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Nazis Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industry was not

defeated during WWII and went underground to conquer the World.

Dear Sir Madam,

Let us be clear, No Cancer Foundation is not against, but fundamental for a fair, democratic and
strong Europe & America with and for all European and American people! Any public officer in
performance of his duties, who becomes aware of a crime or misdemeanour, must respect the
Constitution and is obliged to inform the public prosecutor immediately. Violations of laws and
regulations should be addressed directly, so injustice, discrimination and current implemented stealth
genocide belongs to the past and human rights can be respected again. Governments are actually
hostage by corporations that have undermined sovereign nations by stealth. Staged False Flag Terror
Attacks, (Paris' Fals Flag Terror Attack) disabling constitutions and dismantling sovereign and
democratic countries, despite.
An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it (O. A. Battista).
By international law, WE THE PEOPLE have the right to claim real solutions! Wherefore our letters to
Kings an Presidents, International requests and lawsuits.
So "WE THE PEOPLE" ask you, Was Your Oath Sincere
Europe, our entire World is in big trouble if you understand that Nazi Chemical-Pharmaceutical and
Petrochemical industry was not defeated during WWII and went underground to conquer the World
with stealth murderous genocide consequences.
In 1932, the British-led ''Eugenics'' movement designated the Rockefellers' Dr. Rudin as the president
of the worldwide Eugenics Federation. The movement called for the killing or sterilization of people
whose heredity made them a public burden. - The Racial Laws - A few months later, Hitler took over
Germany and the Rockefeller-Rudin apparatus became a section of the Nazi state.

After 60 years of silence, the Profit Over Life online archive opens up the records of the Nuremberg
War Tribunals against IG Farben, the largest chemical/ pharmaceutical multinational during the first
half of the 20th Century, to people everywhere. The tens of thousands of documents contained in the
archive unequivocally document that WWII, a war that cost the lives of more than 60 million people,
was planned and financed by the IG Farben cartel, at that time consisting of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst
and others. Students, teachers, academic researchers, politicians and millions of people worldwide
are therefore invited to use this archive as the basis for better understanding history. This is
particularly important because multinational corporate interests continue to this day to use military
force to reach their global goals. Documents reveal the undemocratic structure of the Brussels EU.

What you always wanted to know about Big Pharma, but no one dared to tell you!

According to the records of the Nurnberg Tribunal document, Bayer, BASF and Hoechst gave more
than 80 million Reichsmark to the Nazis and their sub-organizations. In return for this investment IG
Farben took over the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries in the countries
occupied during WWII with the ultimate goal to create and dominate a European Market form
Lisbon to Sofia with a common European currency, common European law, and even a European
(and global) court system, all of that under the control of the nazi-IG Farben coalition as written on
July 20, 1940 by IG Farben director Knieriem to the Nazi government where he outlines the tools by
which IG Farben intended to cement its key role in Europe.

On May 12 and 13, 1940 the German nazi-SS Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld who was a IGFarben NW7 spy, guided Queen Wilhelmina and his family at their crossing to England, with the
knowledge that, under Article 21 of the Dutch Constitution, the Dutch government therefore has been
disbanded and the Netherlands has become part of Germany, which was driven by the Hitler Cabinet.

So on October 1945 as result of World War II the United Nations (UN) was established in the former
Dutch colonial settlement of New Amsterdam which became New York City whose various
international UN organizations operate illegal and unconstitutional from Dutch territory.

The United Nations (UN) a intergovernmental organization created and funded by the Rockefeller
family and their associates who funded the Nazi, possess currently various international UN
organizations and tribunals located in the Netherlands. The Rockefeller Foundation is the prime
sponsor of public relations for the United Nations' eugenics drastic depopulation program. Evidence
in the possession of a growing number of researchers in America, England, and Germany
demonstrates that the Foundation and its corporate, medical, and political associates organized the
racial mass murder program of Nazi Germany
To describe the real history behind the building of NS Germany and thus the rise of Hitler's Third
Reich, we start with the chemical company IG-Farben. This chemical company acquired a
considerable reputation as it financed the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and the further advancement of NS
Germany. It was also called the 'state within a state'. It even knew her own espionage service (NW-7)
where the later infamous Gestapo was involved and Nazi-SS Prince Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld
was a member off. The chemical giant IG-Farben also took the Holland-route to the U.S. and made
their use of the services of BBH, UBC lined BHS Bank in Rotterdam and Dillon Read. Like Thyssen

they founded their own banking business in the Netherlands: "HKB De Hollandsche Koopmansbank
in Amsterdam (1923)". Albeit, that the Swedish Enskilda Bank had a large share in the new company.
The HKB (Dutch Merchant Bank) was from the outset led by Gerhard Fritze. He was married to a
descendant of the family Ilgner and possibly because of that he got deeper and deeper entangled in
IG Farben's activities behind the scenes of international politics. Another member of that family (Max
Ilgner) led namely the intelligence department NW 7 with SS Nazi Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld as
their spy. To Max Ilgner friends belongs princess Armgard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, the mother of Prince
Bernhard. A connection that not only will pay off sweet fruits.

IG Farben was put down in 1925 as 'Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktien gesellschaft',
which was organized in 1904 when the six major chemical companies (Badische Anilin, Agfa, Bayer,
Hoechst, Weiler-ter-Meer en Greisheim Electron) began to form this cartel in Germany. In 1929 Fritze
acquired Dutch nationality. Before that, he transformed to Swede, to make it a more flexible
accompany to the process of rapprochement between IG Farben and Enskilda. In the Netherlands he
especially monitoring the flow of funds between the German parent company and the U.S. subsidiary
Chemnyco. This branch was headed by Robert Ilgner, a naturalized American brother off Max Ilgner,
who was assisted by the bank BBH and UBC lined BHS Bank in Rotterdam off Prescott Bush and
Averill Harriman. Prescott Bush wealth is linked to the holocaust; he made his fortune by financing
the war effort of Adolph Hitler together with his banking partners and Nazi's inside the Netherlands.
Prince Alfred zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, a relative of Prince Bernhard. By another of those remarkable
coincidences, Prince Alfreds daughter was the wife of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza de
Karzon, son of Fritz Thyssens brother and heir to the Thyssen family fortune.
At the end of World War I (1918) August Thyssen, the largest military producer in Germany sees his
steel empire in danger. In the "neutral" Netherlands he opens the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart
in Rotterdam, later Union Banking Corporation (UBC). On this way he can safeguard his war booty
from the August Thyssen Bank in Berlin against the claims of the Versailles Treaty. The Old August
donates 100 million $ and the Ruhr industrial empire to his son Fritz Thyssen who in 1923 becomes
under the spell of Adolf Hitler and financial support Hitlers National Socialist German Workers' Party
(NSDAP). Also Nazi Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld was a member sins 1933). The war money in
Rotterdam was not enough, so Thijssen also establish an American branch with the CEO of the

investment firm W. A. Harriman & Co. Harriman and Thyssen agreed to set up a bank for Thyssen in
New York, with gives Thyssen alongside Berlin and Rotterdam foothold in the United States.
Beginning of 1924 H. J. Kouwenhoven, director of the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, traveling
together with Thyssen's to New York to work with W. Averell Harriman and George Herbert Walker
(son-in-law Prescott Bush (video) and set up the Walker Union Banking Corporation (UBC). ("said an
official investigation in 1942). On 10 January 1925 the August Thyssen Htte get a loan of $ 12
million from another U.S. bank, Dillon, Read and Co, eighteen months later, another $ 5 million.
Clarence Dillon is an old friend of Samuel P. Bush, the patriarch of the Bush political family, he was
the father of U.S. Senator Prescott Bush, grandfather of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush,
and great-grandfather of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Dillon his bank was used by
Standard Oil, Ford, General Electric and DuPont to finance Hitler. With the U.S. dollar merges the
German steel industry, led by Fritz Thyssen and Friedrich Flick in to the Vereinigte Stahlwerke.
Cardinal Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) en Franz von Papen, Vice-Chancellor of Germany, under
Chancellor Adolf Hitler (since 30 January 1933), signed on 8 July 1933 the Reich Concordat whereby
Article 14, the following passage:
The appointment of a bishop by the Pope was subject to the regimes confirmation that no political
impediment existed.
Cardinal Pacelli granted Franz von Papen before the high papal decoration of the Grand Cross of the
Order of Pius. This made it possible for Hitler to implement a one party regime, with the support of
the Vatican, because the Vatican withdrew the support for the Deutsche Zentrumspartei. From that
moment Hitler received the necessary support for the founding of the great German Empire "World
Order" (Source Wikipedia)
Vatican connection:
Tied up in the Rat Lines by Yossi Melman which looks at the Vatican involvement in the escape
Red Cross and Vatican helped thousands of Nazis to escape 2011 Guardian article on how research
shows travel documents ended up in hands of the likes of Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and Klaus
Barbie in the postwar chaos.

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