St. Joseph’s Academy HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT March 24, 2010 BACCALAUREATE MASS You are enlightened by THE WORD.

Soar high, Josephian! Introductory Rite Commentator: As we reached out for our diplomas today, we had reached the end of one chapter of our lives. As we stepped out the gates of our Alma Mater, Sa int Joseph’s Academy, we carry on our dreams and goals as we fulfill each one of them, soaring high as we face a new world. The values and skills that we had a cquired in this institution will forever mold us to become better Christians liv ed up by the Word of God as we fully become simple and Jesus-centered achiever w ho is always available to serve. Now, with deep gratitude to the Lord, who best owed us all these blessings that we obtain today, let us honor Him as we rise an d sing together our hymn of praise. Entrance Hymn “We are Yours”

In the darkness that turned to day, Lord, you made us from breath and clay. With thanksgiving and praise we say: “We are yours!” From our bondage, you set us free to discover our dignity, made us your own for the world to see that we are yours! Bridge 1: Though our journey’s uncertain, be our life and our way. Be our truth now, and show us who we are. Lord, we pray – Refrain: Gather us into your love, O Lord. Make us your people! Take us, and hold us, break us and mold us in your love, in your love! Send us your Spirit, O Lord our God. Make us your own! Seek out and find us, in your love bind us, for we are yours! We are yours For the triumph of love and grace, you redeemed us from sin’s embrace. To you, Lord Jesus, we lift our praise, for we are yours. With your Spirit that brings new birth, you enkindle our lives’ true worth, renewing our hearts and all the earth. We are Yours! (bridge 1 & refrain) Bridge 2: When the world lays its claim on our hearts and souls, remind us of all that is true: that our hearts are yearning and restless till our hearts rest in you! (ref 2x) Coda: We are Yours! We are Yours! We are Your, O Lord.

Greeting Celebrant: All: Celebrant: u all. All: And also with you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with yo

Penitential Rite Presider : As we prepare to celebrate the mystery of Christ’s love. Let us acknowledge our failures and ask the Lord for pardon and strength. Student: (Background Music) There are times in our lives that we experience slavery,

things that enslave us from the love of God. Every time we do wrong in our lives, fail to respond to what is right, true and just. There are times when we miss the mark, failed to do good, did not follow His commands and hurt others like our classmates, friends and even members of our family. These remind us to rid ourselves of the things that enslave us. Now it’s time to take this journey towards freedom and love, to free ourselves from our attachments and experience through God’s compassion and mercy, and the joy in His inexhaus tible love. KYRIE : (Song) As we prepare for the coming of the Lord, we recall our faults and beg His mercy… Lord, have mercy (3x) Christ, have mercy (3x) Lord, have mercy (3x) Presider: May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life. All: Amen Opening Prayer

Celebrant :

Let us pray Father of mercy, Hear the prayers of your repentant children Who call on you in love. Enlighten our minds and sanctify our hearts. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit One God, forever and ever.



Liturgy of the Word Comm: The Word of God is truly alive and powerful, it penetrates even dividing soul and spirit and judges the thoughts and purposes of the heart. With heartfe lt reverence let us now turn our attention to the Word of God as it is being bro ught in procession to the altar. BIBLE ENTHRONEMENT “Hoooo… Adoramus te O Christe”

Introduction to the Word of God (Daniel 3: 14 – 20, 91,95) Comm: Nebuchadnezzar is amazed that the three men have survived being thrown i nto the fire. We think, we would have been amazed, too! One of the things we ca n learn from this story is that if we place our trust in God we will be vindicat ed. Sometimes, just to prove His power and to assure us that He is aware of our situation; God chooses to intervene in the affairs of the world and demonstrate His care and love. Let us now listen to the Word of God.

FIRST READING Daniel 3: 14 – 20, 91,95 King Nebuchadnezzar said: “Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, that you will not serve my god, or worship the golden statue that I set up? Be ready now to fall down and worship the statue I had made, whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, flute, lyre, harp, psaltery, bagpipe, and all the other musical instruments; otherwise, you shall be instantly cast into the white-hot furnace; and who is the God who can deliver you out of my hands?” Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered King Nebuchadnezzar,

“There is no need for us to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If our God, whom we serve, can save us from the white-hot furnace and from your hands, O king, may he save us! But even if he will not, know, O king, that we will not serve your god or worship the golden statue that you set up.” King Nebuchadnezzar’s face became livid with utter rage against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He ordered the furnace to be heated seven times more than usual and had some of the strongest men in his army bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and cast them into the white-hot furnace. Nebuchadnezzar rose in haste and asked his nobles, “Did we not cast three men bound into the fire?” “Assuredly, O king,” they answered. “But,” he replied, “I see four men unfettered and unhurt, walking in the fire, and the fourth looks like a son of God.” Nebuchadnezzar exclaimed, “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who sent his angel to deliver the servants who trusted in him; they disobeyed the royal command and yielded their bodies rather than serve or worship any god except their own God.” Reader: The Word of the Lord All: Thanks be to God. Responsorial Psalm I Love the Lord, He is full of compassion. He turned to me on the day that I called. From the snares of the dark, O Lord, save my life, be my strength Comm: Song Let us all rise to glorify and honor the Gospel. “Thy Word is the lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path” “I Love the Lord”

Gospel Reading Celebrant: All: Celebrant: All: The Lord be with you. And also with you. A reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. John Glory to You, O Lord.

Jesus said to those Jews who believed in him, “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” They answered him, “We are descendants of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How can you say, ‘You will become free’?” Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you,

everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin. A slave does not remain in a household forever, but a son always remains. So if the Son frees you, then you will truly be free. I know that you are descendants of Abraham. But you are trying to kill me, because my word has no room among you. I tell you what I have seen in the Father’s presence; then do what you have heard from the Father.” They answered and said to him, “Our father is Abraham.” Jesus said to them, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works of Abraham. But now you are trying to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God; Abraham did not do this. You are doing the works of your father!” So they said to him, “We were not born of fornication. We have one Father, God.” Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and am here; I did not come on my own, but he sent me.” Celebrant: All: HOMILY This is the gospel of the Lord. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

Graduation Covenant Student: All graduating students please rise for the Graduation Covenant.

Celebrant: Beloved students of Saint Joseph’s Academy, the time of your Graduation has come. This is the next step towards a new chapter of your life. Let us look back at your unforgettable experiences in this Alma mater and thank God for all the good things He has done for you. We thank our parents for their unending love, support and sacrifices in order for you to achieve this goal of finishing your high school education. As you look ahead for a promising future that await you. Let us ask God for his continuous guidance in your journey. On this day, before your parents, teachers and friends, let us make our covenant to the Lord as a response to all His blessings and love that He has showered to us all these years. Celebrant: Students: Dear graduates, do you promise to dedicate your life to Christ through good deed and service to others? I do promise.

Celebrant: Students:

Do you promise to keep the Catholic faith in your heart and in your day to day life? I do promise.

Celebrant: Do you promise to keep your Christian faith alive by constant prayer, living the Word of God, receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist in your life? Students: Celebrant: Students: I do promise. Do you promise to proclaim the Josephian spirit not only in this community but to the whole world? I do promise.


and Graduates

LOVING GOD AND FATHER // IN YOUR GOODNESS // YOU HAVE BROUGHT US TO THIS SPECIAL DAY // WE PRAY THAT YOU REMAIN WITH US // IN OUR DAY TO DAY WORK // AND THAT WE BECOME FAITHFUL TO YOUR TEACHING. // GUIDE US IN THE PATH THAT WE WILL TAKE // GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO TRUST IN YOU // SO THAT WE CAN LIVE AS FAITHFUL WITNESSES OF YOUR SON JESUS. Celebrant: May the Lord God, bless you and help you to fulfill your promise and grant all your prayers. All: Prayers of the Faithful Celebrant: ruth. Let us ask God to lead us and all the graduates to the fulfillment He intends for us. With love and faith we offer our prayer to Him: LET YOUR WORD ENLIGHTEN US, O LORD That the Church throughout the world may always be faithful in His Word and become instrument of God’s love in promoting justice, peace and reconciliati on in our country. Let us pray to the Lord.. That our Pope, Benedict XVI, Jesse Mercado our Bishop, Msgr. Albert Venus, o ur school Director and parish priest, and all the priests may be always be enlight ened by the Holy Spirit in rendering their unfailing service and sharing His Word to the vineya rd of the Lord. Let us pray to the Lord. Amen.

As we journey through life, let us pray for the courage to speak His word and work for the t

That government leader may witness love, honesty, true- service and faithfu lness in fulfilling Their oaths and performing duties for our country. Let us pray to the Lord. That the parents of our students in Saint Joseph’s Academy and all the pare nts of the world may always serve as an inspiration and model to their children in follow ing His Word and become true followers of Christ. Let us pray to the Lord. That all administrators, teachers and staff of Saint Joseph’s Academy may unconditionally share their times and talents to inculcate the Vision – Mission of the s chool in accordance to the teachings and ways of Jesus and values of Saint Joseph. Let us pr ay to the Lord. That all graduating students of Saint Joseph’s Academy may truly see in th eir lives of being true Josephian cannot only be seen in words but also in deeds. May the y soar high in the world with faith and confidence that His Word is truly felt and lived. L et us pray to the Lord. That all of us gathered here, that Christ may always enlighten us by His W ord and witness in our lives the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord. Let us pray to the Lord.


Heavenly Father, we know that anything we ask for in Your name will be granted. May our ears be always open to your Words. Guide our steps in the way if justice and peace. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Liturgy of the Eucharist Comm: We now offer to the altar of the Lord all our gifts as our gratitude fo r all the good things He has bestowed on us. Offertory Song “Take and Receive”

Prayer Over the Gifts Celebrant : . All: May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the Pray, brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father

praise and glory of his name, for our good, and the good of all his of all his Church. Celebrant: trength. All: Amen. Lord, You have given us these gifts to honor your name. Bless them, and let them become a source of health and s We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Eucharistic Prayer Celebrant: All: Celebrant: All: Celebrant: All: Celebrant: The Lord be with you. And also with you. Lift up your hearts We lift them up to the Lord. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God It is right to give Him thanks and praise. Father, all powerful and ever living God we praise and thank you through Jesus Christ our Lord For your presence and action in the world. In the midst of conflict and division, We know it is you who turn our minds To thoughts and peace. Your Spirit changes our hearts: Enemies begin to speak to one another, Those who were estranged join hands in friendship, And nations seek the way of peace together. Your Spirit is at work When understanding puts an end to strife, When hatred is quenched by mercy, And vengeance gives way to forgiveness. For this we should never cease To thank you and praise. We join with all the choirs of heaven As they sing for ever to your glory.

Holy Holy, holy, holy Lord God of power and might, heaven and earth are filled with your glory. Hosanna on high (2x) Hosanna (3x) Hosanna on high, Hosanna (3x) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna on high (2x) Hosanna (3x) Hosanna on high, Hosanna (3x)


God of power and might, We praise you through your Son, Jesus Christ Who comes your name. He is the Word that brings salvation He is the hand you stretch out to sinners. He is the way that leads to your peace. God our Father, We had wandered far from you, But through your Son you have brought us back. You gave him up to death So that we might turn again to you And find our way to one another. Therefore we celebrate the reconciliation Christ has gained for us.

(He joins his hands and holding them outstretched over the offerings, says) We ask you to sanctify these gifts by the power of your Spirit, As we now fulfill your Son’s command. While he was at supper on the night before he died for us, he took bread in his hands and gave you thanks and praise. He broke the bread, gave it to his disciples, and said Take this, all of you, and eat it: This is my body which will be given up for you.

At the end of the meal he took the cup. Again he praised you for your goodness, gave the cup to his disciples, and said: Take this, all of you and drink from it: This is the cup of my blood, The blood of the new and everlasting Covenant. It will be shed for you And for all people. Do this in memory of me. Let us proclaim the mystery of our faith. Memorial Acclamation Lord you laid down your life for sinners as ransom for all men.

Rising, Lord, you restored our freedom, brought darkness to an end. Through your love we have been saved; in your love we now remain. So with joy in our hearts we proclaim your love in our lives ‘til you come again.

Celebrant: Lord our God, your Son has entrusted to us this pledge of his love. We celebrate the memory of this death and resurrection and bring you the gift you have given us, the sacrifice of reconciliation. Therefore, we ask you, Father, to accept us, together with your Son. Fill us with his Spirit through our sharing in this meal. May he take away all that divides us. May this Spirit keep us always in communion with Benedict, our Pope, Jesse Mercado our bishop, with all the bishops and all your people. Father, make your Church throughout the world a sign of unity and an instrument of your peace. You have gathered us here around the table of your Son, in fellowship with the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and all the saints. In that new world where the fullness of your peace will be revealed, gather people of every race, language and way of life to share in the one eternal banquet with Jesus Christ the Lord.

Doxology Celebrant: Through him, with him, and In Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit all glory and honor is yours, almighty father Forever and ever. Great Amen All glory and honor is yours, O Father; For ever and ever. Amen… (4x) Celebrant: Let us pray with confidence to the Father in the words our savior gave us.

The Lord’s Prayer Our Father in heaven, holy be your name. Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins

as we forgive those who sin against us! Do not bring us to the test but deliver us from evil, our Father, Amen, amen. Celebrant: Deliver us, Lord from every evil, and grant us Peace in our day. In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Doxology to the Lord’s Prayer For the kingdom and the power and the glory are yours. Forever and ever, forever our Father. Amen (3x) Sign of Peace Celebrant : Lord Jesus Christ, you said to your apostles: I leave you peace, my peace I give you. Look not on our sins, but on the faith of your Church, and grant us the peace and unity of your kingdom where you live for ever and ever. Amen. The peace of the Lord be with you always. And also with you.

All: Celebrant: All:

Valedictorian: Fellow graduating students, though our high school days are now about to end, let our fellowship last through the years. As we offer each other the sign of peace, Let us always be united in the love of Christ. Celebrant: Breaking of the Bread Lamb of God Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world (2x) Lamb of God you take away the sin of the world O grants us, O grant us your peace. Celebrant: This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are called to His supper. Let us offer each other the sign of peace.

Comm: Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I Shall be healed. Communion Song ON EAGLE’S WINGS You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord, who abide in his shadow for life, say to the Lord: “My refuge, my rock in whom I trust”. Refrain: And he will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn,make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of his hand. The snare of the fowler will never capture you, and famine will bring you no fear; Under his wings your refuge, his faithfulness your shield.

TO YOU Here I stand, forever in your mighty hand Living in your promise, written in my heart I am yours, surrendered wholly to you To set me in your fam’ly, calling me your own Chorus Now I, I belong to you All I need, your Spirit, Your Word, Your truth Hear my cry, my deep desire To know you more In your name, I will lift my hands to the King This anthem of praise I bring Heaven knows, I long to love you With all I am, I belong to you

WITH ALL I AM Into your hand I commit again With all I am for you Lord You hold my world in the palm of your hand And I am yours forever Chorus: Jesus I believe in you, Jesus I belong to you You’re the reason that I live, the reason that I sing With all I am I ll walk with you, wherever you go


Through tears and joy I’ll trust in you And I will live in all of your ways Your promises forever Chorus: Jesus I believe in you, Jesus I belong to you You’re the reason that I live, the reason that I sing (2x) (Instrumental) I Will Worship I Will Worship You (Repeat) Prayer after Communion Celebrant: Let us pray. Lord, May the mysteries we receive heal us, Remove sin from our hearts, And make us grow strong Under your constant protection. Grant this through Christ our Lord. All: Amen

Post Communion Prayer Thanksgiving Prayer Comm: Let us thank and glorify God trough our Thanksgiving prayer. All graduating students please rise!

Michael: God our father, We are gathered her today as one family to praise Your greatness, to glorify You r name And to thank You for everything, great and small, that You have given us. We thank You for this wonderful life that we will forever cherish. The experien ces we have make us real persons and Your unending love makes our life meaningfu l and complete so that we may become instruments of peace, love and hope to our classmates, friends and people who affected and influenced our lives. Lord, this also be an opportunity to us to eachers who selflessly crossed the borders visers, fathers and mothers for our sake. talents and developed our skills in every to the development of our total being. thank You for giving us our beloved t of their destined task as mentors, ad Through Your guidance, they honed our step of the way. They paved the way

We thank You for our classmates and friends who are our companions in our life’s journey, our supports in our struggles , our aides when we needed help, our com rades through thick and thin. Lord, we are not what we are today if not for our parents. We thank You for our wonderful parents for their overflowing love, care, understanding and unending support in our venture to reach our goals and fulfill our cherished dreams. Lastly, we thank You for our Alma Mater, Saint Joseph’s Academy, our second home . We thank You for SJA; for molding us as the real Josephians, rich in values a nd nourished by Your Word. Bless them Lord and keep them safe in Your hands. These we ask and pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer Consecration to Saint Joseph Kristel: As a sign of our homage to our patron Saint Joseph, our model of righteousness, obedience and justice, we offer to him our prayer of Consecratio n St. Joseph, spouse of our dear beloved Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the foster f ather of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we give honor and reverence to you by followi ng your virtues and trust, hope, love and faithfulness to God. Help us to incul cate these virtues in our lives that we may be able to proclaim the message of y our Son to the world, this we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. All together let us pray the prayer of Saint Joseph! Prayer to Saint Joseph God, our loving Father, you gave us St. Joseph as our personal friend. He was a good citizen of the land and devoted father and husband. May he be my father and protector and my guide in following the will of God. Like him may I hear your voice in times of trouble and confusion. Obtain for me through St. Joseph a sincere and pure heart, a fervent love for prayer and goodness and the grace to do all my actions for your kingdom and your greater glory. I dedicate myself to follow his example of righteousness and loyalty to Mary and Jesus now and at the hour of our death. AMEN Song to St. Joseph

SAN JOSE TANOD San Jose tanod ni Maria’t ni Hesus, kami rin ay tulungan mo. Hinangaan mong hiwagang dulot ng Diyos, mag-inang binigay sa’yo. At tahimik mo ngang binantayan si Hesus at kanyang ina. San Jose tulungan mo kaming maging tapat sa kanila. At gunitain ng aming puso ‘tong nangyaring himala. (incensing of St. Joseph’s image) Post Communion Song Comm: How majestic our God is for He has chosen us to be His children because we are precious and special in His eyes. Let us offer Him our H earts thanksgiving as sign of our deep gratitude to our teachers, parents, class mates and friends; “My Hearts Thanksgiving” ( to be sung..)

THANKSGIVING SONG My Hearts Thanksgiving Refrain: As I sing my hearts thanksgiving, and my eyes look heavenward. How the stars you flung like jewels, bid your welcome, shine your light. As I marvel at your moonrise, I’m in awe, yet I ask, “What am I that you should love me, and hold me as your dearest love of all.” You crown me with honor and glory, and you set all things under my feet. You have made me a little less than angels, even if I fly often away. In my anxious and brow beaten moments, you comfort me, fill me with peace. When my foes threaten, dare, and surround me. You’re my strength, you’re my light and my shield. How exalted your name is, oh Yahweh, and how lofty the work of your hands! Yet how closely, how dearly you draw me, to your love, your divine majesty.

Blessing of Diplomas, Medals and Certificates Salutatorian: Reverend Father, We, the graduating students, present with joy These diplomas, medals, and other school awards For which we worked during our high school years. We ask you to pray That they will always remind us of our duty To serve God and country with zeal and loyalty. Celebrant: God our Father, You are the fountain of knowledge and virtue. Grant that these your sons and daughters Whom you filled with divine and human gifts May dedicate themselves to you and the people With unfailing generosity and love. Lord, we ask you to bless these diplomas, medals, and certificates, fruits of the many years of labor. Bless also the Graduates who will receive and wear them. Grant them with unbroken loyalty to Your Son Jesus Christ whom St. Joseph’s Academy taught them to love and serve. Continue to bless them so that your teachings and everything that they have learned may be used for your greater glory by being servants to others. Grant this through Christ, Our Lord. Students: Amen

(Sprinkling of holy water on graduating students, blessing of diplomas and medals)

Concluding Rite Principal: Reverend Father, As these students begin a new stage in life, We ask you to invoke God’s blessing upon them And upon their parents, guardians and teachers. The Lord be with you And also with you. Bow your heads and ask God’s grace that In able us to carry his mission in our daily lif

Celebrant: All: Celebrant: e.

Final Blessing Celebrant: The Father of mercies has given us an example of unselfish love in the sufferings of his only Son. Through service of God and neighbor may you receive his countless blessings. Amen. You believe that by his dying Christ destroyed death forever. May he give you everlasting life. Amen. He humbled himself for our sakes. May you follow His examples and Share in his resurrection. Amen. May Almighty God Bless You the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

All: Celebrant:

All: Celebrant: All: Celebrant : All:

Celebrant: All: Recessional Song

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord! Thanks Be to God!

“At Home in Our Hearts”

You with whom He shared His wondrous deeds You to whom He bared His broken dreams Are truly blest, you whom Jesus sought before His lonely end Blest are you whom Jesus called His friend REFRAIN: And so we pray, now and always That we might serve the Lord as selflessly By feeding those in need, their woes making our own In our hearts may Jesus find a home You who begged the Lord to raise His friend You who knew our death He would amend Are truly blest, You whom Jesus heard say, "You are the Messiah The Son of God who comes into the world!" (REFRAIN)



You who welcomed Christ into You who must have washed the Are truly blest, you who fed Blest are you who served the

your home Savior s feet the Lord when weary and forlorn Lord s needs

******************************************************************************** *************

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