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can I learn about Sexual Health on Social Media that I cant learn from Sport or Art?
Inquiry Unit for Year 7 (Australian Secondary students)



Lesson aims / leading

So what is Sexual Health?

Changes during puberty

Vels Key Skills and

Content Knowledge

Lesson Overview / Activity

Evaluate strategies to manage personal,

physical and social changes that occur as
they grow older (VCHPEP124)

Students will develop class rules and relationship.

Asked to create a poster of physical changes during puberty.

Students discuss the emotional and social changes that occur in


Students to cover off topics which will later be used to assist in

building Sexual Health website.

Resources / Equipment
Device- for MySexDoctor app
Catching On Later

So what is Sexual Health?


Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
Contraception and STDs

Plan and use strategies and resources to

enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of
their communities (VCHPEP130)

What is Social Media?

Students will be able to
identify and evaluate
different types of Social

Identify and describe the use and

effectiveness of methods, media, materials,
design elements and design principles in
visual communications from different
historical, social and cultural contexts

Students will learn about contraception and STDs using my sex

Students choose an STD to research and present in groups of 5.

Students watch video on drug use.

Students will identify types / classifications of social media and

discuss the positive and negatives aspects of it. Its
trustworthiness and who owns the data.

Students will discuss the effects Social Media what impact does
it have on them and their relationships positive and negative?

How different is it to other types of Media? And to consider the
image theyre presenting of themselves via Social Media.

Device- for MySexDoctor app
Catching On Later

Room with access to a projector and
computer with connection to the

ipads (at least 5/6 ) so class can break
into groups and have a look at a couple
of Social Media websites.

Who are their (facebook / Twitter etc.) audience and what design
elements are used to attrack them and keep them? How is it
different from past was of communicating? Or other cultural
versions / styles of Social Media?

For the rest of the Inquiry unit the students will all communicate through a
Class / group Facebook page. It will be a closed group. Students will be
guided via the class facebook page to complete a Socrative questionnaire
about their understanding of Social Media?

How safe are we?

Sex, Social Media and
Cyber safety

How is Sexuality and
Sexual Health depicted in

Students will view and 1.
analyse artworks that
depict issues touching
on Sexual Health /

Plan and use strategies and resources to

enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of
their communities (VCHPEP130)

Investigate the benefits of relationships and
examine their impact on their own and
others health and wellbeing (VCHPEP127)

Student will explore social networking and how to be safe by

working through scenarios provided.

Class discussions on what can go wrong and what they can do
to stay safe on the internet and social media

Catching On Later:
Work Sheets pages. 131-149
TES Australia resource and activities:

Students will view particular artworks that express elements of

sexual health and sexuality, and discuss the differences between
them, considering when the works were made and what people
felt about sexual health and sexuality at the time.

What are we learning now about sexual health through these
works today? How did the public respond to the work when it was
first exhibited / put on public display?

Students will each choose a particular artwork and breakdown
the particular features of the work that suggest or depict the
aspects or issues related to sexual health, and consider how that
piece would be received / conceived today or in the past.

Room with projector and computer.

Powerpoint presentation of works of
Art depicting Sexuality and Sexual

Analyse how ideas and viewpoints are

expressed in art works and how they are
viewed by audiences (VCAVAR038)

Identify and connect specific features of
visual artworks from different cultures,
historical and contemporary times

How would they (the student) feel if it was them being depicted in
the artwork? What does identity mean to them?

Students will also view works by the Artist who will give a talk in
the class (incursion), so as to prepare them for questions and
answers and greater involvement with that Artist.

What is identity?

Students will listen to
an Artist about his
approach to making

Students will start to
research and consider
aspects of their identity
and how it can be

Explore visual arts practices as

inspiration to explore and develop
themes, concepts or ideas in artworks

Explore how artists use materials,
techniques, technologies and processes
to realise their intentions in art works

Experiment with materials, techniques,

technologies and processes in a range
of art forms to express ideas, concepts
and themes in artworks (VCAVAV035)

Artist talk Christian Thompson (or an artist who work in the

area of Adolesence, Sexuality and Identity).

Students will listen to an artist discuss their practise and the
reasons behind why they deal with the issue of sexuality and

Students will further understand the artists decision making

processes, including their reasons behind the artists choice of
materials, and their processes and techniques.

Students will start to write about their own identity and begin to
formulate an idea for the creation of a small artwork that (a self
portrait) that theyd be happy to have posted on the internet.

Alternate setting if possible we can

take the classroom outside.


Express yourself!

Aboriginal culture and art

Participate in and investigate the cultural

and historical significance of a range of
physical activities (VCHPEM138)

Express yourself!

Aboriginal culture and art

Participate in and investigate the cultural

and historical significance of a range of
physical activities (VCHPEM138)

Compose and perform movement
sequences for specific purposes in a variety
of contexts (VCHPEM134)

What is identity?

Students to complete
their identity artworks.

Students start to
address the Unit

What sexual health
website works best for

Create and display artworks, describing

how ideas are expressed to an audience

Explore and apply methods, materials,

media, design elements and design
principles to create and present visual
communications (VCAVCDE001)

Dance Resource:

Students will be asked to take notes, answer questions provided

and participate in conversation and questions. They will be asked
to write a reflection on what they learn during the presentation
and use it for their website assessment piece.
Students will participate in Aboriginal Dance, which will help them
to explore the cultural heritage and importance of the Aboriginal

Dance Resource:

Students will reflection on the significance of aboriginal culture

and make a connection to both art, sport and sexual health.
Students complete portraiture or work of art dealing with
identity, one theyre happy to have posted on internet.
Students present work and discuss their ideas and outcomes and
why theyre happy with their representation of themselves. This
image will be scanned and uploaded as their image on the class
Facebook page.
Students start to unpack what they know about representation via
Social Media, in particular what theyve learnt about Sexual Health
through Social Media in comparison to Sport and Art.

Students are going to decide on the requirements of a Sexual
Health website, utilising the information that theyve gathered
from other classes they will collate and design a user friendly

They will decide and produce and design aspects of the website,
and will start to gather information about their specific part /
page of the website.

Art room

Access to computers would be
beneficial for students to scan and
upload their images.

Computer room / access.

Students will be introduced to Aboriginal dance by a performer of

the Bangarra Dance company. Specifically, they will give a talk on
Aboriginal culture and art in the specific form of dance.

Mock up pages of website will be placed on Facebook page for

other students to offer feedback,



Wheres your head at?

Mental Health

Analyse factors that influence emotions,

and develop strategies to demonstrate
empathy and sensitivity (VCHPEP128)

Plan and use strategies and resources to
enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of
their communities (VCHPEP130)

What sexual health

website works best for
you? Cont.

Develop and present visual

communications for different purposes,
audiences and in response to specific needs

Student will finalise their page designs and present final layouts to
the class.

Students will layout works onto Wix website.

Site will be launched by the end of the class.

Students will be asked to write up a their thoughts / reflection at

the end of the inquiry unit as part of this unit, enabling them to
consider what they have learnt but also expand on how theyll
use their new knowledge and skills. This can be posted via the
class Facebook page.

Identify a variety of services available to them through


Will learn and gain further understanding of the importance of
mental health and how to maintain good mental health.

Resources, services and video:

Resources and services:

Computer room / access.