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Osho dhara

In this course we will explore the Hara and the energy of the first chakra, activating their
We are surrounded by an infinite energy, but we act as if it were limited. The illusory
perception that we are separate from the great flow of life, within and around us, makes
us live in a measured and stingy way. It is not about saving the energy, but to draw from
the inexhaustible source within yourself. Awakening your life force will take you into the
unknown and unexplored paths, it will tranform all the limiting structures, both mental
and emotional. One of the fundamental problems, common to all modern human beings,
is the lack of direct connection to their roots; this eradication leads to a perception of
One who miss a center loses balance easily, who is connected in the center has
"You are missing because you have not been able to allow your heart. You are
continuously controlling through the head. The heady people always miss. Get deeper
into your being, move towards the heart. And the heart is not the ultimate, you have to
move even deeper than the heart. And then you come to your navel what the
Japanese call hara. These are the three centers: hara two inches below the navel;
heart, and head. The head is the farthestmost boundary-line when you are farthest
from your being, you are in the head. When you are close to your being, you are in the
heart. When you are at the very core of being, you are in the hara. And only through the
hara, fear disappears. Only through the hara do you live for the first time authentically,
sincerely, with
Osho, This Very Body the Buddha
"The basic thing to be understood about these centers is this: whenever you are
centered within, the moment you are centered, whatsoever may be the center, you fall
down to the navel. If you are centered at the heart, the heart is irrelevant centering is
meaningful. Or if you are centered at the third eye, the third eye is not basic; the basic
point is that your consciousness is centered. So whatsoever may be the point of
centering, once you are centered anywhere you will fall down to the navel. The
basic existential center is the navel, but your functional center may be anywhere. From
that center you will fall down automatically. There is no need to think about it. And this is
not so only with the heart center or the third eye center. If you are really centered in
reason, in the head, you will also fall down to the navel center."
From his book vbt vol1 end