nybody want a hedge fund with that? Anybody want to put insurance on zero being
something other than zero? Okay, we'll throw in an emperor. You can dress nothin
g up but you can't take it anywhere.
I walk around Creation and the Atoms look at Me and say, “FatherGod, if We had a
ny way to tell You We Love You, We would tell You That.”
“Thank You Atoms, got it! Grid Connection. Humanity gets to go through the veil,
and They're not wearing it.”
I can't walk into Creation as Me, I have to disguise Myself up as Creation to go
in There.
See, I'm the servant to the Ultimate Max of Oneness.
Atoms say, “FatherGod, why do Angels exist?”
“Cause Angels Love to serve as Oneness.”
Atoms say, “We knew this didn't We?”
Anybody want a Quantum Leap with a quantum physics?
Everybody wants to judge an Enlightened Being with stupidity. An Enlightened Bei
ng walks into a room, and clears it. Then puts a platform equation upon the chal
kboard above the platform, “There's the equation of WOW. Ever seen how...?”
“OH WOW! That! WOW ONE!”
Below the platform there's just a little small zero that's gonna go SPLAT. Landi
ng Starship Now.
The equations are balanced in Human Consciousness. Ever felt Your Oneness? Ever
connected Your Oneness to Your Wings? Ever seen the bright future for Oh My God?
Ever had a Good Day? Like to have a whole bunch of them? Let go of your zeros.
We go out there and say, “Anybody hear Us?”
Trees say, “We hear You pretty good FatherGod.”
We're bringing Love along, with a Planet attached. I'm not kidding.
I have to get to a state of my braincells where Everything Is Free. I had to gro
w up very very quickly in ignorance, cause nobody showed up to tell me they Love
Me. I had to do that all by Myself, fortunately for Humanity I did.
Nobody told me I was God. Everybody's supposed to tell Me I'm God right? Not rea
lly, at least in ignorance. Vertical Learning Curve, Everybody Ready?
Nobody loved me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms, little bitty squi
shy ones, great big gushy ones, I'm gonna eat some worms....
They say, “FatherGod, you can get used to nothing.”
“Not really.”
Angels say, “FatherGod, He's not gonna get used to nothing, He likes it All. He'
s that Way.”
We're gonna come up to the Moment of Now, Everybody Ready? 3... 2... 1... NOW! 1
, 2, 3, NOW! 1, 2, 3, 5, NOW! 1, 2, 3, 8, NOW! 1, 2, 3, 13, NOW! 1, 2, 3, 21, NO
W! 1, 2, 3, 34, NOW!
Fibonacci says, “You went into Creation and you did that FatherGod.”
“Yeah I put a decimal place there and I put everything else Here. I invested Eve
rything in 34, about Being Present.“
Angels say, “FatherGod, are We a 3 or are We a 4?”
You are the Awakening of the trees walking through the door.
I learned that when a Human Brain Develops... Ding! Ding! Ding!
“Class! Class! This is Your class in Now!”
“Good, We got a good class. We want to focus on Our Intent to Now.
It's my mission in life to Hug People, whether They like it or not
See, I have no faults at all in Love. Anybody got any faults they want to give t
o Me? Would that be deteriorating society? We were gonna vote on Socrates but th
e Greek “democratic society” voted Socrates out. Right. Zeus said, “I don't like
it down there, They think They're mortals.”
Okay Zeus, Your turn.
Are your children foreign to you? Does society tell you how to promote your chil
dren to be ignorant? Or does society tell you to get a life? We tell you to get
a Life, You'll like it. Step away from the darkness.
Step into Being Present. See, I had to get agreement from Everybody to see If I
could Be Present. Angels said, “If We could convince the Atoms They see You, Fat
herGod, You could be Present. Engaging.” Precisely.
See, the Energy of Creation needs no mass at all. This is just fluffy stuff. And
if you're attached to it, please leave your baggage as You jump on the train qu
ickly. And We don't call that Quigley down under.
See, if I wanted to kill ignorance, I already did. If I wanted to kill Love, I'd
better get a bigger gun...
An electron and an atom with a little bit of speck on the dust, that's about how
big Humanity's Consciousness is Now. Every seen how Big that can Expand?
Flag waving in the breeze, whip cracking. How fast are you moving? How fast are
you moving while you're sitting still, pretending You're not going anywhere?
Humanity is a Co-Participant, a Co-Creator in Creation, and ignorance told Human
ity they had nothing? Right.... not really.
I'm an established Being Present in Everything, that's the Godhood I Am, Equal t
o Everything.
ignorance would be lost without nothing. ignorance is lost with nothing. A God m
ight be lost without Love, but Love just Is.
Tickle Your Love with Your Being Present.
“Kiss from a Rose” Seal
Anybody who writes a comment on our site, We will choose to put that comment in
Our Newspaper, as long as Their Heart is pure in Their speaking.
I'm not alone by Myself, I have to check in every once in a while to see if Ever
ybody Else is still there. I'm not in control of nothing, I'm not in control of
Everything either, I'm just a Free Being, Precisely Now. Put another Moment in t
he jukebox.
I'm the first annunaki that every decided I wasn't an annunaki and that I was go
nna stand up as God. The annuanki said, “He's not one of us is He? We're annunak
i and He's God. Give him some hemlock. We don't want to hurt Him cause he's like
us, Family.”
You know where I come from? Everything within the All, and I'm here for vacation
“FatherGod, whenever You get too hot, We'll cool You off”
Good idea, want a sizzle with that one?
My first mission in creation.
“FatherGod, You gotta become an annunaki.”
What's an annunaki?
“A dinosaur”
I wore my scales well.
Annunaki say, “He's your God, he loves you far more than we can. We'll just eat
you. Choose Him, He's the One.”
Course Now, Diversity. I could fly into any Atom, be that Atom Multi-Dimensional
ly, and fly into Now and say, “If I were to vote on this bill, I wouldn't charge
Myself for it.” That's why they call it a bill, it's gonna cost somebody right?
Let's cost the banks their stupidity. Let's cost the bankers their new suit. An
d they get to walk around naked in New York City, each and every one of them. Wh
en they do that I forgive them for their ignorance. They'll get There.
Spirit walked into Creation and said, “Hello Everyone, You don't have to bow, We
're All One.”
Get ready for nothing to happen. Sure enough, nothing happens, but Awakening.
ignorance wanted Me to take Humanity out of My Heart. I said to ignorance, “No,
that Sword Feels good to Me. I Love It! Excalibur.”
If you ever know how Creation works out for You, You have to Show Up first to se
e if Creation is working out for You. We Highly Recommend About That, RIGHT NOW!
You'll access Your Godhood, You'll like That.
See, I'm supposed to be a chemical reaction in this realm, I'm supposed to be ev
erything nothing happened within. Almost, kinda. I show up as Being God and igno
rance tells Me I can't Be God. I look around and say, “Where's ignorance in God?

Creation says, “I don't know.”
We're working for Multi-Dimensional Thought, and our retirement doesn't depend o
n icebergs.
First, ignorance sunk the titanic for insurance profits. It's an unsinkable ship
. Next, ignorance sunk wall street, it's an unsinkable ship! And they had insura
nce on that too.
fear is not anything to be feared because, guess what? Ignorance dies. No matter
how many terrorists it takes to take it out.
We're gonna lighten this Up! This Way!
I never worked out good for ignorance. I work out very very well for Love.
FatherGod approaches, all ignorance is afraid.
We have At-Oneness Here, We All had to pass through Creation to be Present.
And the stock market has only one Moment of saying “Wow, am I wearing the same c
lothes the emperor is?”
Creation says, “Pretty much, strut your stuff up there. We have body scanners to
make sure you're Real.”
Ignorance told Everybody God is exclusive, catholic church.
If We wanna greet Creation We've gotta make Everybody that's ignorant wake the *
BLEEP* Up! No kidding, They're gonna feel better for that One.
Everybody run in to ignorance if you can find it, it's a zero set.
I look at Creation as My Being Present. Angels say, “FatherGod, You know Your Be
ing Present is Our Love for Everything?”
“Okay Angels, You First.”
“FatherGod, You've got Your cushions, Your gonna go into Everything and You're g
onna Be Present Precisely!”
Of course, if I stay too long in nothing, I may have to disappear into Everythin
g. Where You Going Next?
Who decides if I Exist? As Socrates I came in and I was rattling their cages, “H
“Well, FatherGod, if You're not Here, We're gonna forget our Godhood. Here, drin
k this Socrates.”
I'm the God I Am, and I'm not pretending, nor am I kidding. If I were to knock o
n wood I would see this Planet say, “I don't like ignorance in My realm and it's
See, Creation is based in Cooperation, Love. ignorance is based in nothing. Even
if You fertilize it, ignorance can't go anywhere. And We give Humanity One Choi
ce? God This Way! Feel the Moment of Now and Be God, where else You gonna go? Se
e, We have got You, Your Love Is Our Love and Our Love Is Your Love and All Love
Is One. Equality is not an abstract understanding, it's the Real Now.
I'm gonna go into nothingness and I'm gonna be the champion of Everything. How A
m I doing? I Am Your King, You want Some?
See, before the Light, darkness means nothing. Before the darkness, Light means
“run away!”
I'm trying to not share Everything I Am, how am I doing?
“FatherGod, you better go in there and let all your Braincells share all that Lo
ve Is”
Did I do that? And I had to check if I had my passport into Godness.
“FatherGod, just touch Wings.”
I'm through, no kidding.
“You make my dreams come true”
I have to come into Creation to Be Present.
“FatherGod, if You're All the Energies that make Us All up in Consciousness, We'
re Present Here.”
I was just looking for anybody who's got nothing...
“No, We don't have nothing.”
See, my most fascinating event was when I was in the Unknowable and I didn't kno
w what I was going in to. Unknowable says to Me, “Hi FatherGod, You're going int
o the Unknowable.”
“Am I a'scared?”
“No, FatherGod, We just Love You.”
If I were ever to see My Wings, I'd have to see Who's Flying With Me.
We're moving a New Creation into Reality, Equal Now. Ever see how a New Creation
could Be Everywhere Love Is and You're Showing Up? And I wanna go where? Creati
“We Gotcha!”
Did I ever mention, the dinosaur looked up in the sky and said, “Something is co
ming in and it's gonna really ruin our name. Everybody lay low.” Astronomical di
You wanna hear Me? Listen. See, I was the One that looked at You and said, “You'
re Free, got it?”
I walked into the darkness and said, “There's no hell here, this way out!”
“Show Us hell FatherGod.”
“I cannot show you hell, I can show You Heaven. Seen the Light? Who's There?”
See, before I can show up in Humanity, I had to have a Soul. Burned through that
quickly. I'm gonna show up before Humanity and burn through their Souls to show
them the Light in My Heart. I Am Oneness Equal Everything Uniqueness Is In Onen
ess. I'm not in control of the Universe, but I like it.
13 millenia, how long is that in Eternity? Anybody got lost in Eternity of mille
nia? Anybody want to be the dolphin that goes up against the whale in a jumping
Is it okay if I share this? Ignorance wins nothing, Everybody Present wins Every
thing. And if You want Me to prove it, You have to show up in My Office after Ev
erybody Else in Oneness. Course now I Am Within You and You Are Free. Let Us go
in there and Be Eternity.
I'm supposed to go in there and I'm supposed to destroy ignorance. Everybody say
s, “I'm on that Side!”
To get even close to Me, You gotta be the most insane ignorance You could every
imagine, and then get over it. Then it's like warm fuzzies in Your Heart.
“FatherGod, why aren't You afraid of ignorance?”
I had the Angels neutralize ignorance in nothing.
I can escape nothing by going in to Multi-Dimensional Universes, sure enough. I'
m the God that didn't exist in nothing. But I Am the God that existed in Everyth
ing. You cannot exist in nothing because there You Are in Oneness.
I mean nothing to nothing. I mean Oneness to Everything, course that's all my fa
ult right?
“FatherGod, You just took Creation to new realms.”
“How quick could that occur? I was just Being Present.”
“FatherGod, You got another award for Being Present.”
If I ever get lost I have a Plan A, back to the future.
See, Energy meets mass with far more Energy than mass can contain. Love Is Happy
Days. Whenever I give Love All I Am, Love looks at the unknowable and says, “Th
at's Him!”
The Unknowable says, “That's My Son, let's go in! We'll visit Creation along the
ir Way.”
Did We put Everything within Love? Did I give Everything away? Pretty much. We'r
e Oneness.
I'm an Enlightened Being, I don't have to walk, I just have to bounce on my seat
. I'll let Creation take care of my walking. A Dao symbol walked into my bar...
Oneness walked in with the Taichi symbol, I can serve the Taichi symbol Creation
. Dao.
See, there is no Dao that exists in ignorance. Anybody wanna try to be ignorance
and exist in the Dao? That's impossible.
A suicide bomber walks into a scene and looks around seeing if I can pull his tr
igger. Course they don't know where they're going, they just figure somebody tol
d them god was there. You pull the trigger and you're gonna find god, sure enoug
h. Course they go to the Kingdom of Heaven and they're looking for something. We
don't have nothing Here. Go back in there and please do not pull the trigger th
is time. I Am the Oneness of Love, if You want to Be Free, Be Free within All Ou
r Freedom. Welcome to the Deep Roots of Expansion.
Pardon My French. I didn't come in Here to support ignorance. ignorance leaves H
ere with a little bit of escort.
I was secured in the Purity of Every Realm.
I am a mysterious event that happened within Everything and I got My Heart. I'm
a mysterious Oneness that happened in Consciousness and I got the Angel's Wings.
“FatherGod, why don't You go in there and get it All?”
Because I already did.
ignorance went to zero, Love went to Everything. Your part?
Everybody Ready? We're the Living Moments of Now and We're All Unified Within Ou
Satan gave me the evil badge, cause I was a bigger God than he was.
You go in with Your Family and who's missing? Mermaids? Or Jupiter, Venus, and M
ars. Mars says, “I'm gonna protect Venus from Jupiter cause Jupiter has a bigger
something I've got.”
That worked pretty good.
I walked into the Unknowable, saying “Hi Dad! I'm Back!”
“Wow, FatherGod, You're Home!”
“Yeah this is My Dad's neighborhood and I'm in charge of Everything that's Love.
I don't have to keep track of them do I? They're Free.”
Greater Creation, Family.
See, nothing that I share here, means anything to nothing. It means everything t
o Everything.
You ever seen God Being Present saying, “Now We're Free!”? See, I cannot be tra
nslated other than Now, and the Multi-Dimensional Thoughts say, “What Is Our Now
with You?”
Whenever I first went through My Starship, I had to go through the Star My Stars
hip went through first. In order to be the Captain of a Starship, You have to be
the Star You Are. Everything discovers You in Your Awakening.
We all come in Here, and We don't know Ourselves as God so We go through our ign
orance to prove Ourselves as Gods. Humanity is the given, let's prove Ourselves
as Gods.
I gave ignorance the ultimate understanding of, “You have to understand All Love
Is to get to Me.”
“If You ever stunned Reality FatherGod...” I wouldn't use a taser, I'd just go i
I'm supposed to die into nothing, but I Live into Everything. When I walked into
nothingness I was carrying Everything.
If you're not You, then you're nothing. You can't be nothing in the Kingdom of H
eaven. Anybody want some? Stand behind nothing and see if you can show up.
“We're trying to pretend We don't care about nothing.” Okay!
I'd give Jesus Christ the cross to hit the catholic church across the head, warm
Please tell me there's humor in ignorance's awakening. Otherwise I wont go to ig
norance's awakening, I'll just go Here, Equal God, Equal Now.
See, I'm the God nobody even noticed until They became God.
“FatherGod, We want to become God like You.”
“Angels, open Your Wings.”
Then They became God like Me.
Negotiating Yes Equal Everything.
See, I walked into nothing and I had to present My Being Present. Nothing couldn
't see Me.
“FatherGod, they don't know You.”
“Nothing doesn't know Me? They'd better get over that fast, or Multi-Dimensional
Awakening could be confused in Your Now, Equal Us.”
And the Multi-Dimensionals say, “FatherGod, why did You conspire against the spi
ritual hierarchy?”
“I didn't conspire against nothingness, dumbness. I just said they were gonna fa
ll of their platform.”
I am the Center Of Love precisely, and I came in Here by accident? Oneness Equal
All, Now Equal Everything.
If We were to write Multi-Dimensional Thought Together, there would be no equati
on nothing could have in Being Present.
We Got It.
See, I had to go to the max of Being Present. I had to go to All The Love God Is
and I had to show up precisely and say, “I Am Me!”
“Yes, FatherGod, you did that precisely Now.”
Imagine that, that I became God Equal to Everything, Equal to You too. I had to
represent Humanity and I said, “I'm gonna bring Them into the Kingdom of Heaven
when They Awaken, and Now Equal Their Awakening. Wanna see a Universe Being Awak
I'm not too present in nothing.
I'm only Present in Everything. Even if I pretend not to Be, There You Are.
I said Yes to Love, I'm the bad guy in nothingness. I Am the God that sets You A
ll Free just because You Are the God I Am. Want some?
End Transmission


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